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Bug reports and feedback

Bug reports and enhancement requests should be filed in YouTrack.

Please visit Struts 2 Plugin Main Page for more information.

Release notes for previous versions


IDEA 10.0.2 has been released and is available from here.

IDEA 10.x EAP versions are available from IDEA X EAP

IDEA 10.0.2 EAP 102.216 (11-01-21)


  • IDEA-54327 Project wizard: include all struts.xml-files found in JARs in created default fileset (struts-default.xml and struts-plugin.xml)

IDEA 10.0.2 First EAP 102.149 (11-01-14)

Blog post w/ screenshots


  • Project wizard: update to latest GA
  • Struts JAVA-class icons: fix flickering IDEA-63071 + 62901
  • Struts icons: performance improvements


  • <action>: fix usage search via "name"
  • <action>: completion variants for "name" via Action-class name
  • IDEA-62816: fix inconsistencies w/r to highlighting <result> values for unknown/custom result-types


  • Highlighting: performance improvements for Action-method gutter icons


  • <result>: filter variants to .ftl-files
  • Variables: fix when <result> "type" was not defined locally but "default" used


  • struts.xml: support <result> with type "velocity"
  • Add global macros from struts.vm automatically
  • Expose built-in global variables (e.g. session, application, ..) (same as for Freemarker)

IDEA X EAP 98.486 (10-11-29)

Blog post explaining the details


  • IDEA-61308: support .properties-key based I18N for <s:text> "name", config in facet to disable


  • STRPL-109: use effective (default) result-type correctly & restrict autocompletion accordingly in all cases

IDEA X EAP 98.382 (10-11-16)


IDEA X EAP 98.231 (10-10-27)


  • Various smaller bugfixes and improvements

Fileset editor

  • Remove manual "Locate" button for adding struts.xml files outside of current project
  • "Edit File Set": speedsearch in files tree


  • Resolve action-links with "Bang-notation" (e.g. /myAction!method.action)

IDEA X EAP 96.974 (10-08-19)


  • Various startup performance improvements
  • Project wizard: update library version to Struts 2.2.1GA
  • Project wizard: fix S2 version detection to generate empty struts.xml from corresponding DTD (2.0/2.1)

IDEA X First EAP 96.802 (10-07-28)

  • struts2-jquery: support struts2-jquery-richtext-plugin (<sjr:ckeditor>)

IDEA 9 "Maia"

Changes in versions released for IDEA 9

IDEA 7/8

Changes in versions released for IDEA 8
Changes in versions released during IDEA 8 EAP
Changes in versions released for IDEA 7

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