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Jira Changelog

Agra EAP - build nnn

New Features


Usability Problem

TeamCity 1.2 EAP - build nnn

TeamCity 1.1.1

Build 1712 -> Build 1727 (RC1)

  • Bugfixes

Build 1705 -> Build 1712

  • Better messages when invalid license is entered
  • IE 7.0 / FF 2.0 are supported
  • Bugfixes

Build 1681 -> Build 1705

  • NEW! TW-70 Click on a link in web interface to open it in IDEA (6.0.2 EAP is required for this)
  • JDK 1.4 build can be run again
  • Several fixes in Remote Run functionality
  • Line level coverage for classes with UI designer instrumentation
  • SVN with SSL certificate fixes
  • Show file revisions for Perforce and CVS

Build 1654 (1.0) -> Build 1681

  • Initial TestNG support
  • Restore build queue after server restart
  • bugfixes

TeamCity 1.0

Build 1631 (RC2) -> 1641 (RC3)

  • Bugfixes

Build 1615 (RC1) -> 1631 (RC2)

  • Default configurations are not shipped anymore
  • Better start/stop scripts for Linux/Mac
  • Bugfixes

Build 1611 -> 1615 (RC1)

  • Windows installer
  • Significant performance improvements
  • TW-816 Incorrect cvs modules processing
  • TW-769 Server-side commit commits changes I didn't want to commit
  • TW-416 Cannot stop build

Build 1574 -> 1611


  • TW-462 Content of an Artifacts folder rendered as a 'web folder'
  • TW-327 VCS Changes - add "since prev successful"
  • TW-309 Includable html fragment for build status
  • TW-304 "I've fixed it" feature (instead of "Give up responsibility"?)
  • TW-507 My Changes should show personal commits
  • Some more


A lot. Please see Change Log for details.

Build 1529 -> 1574


  • TW-448 Automatically place failed build in build queue
  • TW-670 Option to mark build failed if there is at least one failed test
  • TW-248 Allow e-mail configuration and jabber configuration from web page
  • TW-579 Avoid starting build immediately after VCS changes are detected (allow to set quiet period)
  • TW-203 Build execution timeout
  • TW-632 Schedule-based build trigger: Add option to skip build without any changes
  • TW-666 "Jump to" combobox on the History page
  • TW-699 Location of .BuildServer directory should be easily overridden
  • TW-730 Need to be able to use different from-address - not
  • TW-707 Support NUnit tests for MSBuild (solution 2005) runner
  • TW-667 Support VCS ignore list
  • TW-709 Fixed URL for latest build of a selected build configuration


  • TW-629 "cvs server: invalid option - S" when trying to do a cvs checkout
  • TW-534 CVS Settings - Test Connection reports "Connection Failed" when there are innocent warnings
  • TW-740 SVN checkout should honor subversion config file or allow configuration
  • TW-721 Updated sources results in Jar and Zip files returning "invalid CEN header"
  • "Success" is shown instead of number of passed tests
  • more fixes

Build 1492 (Beta) -> 1529


  • View inspection results on web
  • TW-530 Non-admin users should have ability to view the build config
  • TW-519 Build Agent Requirements page should list the most popular types of properties, like OS, JDK, .NET Framework, etc.
  • TW-485 Show all error messages on Build Results page
  • TW-417 When adding a comment to "take responsibility" action, I expect that Ctrl+Enter would press the default submit button.
  • TW-559 Perforce Client Spec. Using mapping defined in the client or specify mapping for the project


  • TW-661 IE eats 1Gb if left overnight
  • TW-651 Do not specify a default of "pom.xml" for the "Path to the pom.xml file:" field when using the Maven2 agent
  • TW-648 Massive changelists cannot be applied
  • TW-549 Execute property in Subversion checkout not getting respected
  • TW-514 Checkin empty directorues in subversion
  • TW-407 SVN: Pending changes 1, files 0 - fixed
  • more fixes

Build 1481 -> 1492 (beta)


  • Window Tray Notifier
  • Server-side inspections Runner, view inspections results in IDEA plugin
  • More Web-UI fixes


  • TW-592 Build Agent Working Repository Out of Sync
  • more fixes

Build 1457 -> 1481


  • Web-UI design (in progress)
  • TW-469 IDEA Runner
  • TW-195 Ability to configure notifications at the user level
  • TW-37 Intelligent BuildQueue handling


  • TW-578 Error when trying to do checkout in CVS
  • TW-505 Personal builds should not have 'Already fixed in' stuff.
  • TW-552 rpc-port error - port in use
  • others..

