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Please visit Struts 2 Plugin Main Page for more information.

Release notes for previous versions


IDEA 10.0.2 has been released and is available from here.

IDEA 10.5 EAP versions are available from IDEA 10.5 EAP

IDEA 10.5 EAP 106.396 (11-04-06)

Blog post with screenshots


  • Performance improvements
  • Action method signatures: relax requirement to specify either none or exactly "java.lang.Exception" in action method signature (IDEA-65327)
  • <package> "extends": use namespace from extended package (IDEA-66743)

Web resource files

  • "Go to Action/Action-method": use "Go To -> Related File" in JSP, Freemarker, ... to navigate to corresponding Action-declaration and/or Action-method(s)


  • "Go To Result": gutter icon to navigate to any result(s) directly from your action method

IDEA 10.0.2 EAP 102.216 (11-01-21)


  • IDEA-54327 Project wizard: include all struts.xml-files found in JARs in created default fileset (struts-default.xml and struts-plugin.xml)

IDEA 10.0.2 First EAP 102.149 (11-01-14)

Blog post w/ screenshots


  • Project wizard: update to latest GA
  • Struts JAVA-class icons: fix flickering IDEA-63071 + 62901
  • Struts icons: performance improvements


  • <action>: fix usage search via "name"
  • <action>: completion variants for "name" via Action-class name
  • IDEA-62816: fix inconsistencies w/r to highlighting <result> values for unknown/custom result-types


  • Highlighting: performance improvements for Action-method gutter icons


  • <result>: filter variants to .ftl-files
  • Variables: fix when <result> "type" was not defined locally but "default" used


  • struts.xml: support <result> with type "velocity"
  • Add global macros from struts.vm automatically
  • Expose built-in global variables (e.g. session, application, ..) (same as for Freemarker)

IDEA X EAP 98.486 (10-11-29)

Blog post explaining the details


  • IDEA-61308: support .properties-key based I18N for <s:text> "name", config in facet to disable


  • STRPL-109: use effective (default) result-type correctly & restrict autocompletion accordingly in all cases

IDEA X EAP 98.382 (10-11-16)


IDEA X EAP 98.231 (10-10-27)


  • Various smaller bugfixes and improvements

Fileset editor

  • Remove manual "Locate" button for adding struts.xml files outside of current project
  • "Edit File Set": speedsearch in files tree


  • Resolve action-links with "Bang-notation" (e.g. /myAction!method.action)

IDEA X EAP 96.974 (10-08-19)


  • Various startup performance improvements
  • Project wizard: update library version to Struts 2.2.1GA
  • Project wizard: fix S2 version detection to generate empty struts.xml from corresponding DTD (2.0/2.1)

IDEA X First EAP 96.802 (10-07-28)

  • struts2-jquery: support struts2-jquery-richtext-plugin (<sjr:ckeditor>)

IDEA 9 "Maia"

Changes in versions released for IDEA 9

IDEA 7/8

Changes in versions released for IDEA 8
Changes in versions released during IDEA 8 EAP
Changes in versions released for IDEA 7

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