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  1. Anonymous


    I find the explanation in section 3. confusing. It mentions "IntelliJ IDEA Plugin SDK" two times with conflicting instructions on what to specify. So should the installed IntelliJ be chosen or the source files of the community edition?

    >Configure a common JDK and an IntelliJ IDEA Plugin SDK. For IntelliJ IDEA Plugin SDK you should specify the directory with installed IntelliJ IDEA. By default it offers the directory of the currently
    >running IntelliJ IDEA.
    >For IntelliJ IDEA Plugin SDK specify the directory with Community Edition source files.

    Maybe this section could be improved? Also I wonder if this whole guide is still valid for the recently released IntelliJ 14.

    1. I've updated the instructions to make them non-conflicting. And yes, the guide is still valid for IntelliJ IDEA 14.

  2. Anonymous

    Is JDK a pre-requisite for IntelliJ?

    1. Given that it's not possible to compile Java code without a JDK, yes, it's a prerequisite.

      1. Anonymous

  3. Anonymous

    It is important install or enable plugins first (Step 4) and then add or configure IntelliJ IDEA Plugin SDK (Step 3). 

  4. Anonymous

    Is the git url for the idea community edition still valid?  or should it be :  git clone

    1. Both of these URLs are valid. The one currently in the docs points to the JetBrains repository where the development is actually done, and the other one points to the GitHub mirror.

  5. Anonymous

    This might not be the appropriate place for this question so I apologize in advance.

    When I create a plugin project on IntelliJ14 the idea.jar plugin does not include the class:


    But when I see previous versions of idea library I do see that class there. Is there any reason for the removal of this class or am I missing another dependency? 

    Thank you!

      1. Thanks, I'll post it there, sorry about that.