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  • IDEA 10.5 build 106.273 Release Notes
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No subsystem


IDEA-64679 (Feature)

Add github open in browser action to the file tree context menu

IDEA-64808 (Feature)

Support for binary integral literals and underscores in numeric literals (java 7)

IDEA-66055 (Feature)

Completion in resource list

IDEA-66054 (Feature)

Completion in multi-catch

IDEA-37427 (Feature)

Run / debug console could have standard and custom (search) filters like log tabs

IDEA-66243 (Feature)

Support moving caret in lookups as in JB

IDEA-66060 (Feature)

Precise rethrow in Java 7

IDEA-65112 (Usability Problem)

Logics of suggestion list sorting are wrong

IDEA-43214 (Usability Problem)

Create class intention could create generic class, if it is used with type parameter

IDEA-62868 (Usability Problem)

Show notification after sharing a project on GitHub completes successfully

IDEA-39431 (Usability Problem)

Import data source dialog: pressing space on config node could switch check box on / off

IDEA-66257 (Usability Problem)

Artifacts: new modules are not sorted in combobox of "Create Jar from Modules" dialog

IDEA-65657 (Usability Problem)

Don't show "Insert underscores into literal" for literals with 3 or less digits

IDEA-66524 (Usability Problem)

Facets: XML descriptor chooser: Module button is disabled

IDEA-65546 (Usability Problem)

Cannot set BITvalues in the database console grid

IDEA-65236 (Usability Problem)

Run configuration dialog: on pressing Add button in the right panel do not suggest to select the configuration type again

IDEA-64982 (Performance Problem)

large memory usage after closing all projects

IDEA-63452 (Cosmetics)

The dialog name "Choose Dependent Modules" needs to be changed

IDEA-65380 (Cosmetics)

Notification message is way too long.

IDEA-66030 (Bug)

Hang on project open

IDEA-66039 (Bug)

JDK 7: "Redundant suppression" inspection keep on highlighting class annotation after adding some code that generated unchecked warning

IDEA-66088 (Bug)

in console output: some source code files are not clickable

IDEA-66913 (Bug)

Introduce parameter scrolls to the beginning of file with no reason

IDEA-65931 (Bug)

Switcher: obsolete items in recent files section in case of splitted editor, Throwable at EditorWindow.getSelectedFile()

IDEA-66066 (Bug)

JDK 7: "Redundant suppression" inspection highlights enum annotation even if enum constructor generates "Possible heap pollution" warning

IDEA-65588 (Bug)

"Double-click to go to line" message incorrect

IDEA-65679 (Bug)

IDEA 10.0.2 doesnt seem to recognise the file.

IDEA-59871 (Bug)

Goto file: when there are matches shown, filter window is displayed below it

IDEA-50627 (Bug)

Don't suggest uninitialized instance members in constructor when smart-completing

IDEA-66217 (Bug)

Host name in HTTP Proxy settings should be trimmed

IDEA-65849 (Bug)

Replace All in selection scrolls to the beginning of file

IDEA-65480 (Bug)

Erratic highlighting in Freemarker editor

IDEA-66940 (Bug)

Introduce constant inserts the preview in the wrong position

IDEA-44546 (Bug)

Import database schema: chooser button for a data source tries to open tool window, which is useless in the dialog

IDEA-26568 (Bug)

"Compact Empty Middle Packages" not working properly for module/project libraries

IDEA-63358 (Bug)

Problem with variable renaming

IDEA-64933 (Bug)

Drag-and-drop text don't work

IDEA-64935 (Bug)

paste location wrong when using "view as" 'scope' for ctrl+c ctrl+v on a file.

IDEA-66321 (Bug)

Introduce Constant dialog ignores keyboard when opened from quick fix menu

IDEA-66549 (Bug)

Inspections "IO|JDBC resource opened but not safely closed" must support recent close pattern

IDEA-57403 (Bug)

Completion cannot suggest members of an intersection type

IDEA-63249 (Bug)

Cannot compile java source Missing message: configure.incompatibleComplianceForTarget in: org.aspectj.ajdt.ajc.messages

IDEA-33137 (Bug)

Code Coverage bar overwrites line numbers in gutter

IDEA-53707 (Bug)

Toolwindow tabs - > react on mouse down

IDEA-64926 (Bug)

IDEA is optimizing a used import

IDEA-64725 (Bug)

Race Condition when editing field annotations results in incorrect line wrapping

IDEA-66872 (Bug)

UI Deadlock during autocomplete inside a package edit box

IDEA-65394 (Bug)

Out of memory and workspace.xml size 32 Mb

IDEA-63978 (Bug)

Switcher should have the same behavior with detached editor tabs as it has with splitters.

IDEA-66157 (Bug)

Navigation bar collapses when the action on it is invoked too quickly

IDEA-64573 (Bug)

Groovy Enums are showing as invalid

IDEA-65866 (Bug)

Preserve "Selection only" in replace options

IDEA-65476 (Bug)

Extract method refactoring produces wrong code

IDEA-66309 (Bug)

IntelliJ 10's autocomplete popup isn't too intelligent

IDEA-65026 (Bug)

Repeating dialog "You have entered malformed replacement string"

IDEA-57487 (Bug)

Smart completion in cast operator inserts ill-formed type

IDEA-65182 (Bug)

keyword "return" invokes the autocomplete tooltip & interrupts the input

IDEA-65184 (Bug)

Windows fold/unfold bug

IDEA-64809 (Bug)

Wrong display of generic

IDEA-64219 (Bug)

JPA-QL Console use DataSource connection information instead of relying on information in persistence.xml

IDEA-63578 (Bug)

fsnotifier doesn't support symlinks on Linux

IDEA-64430 (Bug)

improved groovy extract method

IDEA-64534 (Bug)

test coverage wants recompile

IDEA-64812 (Bug)

Quick javadoc displays exceptions twice

IDEA-66024 (Bug)

Find action remembers previous search

IDEA-66193 (Bug)

Create class is not proposed if an unresolved name is followed by a field access

IDEA-64447 (Bug)

"show in Explorer" action broken in IntelliJ IDEA 10.0 with JDK7

IDEA-65503 (Bug)

groovy joint compiler can't handle Groovy script files with only numeric names

IDEA-66335 (Bug)

ClearCase setting UCM/no UCM should be stored in IDEA settings dir

IDEA-65927 (Bug)

Switcher: on closing all editor windows in switcher arrow keys do not move the selection

IDEA-65614 (Bug)

"}" symbol is inserted automatically, but is not substituted on manual typing in javadoc comments

IDEA-58556 (Bug)

Make smart completion cast insertion aware of autoboxing

IDEA-66142 (Bug)

JDK 7: Diamond: Inline Refactoring should replace diamond type with actual type arguments if it won't be possible to infer these arguments after inline

IDEA-64559 (Bug)

A shortcut with Insert on Mac

IDEA-50042 (Bug)

New Java/Groovy source keeps modified state after save

IDEA-66221 (Bug)

Code inspectations do not run prior to a remote running a build in TeamCity

IDEA-66564 (Bug)

Unexpected source element for annotation member value: PsiBinaryExpression:0.0d / 0.0

IDEA-66202 (Bug)

Groovy Extract Method Broken: Nested Closures drop 'it' reference

IDEA-65490 (Bug)

New inline search is very annoying.

