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  • IntelliJ IDEA 13 132.325 Release Notes
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IDEA-113072 (Feature)

Check the directory named with the dot

IDEA-113375 (Usability Problem)

"Cyclic expand word" should expand words-separated-by-dashes too

IDEA-113596 (Usability Problem)

Can't copy "About" details while indexing

IDEA-113159 (Bug)

Jedis JAR file doesn't load

IDEA-113412 (Bug)


IDEA-71033 (Bug)

Highlighting for Freemarker set by JSP settings

IDEA-113579 (Bug)

Mockito @InjectMocks annotation should not give warning

WEB-9328 (Bug)

Handlebars/Mustache plugin exception in WS 7



IDEA-85457 (Feature)

Android. Add option to automatically show logcat window on run

IDEA-102165 (Feature)

Android XML: show icons for views in code completion

IDEA-89390 (Feature)

Proguard heap size setting

IDEA-102167 (Feature)

Android XML: sort attributes in completion in layout files

IDEA-91552 (Feature)

Support activity-alias for launch activity chooser

IDEA-101683 (Feature)

Add possibility to exclude R class from "Insert imports for inner classes" setting

IDEA-94431 (Task)

Support configuring several proguard files

IDEA-112932 (Task)

Android attribute sorting: "width" should be before "height"

IDEA-80976 (Bug)

Android Logcat "Clear log before launch" checkbox in run configuration doesn't actually clear the log

IDEA-100046 (Bug)

BuildConfig.DEBUG shouldn't be marked as always true/false

IDEA-102180 (Bug)

Android XML: markup nested to string resources should not be reformatted

IDEA-112979 (Bug)

Spellchecker inspection should be suppressed for symbols user cannot edit

IDEA-87215 (Bug)

Android: Quick Documentation from Code Compeltion popup shows "No documentation found", though without the popup quick doc works fine

IDEA-112293 (Bug)

APKLIB modules with incorrect dependencies

IDEA-113689 (Bug)

Cannot disable logcat from appearing when launching app

IDEA-100044 (Bug)

Parceable.CREATOR shouldn't be marker as unused

IDEA-113328 (Bug)

Android Run Config does not see MAIN action in intent-filter

IDEA-113138 (Bug)

Cannot run single method test in android

IDEA-113446 (Bug)

Android maven project import broken again in 132.106

IDEA-113647 (Exception)

Android: AE at AndroidLightClassBase.processDeclarations()



WEB-9315 (Bug)

W3C CSS3 Validation

WEB-9258 (Bug)

style comment is not working inside html <style>

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-113650 (Bug)

Javadoc custom tags are lost after restart

IDEA-111450 (Bug)

false positive for "Redundant type cast" inspection

IDEA-113617 (Bug)

Inspection "Comparator class not declared serializable" proposes wrong modification for extending interface.

IDEA-98275 (Bug)

Inspection "Unused assignment" does not work with the += operator

IDEA-113634 (Bug)

"Confusing octal escape sequence" inspection misses some cases

Compiling Project


IDEA-113678 (Exception)

NPE in external Make with Eclipse compiler



IDEA-113322 (Bug)

Scroll to the End button is disabled until clicked inside output area



IDEA-82491 (Usability Problem)

Data Source Properties dialog should be non-modal

IDEA-112899 (Cosmetics)

DB diagram: why the need for sequences on DB diagram?

IDEA-113140 (Bug)

Add DOT on table name completion when column is expected

IDEA-113539 (Bug)

Database table editor: support columns reordering with drag and drop

IDEA-113118 (Bug)

Regression: Find usages on Database stopped working



WEB-9232 (Feature)

Debugger: support inline base64-encoded source maps

WEB-1212 (Feature)

Add actions "expand children" and "expand descendants" in object variable context menu in JS debug

WEB-8889 (Bug)

Built-in server: machine-name.local instead of localhost not working in WS 7 EAP

WEB-7179 (Bug)

Debugging of TypeScript not possible, Breakpoints cannot be set

File Watchers


WEB-7825 (Bug)

Memory\Threads leaks

WEB-6444 (Bug)

