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  • Eluru 6.5.5 (build 18087) Release Notes
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  • TW-14808 - Make 'maven.project.version' and other maven-specific variables available for referring to from all build configuration fields (not only build number format)

Usability Problem

  • TW-18516 - Exceptions in the server log if Maven plugin failed to read pom.xml


  • TW-11268 - TeamCity should not follow symbolic links when deleting files on agent (checkout directories and .old) - Linux
  • TW-18039 - Changes not detected after rebase
  • TW-18261 - Too many open files (and many "cleartool -status" processes)
  • TW-17167 - Build might have "... is not fully resolved, using as is." warning with values with percentage signs that are reported from previous builds (e.g. NLSPATH case)
  • TW-18090 - NPE in TeamCity plugin
  • TW-18677 - Agent upgrade may hung if too long path was used
  • TW-16436 - Agent service cannot be restarted under limited account
  • TW-7938 - BackgroundDirectoryCleaner should clean symbolic links
  • TW-13580 - TeamCity clearcase adapter tries to load elements from non existent branch in the vcs root
  • TW-18632 - main-config.xml can be overwritten with default if server failed to load its configuration on startup
  • TW-17333 - Failed to start build - using git
  • TW-17200 - Upgrade agent Java message should have a link to the process in documentation
  • TW-18011 - Improve message grammar on failed test message
  • TW-15329 - Apply new layout at Install Build Agent pop-up
  • TW-18586 - UnsupportedOperationException: Not supported for personal configurations
  • TW-18539 - Personal changes from personal branches are lost after server restart
  • TW-18547 - Unable to use an empty parameter in the maven home field
  • TW-18126 - Incorrect warning message when specifying VCS checkout directory via template using configuration parameters
  • TW-17692 - Improve server error 500 reporting in the build log on artifacts publishing
  • TW-18363 - Duplicating message in the build log on execution timeout
  • TW-18372 - Downloaded build log corrupts unicode symbols
  • TW-18276 - Git "Checking for changes" hangs forever - redux
  • TW-18271 - Nuget plugin fails to initialise on the agent
  • TW-18458 - A configuration parameter value on a template becomes sticky after the template is moved from a project that declared this parameter project-wide
  • TW-15382 - TeamCity email notifications do not propery escape markup chars < > (possibly & ; etc)
  • TW-18409 - MissingFormatArgumentException with agent-side ClearCase checkout
  • TW-18359 - Eclipse plugin remains infinitely on Updating TeamCityStatus
  • TW-18322 - Eclipse plugin fails to initialize when Eclipse is run with java 1.5
  • TW-15267 - NPE after deleting build configuration while a build is running


  • TW-18685 - Idea plugin throws NPE when closing a project under Idea 11
  • TW-18325 - exception accessing user from SessionUser
  • TW-17248 - Maven2 project data reader fails when the pom has <scope>system</scope>
  • TW-18530 - NoSuchElementException in SearchService

Performance Problem

  • TW-18447 - Build owner calculation can be slow
  • TW-18426 - Listing changelog is incredibly slow in 6.5.4
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