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New Local History implementation

New and old Local History now work simultaneously. Therefore IDEA will consume a bit more memory than usual.
You can access new LH dialog with Show History (New)... action.

Implemented features so far:

  • tracking most file changes
  • showing file and directory history and difference
  • basic file rollback (rename, content change)
  • refreshing on file types changes


  • full file rollback (move, parent directory recovery)
  • directory rollback
  • user labels
  • extended history table in Show History dialogs


  • history is now bounded by 5 days period.
  • some problems may occur with file encodings

Background VCS Operations

The following VCS operations can now be performed in the background:

  • Perforce add, remove, edit and integrate
  • CVS add and remove

Also, Perforce changelist synchronization no longer blocks the UI thread.

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