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  • Faradi 7.0.1 (build 21326) Release Notes
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Usability Problem

  • TW-17292 - Command buttons are hidden on custom build UI when the project has many parameters
  • TW-18148 - Overview page: popups on the build status messages are incorrectly laid out.
  • TW-19837 - Test details popup has confusing yellow color - does the build include my changes?
  • TW-20008 - Parameters can be displayed not sorted
  • TW-20399 - Add / after ! in links to files inside archives


  • TW-10236 - Cloud agents can sometimes be not deleted from the system and hold agent licenses
  • TW-10715 - Inspection count diff between builds is incorrect
  • TW-17905 - Build Queue may refresh and remove checked checkboxes
  • TW-18224 - Unnecessary checkout directory cleanup when temp directory is located on another drive
  • TW-18387 - Test's drop-down menus (with "Open in IDE", "Test history" and "Mute" options) do not disappear
  • TW-19174 - Build icon on My Changes page is not updated
  • TW-19806 - IllegalArgumentException: At least two filters needed. when using TeamCity plugin with EGit 1.2
  • TW-19908 - Add display of custom code coverage via service messages to build overview
  • TW-20067 - Add option to make NuGet Pack Runner avoid changing Version Property
  • TW-20176 - %ERRORLEVEL% is always 0
  • TW-20242 - My changes: some stacktraces do not open
  • TW-20295 - Move Hg-used log.template out from system\pluginData
  • TW-20371 - Server hanging on start: getRegisteredExtensions/PositionAwareSorter.getAllSorted case (many project tabs)
  • TW-20372 - WebLinks.getConfigurationHomePageUrl returns invalid URL
  • TW-20377 - IE8: help icon cases javascript error
  • TW-20380 - .NET Inspection don't show new errors for personal builds
  • TW-20382 - Tree view cannot be opened in IE6 (Operation aborted)
  • TW-20387 - IE8: Javascript stackoverflow in Run Custom Build Dialog
  • TW-20389 - IE8: Broken Build Parameters tab of Run Custom Build Dialog
  • TW-20391 - Artifacts downloaded to wrong path
  • TW-20395 - Do not apply user timezone shift to dates shown on licenses page
  • TW-20404 - Many pages (projects, build configuration details) are blank under Glassfish v2
  • TW-20406 - Investigation counter is showing incorrect data
  • TW-20415 - "Run" button looks broken in Chrome 17.0.963.56 m
  • TW-20427 - Perforce agent side checkout hangs on agent
  • TW-20439 - There are assembly names in lowercase in CSV test report
  • TW-20444 - Duplicates Finder (.NET) stopped working after upgrading to the TeamCity 7.0
  • TW-20446 - Maintenance Authentication Token Missing
  • TW-20447 - NPE in pendingChangesLink.tag
  • TW-20452 - Exception in Inspections build log: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no IdeaWin32 in java.library.path
  • TW-20460 - SVN Root being deleting when unrelated project starts
  • TW-20462 - Project report tab URL may change
  • TW-20482 - NUnit and other .Net test runners may hung or fail with out of memory when there are several assemblies paths specified
  • TW-20490 - Gradle build step: "JVM command line parameters" have no effect
  • TW-20492 - How to setup IntelliJ IDEA Project Build Step with .idea project folder using WebStorms .idea project folder
  • TW-20505 - Dependency changes duplicates normal changes
  • TW-20520 - TeamCity hangs on agent side checkout using git after upgrade to v7.0
  • TW-20531 - NuGet pack runner does not work if agent is running under Java 1.5
  • TW-20536 - Queued build estimate tooltip stops working after fragment refresh
  • TW-20540 - JavaScritpt error on clicking ? help icon in IE
  • TW-20548 - Changing VCS root setting (password) makes it impossible to run build for a change detected prior to settings change
  • TW-20555 - Command line tool does not work with ClearCase (No one of ... configurations affected by collected changes)
  • TW-20556 - org.apache.jasper.JasperException when clicking "Run Custom Build"
  • TW-20559 - If several XML report build features are configured, only the first one is processed
  • TW-20570 - A build started via finish build trigger and having snapshot dependency can include less changes then expected
  • TW-20573 - Build queue estimates tooltip does not work in queue popup
  • TW-20576 - IDEA plugin fails to connect to server: NoSuchMethodError: org.jetbrains.idea.svn.SvnVcs.getSvnAuthenticationManager
  • TW-20577 - TC server doesn't show first screen on the first installation if the data directory does exist but is empty
  • TW-20605 - Failing test muted in build config is marked failed in personal build.
  • TW-20614 - TeamCity 7.0, VS 2010 - "URL is empty." problem
  • TW-20619 - New TeamCity 7 artefact dependency pattern issue
  • TW-20620 - Upgrade TC from 6.5.x to 7.0 fails if TS server has been stopped when two Amazon agents of the same image was running
  • TW-20634 - java.lang.OutOfMemoryError in Search
  • TW-20635 - NCover full coverage report had been broken
  • TW-20643 - PerfMon does not show chart if teamcity is deployed under non empty context
  • TW-20650 - DotCover version is 1.2.352.19. This version is newer than TeamCity and may not be fully supported.
  • TW-20651 - Manual reset of parameters in copied configuration is required after project copy operation if configuration was inherited from a template
  • TW-20656 - Always display parent project near build configuration in 'Add New Snapshot Dependency' dialog
  • TW-20661 - No package is shown in the NuGet feed if all packages have pre-release version
  • TW-20671 - REST-API lists builds triggered by deleted user when filtering by existing user
  • TW-20674 - Error on server start: ... does not contain any non-empty event listening method implementations.
  • TW-20681 - IDEA project runner cannot parse library from .idea project if library name contains space or dash character
  • TW-20688 - Artifact download cache is created under agentTmp folder, not under agent's system folder
  • TW-20695 - IDEA settings parser cannot find path variables in project libraries if .idea directory is placed in subdirectory
  • TW-20696 - Could not load type BuildEventContext
  • TW-20702 - Nuget install Path to solution file without .sln
  • TW-20704 - Batch fetch fails for JIRA
  • TW-20713 - Maven test-jar dependencies not respected
  • TW-20720 - Failing/successful labels on collapsed main overview page are stuck together
  • TW-20738 - Unable to start nuget pack
  • TW-20742 - Cleanup might leave empty directories in build artifacts after artifact cleanup (directories with only directories as children case)


