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Publicly available plugins for JetBrians TeamCity

These plugins are provided on "as is" basis, no warranties, etc.
JetBrains does not endorse or recommend the plugins provided by third parties.
Mentioned third-party plugins functionality, bugs possible data loss, etc. are not responsibility of JetBrains.

Plugins provided by JetBrains are marked with icon.

The plugins are listed in the following sections:

Version Control Systems Support

Testing Frameworks Support


  • Boxcar notifications - send out notifications via Boxcar.
  • Buildron - radiator in a game-like design. Watch your builds in an entertaining way!
  • BuildScreen - a standalone Windows application to display TeamCity build statuses e.g. on a large screen.
  • BuildStatusMonitor - a standalone Windows application which displays TeamCity build status on Delcom lights devices.
  • buildstatusnotifier - a way to see green/red page mirroring build status
  • Cradiator - a standalone Windows application that displays a summary of project statuses.
  • CI-Eye - a standalone web-based build statuses visualizer
  • emailinject - Injects message from build script into the body of the email TeamCity sends out after a build.
  • GCM Notifier - a plugin that allows you to send push notifications from your server to your users' Android device
  • Growl Notifier
  • HTTP Build Status - a plugin to roll up chosen build statuses into a single HTTP status code.
  • JavaScript radiator - a simple JavaScript build radiator
  • Nabaztag Notifier
  • ProjectMonitor - support for TeamCity in Pivotal Labs ProjectMonitor (Big Visible Chart CI aggregator). Initial support by Ian Zabel.
  • radiate - build monitor as desktop application. Can run as a Windows screensaver.
  • tcMonitor
  • tcPrettyEmail
  • Team piazza - provides separate page for build status with committing users avatar
  • TeamFlash - standalone application (Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi) to display build status on Delcom USB lights.
  • Tux droid
  • Twitter (announce), on github
  • tctweet - alternative Twitter integration: Tweets build starts and end messages on twitter
  • Visuwall - a standalone web-based build statuses visualizer
  • WebHooks

Apps, Notification and Interaction Applications



Windows Phone


Issue Trackers


Remote APIs


Administration Tools

  • Agent Tasks - enable/disable (and more) predefined set of agents by schedule
  • Configuration TFS backup - a separate .Net application that monitors TeamCity server configuration files and can automatically check the changes into TFS
  • Data Directory Browse - Adds "Browse Data Directory" under Diagnostics to allow TeamCity data directory browsing and files editing. (build)
  • TeamCity Console - Web console to run Groovy scripts in TeamCity environment. Also provides a report of server Spring context.
  • VCS Root Manager - allows to change checkout rules via remote API (announcement). TeamCity 7.0 provides the ability via REST API
  • VCS users syncronization - prototype plugin to create TeamCity users based on VCS commits

Build Runners

Extended Settings for Build Configurations

  • Autoincrementer - allows to share the sequence of build numbers between several build configurations
  • Date Build Number - adds date to build number. See also Groovy plug.
  • Git Scheduling Trigger - a custom implementation for TW-23879:Ability to trigger builds in specific branches by schedule
  • NetPublisher - publishing build artifacts to a network share (server-side)
  • RunAs - Adds ability to run builds in sandboxes, under different user accounts (requires TeamCity 6.5.3)
  • Shared Build Number - provides build number sharing between the build configurations and more.
  • Swabra - cleaning checkout directory (deleting new files) after the build (bundled since TeamCity 5.1)
  • unique - Issues unique build numbers to builds across projects in a simple counter fashion. See also Autoincrementer plugin above.
  • Url Build Trigger - Adds build to the build queue when detecting change at the specified URL.
  • Shared Resources - (bundled since TeamCity 8.0) allows to limit concurrently running builds from different build configurations based on defined "resources" and "locks".

Other Systems Support


Support for TeamCity in Other Tools

  • Confluence Plugin - TeamCity Integration Plugin plugin for Atlassian Confluence by StiltSoft
  • github has a service hook to trigger a build in TeamCity on commit (see code at code)
  • Gradle about - a plugin for Gradle with support for TeamCity. Generates a textual description of the artifacts
  • hubot - support for some TeamCity commands for Hubot
  • Jira plugin - display TeamCity builds information in Jira issues and Dashboard. Jira plugin by StiltSoft
  • Karma - supports reporting of tests progress using TeamCity service messages
  • Maven about - a plugin for Maven with support for TeamCity. Generates a textual description of the artifacts
  • Mocha - on-the-fly reporting via service messages for Mocha JavaScript testing framework. Related post with instructions.
  • NDepend (instructions on configuring NDepend build and displaying reports in TeamCity)
  • Plastic SCM
  • QNUnit
  • uDeploy

Other Integration Examples

psake - example on reporting NUnit tests to TeamCity from psake build

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