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  • TeamCity 8.0.3 (build 27540) Release Notes
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TeamCity 8.0 Release Notes


  • TW-13145 - Bundle Ant dependency libraries to allow for easy FTP and other tasks usage
  • TW-16446 - Make "use external database" note a red one if internal database size grows over certain limit
  • TW-28975 - Try to re-clone repository if hg fails with abandoned transaction found error

Usability Problem

  • TW-25336 - Not user-friendly message on database and configs version mismatch
  • TW-31514 - Confusing project/build configuration visibility on overview
  • TW-29606 - Display projects hierarchy in Agent pools associated projects lists
  • TW-30215 - New project note on overview page must be shown only about the new subprojects of already visible projects
  • TW-30396 - Nuget Server setup page has wrong link to 'enable guest login' option
  • TW-30579 - VS addin suggests to autodetect directories after disabling subversion support
  • TW-30395 - Sort Nuget versions in descending order on Add Nuget dialog


  • TW-30885 - Template is moved to the upper project on copying project with subprojects
  • TW-30902 - No changes displayed in TeamCity when checkout rules are configured
  • TW-30908 - Moving a VCS root to a new project does not check to ensure that an existing VCS root with the same name does not already exist in that project - corrupts data.
  • TW-31296 - NullPointerException in IDEA project runner
  • TW-31317 - Test mute dialog from parent project Current problems page still suggests to mute in sub-project
  • TW-14223 - Agent starts and reconnects constantly (server chooses wrong agent address from the set)
  • TW-17950 - During cleanup server responses with HTTP 200 code and "Cleanup in progress" HTML page to every request
  • TW-22299 - SVN repository for VS solution auto (including forced) detection does not work.
  • TW-27715 - java.lang.ClassCastException: jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.impl.auth.SecuredRunningBuild cannot be cast to jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.SFinishedBuild
  • TW-29677 - Red/Green colors in TeamCity 8.0 are harder to distinguish for for people with not 100% color vision
  • TW-29834 - An extra space in the file can cause confusing errors on server start
  • TW-30228 - NuGet Feed authentication does not work in NuGet 2.5 and 2.6
  • TW-30415 - LDAP plugin creates/removes users during user synchronization, which breaks compatibility with 7.1.x
  • TW-30589 - Erroneous Error Notification with each Run
  • TW-30596 - "Investigate" dialog is too tall
  • TW-30663 - Rest API call for changes results in BadRequestException: Both parameter 'build' and same-named dimension in 'locator' parameter are specified
  • TW-30682 - Filtering does not work in Enforce clean checkout / choose agents dialog
  • TW-30886 - Add permission and include role dialogs are opened at the top of the page
  • TW-30906 - JavaScript injection on notification rules page from the build configuration name
  • TW-31039 - "Cannot find commit" errors for Forked Stash repos
  • TW-31068 - Shared resources: More builds can start when there are custom resources available
  • TW-31118 - Current Problems Tab-> Build Config Problems ->Build Problems: No pop-up
  • TW-31152 - Hidden project first time expand does not show subprojects
  • TW-31191 - Web UI can show cached icons from previous TeamCity version
  • TW-31268 - Custom Build Trigger (from a plugin) doesn't persist secure: fields
  • TW-31348 - Endless loop on Overview (AccessDeniedException: You do not have enough permissions to access VCS modification with id)
  • TW-31475 - Building of a patch in Perforce can fail because of "Perforce password (P4PASSWD) invalid or unset" error
  • TW-31493 - After removing dependent configuration builds in dependency stop triggering
  • TW-31512 - Metadata storage is not cleaned up when build is removed manually
  • TW-31538 - Build configuration ID is not changed in plugin-settings.xml
  • TW-22564 - Agent cannot connect (Server's agent id do not match my agent id): two agents can open the same port without error (different Java versions)
  • TW-28187 - Diff view does not show image file content with "Requested file was not found in the change list:" in the pane for files with special symbols
  • TW-28328 - Can't Check out directories from SVN Trunk (Cannot replace a directory from within case)
  • TW-29552 - Build hangs on Checking for Changes
  • TW-30001 - Ensure NuGet 2.6 is supported
  • TW-30210 - SSL problems when connecting to HTTPS from TeamCity
  • TW-30345 - Mercurial VCS roots failing to pull
  • TW-30655 - Cannot connect to remote Git repo via HTTP and PROXY Server
  • TW-30890 - Project administrator cannot delete projects (no admin roles in parent project case)
  • TW-30897 - Charts not Displayed Correctly in Chrome (Mac OS)
  • TW-30898 - Bulk edit IDs does not work when VCS roots and build configurations have the same external ID
  • TW-30941 - Copy project action becomes unavailable in dropdown list
  • TW-30987 - Reset all action doesn't work on Remote Run in TeamCIty in IDEA addin
  • TW-31001 - Unformatted server health page after saving vcs root
  • TW-31027 - VCS Problems Github
  • TW-31049 - fail to load viewModification.html page
  • TW-31153 - Agent pools. Disable selected projects in Assign Projects popup.
  • TW-31175 - "JSchException: verify: false" error during git VCS root changes collecting
  • TW-31207 - Step with "Only if build status is successful" execution condition is run when build is canceled
  • TW-31213 - Personal build does not show in My Changes tab, even though it was run
  • TW-31277 - Russian characters displayed incorrectly in build log
  • TW-31312 - TeamCity can stop re-reading file until restart
  • TW-31323 - EditProject controller must not require presence of currentProject in the model
  • TW-31325 - No changes displayed if variable used to specify default branch
  • TW-31333 - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException during branch specification parsing
  • TW-31381 - Error collecting changes for VCS repository
  • TW-31481 - Administrator can't change email notifications for users


  • TW-31015 - Swabra plugin is not working anymore

Performance Problem

  • TW-30919 - Patches are not cached with server-side checkout when they should
  • TW-31536 - Scheduling trigger can take a lot of CPU if there are many pending changes but all of them are filtered out by trigger rules


  • TW-30229 - NuGet Package Sources setting to mention %teamcity.nuget.feed.auth.server%
  • TW-30581 - UI - Capitalize Add new build trigger
  • TW-31029 - Mistake in pre-tested commit error
  • TW-31252 - Typo " temaplte" in meta runner configuration page
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