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  • Faradi 7.1 EAP (build 23732) Release Notes
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Feature branches

Feature branches support has got significant improvements in this EAP build. Now you can configure right in VCS root what branches you want to monitor in a build configurations.
The syntax of branch names specification is similar to checkout rules:

Note that only one * is allowed. Everything that is matched by wildcard will be shown as a branch name in TeamCity interface. For example, +:refs/heads/* will match refs/heads/feature1 branch but in TeamCity interface you'll see feature1 only as a branch name.

Once you're done with branch specification, TeamCity will start to monitor these branches for changes. If your build configuration has VCS trigger and a change is found in some branch, TeamCity will trigger a build in this branch.
You'll also be able to filter history, change log, pending changes and issue log by branch name. Also branch names will appear in custom build dialog, so you'll be able to manually trigger a custom build on a branch too.

But that is just a tip of an iceberg. Let's see how other TeamCity features work with branches.


Build from a branch is marked with a special label:

You can also filter history by a branch name if you're interested in a specific branch only.


As you know TeamCity shows changes included in the build. With this feature changes calculation process is fully aware of branches and will show you only those commits which are related to the build branch. Changelog with it's graph commits presentation will help you understand what is going on in the monitored branches.


TeamCity tries to detect new failing tests in a build, and for those tests which are not new, you can see in which build the test started to fail. This functionality is aware of branches too, i.e. when the first build is calculated TeamCity traverses builds from the same branch.


VCS trigger is fully aware of branches and will trigger build once a check-in is detected in a branch. All VCS trigger options like, per-checkin triggering, quiet period, triggering rules are directly available for builds from branches too.

ChangeLog, pending and build changes pages unification

Artifact dependency changes

Mark build as successful / failed


  • XCode runner is now bundled with TeamCity
  • NuGet 1.8 / 2.0 support
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