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IDEA-114514 (Cosmetics)

Grammar error in "Library already exists" dialog

WEB-9169 (Bug)

Map help ID for Settings | Handlebars/Mustache

IDEA-114186 (Bug)

Copyrights are not added automatically into new files

IDEA-113506 (Bug)

view context info fails with nullpointerexception



IDEA-67747 (Feature)

Add [Fragment] as a Android Component Kind

IDEA-53990 (Feature)

IDEA should show red underline when valid id is expected

IDEA-102167 (Feature)

Android XML: sort attributes in completion in layout files

IDEA-102165 (Feature)

Android XML: show icons for views in code completion

IDEA-65787 (Feature)

Notification: Android SDK not configured

IDEA-67759 (Feature)

Make possible to access Adnroid SQLite databases from within Idea

IDEA-60280 (Feature)

Option to create a layout file and specify it as content view when activity is created

IDEA-68373 (Feature)

Navigate from android components to AndroidManifest.xml like for Spring beans

IDEA-91552 (Feature)

Support activity-alias for launch activity chooser

IDEA-89857 (Feature)

Automatically add android:layout_width and android:layout_height. Close with correct tag.

IDEA-99045 (Usability Problem)

IDEA keeps empty.

IDEA-92500 (Usability Problem)

'Clear all' button only enabled after clicking in content area of logcat view.

IDEA-102906 (Performance Problem)

Provide option to disable automatic generation of and other files

IDEA-94431 (Task)

Support configuring several proguard files

IDEA-114339 (Bug)

IDEA doesn't recognize ID for preference headers in res/xml folder

IDEA-114463 (Bug)

Inspect code (Lint) doesn't work with maven project

IDEA-87215 (Bug)

Android: Quick Documentation from Code Compeltion popup shows "No documentation found", though without the popup quick doc works fine

IDEA-109206 (Bug)

Auto-magically added content roots is wrong

IDEA-113328 (Bug)

Android Run Config does not see MAIN action in intent-filter

IDEA-90654 (Bug)

Android: TableRow as a root tag is error-highlighted with 'layout_height, layout_width attributes should be defined'

IDEA-113689 (Bug)

Cannot disable logcat from appearing when launching app

IDEA-113446 (Bug)

Android maven project import broken again in 132.106

IDEA-113647 (Exception)

Android: AE at AndroidLightClassBase.processDeclarations()



WEB-9600 (Bug)

Multiple background marked as overriding

WEB-9446 (Bug)

CSS: Insert background image size moves comments

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-99241 (Feature)

Report package naming convention violations in the editor

IDEA-114163 (Usability Problem)

Infer Nullity: after adding annotations.jar to dependency on the fly the annotations are not inserted

IDEA-114630 (Bug)

Infer nullity: bad @NotNull annotation for casting result

IDEA-114655 (Bug)

SortedMap#comparator() should be annotated with @Nullable

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-114583 (Bug)

Formatter Control: name of the "Accept regular expression" setting could be more clear

Compiling Project


IDEA-104064 (Performance Problem)

Make project automatically - executes for projects which are not edited



IDEA-114708 (Bug)

Wrong Up/Down action interpretation in consoles (irb/Bash)

Cucumber JVM


IDEA-104635 (Usability Problem)

Cucumber: improve step definition completion variants usability

IDEA-112197 (Bug)

Word selection in gherkin string should have an extra step



IDEA-114027 (Feature)

Database result panel: columns visibility management, server-side filters & orderings

IDEA-114670 (Feature)

Database driver editor: add "Find Usages" action in driver tree

IDEA-93375 (Usability Problem)

When row is selected in table view, datas are not copied on 'copy data as SQL insert statement'

IDEA-114637 (Bug)

Database: duplicated scopes for database connections

IDEA-114638 (Bug)

Database: two and more Database Connections and Drivers dialogs can be opened at the same time

IDEA-114599 (Bug)

SQL Table Editor: Show/hide filters is disabled

IDEA-101633 (Bug)

Sql Server bit type is misinterpreted as tinyint

IDEA-114578 (Bug)

Recognition wrong data type in Postgres

IDEA-114748 (Bug)

Database: Table Editor: 'View query' doesn't show '>', '<' symbols



IDEA-114593 (Feature)

Debugger: Show variable information when no debug info

IDEA-50801 (Cosmetics)

Evaluate expression: expand root node automatically

WEB-9343 (Bug)

nodejs debugging hangs on rerun

IDEA-114604 (Bug)

