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  • IDEA X First EAP Release Notes
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Put what you've already done for IDEA X here. Short descriptions, screenshots welcome, links to blog posts.

  • UI/UX Improvements
    • New scrollbars
    • Many improvements for Mac OS X (native status bar, open file/directory dialog, IDE restart, etc.)
    • Soft wrap in the editor (activated in Editor settings)
  • Java
    • Faster method usage search
  • Spring
    • Spring Web Services support
    • Spring testing support
    • Spring integration with JSRs and languages: JSR-330(CDI), Groovy, etc.
    • extended placeholders support
    • new live templates (patterns and frameworks)
    • intelligent resources support (smart completion and warnings for resource types)
  • JavaScript / ActionScript Support:
    • Smarter introduce: allow to extract fragment of E4X literal / arbitrary well-formed binary expression (e.g. b + c in a + b + c), suggest variants when no selection
    • Introduce parameter refactoring for function.
    • Create parameter fix on unresolved variable.
    • ActionScript: create field / assign to field fix available on unused parameter.
    • ActionScript: inline one function call and leave the method option.
    • ActionScript: rename access property functions renames field and vice versa.
  • Flex Support:
    • Flex and FlexUnit run configuration: select browser or Flash Player to launch your application with (IDEA-49795)
    • Flex and FlexUnit run configuration: option to place your SWF file to the local-trusted sandbox (IDEA-51966)
    • Settings | Compiler | Flex Compiler: option whether to include debugging info into compiled SWF/SWC (IDEA-52692)
    • Compile CSS to SWF (IDEA-54169)
  • Google Web Toolkit
    • Support for CSS in ui.xml files
    • Improved support for JSNI methods
    • Action to generate and view GWT Compile Report
    • Support for ClientBundle and CssResource
  • Application Servers
    • Option in the module wizard to quickly create a run configuration for an application server
  • Groovy
    • Change Method Signature refactoring working for both Groovy&Java code
    • Compiler: navigation from the generated stubs to the Groovy classes
    • HotSwap for Groovy classes
    • Easy Grape dependencies downloading
    • Groovy++ list->object, map->object, closure->object conversions, traits support
    • In-place rename for local variables
    • Gant: Ant task names completion (requires Ant Support plugin enabled)
  • Language Injection
    • Injected Fragment Editor now supports everything an ordinary editor does (Reformat, Intentions, etc.)
  • Database & Persistence Frameworks Support
    • Named, positional and indexed parameters of SQL queries are covered just like in JPA QL case
    • Hibernate Criteria API supported
    • JDBC Console UI revised
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