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  • IDEA 11 beta (build 110.492) Release Notes
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IDEA-62307 (Feature)

Add "scroll to the end" button for output window (Run | Server | Output)

IDEA-77033 (Feature)

No longer checkout a new branch from existing without being on existing

IDEA-76881 (Usability Problem)

Automatically truncate the file name when create a patch from the exisiting commit in the log tree

IDEA-26520 (Usability Problem)

After downloading a plugin show it in the "installed" list with some icon that says "not yet installed"

IDEA-76803 (Cosmetics)

Undoing extract field does not instantly get back to the original state

IDEA-76917 (Bug)

OOME after some carefully (mis)placed edits =)

IDEA-77083 (Bug)

Intellij11 EAP 110.365 - Intellij user interface locked up during indexing

IDEA-77151 (Bug)

GUI freeze on opening a JSP file in the editor

IDEA-76870 (Bug)

plugin search field too narrow on OS/X

IDEA-76879 (Bug)

migration 10 universal ->EAP 11 Universal, new plugin dependencies

IDEA-76587 (Bug)

Refactoring do not respect enum switch case rule

IDEA-70286 (Bug)

"Show all affected files" has no effect

IDEA-76926 (Bug)

"Introduce Field" generates duplicate setUp method unless existing setUp has @BeforeMethod

IDEA-74433 (Bug)

IDE changes the file permissions on Windows and Samba

IDEA-76607 (Bug)

Groovy analyzer doesn't recognize static construction in Integer.metaClass

IDEA-77042 (Bug)

Ruby plug-in is updating gems from UI thread locking IDEA

IDEA-76804 (Bug)

[yaml] sequence parsing improvement

IDEA-76773 (Bug)

Slow performance in 10.5.2 Ultimate

IDEA-76777 (Bug)

Incorrect final field Java Inspection for enum member

IDEA-55630 (Bug)

Load Table List Before Table Structure

IDEA-76618 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.xml.breadcrumbs.BreadcrumbsComponent.getPreferredSize

IDEA-77062 (Exception)

Plugin Manager: AIOOBE at DefaultRowSorter.convertRowIndexToView()



IDEA-64718 (Feature)

Built-in obfuscation for Android apps

IDEA-76856 (Bug)

Always see "RuntimeException: Stub!" when using maven android builds with robolectric after project import or after modifying pom file

IDEA-75734 (Bug)

External apklib dependencies (Maven + Android support)

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-76714 (Feature)

RFE: add inspection: String.length() == 0 replaceable with 'String.isEmpty()'

IDEA-76562 (Usability Problem)

Suppressing spell checking for eastern Asian languages looks incomplete

IDEA-77028 (Task)

EmptyClass inspection should have "ignore for generic typization"

IDEA-76478 (Bug)

[Java] Setting editor highlighting level to None reports all imports as "Unused"

IDEA-77140 (Bug)

If multiple fixes are applied from inspection's bactch results, there is no progress

IDEA-76543 (Bug)

Add option to inspection "Abstract method overrides abstract method" to ignore overrides with different Javadoc.



IDEA-26472 (Feature)

Per table database schema refreshing

IDEA-77021 (Usability Problem)

Data Sources tool window: preserve selection after Refresh

IDEA-76826 (Usability Problem)

SQL: SQLServer: Database console: show some output for successful statements not returning result set

IDEA-77157 (Bug)

Data Sources tool window: Refresh on schema item does not update the set of tables

IDEA-77026 (Bug)

Data Sources: false "No tables retrieved" if only one of refreshed schemas contains no tables

IDEA-77023 (Exception)

Data sources tool window: Refresh on column node produces AIOOBE at DataSourceUiUtil$



IDEA-77241 (Usability Problem)

Make text of disabled selected breakpoint visible

IDEA-76720 (Exception)

JS Debugger: ISE at org.chromium.sdk.internal.BaseCommandProcessor.send



IDEA-76491 (Bug)