IDEA-66208 (Bug)

More options UI

IDEA-61949 (Bug)

Drag and drop in Packages view

IDEA-65641 (Bug)

Regression: Ctrl+F must position on first occurrence after caret

IDEA-66474 (Bug)

Strange NavBar behavior for undocked NavBar

IDEA-64683 (Bug)

Create method adds generic parameters that are not needed, and doesn't ask about it

IDEA-66850 (Exception)

FNFE at com.intellij.psi.stubs.StubTree.readOrBuild

IDEA-66912 (Exception)

JDK 7: NullPointerException at extractMethod.InputVariables.wrapInputVariables() on manual changing catch parameter to multi-catch

IDEA-65565 (Exception)

NPE at ChangeSignatureGestureDetector.childReplaced() on typing inside JSP method declaration

IDEA-65392 (Exception)

NPE: Error during dispatching of java.awt.event.MouseEvent

IDEA-66124 (Exception)

NPE at ClassElement.addInternal() on creating generic interface instance with unbound wildcard type argument

IDEA-65136 (Exception)

UML: Close UMLDiff diagram on project closing

IDEA-62358 (Exception)

Throwable 98.510

IDEA-66476 (Exception)

AE at com.intellij.openapi.fileTypes.impl.NativeFileIconProvider$



IDEA-60587 (Feature)

Add Application class type to new Android Component dialog

IDEA-62652 (Feature)

Enable/Disable logcat doesn't work.

IDEA-66942 (Bug)

Possible double compilation on android for library projects

IDEA-65262 (Bug)

R class is generated incorrectly sometimes when using library project

IDEA-58829 (Bug)

Android SDK doesn't exclude standard JDK classes that aren't available for Android

IDEA-51833 (Bug)

ADB operations should be done in non-ui thread with timeout and/or restart

IDEA-64276 (Bug)

Android logcat drops the connection to the emulator, after a couple of hours

Code Analysis. Dependencies


IDEA-36452 (Usability Problem)

Add 'analyze backward dependencies' action to the module dependencies toolwindow

IDEA-36402 (Cosmetics)

Analyze module dependencies should have keyboard shortcut for module settings

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-35002 (Feature)

Inspection "Integer multiplication or shift implicitly cast to long" shall have an option to ignore constant expression

IDEA-64677 (Feature)

Let one associate intellij-@NotNull/@Nullable semantics to arbitrary annotations.

IDEA-65109 (Feature)

Public method is not exposed via an interface should have option to only work if the class implements an interface

IDEA-65277 (Feature)

Create an Inspection from the Intention "Remove Redundant 'else'".

IDEA-25379 (Feature)

for/while loop replaceable with 'foreach' does not support conversion of iterations with ListIterator

IDEA-24796 (Feature)

while loop replaceable with 'for each' inspection - Quickfix should use existing iteration variable where possible and avoid creating redundant local variable.

IDEA-66572 (Feature)

"'try finally' replaceable with 'try' with resources" inspection

IDEA-65653 (Feature)

Inspection: if/else can be converted to switch

IDEA-64082 (Feature)

Add option "skip private methods" to Return of Null inspections

IDEA-64249 (Feature)

Add option to ignore super methods to "Unnecessary JavaDoc link" inspection

IDEA-65545 (Feature)

Side Effects checker could probably check for simple setters/getters

IDEA-64638 (Feature)

PhpStorm inspection results HTML export: why no line number info?

IDEA-64820 (Cosmetics)

Overriding profile in "Export" - wrong slash direction

IDEA-64492 (Cosmetics)

Inspections severities: weak_warning is written with underscore

IDEA-65100 (Cosmetics)

Settings / Inspection: inconsistency between "j2sdk5.0" group and its content

IDEA-66080 (Bug)

for(Iterator...) loop cannot be transformed into for-each loop

IDEA-66075 (Bug)

convert for(Iterator...) to for-each loop doesn't work

IDEA-64946 (Bug)

Rename reference quickfix should honor declaration scope

IDEA-52197 (Bug)

'for' loop replaceable with 'for each' inspection error

IDEA-64696 (Bug)

"Constant conditions & exceptions| false positive

IDEA-63666 (Bug)

Bean inspection fails to recognize @Qualifier used in conjunction with @Autowired

IDEA-64871 (Bug)

Inspection result viewer screws up sorting

IDEA-63483 (Bug)

"Form input without an associated label" inspection should allow for ignoring inputs of type "button"

IDEA-65788 (Bug)

false positive for disjunction type in "Overly broad 'catch' block" inspection

IDEA-65290 (Bug)

Add configuration option to inspection "Serializable class without 'readObject()' and 'writeObject()'" to ignore anonymous inner classes.

IDEA-66114 (Bug)

JDK 7: Diamond: wrong "Unchecked assignment" warning appears after invoking "Replace with <>" intention

IDEA-66668 (Bug)

JDK 7: Diamonds: wrong "Identifier expected" error and "Unckeched assignment" warning appear on paste

IDEA-64529 (Bug)

Problem with applying in inspections profiles editor

IDEA-66185 (Bug)

Malformed format string inspection: Instruct the inspection that int -> char conversion is correct

IDEA-65857 (Bug)

Wrong 'no enclosing instance of type' error message

IDEA-65287 (Bug)

Add configuration option to inspection "Serializable class without 'serialVersionUID' to ignore anonymous inner classes.

Code Coverage


IDEA-65421 (Feature)

Code coverage: web applications: improve resolving generated jsp names

IDEA-64799 (Feature)

Code coverage: improve presentation of joint sampling and tracing statistics

IDEA-64988 (Feature)

Code coverage: web applications: showing colors and statistics is not supported in .jsp files

IDEA-64919 (Usability Problem)

Code coverage: with "Show coverage per test" editor popup shows "Hits: 0" for all lines

IDEA-64912 (Usability Problem)

Code coverage: on changing the selection of suites in coverage data dialog release "Show coverage per test" button automatically

IDEA-64921 (Usability Problem)

Code coverage data dialog: quick tree search works only for 2 top nodes

IDEA-65104 (Usability Problem)

Code coverage: IDEA tracing runner: statistics for default branch of switch could be improved

IDEA-65105 (Cosmetics)

Code coverage: "Show coverage per test" mode: editor popup appearance can be improved

IDEA-65102 (Cosmetics)

Code coverage: IDEA tracing: wording in statistics for switch could be improved

IDEA-65420 (Bug)

Code coverage: combobox in "Choose Coverage Suite to Display" dialog does strange things

IDEA-64992 (Bug)

on disabling coverage recording in the run configuration, also the mode sampling vs. tracing is reset to sampling

IDEA-64913 (Bug)

Code coverage: "Show coverage per test": with Before and After methods colors are shown in editor not for all test methods

IDEA-64795 (Bug)

Code coverage: EMMA and IDEA runners enabled for the same class give 0% methods in the Project tree

IDEA-65064 (Bug)

Slash too much for coverage report generation

IDEA-64797 (Bug)

Code coverage: IDEA tracing: condition line status is not refreshed after hiding a suite

IDEA-64805 (Bug)

Code coverage: with "Show coverage per test" adding and hiding other suites cause inconsistent statistics labels in the Project tree

IDEA-65853 (Bug)

Attempt to run test with IDEA coverage fails

IDEA-63720 (Bug)

Coverage coloring does not update until the editor is reloaded

IDEA-65045 (Bug)

The Coverage settings are not run configuration specific

IDEA-65106 (Bug)

"Choose Coverage Suite to Display" dialog: typing N works like Alt+N

IDEA-65416 (Exception)

Throwable at CoverageSuitesBundle.<init>() on showing desktop application (main() method) statistics together with web application statistics

