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  • TeamCity 7.1.3 (build 24266) Release Notes
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  • TW-13568 - VS PlugIn: Perforce settings should also support perforce tickets
  • TW-13607 - Make storing of Perforce password optional for VS add-in
  • TW-21841 - Support .NET 4.5 as target framework in .NET Inspections runner
  • TW-24400 - Support building Xcode scheme with specifying project instead of workspace

Usability Problem

  • TW-23718 - Clicking a dot on a graph: very small clickable area
  • TW-24753 - Don't ask the maintenance authentication token on web when log directory is inaccessible
  • TW-24754 - Usability issue for ".NET Runtime:" properties. (NAnt runner)


  • TW-10651 - NCover full coverage reports missing
  • TW-13156 - Local Changes window causes GUI diff tool to pop up way too often when 'svn diff' is user configured to use a GUI diff tool
  • TW-19411 - NuGet Feed packages index should handle Artifact pattern cleanup (TW-5072)
  • TW-20474 - Detect and report inability to create files under temp directory as critical error
  • TW-20635 - NCover full coverage report had been broken
  • TW-20967 - Default windows build agent overrides os.arch on 64-bit JVM execution
  • TW-21273 - TeamCity creating too many SVN connections (SVN+SSH case)
  • TW-21579 - vcs tree should be disabled for disabled fields (e.g. build configurations based on templates)
  • TW-21739 - Several artifact dependencies downloading files in the same source archive and the archive itself might not work correctly
  • TW-22737 - Structural Search inspection doesn't work in TeamCity
  • TW-23158 - DatabaseDeadlockException on server start from getRecentlyUsedBuildBranches
  • TW-23430 - TeamCity Visual Studio Plugin opens lots of Personal Changes failed windows
  • TW-23562 - TC VisualStudio addin: prompt for the Perforce password if login fails
  • TW-23632 - Enabling scheduled trigger causes the build to trigger if the build would have triggered while it was disabled
  • TW-23739 - Unable to restore backup to MS SQL 2008 due to temporary tables
  • TW-23746 - "Include several check-ins" option of VCS trigger can be selected without "Trigger a build on each check-in"
  • TW-23777 - MS SQL: TeamCity can report database as empty while it is not
  • TW-23928 - Footer becomes invisible on duplicates tab (Firefox)
  • TW-23942 - Build Server could not open JDBC Connection for transaction
  • TW-24019 - Triggering build by HTTP API on master branch incorrectly creates new branch build instead of default branch build
  • TW-24046 - Deleted files are checked out by Perforce server-side checkout (with Perforce server 2012.2)
  • TW-24074 - Can't configure VCS using GIT default private key
  • TW-24084 - After upgrade to 7.1.1, sporadic VCS root errors for git VCS roots
  • TW-24091 - Removing from queue still fires Retry Build Trigger
  • TW-24159 - Failed to run build for Xcode project
  • TW-24251 - When many builds are added to queue simultaneously, connections to Git get stuck
  • TW-24279 - Count of "new" failed tests is wrong on 2nd and subsequent failures
  • TW-24290 - REST statistics response : No statistics data for key: BuildDuration
  • TW-24343 - User sorting for Groups fail if user does not belong to the sorted group.
  • TW-24370 - JavaScript injection in via agent's name
  • TW-24376 - "Associate with Template" dialog jumps to the page top on large dialog content
  • TW-24380 - Wrong sorting by column with N/A values (Name, Email)
  • TW-24382 - Update license agreement for Eclipse plugin
  • TW-24383 - Cannot select build configuration in remote run dialog (IDEA9.x): NoSuchMethodError: EditorSettings.setIndentGuidesShown
  • TW-24395 - No popups on statistic charts points after chart filter change
  • TW-24399 - EC2 profile edit warning: Failed to fetch data from .. This account has been administratively disabled.
  • TW-24405 - Mercurial server-side checkout, labeling ang get content fail because they don't get a fresh temp dir
  • TW-24408 - After upgrading to 7.1.2 no user can presubmit or log into into system anymore, LDAP failure
  • TW-24439 - fxcop-result.xml should be hidden arifact
  • TW-24452 - VCS triggering rules are ignored (build always triggers) if only "+" rules are specified
  • TW-24457 - Wrong number of tests in investigate/mute dialog
  • TW-24480 - Ensure Sydney EC2 region is supported
  • TW-24497 - Possible XSS in RSS customization page
  • TW-24499 - Saving Git VCS roots without password may lead to java.lang.NullPointerException
  • TW-24506 - Frequent clean checkout for personal builds if checkout directory contains parameter which can only be resolved on agent
  • TW-24522 - "Move to top" does not work from popup on change details page
  • TW-24526 - Bug in generating test name
  • TW-24531 - Server exists on Ctrl+Break in console (used to take thread dump)
  • TW-24541 - Using VS 2008 and the VS AddIn (with perforce) does a 'p4 logout'
  • TW-24559 - NullPointerException java.util.TreeMap.getEntry
  • TW-24575 - NuGet Dependency Trigger doesn't pick up first version on feed if package is initially missing
  • TW-24609 - Cannot login from IDEA plugin: Logged out due to server problems (java.lang.NullPointerException)
  • TW-24613 - Test connection for Git VCS root can stuck for long fetch process
  • TW-24617 - Unexpected error, history not available
  • TW-24636 - Use human readable names for .NET Coverage reports
  • TW-24641 - Custom statistic key/value pairs are not accessible in response of statistics REST call
  • TW-24667 - Wrong revision for snapshot-dependency-attached VCS root in revisions table
  • TW-24675 - Snapshot plugin can override one from later release
  • TW-24679 - The maintainDB saves the 'plugins/.unpacked' subdirectory that is not needed
  • TW-24691 - Save button on runner page puts invalid runner in the session
  • TW-24702 - TeamCity shows stack trace at starting up when user has specified an incorrect password in file
  • TW-24705 - NullPointerException in jetbrains.buildServer.util.StringUtil.dateToString
  • TW-24708 - Perforce fails to label several VCS Roots at once
  • TW-24710 - MSBuild/Solution runner fails if no .NET 4.5 is installed
  • TW-24756 - URL permissions are not correctly checked for URLs starting with "/httpAuth/", "/guestAuth/", "/ntlmAuth/"
  • TW-24757 - It seems when agent is authorized in the pool it is first authorized in the default pool and then moved to the requested pool
  • TW-24760 - VcsTreeView control exception on second runner selection
  • TW-24762 - It seems TC allows to create a new database with OLD version configs
  • TW-24783 - Schedule trigger can start unnecessary builds if its settings were edited and then reverted
  • TW-24786 - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Comparison method violates its general contract
  • TW-24801 - teamcity plugin can not connect to server over https


  • TW-24606 - Not connected to TeamCity server

Performance Problem

  • TW-21827 - Cleanup process hangs on InspectionGeneralDataCleaner
  • TW-24500 - Long server start (failed to start errors loading case)
  • TW-24567 - TeamCity may not clean anything during cleanup if stage "Clean extensions data" takes too long and server is stopped
  • TW-24611 - Jasper BodyContentImpl instances can take a lot of memory with time
  • TW-24612 - IncludeRule instances inside CheckoutRules object can take a lot of memory


  • TW-23728 - "Server shutdown complete" message no longer appears in log on shutdown
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