Compare Directories: Synchronize All copies only one file, CME at DirDiffTableModel.synchronizeAll() on next apply

IDEA-77098 (Bug)

In dir diff: just-copied files are not shown when "show equal files" has been enabled

IDEA-76504 (Bug)

Compare Directories: Filter field does nothing

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-76808 (Bug)

Smart completion doesn't suggest any variants inside arithmetic or boolean expressions containing three or more operands

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-70220 (Usability Problem)

10.5 Find and replace does not remember last terms after switching to another file

Flex Support


IDEA-70911 (Feature)

Import .fxp ( flash builer project file ) feature

IDEA-70831 (Bug)

Create project from existing sources should create Flex modules for AS/MXML sources

IDEA-76955 (Bug)

IDEA default air-app.xml descriptor is invalid if main class name has an underscore symbol in it

IDEA-73093 (Bug)

ActionScript classes that do not have default constructor can't be used as mxml tags

IDEA-77200 (Bug)


IDEA-76673 (Bug)

ClassNotFound while flexmojos config generation

IDEA-76662 (Bug)

IDEA does not take into account the selected maven profiles, in flex-config generation

IDEA-70099 (Bug)

error in event metadata if event class is not a direct child of Event (if different SDKs set for different modules)

IDEA-76238 (Exception)

fud: support flexmojos project

GWT Support


IDEA-70616 (Feature)

GWT: new inspection: GWT.create() doesn't use class literals

IDEA-58437 (Feature)

Add support for @def in GWT css files

IDEA-55562 (Feature)

gwt: provide inspection to validate signatures of JavaScript Overlay Types



IDEA-76370 (Feature)

Find jar intention should work in Groovy code

IDEA-76564 (Feature)

Support DetachedCriteria

IDEA-76510 (Bug)

Groovy: Paste doesn't automatically add imports

IDEA-53126 (Bug)

Support Dynamic Properties in GSP

IDEA-68954 (Bug)

Groovy: paste to slashy string should escape slashes

IDEA-68951 (Bug)

Groovy: language is not injected into a part of a slashy string after first backslash met

IDEA-77263 (Bug)

No parameter info when calling objects with call method

IDE Configuration


IDEA-76574 (Feature)

Installed plugin isn't shown in the list

IDEA-76619 (Cosmetics)

Add plugin host dialog cosmetics

IDEA-68851 (Bug)

Settings->CodeStyle->Imports: unreadable table entries

IDEA-76927 (Bug)

Settings: Avoid duplicates at editor folding settings

IDEA-72710 (Bug)

Include/exclude key bindings in search-replace are not convenient for MacBook users

IDEA-77041 (Bug)

Ruby SDK language level resets to 1.8 for 1.9 SDK

J2EE.App Servers.Generic


IDEA-66357 (Usability Problem)

wrap lines in server log



IDEA-76746 (Bug)

Complete freeze of the UI

IDEA-76844 (Exception)

"Unknown HTML tag" inspection: "Create Taglib Declaration" without required libraries causes NPE at XmlElementFactoryImpl.createXmlAttribute()



IDEA-64627 (Feature)

spring: provide full "spring expression language" support

IDEA-65851 (Feature)

spring: "Injection Value Type" doesn't work for constructors



IDEA-75136 (Bug)

Param is marked red while it was suggested by Idea itself

IDEA-77229 (Bug)

Support global results for action-specific exception-mapping



IDEA-76118 (Bug)

Inconsequent probable error highlighting in JavaScript

OSGi Support


IDEA-76584 (Bug)

Invalid bundle dependency resolution then running OSGi configuration

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-70896 (Bug)

idea64.exe.vmoptions points to the wrong yjpagent.dll

Play! framework


IDEA-77124 (Feature)

Play framework support: support #{include} tag

IDEA-76685 (Feature)

Play framework support: support routing validation between controllers, views and the routes file

IDEA-76888 (Bug)

Cannot parse the groovy expression

IDEA-76094 (Bug)

Play framework support: on Stop pressing in console the thread dump is shown, process is not terminated

