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The Future of Omea

Technical drafts on the subsystems currently in development or proposed for development in the near future.

Action Manager

The subsystem to manage the registered executable actions, their presentation in menus and toolbars, and keyboard shortcuts assigned to them.
The main objective is to separate commands and their UI presentations on toolbars and menus, which enables UI customizations.


Named after the Outlook windows, a top-level window for viewing or editing the single resources when opened outside the main frame, like the current News Message editor/viewer.

Knowledge Base

Technical documentation on the existing subsystems.

Note: the documentation on the pre-opensource Omea codebase is available in the CHM file of the Omea SDK. This section will accumulate the articles that change their status from "future" to "reality". You're welcome to provide documentation on any existing subsystem as well.

Plugin Loader

PluginLoader is a facility for loading the Plugin DLLs that constitute the Omea application, both stock and third-party.

  • (EXP) Enable running experimental Omea versions on different core binaries, plugins, and database without touching the primary installation.
  • (LDC) Use Load context for the core plugins instead of LoadFrom, which enables the use of GAC or NGen.
  • (PUP) Per-user plugins should still be supported.
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