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This page should describe jetForum, its main features so that it would be possible to give an idea what our web application can do even if we show this page to a person who never saw jetForum.

We have tree-based threads.

  • LDAP support
  • Import from Jive
  • Private forums visible only to members of a group
  • Live preview of a message
  • You can add attachments to a post. They become links in the wiki. 
  • You can image files (jpg, png, etc). By default they become thumbnails in the wiki. You can change them to a full-size picture or a link.
  • You can use wiki in messages (more or less the same as in YouTrack)
  • You can edit messages after you posted them. A notification will be sent that you edited the message.
  • Tags. You can add tags to a thread when you create it or afterwards.
  • Search. Live search as you type and you will see the results in the pop-up window. If you hit Enter, you'll go a search results page.
  • We keep track of what threads/messages the user has seen and we can show the new threads/messages since the last visit.
  • Chain blocks. If we have a chain of messages where each message has just one reply, then we show it as a "chain" block. In other forum applications these messages are usually shown each with indentation.
  • Auto-save. Everything you type when creating a message is automatically saved. If you see something in the preview, it means that it was saved on the server.
  • Drafts. You can always abandon any message that you're working on and come back later. You can access your drafts in the sidebar.

Notifications, email, jabber

  • Notifications through email, jabber
  • Digest (email, once a day)
  • You can reply through email or jabber.
  • You can subscribe to a forum or a thread
  • Automatic subscription to a thread if you replied there

User's account

  • You can change your avatar/picture. Gravatar is supported
  • You can change your time zone and date/time format.

Integration with YouTrack

  • You can use issue ids (e.g. JF-65) in wiki and they will become links. For that to work you will have to specify the location of the YouTrack instance in the admin section.
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