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  • How to profile silverlight application
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There are several considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Silverlight code is executed in web browser.
  2. Silverlight runtime is started once for all browsers of the one type.
  3. dotTrace tracks only one instance of browser - the one that it starts.
  4. Only silverlight 4.0 and higher runtime is supported. (Previous versions of silverlight runtime don't support profiling API).

    Make sure that Silverlight 4 developer runtime is installed.

    Because of all that considerations recommended workflow is:
  5. Before profilation close all browsers and browser processes of the type that you are going to exercise.
  6. Start dotTrace as standalone not from Visual Studio.
  7. Select "Profile" -> "Local Computer" -> "Connect".
  8. Select Profiler kind: "Silverlight". Click "OK". Browser instance will be started.
  9. In the exactly that browser instance (started by dotTrace) load url and exercise your Silverlight application.
  10. Get snapshot. We are done.
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