IDEA-66082 (Exception)

Throwable at FileManagerImpl.getCachedPsiFile() on closing the project with split editors

IDEA-64801 (Exception)

Throwable at TrackCoverageAction$MyTreeSelectionListener.valueChanged() on closing Run window with "Show coverage per test" button pressed

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-59536 (Feature)

New variation of "chop down if long" for annotations

IDEA-65433 (Feature)

Code style feature: simple classes and interfaces in one line

IDEA-64975 (Feature)

Possibility of keeping multiple expressions on one line

IDEA-63820 (Feature)

Allow "throws" to be placed on the new line without indent

IDEA-57891 (Usability Problem)

Reformat file: run under modal progress

IDEA-66053 (Performance Problem)

Formatter: Optimize performance of applying formatting changes

IDEA-65777 (Bug)

No alignment when pressing Enter in multiline implements list

IDEA-25139 (Bug)

Incorrect cursor placement after Control Shift Enter

IDEA-65987 (Bug)

Java Formatter: Correct anonymous classes instances as method arguments processing

IDEA-58293 (Bug)

Java Formatter: Respect 'space after semicolon' setting for 'for' loop with empty 'after loop' operation

IDEA-64989 (Bug)

Regression: Smart Indent doesn't indent properly after hitting Enter on an indented line

Code Navigation


IDEA-63313 (Usability Problem)

CamelHump immediately after digit is not taken into account

IDEA-22870 (Bug)

Certain navigation actions not recorded, meaning that "go back" (ctrl-alt-left) doesn't take you back where you were

IDEA-57142 (Bug)

Autoscroll from source does not work

IDEA-64850 (Bug)

Go to Declaration, when Quick search is open, takes you to quick search field

IDEA-63748 (Bug)

back/forward not functioning as expected



IDEA-54638 (Feature)

Filter/Group tables types in DataSources tree view

IDEA-19460 (Feature)

IDEA should be able to import a DataSource from Tomcat's context.xml

IDEA-66505 (Bug)

AE at DbElementImpl.checkValid(), Import Database Schema dialog cannot be closed, IDEA process has to be killed

IDEA-66381 (Bug)

No way to edit booleans in data source table editor

IDEA-66503 (Exception)

NPE at AbstractTreeBuilder.getReady() on closing Import Database Schema dialog

IDEA-66525 (Exception)

Import Data Source: ISE at dbcConsoleContextProvider$JdbcRunContext.tuneParams() on testing connection with absent driver class name



IDEA-56249 (Usability Problem)

“Copy value” missing in debugger inline watch

IDEA-62204 (Bug)

Add right-click 'Remove All' option in Watches window

IDEA-62216 (Bug)

Debugger: Enable Delete button in watches after finishing debugging process.

IDEA-64654 (Bug)

A shortcut with Insert on Mac

IDEA-36592 (Bug)

Breakpoint drag and drop does not work between two splits (no matter the same or different files)



IDEA-64608 (Task)

Provide tip of the day for specifying line number in goto file

IDEA-64780 (Task)

Revise the topics related to tests

IDEA-66934 (Task)

Update documentation about JavaScript Debug run configuration to mention that Google Chrome is supported

IDEA-64314 (Task)

Remove the word Flex in references to SWF and SWC files

IDEA-65479 (Bug)

Update "Uint Testing Support" topic

IDEA-62773 (Bug)

Update reference page for JUnit test run/debug configuration

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-40461 (Feature)

Allow [ to finish complete the way ( does

IDEA-65234 (Feature)

Smart Completion: suggest most-probable method for delegation

IDEA-13030 (Feature)

Wish to repress inherited members

IDEA-62904 (Feature)

ctrl-alt-space completion for static method: choosing "import statically" should complete action, not toggle

IDEA-46653 (Usability Problem)

Completion in parameter list should not insert a trailing comma if the following parameter is varargs

IDEA-60529 (Usability Problem)

Code Completion: sort order

IDEA-65810 (Usability Problem)

Class completion: suggest most probable class in the specific context.

IDEA-59688 (Usability Problem)

New code completion pop-ups interfering with Parameter Info pop-up

IDEA-37228 (Cosmetics)

Live Template abbreviation is shown cutted if new name is longer then old one

IDEA-65252 (Bug)

Static nested classes are first proposal on values

IDEA-64765 (Bug)

No completion for NoSuchElementException in javadoc @throws

IDEA-65639 (Bug)

code completion offers funny option

IDEA-62188 (Bug)

Java: Basic completion doesn't suggest "default" keyword in switch construction

IDEA-64612 (Bug)

Autocasting from completion is not inserted after "assert X instanceof T"

IDEA-65286 (Bug)

JAVA: autocomplete triggers within double-value

IDEA-65928 (Bug)

static method completion: no secondary menu presented

IDEA-55859 (Bug)

Invalid autocomplete suggestion on double Ctrl+Shift+Space

IDEA-64130 (Bug)

Zen coding XML multiple attributes

IDEA-65811 (Bug)

"final" variant is not suggested but it should be

IDEA-66736 (Bug)

Taglibs in library jars not supporting Completion

IDEA-50092 (Bug)

Code completion added unnecessary type arguments

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-65422 (Feature)

Editor: Add support for 'Scroll to Top' and 'Scroll to Bottom' actions

IDEA-64964 (Feature)

Javadoc: Provide ability to configure IntelliJ IDEA to automatically insert closing tags during typing in javadoc

IDEA-66149 (Feature)

Delegate to local final variables

IDEA-65207 (Usability Problem)

Multiline selection doesn't pop in the search field in the replace/search dialogs

IDEA-61590 (Usability Problem)

bigger font size for javadoc (ctrl+q)

IDEA-25757 (Usability Problem)

Default keyboard shortcuts for Switcher and Go to Next/Previous Splitter actions conflict [In the split mode, Ctrl+(Shift+)Tab doesn't switch between splitters when both contain the same file opened]

IDEA-64710 (Usability Problem)

Tab switching loses scrolling position when virtual space is within the view area

IDEA-65654 (Usability Problem)

Documentation window: Do not show 'font size' control when I click the text

IDEA-65819 (Usability Problem)

Pasting a "string" over "another string" applies unnecessary quoting

IDEA-62908 (Usability Problem)

Cursor up/down movement jumpy for non-monospaced fonts

IDEA-64896 (Bug)

Enter Handler doesn't generate JavaDoc in specific case

IDEA-65838 (Bug)

Closing tags in javadoc comments are not generated after @return

IDEA-24984 (Bug)

Typing {{ <RETURN> }} results causes symbols swap and syntax error

IDEA-65108 (Bug)

Inserting line break in text file can cause incorrect formatting and cursor placement on new line if the original line starts with an asterisk

IDEA-65206 (Bug)

Soft wraps: Correct 'replace text' processing

IDEA-65747 (Bug)

Javadoc: Don't use attribute value on javadoc tag autocompletion

IDEA-65126 (Bug)

Move method and folding bug

IDEA-65686 (Bug)

Rectangular selection contracts width incorrectly

IDEA-65601 (Bug)

Scroll after zoom bug

IDEA-64848 (Bug)

Soft wraps: NullPointerException at EditorImpl.paintBackgrounds()

IDEA-65342 (Bug)

Join Lines eats first parameter

IDEA-65434 (Bug)

Ctrl+Shift+Enter bug in conditional blocks

IDEA-66955 (Bug)

Type tooltip shows HTML entities

IDEA-65031 (Bug)

