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  • Eluru 6.5 EAP (build 17132) Release Notes
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Restyled TeamCity web UI

Our goal was to make TeamCity web UI more lightweight and more modern looking. This is the work in progress, and we are still working on better readability, information restructuring and so on. However, in general, we consider it finished.

Remote run on changes in branches

We are looking for a more natural way to start remote run builds with distributed version controls. In contrast to usual version control systems in DVCS branches are used extensively. Usually developers implement some feature in their own branch and then push their changes to the master branch in main repository. It is tedious to create separate build configurations in TeamCity server for each such branch. Now we have a better solution.

If you are using Git or Mercurial in your project you can add special build trigger called "Branch Remote Run" to a build configuration. This build trigger will watch for commits into the branches of this build configuration VCS roots. If a commit is detected and if branch name matches to some specific pattern, trigger will add personal build to the build queue.

This feature is not quite polished and its implementation could be changed, also there are known bugs, e.g. for every personal build in branch we create a new VCS Root and such roots are not removed later At the moment remote run on branch works only if build configuration has no dependencies

Tracking of build configuration and project changes in audit log

Audit log finally is able to track changes in the project and build configuration settings. In the project or build configuration administration pages you can now see the name of the user who modified project or build configuration, as well as a link to the changes themselves. Since project and build configuration settings are stored on disk in plain xml, the link will just open the usual TeamCity diff window showing changes in these xml files.

Build steps administration

Build steps have got names. Now it is possible to add a name to each build step, and this name will be shown in the build steps lists. Also you can now easily copy build step to any accessible build configuration.

Project parameters

Default parameters for all of the project build configurations can now be specified on the Project parameters tab.

Run custom build dialog

We divided custom build dialog content between several tabs. We hope that this will simplify its usage in many cases, because some of the features of this dialog are rarely used.
Moreover, on the Properties tab it is now possible to specify configuration parameters (additionally to system properties and environment variables).

Tests grouping

We added tests grouping by packages in a couple of places: build popup and current problems page. We will continue working on the grouping functionality in the future builds.

IntelliJ IDEA plugin

IntelliJ IDEA plugin for TeamCity now able to filter shown data according to currently opened project. This affects various lists where build configurations are shown.
We also added coverage menu option to the TeamCity plugin menu to make it more obvious how to use server-provided coverage feature.

Other improvements

  • responsibility for build configuration can now be assigned from the overview page
  • agent thread dump can be dumped into the agent logs from the agent details page
  • artifact dependency resolver was rewritten, we do not use Ivy for this task anymore, but we maintain compatibility with Ivy
  • scheduling trigger can trigger builds on all compatible and enabled agents at once
  • agent upgrade procedure improved, may result for slightly slower agents upgrade for the first time
  • resolved issues
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