Background tasks: TypeScript dependencies support

WEB-7547 (Bug)

File watcher doesn't close properly less.cmd - node.exe stays in processes



IDEA-87975 (Feature)

Debugger: jump to declaring type from Variables view (Shift+F4)

IDEA-113327 (Usability Problem)

Adobe AIR app descriptor namespace validation



IDEA-113532 (Feature)

Gradle: use gradle javadocs for script dsl 'quick documentation' enrichment

IDEA-113775 (Feature)

External System: new 'Refresh external project' action for single module refresh

IDEA-97132 (Usability Problem)

"Building Gradle project info" dialog is modal and non-cancelable

IDEA-84569 (Bug)

Gradle - IntelliJ warning about 'main' in sourceSet

IDEA-113686 (Bug)

Unable to debug gradle tests when -Dtest.single is used

IDEA-113581 (Bug)

Gradle: New Project Wizard: it could be possible to enable "Use default gradle wrapper" option



IDEA-112988 (Bug)

Integration tests in Grails 2.3.0.RC2 run with JUnit instead of Grails test-app



IDEA-113555 (Feature)

Please add inspection for Groovy to detect assignment from void method

IDEA-71176 (Feature)

Encapsulate Java fields should update Groovy usages

IDEA-113432 (Bug)

Groovy script classpath should include module dependencies

IDEA-113519 (Bug)

Groovy Shell fails to open with exceptions

IDEA-113465 (Exception)

Groovy: UOE at GrConcatenationAwareInjector.getLanguagesToInject() on adding @Language annotation to a string

IDEA-113117 (Exception)

Groovy: NPE at GrIntroduceConstantDialog.initializeTargetClassEditor() on attempt to introduce a constant to an anonymous class



WEB-9248 (Bug)

Emmet fails when having HTML entities

WEB-8397 (Bug)

Incorrect "element is not allowed here" inspection

IDE Configuration


IDEA-23782 (Feature)

tomcat run configuration: list all known browsers

IDEA-113642 (Usability Problem)

Idea update support offers to download the latest EAP 12.1.5 Idea version, but the download button opens a web site where is no point to 12.1.5 EAP (only 12.1.4 GA and 13 Early Release)



IDEA-106190 (Feature)

JBoss: support ''jboss.server.config.dir" VM config option



IDEA-113487 (Bug)

Support s:hidden struts tag



IDEA-102247 (Bug)

Name newly added WEB facet after module



WEB-7529 (Feature)

Live Template, JADE support

WEB-2153 (Bug)

Jade: correcly indent lines on pasting block of code

WEB-7822 (Bug)

format jade will remove tabs before comments like // or //- which is unexpected behavior

WEB-7455 (Bug)

Jade mixin invocation syntax not supported

WEB-7556 (Bug)

Valid Jade template shown as invalid

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-59783 (Usability Problem)

Properties files: code completion list does not open after dot character

IDEA-112499 (Bug)

Static imports in live templates fail the second time they're used

IDEA-98656 (Bug)

Java doc not generated when an other Java doc has been commented after.

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-26350 (Bug)

Bad Java code is green: variable might not have been initialized

IDEA-63698 (Bug)

Inconvertible type (assign double to Integer) not highlighted as error

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-113448 (Usability Problem)

No lightbulb prompt to create a test for static inner class



WEB-966 (Feature)

Smarter Reload in Browser

JavaScript. Templates


WEB-8820 (Feature)

EJS: support filters

WEB-9291 (Exception)

EJS: Filters: exception on completion invocation



WEB-8793 (Performance Problem)

Opening a LESS file causes 100% CPU usage and memory spike

WEB-9266 (Bug)

wrong space before ampersand

Live Edit


WEB-9154 (Bug)

Live Edit does not Update the Website

WEB-1836 (Bug)

LiveEdit: page not updated on changing list class in HTML



IDEA-113538 (Bug)

Insert Managed Dependency: does not find artifact based on artifact id

IDEA-98756 (Bug)

IDEA is unable to resolve AspectJ compiler JAR if Maven 3 importing is on



WEB-9250 (Feature)

