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  • TeamCity 5.1.5 Release Notes
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  • TW-12094 - Support maven-failsafe-plugin for Maven coverage
  • TW-12836 - Build agent cannot attach RSpec Reporter


  • TW-13129 - Maven project inspection causes thread blocking problem if required to resolve slow SVN externals references
  • TW-13760 - Coverage in Maven runner does not work if checkout directory contains spaces
  • TW-11291 - Confusing "Unsupported version of Git is detected" message on agent
  • TW-13026 - Pre-tested commit into Perforce 2005 failed
  • TW-13277 - Commit from VS add-in into Perforce failed, if comment is like 'sms\nsms: sms'
  • TW-12934 - Configuration parameter added with system. prefix is visible in UI and in build as system property, but is not accessible via internal API
  • TW-13691 - teamcity/postgres error "Unexpected exception occurred during message processing
  • TW-12200 - Not all tests that are run are being reported.
  • TW-13698 - Issue Log - 'Show only resolved issues' seems to have the opposite effect (Bugzilla)
  • TW-13639 - Compatible Agents number is not updated on changing agent requirements in the template that the build configuration is using
  • TW-13494 - Artifact dependencies can occasionally download artifacts from personal builds (changing build number case)
  • TW-12122 - Git submodule checkout error: "Commit could not be resolved"
  • TW-13488 - Copying a project with templates reuse can result in original project template depending form the copied project
  • TW-13475 - Error occurred while starting build: Build promotion ... cannot be associated with build ..., because it is already associated with build: ...
  • TW-13359 - TeamCity must correctly parse versioned paths in ClearCase
  • TW-13233 - Highlight selected configurations on Agent's Compatible configurations in manual mode
  • TW-13330 - git fetch fails with unspecific error
  • TW-13092 - Cucumber tests with unimplemented steps are marked as Failed
  • TW-13206 - Rake runner plugin doesn't override PATH variable when launching rvm ruby interpreters
  • TW-12042 - Recalculate build status (new test count) if this counter differs from data on build results page
  • TW-13254 - Wrong issues from Jira are detected by TeamCity
  • TW-12992 - Cannot update Eclipse plugin: Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.
  • TW-13211 - Checkout rules editor is confusing when lines are wrapped


  • TW-13267 - Could not query the service provider for the service ID
    Unknown macro: {7F7CD0DB-91EF-49DC-9FA9-02D128515DD4}
  • TW-13457 - There is no Application Shell running.
  • TW-13380 - at OptionsPageDescriptor.CreateView : Failed to create an options page from type “JetBrains.TeamCity.Perforce.UI.PerforceOptionsPage, JetBrains.TeamCi
  • TW-13379 - Solution is not opened.
  • TW-13573 - Exception in Model.Update The given key was not present in the dictionary.
  • TW-12852 - Rethrown from the UI thread. Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • TW-13499 - Enumerable contains no matching element
  • TW-13073 - IDEA exception: getLastFinished: Server returned status 503 (service unavailable), try later


  • TW-12477 - Fix spelling in MSTest settings
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