Javadoc: Avoid unnecessary indent when enter is pressed after empty tag

IDEA-64648 (Exception)

Soft wraps:Throwable at CaretModelImpl.moveToOffset() and visual defects on resizing editor after font has been changed via Ctrl+Scroll

IDEA-64702 (Exception)

SIOOBE at com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.softwrap.mapping.SoftWrapApplianceManager.processCollapsedFoldRegion

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-56238 (Cosmetics)

Dotted line effect does not always paint dotted line

IDEA-66132 (Bug)

JDK 7: Diamond: good code is red: dimond operator used in initialization of a raw generic type variable

IDEA-66266 (Bug)

Make not final quickfix should not be available for multicatch

IDEA-64864 (Bug)

Cannot disable bold style for Groovy keywords

IDEA-65435 (Bug)

Grails/GSP: Editor markes attribute "defaultCodec" red

IDEA-55412 (Bug)

Good code is red: overloaded method with varargs shows error in ide, although compiles successfully

IDEA-49420 (Bug)

XSLT 2.0 spec allows parameter shadowing, IDEA highlights this as error

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-65933 (Feature)

Intention to replace multiple 'throws' declarations on a method with the common supertype

IDEA-64769 (Feature)

Intention to convert (all) package.html into

IDEA-65954 (Feature)

"Replace Automatic Resource Management with 'try finally'" intention

IDEA-22119 (Feature)

Javadoc: Inspection/intention to replace <code>...</code> with {@code ...}

IDEA-65821 (Feature)

new "Split Multicatch into Separate Catch Blocks" intention

IDEA-65920 (Feature)

JDK 1.7: Intention "Make final and annotate as @SafeVarargs" for methods with varargs parameter of non-reifiable type could be added

IDEA-64458 (Bug)

"Add explicit type arguments" may produce invalid code

IDEA-65807 (Bug)

"Replace catch section with throws declaration" intention fails on multicatch

IDEA-65583 (Bug)

Auto-completion + import in java is buggy

IDEA-66859 (Bug)

JDK 7: Intention "Replace with 'try' with resources" drops comments from try and finally blocks

IDEA-64321 (Bug)

Editor scrolls to the beginning of file on "Make <method> return <type>"

IDEA-65704 (Bug)

"Replace for-each loop with indexed for loop" breaks code

IDEA-66787 (Bug)

JDK 7: "Convert to atomic" intention should not be available for resources declarations in try-with-resources statement

IDEA-64156 (Bug)

"Create file" intention called from within HTML creates file in dependency module if it contains a package same named with a current one

IDEA-65996 (Bug)

Generic type formatted incorrectly in Create field/variable

IDEA-66770 (Bug)

JDK 7: Intention "Replace with 'try' with resources" drops catch blocks

IDEA-66771 (Bug)

JDK 7: Intention "Replace 'catch' section with 'throws' declaration" applied to catch clause after try-with-resources statement drops resources declaration

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-66192 (Feature)

Find/Replace in current file should switch to one another preserving the search query

IDEA-65748 (Usability Problem)

Provide code completion in "Replace" field

IDEA-65752 (Usability Problem)

Provide the possibility to toggle between search and replace

IDEA-65561 (Usability Problem)

Remove delay when entering a search string into the search field

IDEA-66416 (Usability Problem)

Find\Replace: Deleted find pattern would be restored after deleting replace pattern

IDEA-65562 (Cosmetics)

Incorrect checkbox background and overlapped border in new replace bar

IDEA-66048 (Cosmetics)

Inconsistent capitalization of button titles in replace toolbar

IDEA-65969 (Cosmetics)

Ctrl+Alt+F7: replace "the usage was filtered out" by "1 usage was filtered out"

IDEA-66601 (Bug)

Changing 'Case sensitive' option setting in Find/Replace panel does not update search results

IDEA-66480 (Bug)

Replace ignores selection if the replace pane is already open

IDEA-66219 (Bug)

Ctrl-F moves selection from current match immediately

IDEA-66865 (Bug)

Ctrl-F search no longer searches the whole document.

IDEA-66863 (Bug)

Search And Replace Too Greedy

IDEA-66005 (Bug)

Editing of string to find leads to jumping of caret to the end of text field

IDEA-65667 (Bug)

Find selects text inside folded block incorrectly

IDEA-66399 (Bug)

gutter highlighters for search results

IDEA-66011 (Bug)

Fast replace works bad

IDEA-66010 (Bug)

Disable "Whole words only" if string to find is not a word

IDEA-66187 (Bug)

show tooltip when end of file is reached

IDEA-66731 (Bug)

Incorrect "not found" tooltip when search is finished ("<" is removed)

IDEA-66810 (Bug)

Text editing sometimes scrolls the editor during search

Flex Support


IDEA-64823 (Feature)

flex: provide "Split into separate declarations" for compound declarations

IDEA-60064 (Feature)

Generate Event Handler intention

IDEA-26689 (Feature)

flex: provide Refactor->Move for internal types ("to upper level")

IDEA-66320 (Feature)

introduce variable: support function

IDEA-65946 (Feature)

flex: provide "Swap Method Call Arguments" utility intention

IDEA-65242 (Feature)

flex: Introduce Variable should suggest variable name from setter function name

IDEA-64972 (Feature)

ActionScript: "generate getter/setter" intention

IDEA-66658 (Feature)

Flex: Move Refactoring dialog: on the fly package name validation could be provided

IDEA-61142 (Feature)

Provide quick fix to create class specified in [Event] metadata

IDEA-63448 (Feature)

bad code green: Error: itemCreationPolicy and itemDestructionPolicy attributes must accompany either the includeIn or excludeFrom attribute.

IDEA-64969 (Feature)

mxml: navigation to class and completion if attribute type is Class

IDEA-59618 (Feature)

flex: "move class": provide package chooser similar to Java

IDEA-65599 (Feature)

Provide quick fix to create class from usage in MXML attribute or tag (like itemRenderer etc.)

IDEA-63308 (Feature)

Actionscript: Code formatting should support all four ways to handle space around the type reference's colon

IDEA-66264 (Usability Problem)

Can't Add The AIR SDK?

IDEA-47310 (Usability Problem)

var watch pop-up is very long

IDEA-64732 (Cosmetics)

generated event handler name: omit prefix for root (this) object (according to Flex SDK coding conventions)

IDEA-59927 (Cosmetics)

flex: unclear import popup hint if multiple matches

IDEA-47571 (Task)

refactor: rename file - change "Compiler Configuration file"

IDEA-51695 (Task)

Flex 4: support MXML tags defined by 'name' attribute in <fx:Definition/>

IDEA-63834 (Bug)

Quick Documentation Lookup broken if using //noinspection

IDEA-58660 (Bug)

flex: complete statement: if statement not completed

IDEA-54594 (Bug)

Change paths to embeded asset files when "Move class" refactor is applied

IDEA-56354 (Bug)

Live template variable with expression "classNameCompleteWithVoidDefault()" works wrong

IDEA-57856 (Bug)

flex: import popup should not suggest test classes in production code

IDEA-65414 (Bug)

Don't suggest to import class from test sources in product sources code

IDEA-64731 (Bug)

jump to source: variable in script block

IDEA-58875 (Bug)

flex: introduce variable: type of "typeof" operator not computed

IDEA-66860 (Bug)

Flex 4 MXML: Support 'twoWay' attribute of Binding tag

IDEA-64500 (Bug)

flex: "Mismatched query and update of collection" false positive

IDEA-65744 (Bug)

