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  • What's new in MPS 1.5 (draft)
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  • Executing local run configurations under debugger
  • Connecting to a remote application
  • Breakpoints
  • Step-by-step execution (stepping over/into/out)
  • Viewing and exporting threads state
  • Viewing variables on stack frames
  • Evaluation of expressions
  • Custom data viewers

Version Control Support

  • Highlighting changes in project pane
  • Highligting changes in editor
  • Changes rollback in editor


  • Integration with existing code in any language


  • Pattern Rules
  • Template parameters
  • Inline templates with context
  • Parallel Generation
  • Language generators profiling
  • In-model make (experimental)


  • Overrides/Implements method markers
  • CopyPreProcessor and PastePostProcessor
  • composite side-transform-anchor-tag
  • press Ctrl+Space again to see all possible completion proposals, not only starting with typed prefix

SModel language

  • implicit select operation was added
  • LinkList operations are deprecated now. You can use collection operations instead.
  • improved set of reflective operations


  • can be ancestor constraint was added
  • search scope validator added to search scope constraint

Collections language


Memory and performance

  • Faster startup
  • Faster class reloading
  • Reduced memory consumption!variables.png|align=centre!

Model Checker

Model Checker is a feature which checks models and modules and shows found errors in a single report. It finds all errors which are usually highlighted in editor (unresolved references, bad scopes, typesystem errors, errors of non-typesystem rules) as well as errors in model and module properties (model references, classpaths, etc).

Model checker is invoked:

  • Directly from context menu of model, module or project in Project view
  • Automatically before generation (optionally)
  • Automatically before commiting changes to repository (optionally)
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