IDEA-76009 (Bug)

Play framework support: Playframework tool window is always grayed

IDEA-75991 (Bug)

Play! framework: correctly treat path to executable (append path separator to path selected in browser)

IDEA-77111 (Bug)

Play framework support: ignore case while looking for template matching action method

IDEA-77060 (Bug)

Play framework: can't start Play! on MacOSX

IDEA-76065 (Bug)

Play framework: 'method is not used' warnings should not be shiwn for action methods referenced from views w/o explicit arguments

IDEA-77145 (Exception)

CCE at org.jetbrains.plugins.groovy.lang.GrReferenceAdjuster.shortenReferenceInner

Project Configuration


IDEA-77089 (Cosmetics)

Rename library/module dialog cosmetics

IDEA-77082 (Cosmetics)

Do you want to create a project with no JDK assigned? asked when I'm about to add module

IDEA-77090 (Cosmetics)

Ugly error message

IDEA-77086 (Bug)

Create project from existing sources: overwrite warning dialog has 3 buttons with confusing names

IDEA-77091 (Bug)

Don't allow to split module with one root

IDEA-76769 (Bug)

Empty module configuration page in Web module.

Project View


IDEA-75242 (Exception)

Open Directory in Nauilus doesn't work



IDEA-59578 (Feature)

file permissions not preserved when copied

IDEA-77076 (Bug)

Incorrect refactoring chooser is shown

IDEA-76726 (Bug)

Extract variable not working when outer expression is of type void.

IDEA-76621 (Bug)

"Add constructor parameter" adds already defined final fields as constructor parameters



IDEA-44201 (Usability Problem)

SQL: completion always inserts keyword in upper case, if invoked after underscore

IDEA-76830 (Usability Problem)

SQL: code completion does not suggest column names in SET clause of UPDATE statement

IDEA-76840 (Bug)

SQL: SQLServer: cursor statements are not parsed

IDEA-76833 (Bug)

SQL: SQLServer: OVER with aggregate functions is red

IDEA-76827 (Bug)

SQL: SQLServer: DROP TABLE is red

Task Management


IDEA-77003 (Usability Problem)

No autocomplete anymore for YouTrack tickets

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-77121 (Usability Problem)

Constructor is never used is reported fo junit test

User Interface


IDEA-76559 (Bug)

IDEA GUI hung for more than 20 mins

IDEA-76941 (Bug)

Inline refactoring popup captions are wrong

IDEA-76957 (Bug)

Missing Icons for several Run Configuration Types

IDEA-63650 (Bug)

Tooltip render error in Nimbus L&F

IDEA-76866 (Bug)

Debugger tabs under Nimbus look and feel

Version Control


IDEA-74224 (Bug)

Mercuial: Fix link for invalid mercurial executable leads to empty settings page

Version Control. CVS


IDEA-76819 (Bug)

CVS: Warning about possible deadlock

Version Control. Git


IDEA-76740 (Cosmetics)

Git: cut out path and branches in push dialog

IDEA-76842 (Bug)

Changes - Log got a lot slower with git than in 10.5

IDEA-55298 (Bug)

Git: Cannot authenticate when Git repository browsing with http protocol

IDEA-76930 (Bug)

Memory leak: AuthDialog invoked from GitHttpCredentialsProvider

IDEA-76979 (Exception)

AE at git4idea.repo.GitRepositoryUpdater.<init>

IDEA-76802 (Exception)

AIOOBE at git4idea.history.wholeTree.GraphGutter$PresentationStyle$1.getColorForWire

IDEA-76980 (Exception)

NCDFE at org.eclipse.jgit.transport.Transport.<clinit>

IDEA-76981 (Exception)

NPE at git4idea.update.GitFetcher.fetch

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-77190 (Bug)

Subversion 1.7: when project is checked out using SVN1.7 experimantal plugin, it should get VCS == Subversion1.7

XML editing


IDEA-75432 (Cosmetics)

Duplicate menu entries

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