Add "Start browser"/"with JavaScript debugger" options to Node.js run/debug configuration

WEB-9227 (Feature)

NPM: support installing with --save and --save-dev options



IDEA-111711 (Feature)

OSGi: dependencies synchronization: libraries added via ProjectStructure or Maven import should not be deleted

IDEA-49235 (Feature)

OSGI: provide the quick-fix for the InvalidImport inspection that adds the Import-Package to manually edited

IDEA-111836 (Bug)

OSGi: "invalid import" inspection is not available

Plugin Support. Architecture


IDEA-113644 (Bug)

PluginManagerUISettings should not write default settings

Project Configuration


IDEA-96724 (Feature)

Unable to clear Recent Projects list anymore

IDEA-113707 (Cosmetics)

New Project: Project Templates: ApplicationServer field label is doubled

IDEA-113705 (Exception)

RE at com.intellij.javaee.appServers.ApplicationServerPanel$1$1.actionPerformed

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-103303 (Bug)

"BeforeLaunch" tools in run/debug configurations do not do macro substitution

IDEA-112821 (Bug)

IDEA falls in endless loop during editing run configurations



IDEA-113550 (Feature)

SQL: improve Generic dialect implementation.

IDEA-113490 (Bug)

FR: Please consider exclude correct reserved words in known context from spell checking

IDEA-112934 (Bug)

Good code is red: MySQL multiple JOIN



WEB-9262 (Bug)

Stylus: Settings: Color & Fonts: improve settings

WEB-9186 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: multilined variable expression

WEB-9279 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: semicolon after assignment

WEB-9167 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: support page at-rule

WEB-9150 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code and Reformat Code: postfix conditionals

WEB-9228 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: several HTML tags inside the function

WEB-9220 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code and Reformat Code: selectors in square brackets

WEB-9201 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: font-face with brackets

WEB-9221 (Bug)

Stylus: Reformat Code: correctly format ranges with units

WEB-9222 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: list inside subscript operator

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-113604 (Bug)

Error suppression does not stop freemarker validator

Template Languages. Velocity


IDEA-113738 (Bug)

Editing Java Velocity template code gives problem with class name and package declaration



WEB-8056 (Bug)

typescript: member of the optional parameter is unresolved

WEB-8767 (Bug)

TypeScript: overloaded constructor incorrectly reports "missed superclass's constructor invocation"

WEB-2010 (Bug)

TypeScript Debugging: link from console.log output in debugger console leads to js, not ts file

WEB-7851 (Bug)

TypeScript super() requests incorrect number of parameters when common base module and same name

WEB-6343 (Bug)

Refactor -> Rename property declared as constructor parameter just throws error

WEB-2335 (Bug)

TypeScript: false 'Parameter sh be initialized' shown for optional parameter if it follows initialized optional parameter

WEB-2058 (Bug)

TypeScript: false 'expression statement is not assignment or call' shown for call with assertion

WEB-8485 (Bug)

Wrong error highlighting on classes and interfaces with string literal as field name

Unit Tests


WEB-8490 (Feature)

Add environment vars to Karma run config

User Interface


IDEA-103015 (Usability Problem)

Project Structure / module / Paths / output paths: Module action in disabled in file choosers

IDEA-103128 (Cosmetics)

Library Download: error message button order/width

IDEA-113766 (Bug)

Incorrect font width calculation in text area

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-110452 (Bug)

Darcula theme causes font size increase

Version Control. Git


IDEA-113488 (Feature)

Find git commit in git log using context menu in file history view

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-90511 (Performance Problem)

Slow version comparison

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-113147 (Bug)

Subversion: provide correct url to Update dialog instead of 'infinity'

IDEA-112803 (Bug)

Subversion1.8: support TreeConflicts resolution

IDEA-113664 (Bug)

Subversion1.8: on file/directory rename/move it gets '@' suffix

IDEA-113180 (Bug)

SVN and @ symbols

IDEA-113725 (Bug)

Subversion: checkout is performed incorrectly

IDEA-112456 (Bug)

Subversion1.8: cleanup should work

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