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xStructure doesn't resolve my XML file !

  • check your file is associated to a DTD or XSD
  • check there is no error in IntellijIDEA log file, mapping definition file may be invalid (next releases will improve errors reporting)
  • check there's a mapping definition file supporting your model
    • get Mapping definition directory value from General Settings
    • look for a file whose supported-schemas tag contains your model URI
    • check file name ends with .xml

May I associate mappings to a XML file without model declaration ?

Not in the 1.0 version. Note this feature is planned, using file path matching.

What's about XPath implementation ?

All default mappings are defined using default implementation. XPath implementation is slower since resolution context includes the whole file, whereas the default implementation is based on current node context.

However, XPath works and provides more flexibility to build label or tooltip. I'll see how I can improve this implementation type.

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