Rename static method from Strcture view: reference is updated incorrectly

IDEA-64833 (Bug)

JSMismatchedCollectionQueryUpdateInspection: honor setter

IDEA-66615 (Bug)

Flex: Move Refactoring: Move everything from specified directory to another directory doesn't update package statements

IDEA-65448 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: with() expression should resolve to something

IDEA-66313 (Bug)

Change signature quickfix should not be suggested for library elements

IDEA-65237 (Bug)

good code red: internal property of mxml component — Attribute is not allowed here

IDEA-60127 (Bug)

Create constant from comparison operand doesn't guess Numeric type

IDEA-66267 (Bug)

Attribute 'fontFamily' of 'Embed' metadata tag is unknown by IDEA

IDEA-61613 (Bug)

MXML: support class references for properties of IFactory type (like itemRenderer) declared as tag

IDEA-26585 (Bug)

mxml: missing support for <mx:XML> tag

IDEA-50090 (Bug)

Don't generate constructor for swc-imported interface

IDEA-26688 (Bug)

flex: missing completion for "expects" parameter on [Test] metadata annotation

IDEA-58261 (Bug)

Refactoring - {} and [] do not form expressions for refactoring

IDEA-65398 (Bug)

flex css: resolve type selector as qualified class name (flex 4 namespace)

IDEA-65050 (Bug)

'use' statement between metadata and class declaration is not handled correctly

IDEA-66624 (Bug)

Flex: Move Refactoring: if a class being moved has references to custom class only in instantiation expressions, import statmenet won't be added after move

IDEA-61425 (Bug)

Override methods handler is not accessible in MXML context

IDEA-67004 (Bug)

Flex: Move Refactoring: if a class being moved is imported using '*', import statement won't be added after move

IDEA-58881 (Bug)

flex: introduce variable: type of "delete" operator not computed

IDEA-65593 (Bug)


IDEA-66277 (Bug)

flex: cannot compile properly for FP11 beta

IDEA-66816 (Bug)

Definition two same-named methods in namespace doesn't mark as duplicate

IDEA-21608 (Bug)

Flex debugger: in case of error show full stack trace, open correct source file if possible

IDEA-66672 (Bug)

Perforce read-only with Flex/Flash Compiling

IDEA-64758 (Exception)

flex: NPE in JSPropertyImpl$PropertyNameReference.getRangeInElement() (with example)

GWT Support


IDEA-57841 (Feature)

GWT Support should include support for uiBinder ui:with

IDEA-58601 (Feature)

GWT Feature Reqeuest: New Event + EventHandler Feature

IDEA-65302 (Bug)

GWT i18n support does not handle property files in resources folder

IDEA-66144 (Bug)

gwt-dev.jar is loaded in runtime classpath



IDEA-50008 (Feature)

GSP: provide formatting (code style) settings

IDEA-65511 (Feature)

New Feature Request: Allow for grails view to edit files in 'scripts'

IDEA-66695 (Feature)

Highlight hyperlinks for GSP stacktrace elements

IDEA-64771 (Feature)

Grails domain classes should have intention "make nullable"

IDEA-64283 (Feature)

Need completion for values of some fields in *GrailsPlugin classes

IDEA-65165 (Feature)

Support static imports in GSP pages

IDEA-64560 (Feature)

Grails: IDEA should support groovy expressions without '{' '}' in GSP attribute values.

IDEA-64862 (Feature)

Completion should be available in value of field 'transients' in domain classes.

IDEA-66007 (Feature)

Groovy: Duplicated named arguments should be highlighted as error because it is compilation error.

IDEA-66717 (Feature)

No controller/action completion when using custom plugins

IDEA-66718 (Feature)

Domain class property name completion in the addTo*(Map) call argument list

IDEA-66625 (Feature)

Inject javascript into on* attributes of GSP tags

IDEA-66621 (Feature)

Create action from usage

IDEA-66628 (Feature)

I18n intention should be able to invoke on a text with Groovy injections in it

IDEA-64819 (Feature)

improve 'Extract method' refactoring for Groovy: support multiple output parameters

IDEA-66189 (Feature)

Groovy: Method separators for closures

IDEA-64901 (Feature)

Collapsing of multiline //-style comment feature request for Groovy

IDEA-65618 (Feature)

I'm using Intellij 10.0.1 and Ctrl + Shift + T works for java classes, but not Groovy classes.

IDEA-66571 (Usability Problem)

Grails plugins dialog: by-installedness sorting is too straightforward

IDEA-64580 (Usability Problem)

Move Groovy accessibility warnings to a separate inspection

IDEA-64294 (Performance Problem)

Editing very slow when editing large groovy files

IDEA-53127 (Cosmetics)

Grails-generated files should be coherent with IDEA code style

IDEA-63189 (Cosmetics)

Groovy: standartize "Incompatible Type Assignments Inspection" name

IDEA-66422 (Cosmetics)

Groovy: Introduce Field Refactoring dialog title is missing

IDEA-65163 (Bug)

Groovy: Incorrect resolving of imported classes.

IDEA-65452 (Bug)

Syntax error highlighted for style in g:formatDate (grails)

IDEA-64287 (Bug)

Groovy property access colored like field access

IDEA-51538 (Bug)

Grails: global plugin artifacts are resolved only in one project module

IDEA-66500 (Bug)

Pair brace insertion doesn't work in Groovy fragments in GSP

IDEA-66507 (Bug)

A generated GSP can't be parsed

IDEA-63326 (Bug)

Relax repeating labels for Spock or allow to suppress the warning

IDEA-60750 (Bug)

Groovy: Change Signature Refactoring doesn't allow to add optional parameter without default value

IDEA-66498 (Bug)

'Go to type declaration' on an injected service/bean name should go to its class

IDEA-66491 (Bug)

Groovy: Introduce Parameter/Field Refactoring dialogs: keyboard shortcuts don't work for comboboxes

IDEA-64581 (Bug)

Groovy: Change Signature Refactoring shouldn't use parameter's initializer as default value

IDEA-62870 (Bug)

.with{} is not always detected

IDEA-63490 (Bug)

TODO statement in javadocs is only recognized when //-commented TODO is present

IDEA-65051 (Bug)

Groovy: Imports: Classes from current package should have priority than classes imported using '*'.

IDEA-49907 (Bug)

Groovy: Refactor / Move a script with both a class and some top-level statements does not update package statement

IDEA-66623 (Bug)

The caret after introducing constant should remain on the usage, not on the constant declaration

IDEA-66573 (Bug)

Invalid closing tag name suggestion

IDEA-62837 (Bug)

Incorrect caret column after Enter in 'case'

IDEA-49449 (Bug)

Groovy: "Result of assignment expression used" inspection false warning for top-level expression in block

IDEA-64814 (Bug)

Move-refactoring import statements bug

IDEA-64816 (Bug)

Groovy: "Find Usages" doesn't find usages of class members accesses as Groovy properties

IDEA-64880 (Bug)

collectEntries{} inspection

IDEA-61706 (Bug)

Grails: support tag g:resource

IDEA-64226 (Bug)

Groovy: IDEA doesn't recognize size() for varargs array

IDEA-64227 (Bug)

Groovy: IDEA doesn't recognize toUpperCase() method for inferred char

IDEA-66387 (Bug)

Inject Grails services and other Spring beans as properties into org.springframework.web.context.WebApplicationContext

IDEA-64706 (Bug)

Parsing closure argument

IDEA-66562 (Bug)

Generating views before controller hinders navigation

IDEA-65720 (Bug)

Grails checkin silently fails on code inspection stage

IDEA-64522 (Bug)

Groovy: Ctrl+Shift+I stopped working when I try to view other class members

IDEA-66471 (Bug)

Groovy: IDEA does't show Javadoc by Ctrl+Q for groovy fields.

