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What is Early Access Program

We at JetBrains believe that making tools for developers should greatly involve listening to developers. Our Early Access Program lets development community closely participate in discussions devoted to IntelliJ IDEA and influence development planning, from early stages onwards.
Early Access Program allows you to try pre-release versions of our software to evaluate features that will be added to the next release.

Be Careful


It is important to distinguish EAP from traditional pre-release software. Please note that the quality of EAP versions may at times be way below even usual beta standards.

What is IntelliJ IDEA 12?

IntelliJ IDEA 12 (aka ????) is next major version for IntelliJ IDEA.

Download IntelliJ IDEA 12

Release Notes

Idea core features:

  • Bytecode viewer plugin
  • Ctrl-E popup redesigned

Frameworks and Technologies

  • spring core
    1. spring model: improved performance, multi-module(dependent) spring projects, mixed configurations (xml-, annotation- based)
    2. application contexts navigation -
  • spring security (copied from "Spring Security(IDEA 12)")
    • Library-Setup: new 3.1 version, update to 3.0.7
  • -* Security-namespace
    • -** 2.0.x/3.0.x: improve/add missing to DOM-model:
        • 2.0.6 XSD 
          • <http-firewall> 
          • <x509>: fix DOM-support, "subject-principal-regex" non-emptiness 
          • <expression-handler> "ref" -> typed Spring Bean 
          • <port-mapping>: fix DOM-support, restrict "http[s]" to Integer values 
          • <password-encoder>: "ref" -> typed Spring Bean 
          • <salt-source>: "user-property" , "system-wide" non-emptiness, "ref" -> typed Spring Bean 
          • <authentication-manager>: "id" instead of "alias" as bean name, fix support for <ldap-authentication-provider> 
          • <ldap-authentication-provider> / <ldap-user-service/>: non-emptiness for "role-prefix", "group-search-filter", "group-role-attribute" 
          • <ldap-authentication-provider> / <ldap-user-service>: "role-prefix" special value "none" completion 
          • <ldap-authentication-provider>: "user-dn-pattern" non-emptiness 
          • <ldap-user-service>: "id", "user-context-mapper-ref" 
          • <ldap-user-service> / <jdbc-user-service>: "cache-ref" typed Spring Bean 
          • <pre-post-annotation-handling>
          • <global-method-security>: fix wrong Spring Bean type in "run-as-manager-ref", "jsr250-annotations" DOM support fixed 
          • <remember-me>: "services-alias", "key" non-emptiness 
          • <ldap-server>: "url" non-emptiness 
          • <access-denied-handler>: typed Spring Bean 
          • <pre|post-invocation-advice>: "ref" typed Spring Bean 
          • <invocation-attribute-factory>: "ref" typed Spring Bean 
          • <jdbc-user-service>: "role-prefix" and "*query" non-emptiness 
          • <protect-pointcut>: "expression" non-emptiness 
        • add 3.0.3/4 XSD 
        • new 3.1 XSD 
        • new elements:
          • <debug> 
          • <session-management> 
          • <concurrency-control> 
          • <http-basic> 
          • <attribute-exchange> / <openid-attribute> 
          • <method-security-metadata-source> 
          • <after-invocation-provider> 
          • <jee> 
          • <request-cache> 
          • <filter-security-metadata-source> 
        • changes/additions to existing elements
          • <http>: "create-session", "pattern", "authentication-manager-ref", "name", "request-matcher", "request-matcher-ref", new child <expression-handler>, "jaas-api-provision", "security"
          • <http>: security=”none”: no child elements allowed 
          • <remember-me>: "use-secure-cookie" , "authentication-success-handler-ref" 
          • <authentication-manager>: "erase-credentials"
          • <logout>: "delete-cookies"
          • <global-method-security>: "authentication-manager-ref", "metadata-source-ref", "mode", "order" 
          • <filter-chain>: "request-matcher-ref" 
          • <form-login>: "authentication-details-source-ref", "username-parameter", "password-parameter" 
