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IntelliStripes add Stripes Framework Integration on IntelliJ IDEA, in the same IntelliJ way, wizardless but code centric.


Version (2007-07-29)

Initial Version

  • Basic web.xml configuration
    • StripesDispatcher
    • StripesFilter
    • Stripes - Spring Integration
  • Auto completion in JSP Stripes tags
    • beanclass attribute on:
      • form
      • errors
      • link
      • url
      • useActionBean
    • name attribute (setter methods) on :
      • checkox
      • file
      • hidden
      • password
      • radio
      • select
      • text
      • textarea
    • name attribute (event methods) on
      • button
      • image
      • submit
  • Icons for
    • Action Bean Classes
    • JSP pages with Stripes taglib

Version (2007-08-04)

  • File Templates
  • Add Configuration options to Logging and Stripes Resource

Version (2007-08-27)

Deleted from repository

  • File Templates
    • log4j.xml
  • Add Configuration option to chose between and lo4gj.xml (Thanks to Evgeny Shepelyuk for the idea)

Version (2007-08-28)

  • Bug Fix NPE When Stripes Facet is Added to a module (Thanks to Evgeny Shepelyuk for the feed back)

Version (2007-09-23)

  • Open Source with Apache license
  • Auto Completion in Stripes JSP tags
    • field attribute on
      • errors
    • name attribute (setter methods) on
      • link-param
    • event attribute on
      • link
      • url
      • useActionBean

Version (2007-09-26)

  • Auto Completion in ActionBean Class on
    • @SpringBean Annotation (Only works when the module have a Spring Facet configured)
  • IntelliStripes code available on

Version (2007-11-01)

  • Auto Completion in Stripes JSP tags
    • name attribute on (JSP)
      • layout-render
  • Remove Icon for ActionBean Abstract Classes
  • Add Configuration Option to Configure ActionReslver.UrlFilters
  • Fixed Auto Completion for Setter methods inherited from Super Class

Version (2007-11-08)

  • Bug Fix NPE In Event (Resolution Methods) Auto Completion When the ActionBean Class have Explicit Constructors (Thanks to Marijan J Milicevic for the feed back)
  • Fixed Auto Completion for Event (Resolution Methods) inherited from Super Class

Version (2007-11-12)

  • Add Action for create New ActionBean Class
  • Auto Completion in Stripes JSP tags
    • name attribute on (layout-component name defined inside layout-definition)
      • layout-component
  • Add Option to Change Icons on Facet Configuration (Thanks to Evgeny Shepelyuk for the idea)
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