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  • TeamCity 6.0.2 Release Notes
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  • TW-15217 - Expose related P4 environment variables when using Perforce checkout on agent
  • TW-15000 - Add Git support to Create Maven Build Configuration page

Usability Problem

  • TW-14454 - TeamCity Plugin for Eclipse displays an empty Failed Tests View when attempting to view information on a build configuration without failed tests.


  • TW-15170 - Incorrect selection in agent requirement Edit dialog
  • TW-15103 - org.codehaus.plexus.component.repository.exception.ComponentLookupException at end of Maven project run
  • TW-5300 - Use log4j configuration for VCS debug logging
  • TW-14818 - Do not remove IDEA coverage results files if they created after the build start
  • TW-15205 - IDEA coverage does not generate coverage report if there is one more step in the build
  • TW-15033 - IntelliJ IDEA Project build runner creates .JAR files with duplicated .class when final .EAR contains cyclic dependencies
  • TW-15167 - Using the same target archive file name when publishing artifacts produces wrong archive content
  • TW-14959 - dotCover should produce descriptive warnings on no code coverage collected
  • TW-15092 - TeamCity 6 Maven runner is not accepting MAVEN_OPTS properly
  • TW-15175 - EA-24978 - assert: Alarm._addRequest
  • TW-14285 - "Issue not found" for Jira connection: Argument 2 for @NotNull parameter of jetbrains/buildServer/issueTracker/IssueData.<init> must not be null
  • TW-15052 - TeamCity not retrieving all changes from TFS
  • TW-15155 - Windows tray notifier does not upgrade
  • TW-15141 - Strange message when submitting pre-tested commit
  • TW-15059 - Out of memory in JavaC in Team City version 6
  • TW-14159 - OutOfMemoryException when triggering personal build with large files
  • TW-15135 - Inconsistent build trigger description for personal builds
  • TW-12798 - Build hangs when running tests on Win 2003
  • TW-15008 - Mercurial plugin does not detect changes in merge commits
  • TW-15100 - Build feature parameters are not validated
  • TW-15065 - Nant build runner target framework selection doesn't work
  • TW-15026 - TFS server plugin leaks TC-TFS* folders under server's TEMP
  • TW-14969 - Saving a priority class pops up an error message
  • TW-15016 - Current problems may contain incorrect information for a failed test


  • TW-14871 - There is no Application Shell running.
  • TW-14980 - TeamCity 6 upgrade - Java compiles began failing with "java.lang.InternalError: Can't connect to X11 window server using 'localhost:10.0' as the value of the DISPLAY variable"
  • TW-15133 - EA-24892 - CNFE: PluginClassLoader.loadClass
  • TW-15121 - Unable to collect changes - NullPointerException
  • TW-15127 - Must specify valid information for parsing in the string.

Performance Problem

  • TW-15083 - SVN externals caches mostly do not work


  • TW-15102 - Misspelling on Local Changes dialog
  • TW-15045 - Issue Tracker error: Error decoding XML-RPC response
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