IDEA-64609 (Exception)

Something with assertEquals and .class

IDEA-64810 (Exception)

The "Incorrect type "java.util.List<null>"" Idea exception

IDEA-66069 (Exception)

Groovy: AssertionError at GrTypeParameterImpl.getOwner() on incorrect generic method definition

IDEA-66473 (Exception)

Groovy: Introduce Parameter Refactoring: PsiInvalidElementAccessException at GrBlockImpl.getControlFlow() on introducing parameter of closure type

IDE Configuration


IDEA-65203 (Bug)

Plugin update manager incorrectly detects installed plugin version

IntelliJ Platform


WI-1245 (Feature)

Completion for previously used colors in CSS

WI-4622 (Usability Problem)

Double clicking on general syntax errors in the batch inspection tree view doesn't take you to the appropriate line

WI-5014 (Bug)

Tables with case-sensitive names (quoted identifiers) cannot be opened in editor

WI-5216 (Bug)

Wrong SQL Error reporting



IDEA-66790 (Bug)

"Private field is never used" does not appear when @Resource annotation used

J2EE.App Servers.Generic


IDEA-57036 (Bug)

Run/Debug Config Ignoring my run ant-target



IDEA-15216 (Usability Problem)

"Datasource import" progress dialog doesn't explain what it's doing

IDEA-67032 (Bug)

No-Interface EJB view is reported as error by EJB environment inspection



IDEA-65320 (Bug)

Problem attaching to remote glassfish debug instance



IDEA-62133 (Feature)

JPA/Hibernate console: hibernate.transaction.manager_lookup_class



IDEA-66608 (Feature)

spring: provide code completion for @Scope annotation

IDEA-57445 (Feature)

Spring testing: transactions support: provide some warning if no transaction manager bean is found in context for the @Transactional class

IDEA-66765 (Feature)

SpringIntegration support: 'method' attribute of 'selector' element should be supported

IDEA-26674 (Feature)

spring 3.0: resolve "name" attribute of <constructor-arg> element

IDEA-66756 (Feature)

SpringIntegration support: jdbc:message-store element: provide error if neither or both 'jdbc-operations' and 'data-source' attributes are set

IDEA-66462 (Feature)

spring: provide completion for <jms:listener>/@method

IDEA-66461 (Feature)

spring: provide completion for <jms:listener>/@ref

IDEA-66464 (Feature)

spring: resolve transaction manager reference from @Transactional annotation

IDEA-66676 (Feature)

SpringIntegration support: validate values of 'failover' attribute of dispatcher element

IDEA-66674 (Feature)

SpringIntegration support: 'dispatcher' attribute of channels is deprecated; provide warning

IDEA-66673 (Feature)

SpringIntergration support: intention that creates bean from 'task-executor' attribute should create task:executor element by default instead of simple bean

IDEA-20068 (Usability Problem)

transaction-manager completion for <tx:annotation-driven> too lenient

IDEA-65158 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: filter element: check that exactly one of the 'ref' attribute, 'expression' attribute, or inner bean (<bean/>) definition is provided

IDEA-65152 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: pre-defined channels (nullChannek, errorChannel) are not resolved

IDEA-65151 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: intention for unresolved channel should create channel, not bean

IDEA-65157 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: support ranges using in pool-size attribute value of executor element

IDEA-65155 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: support multiple types using in channel's datatype attribute value

IDEA-62723 (Bug)

spring: metadata-driven completion inconsistent with regular bean reference completion

IDEA-66855 (Bug)

spring: good code red: <task:executor id="executor" pool-size="2-40"/>

IDEA-65772 (Bug)

JSR-330 @Named and @Qualfier annotations support

IDEA-66488 (Bug)

Roo console: don't display unprintable symbols (Linux)

IDEA-66764 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: 'selector' element is not recognized as spring bean

IDEA-66763 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: for 'bean' sublements of 'interceptors' element there is no validation/intentions

IDEA-66993 (Bug)

Spring profiles: references to beans defined in profiles are not resolved

IDEA-66041 (Bug)

spring: good code red: "Bean must be of 'java.lang.String' type" (2)

IDEA-60670 (Bug)

False error marker in Spring facade

IDEA-65867 (Bug)

[Spring TestContext] Good code red, when using @ContextConfiguration with a loader

IDEA-65221 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: ip namespace: tcp-inbound-gateway and tcp-outbound-gateway elements are not recognized as beans

IDEA-64286 (Bug)

spring aop: good code red

IDEA-65220 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: ip namespace: tcp-connection-factory element is not recognized as a bean

IDEA-63976 (Bug)

Constructor created by intention invocation use wrong types for arguments

IDEA-66463 (Bug)

spring: duplicate error message for attribute validation error

IDEA-66424 (Bug)

Roo console: incorrect behavior after typing command and Enter pressing

IDEA-65041 (Bug)

Placeholders not detected

IDEA-65216 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: channel-interceptor element: check that class referenced by inner bean element exists

IDEA-66678 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: show error if 'queue' element has both 'message-store' and 'ref' attributes

IDEA-64271 (Bug)

Wrong "Required Bean Type" inspection when using Spring Security 2.x

IDEA-66677 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: jdbc:message-store element is not recognized as bean

IDEA-66675 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: 'dispatcher' attribute/subelement should be forbidden for channels with queue

IDEA-65038 (Bug)

Good ref is marked in red

IDEA-66611 (Exception)

NPE at<init>

IDEA-65839 (Exception)

AE at com.intellij.spring.roo.RunSpringRooConsoleAction.actionPerformed

IDEA-65855 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.codeInsight.completion.impl.CompletionServiceImpl$CompletionResultSetImpl.withPrefixMatcher

IDEA-66937 (Exception)

Spring, Change Signature Refactoring: ClassCastException at MVCPathVariableReferenceProvider.getReferencesByElement() on entering numeric literal as default value of java method parameter

IDEA-67010 (Exception)

IOE at com.intellij.psi.util.PsiUtil.checkIsIdentifier

IDEA-64365 (Exception)

CCE at com.intellij.aop.psi.AopReferenceExpression.parseReference

IDEA-65856 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.codeInsight.completion.CompletionProgressIndicator.closeAndFinish



IDEA-53066 (Bug)

Update (class reloading) of a running Tomcat application does not work



IDEA-61786 (Usability Problem)

Update web configuration dialog should support arrows in options



IDEA-52008 (Bug)

Cannot Connect to WebSphere 7.0 with enabled security



IDEA-66492 (Feature)

[javascript] warning on using constructor as function needed

IDEA-61686 (Feature)

JS Extract variable: Name suggestions should include property name

IDEA-64239 (Usability Problem)

javascript: introduce variable: name suggestions from parameter name not provided for multi-resolving methods

IDEA-64530 (Bug)

null is red in jquery 1.4.4.js

JavaScript. Debugger


IDEA-45229 (Bug)

Exception variable not displayed

Maven Integration


IDEA-56052 (Feature)

Run Maven goal on 'update' action

IDEA-65840 (Usability Problem)

Good code red: Maven plugin execution phase none

IDEA-65651 (Usability Problem)

Line spacing in Maven Artifact Search

IDEA-24886 (Bug)

Maven integration: IDEA does not refresh sourcefolders correctly after the active profiles had changed

OSGi Support


IDEA-66235 (Feature)

Include version number in the jar filename

IDEA-65693 (Bug)

dmServer support blocks startup/open project on Mac

IDEA-63245 (Bug)

OSGI + Maven: support existing manifest file using

IDEA-63183 (Bug)

OSGI: plugin is not compatible with current idea version

IDEA-64849 (Exception)

SIOOBE at org.osmorc.facet.ui.OsmorcFacetJAREditorTab.reset

PHP debug


WI-4602 (Usability Problem)

Debugger does not retain window state

WI-5029 (Usability Problem)

New debugger tooltips won't go away

WI-3717 (Usability Problem)

XDebug: Debug 'Copy Value' should copy the whole value not the shortened version.