  • TW-18756 - IOException in ClearCase log
  • TW-19838 - Exception upgrading to 7.0 (No visible effects on server though)
  • TW-20424 - EA-33935 - assert: MarkupModelImpl.<init>
  • TW-20429 - Exception from NuGet trigger on server shutdown
  • TW-20430 - NuGet plugin may not start if Jersey classes are available on the server
  • TW-20445 - Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: 'MenuDataSource'.
  • TW-20470 - The component “JetBrains.TeamCity.VsPackage.ShowTeamCityToolbarHelper, JetBrains.TeamCity.VsPackage, Version=7.0.613.69, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyTok
  • TW-20572 - logfile exception: java.lang.IllegalArgumentExceptionArgument 1 for @NotNull parameter of jetbrains/buildServer/serverSide/auth/AuthUtil.hasReadAccessTo must not be null while processing request: POST '/runtimeError.jsp'
  • TW-20581 - Accessing Build Queue -> Error message: javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: javax.el.ELException: Problems calling function 'fn:length'
  • TW-20624 - EA-34381 - assert: ApplicationImpl.invokeAndWait
  • TW-20626 - EA-34159 - IAE: ObjectWrapper.invoke
  • TW-20636 - Inspections (.NET) execution failure
  • TW-20653 - Cannot set the caret outside the document lines. Within the valid lines, on the contrary, setting the caret into the virtual space is usually allowed.
  • TW-20743 - Agent pools: Truncation exception on long pool name
  • TW-20756 - CME in IDEA plugin

Performance Problem

  • TW-20518 - Opening build queue popup on a build configuration can be slow
  • TW-20569 - changes.html request can be too slow
  • TW-20703 - Slow JetBrains.TeamCity.Utils.AssemblyResolver inside .Net 4.0 NUnitLauncher


  • TW-18752 - Failing/successful columns on collapsed main overview page should be right-aligned
  • TW-20425 - Project Overview: small glitch in tooltip
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