Evaluate Expression doesn't change context after navigating call stack

WEB-9476 (Bug)

Webstorm 7 stalls Chrome browser when breaking on exceptions

WEB-1308 (Bug)

Custom exception breakpoints not working

WEB-8027 (Bug)

Vert long single line values in debugger hang IntelliJ

WEB-9534 (Bug)

WebStorm 7 console to stop full path of file

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-112134 (Usability Problem)

$SELECTION$ variable doesn't work as true variable, but as $END$

IDEA-114699 (Cosmetics)

Live template without description shows "NULL"

File System


IDEA-114633 (Bug)

Deleting a folder containing symlinked directories will delete the linked directories contents

IDEA-113961 (Bug)

Could not save project: /path/to/file/.idea/scopes not found when using read-only directory

IDEA-114241 (Bug)

detect fileType when document is fetched

IDEA-114647 (Bug)

"External file changes sync may be slow" for the files on a local disk



IDEA-114511 (Bug)

Wrong "Invalid state reference"



IDEA-114534 (Bug)

Gradle: cancelation of gradle tasks for "out-of-process" mode

IDEA-114766 (Bug)

Gradle: module dependency scope ignored while project info resolving

IDEA-113935 (Bug)

Gradle: Import Gradle Project adds a new module to the last imported project



IDEA-60234 (Cosmetics)

Automatically unwrap groovy.lang.Reference in the debugger



WEB-9563 (Bug)

There is a bug with Emmet and BEM namings

WEB-9559 (Bug)

Bad create file from <a>

WEB-9546 (Bug)

HTML entities marked as error?

WEB-445 (Bug)

"Select word at caret" a bit to grabby in class attributes

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-114736 (Bug)

Bug in code completion inside instanceof block

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-114737 (Bug)

Incorrect "effectively final" warnings for lambda expressions.

IDEA-114528 (Bug)

Invalid highlighting range when overridden method mismatches parameter annotation

IDEA-57252 (Bug)

Error 'cannot find symbol class B' is not highlighted

IDEA-57274 (Bug)

Error 'types pck.I and pck.A are incompatible; both define foo(), but with unrelated return types' is not highlighted

IDEA-67518 (Bug)

Error 'cannot find symbol class C' is not reported

IDEA-67591 (Bug)

Error 'cannot find symbol class B' is not detected

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-114557 (Bug)

JavaDoc: variable name in param tag is copied from interface



WEB-9597 (Bug)

LESS: adjacent sibling selectors highlight issue

WEB-9580 (Bug)

LESS 1.4 syntax issue

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-82623 (Bug)

Correct company name for fsnotifier process

Plugin Support. API


IDEA-114596 (Task)

Add apiVersion parameter to ApplicationInfo.xml

Project Configuration


IDEA-81968 (Cosmetics)

Correct the dialog titles

IDEA-90661 (Bug)

recognize IBM JDK jars

Project View


IDEA-114873 (Feature)

Add Package Info item to New submenu



WEB-9562 (Bug)

SCSS - Comment



IDEA-112933 (Bug)

Criminal autoindentation on SQL code

IDEA-114304 (Bug)

SQL: Code completion problems at WITH statement

IDEA-114303 (Bug)

SQL: Inspections: bad code is green: no 'Unresolved reference' inspection at WITH statement

IDEA-76833 (Bug)

SQL: SQLServer: OVER with aggregate functions is red



IDEA-114772 (Feature)

Spring: check @Configuration classes for setup in Spring facet

IDEA-114613 (Usability Problem)

Spring: check config file setup on project load and warn for unmapped configs

Template Languages. Velocity


IDEA-104438 (Bug)

Need a way to create default indentation for velocity



WEB-2369 (Bug)

TypeScript: reference to non-existing instance property in left part of assignment expression not highlighted as error

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-114500 (Usability Problem)

Unit Testting: show something more user-frienday than 'Unable to attch test reporter to test framework' message

IDEA-114076 (Bug)

Unit tests can't be executed with a JRE 1.5 because junit-rt.jar is compiled with JRE 6.0 as target

IDEA-114551 (Bug)

JUnit: run methods declared in abstract class from structure view of the inheritor

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-114746 (Feature)

Add "Parameters Method" template for TestNG

User Interface


IDEA-114694 (Usability Problem)

Shift-Space is a terrible default shortcut for Search Everywhere

IDEA-57747 (Bug)

Idea X - CTRL+SHIFT+Left/Right Arrow functionality

IDEA-114850 (Bug)

Unreadable 'No files are open' text

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