WI-4603 (Usability Problem)

Debugger does not retain watches

WI-3255 (Usability Problem)

PHP debugger: impossible to add, edit remove watches when the script is finished

WI-2592 (Bug)

Funny bug with moving breakpoints

WI-1691 (Bug)

"Watches" window saves state only when debug session is active

PHP lang


WI-4758 (Feature)

Inspection: Detect self assignments

WI-2817 (Feature)

Inspection: illegal type of array key

WI-4619 (Feature)

Add inspection for missing docblock.

WI-5468 (Task)

Don't show generate actions in unsupported context

WI-5229 (Bug)

Command line support tool broken for custom tools

WI-4165 (Bug)

If close brace: folding mark is absent sometimes

WI-4854 (Bug)

Strange code in zend_f.php (stubs)

WI-4595 (Bug)

Method hierarchy works incorrectly for constructors

PHP test


WI-4370 (Bug)

Run/Debug PHPUnit

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-65683 (Feature)

Provide artifact path (and another user-specified parameters) into

IDEA-65622 (Bug)

Generated ant script does not run pre/post ant tasks



WI-4133 (Bug)

CSS Code Completion produces wrong property



WI-4644 (Feature)

Support Chrome for WebKit Javascript debugging

WI-2394 (Bug)

Typing before folded part of code, unfolds everything below folded code in Javascript

WI-4895 (Bug)

[javascript] no Ctrl+Space suggestion for 'instanceof' keyword

WI-5059 (Bug)

Documentation bugs with new lines

WI-5100 (Bug)

Documentation is shown incorrectly for object properties like "@param {Number} cfg.age"

WI-5381 (Bug)

NPE - JSSuspiciousNameCombinationInspection.readSettings

Plugin Support. API


IDEA-64910 (Feature)

Ability to provide help id for SessionDialog

IDEA-66686 (Bug)

PsiTryStatement.getResourceList() returns resource list of nested try statement

Plugin Support. DevKit


IDEA-64852 (Bug)

Find usages for extension point renders strange search subject name

Project Configuration


IDEA-62669 (Bug)

Recent projects list contains duplicate paths

IDEA-64545 (Bug)

Sources attached to an SDK are not re-indexed when changed

IDEA-66495 (Bug)

New Module wizard: technologies: enabling Application Server support hides the combobox for server selection

IDEA-64726 (Bug)

Eclipse Import: Do not stop searching recursively if .project file is found

IDEA-65717 (Bug)

Inspections > "Share Profile" resets to checked on reopening project

IDEA-24115 (Bug)

Test connection of the JIRA integration blocks Idea for 10 minutes

IDEA-23704 (Bug)

edit deployment descriptor location: goto module should be enabled

IDEA-64684 (Bug)

Patch: 'Attach Source Jar Directories'

Project View


IDEA-12639 (Feature)

"Copy Reference" (Ctrl-Alt-Shift-C) could work for selected package in Project view

IDEA-65047 (Bug)

while indexing, do not disable "new" menu on project view



IDEA-65272 (Feature)

Inline Method dialog - show number of invocations to be inlined

IDEA-66437 (Usability Problem)

Refactor / Move a file item closes this file in the Editor

IDEA-65324 (Usability Problem)

When refactoring is executed from 'Conflicts' toolwindow, use original action name and not 'Retry'

IDEA-60743 (Usability Problem)

inline rename: preserve selection

IDEA-66364 (Usability Problem)

Provide a separate node in rename refactoring preview for dynamic usages

IDEA-66099 (Cosmetics)

Extract method: signature preview superfluous space

IDEA-66985 (Cosmetics)

Use product name in safe delete message

IDEA-64987 (Cosmetics)

Don't show "Rename tests" checkbox when renaming a test class

IDEA-52919 (Bug)

Refactoring XSLT 2.0 Template parameters doesn't change usage name inside template

IDEA-65897 (Bug)

Refactoring -> Inline Method applied to methods with varargs of a non-reifiable type results with invalid code

IDEA-67021 (Bug)

Move Refactoring: move everything from specified directory to the same directory results in package deletion

IDEA-66176 (Bug)

JDK 7: Diamond: Introduce Refactorings don't consider declaration types when searching for occurrences

IDEA-64508 (Bug)

"Inline local variable" is wrong with static import

IDEA-65529 (Bug)

Change Type Signature refactoring produces bad code

IDEA-63134 (Bug)

rename package should accept invalid identifiers

IDEA-65449 (Bug)

Inline Method does not work correctly with static synchronized methods

IDEA-66166 (Bug)

Extract method dialog in JSP scriptlet silently fails to appear

IDEA-66164 (Bug)

Extract Method in JSP scriptlet throws NullPointerException

IDEA-64877 (Bug)

Split into 2 if's refactoring drops one of three booleans in expression

IDEA-65535 (Bug)

'Inline parameter' doesn't care of left-hand-side usages of parameter

IDEA-65397 (Bug)

Override/Implement dialog shows every method twice when used inside an interface

IDEA-66414 (Bug)

Introduce constant bug

IDEA-66849 (Bug)

Introduce Parameter Refactoring: Problems Detected dialog ignores keypress

IDEA-65536 (Bug)

'Inline parameter' doesn't care of super-call in constructor

IDEA-66889 (Bug)

Invert boolean refactoring changes return statements in local classes

IDEA-65790 (Bug)

Refactor Change Signature doesn't remove throws from method signature

IDEA-66814 (Bug)

"introduce.." refactorings do not consume parameter name information from decompiled stubs if no sources attached

IDEA-66774 (Bug)

Introduce field refactoring issue.