          • <x509>: "authentication-details-source-ref" 
          • <openid-login>: "authentication-details-source-ref"
          • <custom-filter>: filter names version dependent 
          • <anonymous>: role name completion for "granted-authority" 
          • update @RequiredBeanType by adding new package names 
    • Support OAuth1 (M6): DOM highlighting, Spring Beans resolving 
    • Support OAuth2 (M6): DOM highlighting, Spring Beans resolving 
    • Support Saml
    • Taglib: update completion 
    • Support for referencing properties of (custom) UserDetails, Config XML / Taglib
    • provide migration map for changed package-names (s. packtpub-link above and class_mapping_from_2.0.x.txt in dist)
    • <user> password: do not spell-check
    • EL-highlighting/completion for access configuration expressions e.g. “hasRole('supervisor')”
    • EL: support WebSecurityExpressionRoot 
    • openid-attribute completion
    • new inspection? 3.1 doc p.46 “ as legacy implementations“
    • inject SQL into <jdbc-user-service> “*query” attributes (configurable via IntelliLang --> dialects)
    • inject PointcutExpression into <protect-pointcut> "expression" 
    • new inspection: "Debug activated" when "<debug/>" found (3.1) 
    • new warning inspections when using “weak” encryption/hashing
    • new warning inspections when not using recommended/safe (new in 3.x) options in configuration
    • alignment: rename inspection "Spring Security Inconsistency Errors" to "Spring Security Model" 
    • move all Spring Security inspections to group "Spring Model -> Spring Security" 
  • Spring webflow (copied from "Spring Webflow (IDEA 12)")
    • Features
      • update XSDs/DOM to 2.0.3 
      •  add 2.3-config XSD/DOM 
      • "Create Spring Web Flow": respect Web Flow version (1.0/2.0-XSD) 
      • update library config to 2.3.1 
      •  icon for *-flow.xml files: 
      •  Structure View for *-flow.xml files w/ icons 
      •  Structure View: show states only (graph-like "main" nodes) 
      •  fix inspections registration (-> XML), move inspections to group "Spring Model -> Spring Web Flow" 
      • Support SpringEL instead of "plain" EL 
      • Support OGNL expression parser 
      • fix broken EL-injection for places with "$
      • do not highlight EL-expressions as resolve errors 
      • update builtin EL variables in flow.xml (p.18ff, ELVariablesCollectorUtils) 
      • support <binding> bean property resolving 
      • support *-state "parent" resolving (parentState#id) 
      • fix typing in EL expressions 
      • integrate with Spring Security authorities 
      • improve completion variants presentation 
      • provide "Goto Related File" & gutter icons for related *-flow.xml files (<flow> "parent", <subflow-state> "subflow") and <bean-import> "resource" 
      • provide "Go To Parent" gutter icons for state-elements 
      • provide "Go To Symbol" for key navigation elements (view-state, end-state, ...) 
      • JSF: DOM for spring-faces.xsd 
      • provide support for Compiler->Validation 
      • Proper view-resolving (Tiles & anything via Spring MVC)
      • View resolving: use "id" if "view" not defined: 
    • Designer
      • replace "Design" view using Diagram API 
      • show Graph for all flow.xml-files in selected module
      • improve graph presentation & layout, highlight start-state ("link" style, blue bold) 
      • display subflow in/out edges 
      • popup graph: do not show details, dependencies, subflow-relations and event-nodes by default 
      • show/hide dependencies (parent flow(s) and "parent"-relations between states) 
      • show/hide nodes, Sub-Flows: related flow with in/out edges, "on-..." aka event nodes 
      • show/hide details for nodes (sub-elements, properties) 
      • highlight all outgoing paths from selected node 
      • create /delete  states
      • create transition between states
      • delete edges (transition, parent) 
      • handle r/o files properly
  • CDI (JSR-299)

Flash/Flex UML diagrams improvements

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