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To install and configure License Server bundled with Apache Tomcat

  1. Install JDK:
    1. Download and install JDK or JRE 6 or later.
    2. Create an environment variable JAVA_HOME and assign it to JDK installation home (for example, c:/Program Files/Java/jdk1.6.0_03 or /usr/local/java/jdk):
      • To define JAVA_HOME environment variable in Windows XP:
        1. Select Start | Settings | Control Panel | System | Advanced | Environment Variables.
        2. In User environment variables for <user name> area, click Create.
        3. In the Variable name field in the New System Variable dialog box, enter JAVA_HOME.
        4. In the Variable value field, enter the path to JDK installation home. Make sure to use forward slashes / when specifying the path!
        5. Click OK.
      • To define JAVA_HOME environment variable in UNIX/Linux, execute env JAVA_HOME=path command where path should reference JDK installation home.

Note: if JRE is used instead of JDK, the environment variable should be named JRE_HOME

  1. Start bundled Apache Tomcat.
    To start Apache Tomcat distribution bundled with License Server and deploy licenseServer.war package, execute one of the following scripts:
    • <Tomcat root>\bin\startup.bat (Windows).
    • <Tomcat root>/bin/ (UNIX/Linux/MacOS).
      License Server will start listening on port 8080 with licenseServer path prefix.
  2. Start License Server by typing http://<host-name>:8080/licenseServer in the address bar of your web browser.

To deploy License Server standalone WAR file in Apache Tomcat

  1. Сopy licenseServer.war from <delivery package>/apache-tomcat-<version>/webapps/ into <Tomcat root>/webapps subdirectory.
  2. Restart Apache Tomcat.
  3. Start License Server by typing http://<host-name>:<port-number>/licenseServer in the address bar of your web browser.
  4. Proceed with setting up your License Server.

    For either License Server distribution, you can optionally do any of the following:

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