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Welcome to the feature gallery/userguide.

NOTE Some features may be available only in yet unreleased versions

(minus) planned
(plus) in progress
(tick) done
(question) future planning

IDE integration

(tick) "Go To Action/Package" by name

Press CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+N to quickly navigate to any Action/Package by simply entering its name:

(tick) Dedicated icons for configuration files
(plus) Dedicated icons for JAVA files (Actions)

Recognize Struts related files/classes at a glance throughout the IDE (Project/Packages View, Editor tabs, ..):

Struts 2 facet

All plugin configuration settings are bundled in a dedicated facet. Simply attach a new Struts 2 facet to any existing module, create a fileset and add your struts.xml files and the plugin is ready to work:

(tick) Dedicated facet with configuration options
(tick) File Set manager
(tick) Detect struts.xml files not mapped to file sets
(plus) Library validator/setup
(minus) Library validator/setup for standard plugins (Spring, Tiles, JSF, ..)
(tick) Autodetection of Struts 2 facets
(minus) Integration with "New Project"


(plus) Autocompletion for all possible elements

Auto-completion is available for virtually all attributes, just give it a try:

(plus) Rename refactoring/Find Usages for all referencable elements
(plus) Navigation to referenced elements/JAVA-classes
(plus) Highlighting of configuration/reference errors
(plus) Quickfixes
(minus) struts.xml: restrict resolving to result location depending on result-type (e.g. Velocity)
(minus) Various inspections for common configuration errors
(tick) Structure View

Visually groups all relevant info with Autoscroll from/to source you're used from IDEA :


(minus) Navigation to/from corresponding Action-class
(minus) Show validation.xml node(s) under corresponding Action-class (like GUI-Designer forms)
(minus) Create corresponding validation.xml-template from Action
(tick) Structure View

Actions (JAVA)

(tick) Navigation to Action-declaration in struts.xml
(minus) Highlight unused Actions, Quickfixes: Delete, Map in struts.xml
(minus) Autocompletion/navigation to result-declaration in struts.xml


(plus) Navigation to Action-declaration/class
(minus) Autocompletion/navigation for form properties
(plus) Autocompletion/navigation for all suitable Tag attributes
(tick) JavaScript support for suitable tags (JavaScript plugin must be enabled)
(tick) CSS support for suitable tags


(minus) Basic syntax highlighting support
(question) Full support for OGNL expressions including resolving of available properties

Templating frameworks

(minus) Integration with Tiles 2 (via Tiles 2 plugin)
(question) Support for sitemesh.xml

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