IDEA-66904 (Exception)

JDK 7: NPE at TypeMigrationDialog.doAction() on Type Migration Refactoring when changing catch parameter to multi-catch one

IDEA-66655 (Exception)

Move Refactoring: IllegalArgumentException at RefactoringTransactionImpl$MyRefactoringElementListener.elementMoved() on moving a package between projects

IDEA-66499 (Exception)

Introduce Parameter Refactoring: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException at InplaceIntroduceParameterPopup.getParameter() on introducing a parameter that conflicts with a variable or existing parameter

IDEA-66781 (Exception)

JDK 7: ClassCastException at typeMigration.Util.canBeMigrated() on Type Migration Refactoring applied to type of multi-catch parameter

IDEA-66788 (Exception)

JDK 7: Introduce Parameter/Field/Constant Refactorings should not be available for resources in try-with-resources statement; ClassCastException at LocalToFieldHandler$

IDEA-66370 (Exception)

JDK 7: Diamonds: IncorrectOperationException at PsiJavaParserFacadeImpl.createTypeElementFromText() on Introduce Refactoring applied to initialization expression of raw generic variable

IDEA-65715 (Exception)

Assertion failed when trying to re-run usages search for Java class move refactoring

IDEA-65913 (Exception)

Refactoring -> Change Method Signature: IllegalArgumentException at ChangeSignatureUtil.synchronizeList() on changing over non-varargs and varargs parameters

IDEA-66180 (Exception)

Refactoring -> Introduce Constant: NPE at IntroduceConstantDialog.doOKAction() on introducing a constant to non-existent class

IDEA-66847 (Exception)

Introduce Parameter Refactoring: Throwable at IntroduceParameterProcessor.performRefactoring() on refactoring continuation if name conflict has been detected

Structural Search and Replace


IDEA-64739 (Bug)

Structural Search and Replace doesn't work properly for ActionScript

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-49228 (Cosmetics)

Some letters flicker when typing

IDEA-63482 (Bug)

Automatic freemarker instruction closing tag insertion is too pushy

IDEA-63282 (Bug)

Freemarker template validation

IDEA-66618 (Bug)

Freemarker: inserting extra closing brace when creating an array variable

IDEA-66542 (Bug)

Freemarker: ?size built-in for maps - good code red

IDEA-66273 (Bug)

Freemarker: good code red. Built-ins for strings applied to enums.



IDEA-56473 (Usability Problem)

Provide better default directory for Export image in UML diagram

IDEA-61724 (Cosmetics)

UML actions: capitalize words, provide descriptions

IDEA-64954 (Bug)

UML: Navigation by Alt-F1 doesn't work for package nodes

IDEA-47721 (Bug)

UML: explicitely added non-static inner classes are not visible on diagram if 'show inner classes' option is on

IDEA-65656 (Bug)

Diagrams : the "Show Usage" checkbox has no effect on UML class diagrams

IDEA-58338 (Exception)

CCE at org.jetbrains.idea.maven.ext.uml.actions.MavenExcludeDependency.actionPerformed

IDEA-58297 (Exception)

AE at com.intellij.uml.Utils.assertForgetToRemoveEdge

IDEA-58295 (Exception)

NPE at a.j.g.w

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-65048 (Feature)

Copy action should work on JUnit tree nodes

IDEA-64909 (Usability Problem)

Add JUnit to classpath quick fix is not shown when "junit" package is highlighted, not a class name

IDEA-66648 (Usability Problem)

Show 'Comparison Failure' dialog for JUnit 4 assertion failures

IDEA-64491 (Bug)

JUnit run configuration of Pattern type: "Use classpath and JDK of module" field is enabled and disabled inconsistently

IDEA-66003 (Bug)

IDEA does not find existent JUnit configuration when Run action is executed in file context, but out of the test class

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-65634 (Feature)

TestNG: provide ViewAssertEqualsDifference action for assertEquals failures (like in JUnit4)

IDEA-64361 (Bug)

TestNG Test Runs Terminating Early

User Interface


IDEA-52421 (Feature)

Implement the swipe-gesture on Mac OS X as "Back" and "Forward".

IDEA-23698 (Usability Problem)

Switcher keyboard shortcuts clash with "Goto Next Splitter" and "Goto Previous Splitter"

IDEA-64619 (Usability Problem)

Renaming - Missing mnemonic for OK

IDEA-64556 (Bug)

Persist the "Include non-menu actions" checkbox state between the calls to "Find action"

IDEA-66086 (Bug)

Switcher: on closing one split editor with a file the switcher does not see another opened editor with the same file

IDEA-60435 (Bug)

Language Filter popup in Go To Class dialog is covered up by list of classes

IDEA-17972 (Bug)

JDK6 Clipboard-copy bug ('followup' to IDEA-1738 and IDEADEV-1264)

IDEA-64652 (Bug)

Find Usages dialog has duplicate mnemonic O

IDEA-65613 (Bug)

Wrong EditorTextField initial size in several places in UI

IDEA-36697 (Bug)

Cannot view tab menu for find tabs on Mac OS X

IDEA-66514 (Bug)

Can't close all tabs from Database Console window

Version Control


IDEA-65111 (Performance Problem)

MembershipMap.putOptimal not optimal

IDEA-65202 (Cosmetics)

No default focused component in 'Create patch' dialog

IDEA-64949 (Cosmetics)

Use standard platform file chooser in 'Create patch' action invoked on patch on the shelf

IDEA-66146 (Bug)

Commit+TODO: Unclear message on commit + misbehaved buttons

IDEA-66882 (Bug)

Version Control: show Annotation for specified revision from History tab

IDEA-66222 (Exception)

USE at com.intellij.ide.todo.CustomChangelistTodosTreeBuilder$1.getTodoItemsCount

Version Control. CVS


IDEA-2662 (Bug)

Still problems with utf-8 properties files (upd: BOM marker is always detected as changed in CVS)

IDEA-18230 (Bug)

Incorrect encoding in CVS Diff Dialog

Version Control. ClearCase


IDEA-65592 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.ide.startup.impl.StartupManagerImpl.registerPostStartupActivity

Version Control. Git


IDEA-64429 (Usability Problem)

Password field is not focused by default in SSH passphrase dialog on Mac

IDEA-61839 (Bug)

Git Log: Filter by branch: remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/master doesn't work

IDEA-65585 (Exception)

NPE preventing from rebase

IDEA-66001 (Exception)

Git Log: ISE at com.intellij.openapi.ui.DialogWrapper.ensureEventDispatchThread

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-53590 (Bug)

Moving ignored files automatically marks them for add

IDEA-65486 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.changes.IgnoredFilesCompositeHolder.addFile

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-22245 (Usability Problem)

Subversion History: Takes Too Much Time to Download

IDEA-65134 (Cosmetics)

Subversion: unify OpenFile dialogs on Mac OS

IDEA-64967 (Bug)

Subversion connection thread never times out

IDEA-66835 (Bug)

Subversion: Duplicated revision number in Annotations on reopen

IDEA-66843 (Bug)

Subversion: not-cached annotations are closed on losing and tacking focus back.

IDEA-52741 (Bug)

SVN compare with branch confuses file encoding

IDEA-65082 (Bug)

Subversion: ClearAuthenticationCache command doesn't remove svn.ssh.server file

IDEA-65604 (Exception)

Subversion SSH: CCE at org.jetbrains.idea.svn.SvnAuthenticationManager$IdeaSVNHostOptions$2.get

IDEA-65642 (Exception)

NPE at org.tmatesoft.svn.core.internal.util.jna.SVNGnomeKeyring$3.callback

Version Control. TFS


IDEA-65836 (Bug)

TFS: UI lock on trying to update with reseted TFS passwords

IDEA-64335 (Exception)

Cannot commit project/change-list to TFS

WI specific


WI-97 (Feature)

Recognition and support common filetype .htaccess

WI-1178 (Feature)

Javascript debugger feature request: break on exception

WI-450 (Usability Problem)

Allow to exclude a single file from the project

WI-1303 (Bug)

Broken autocomplete for html tags in .php files

WI-3236 (Bug)

It is impossible to move line inside javascript comment

Web Services


IDEA-65607 (Cosmetics)

REST-Test: Confusing message

XML editing


IDEA-47385 (Feature)

XSLT 2.0 Support

IDEA-63212 (Bug)

XPath: Good code is red

IDEA-58215 (Bug)

spring: inconsistent completion proposals for <context:exclude-filter>/@type

IDEA-47438 (Bug)

XPath 2.0 syntax support



IDEA-66327 (Bug)

Class creation glitch

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