Build 1438 -> 1457

NOTE: You'll have to update your build scripts and replace '' with 'build.number' and '' with ''


  • TW-130 Code Coverage: IDEA plugin
    To use it, follow these steps:
  1. Create a TeamCity project named after IDEA ipr file name (without .ipr part)
  2. Create an Ant-based Build configuration in this project with enabled coverage (use checkbox on build configuration settings page)
  3. Install TeamCity IDEA plugin from "My Settings" page
  4. Open in IDEA your project
  5. Run build configuration on TeamCity server
  6. When build is finished, use Ctrl-Alt-F6 shortcut in IDEA to view coverage information, generated by TeamCity
  • TW-453 "" is confusing
    NOTE! You'll have to update your build scripts and replace '' with 'build.number' and '' with ''
  • TW-201 Support verbose option for Ant


  • TW-553 Server hangs due to confusion in registering agent
  • TW-554 Creation of MySQL database fails
  • TW-551 Exception when install agent via JWS
  • TW-555 Rename of project causes agent builds to fail
  • TW-437 "Invalid parameters" message after canceling build
  • TW-513 Notification email messages are sent with bad date
  • many others

Build 1382 -> 1438

NOTE: After the upgrade you'll have to update settings in jabber-config.xml and email-config.xml files. Sorry for inconvinience.


  • TW-252 Remote build and deferred commit access via "Commit Project" panel
  • TW-455 .exe installer for build agents
  • TW-126 Enable Code Coverage via Web
  • TW-423 Clone/Copy build configurations
  • TW-229 Edit Build Agent properties in Swing window while installation
  • TW-315 Windows service for build agents
  • Show number of "new" failed tests on the overview page while build is running


  • Performance improvements
  • TW-291 Test erroneously marked as 'already fixed'
  • TW-316 Problems with expandable/collapsible blocks on page reload
  • TW-518 Condfiguration messed up when edited with multiple browser windows/tabs
  • TW-484 When build was stopped manually, responsibility disappeared
  • TW-502 Perforce support does not use client view while applying patches.

Build 1270 -> 1382


  • TW-231 Administration: Edit/Delete TeamServer projects
  • TW-236 Administration: General Parameters
  • TW-237 Administration: Edit build configuration requirements
  • TW-238 Administration: Edit build configuration parameters
  • TW-239 Administration: Build triggering
  • TW-175 Problems connecting VCS servers should be handled gracefully and displayed on build status page
  • TW-325 Overview Page redesign
  • TW-457 VS 2005 solution build
  • TW-428 Use "echo" task with special message format to generate progress messages
  • Possibility to configure "Guest" account
  • TW-116 Ignored tests support for C# builds
  • TW-319 Do not differ failed and crashed tests
  • TW-361 Final build status should be detected only by return code of the build process.
  • TW-362,TW-427 Improve build status text
  • TW-131 Manual editing of build numbers used for buildTypes
  • TW-307 Make it possible to specify JAVA_HOME for runner java processes via run-parameters of build configuration


  • TW-262 Thread freeze / CPU spike when using ssh keys to checkout from Subversion (SVN)
  • TW-275 TeamServer performs full check-out instead of applying patch after the first check-out
  • TW-352 Subversion checkout producing different size binary images
  • other fixes and imrovements

Build 1075 -> 1270


  • TW-107 Delayed commit from IDEA plugin
  • TW-108 Maven2 runner support (see TeamCity FAQ for configuration details)
  • [TW-189|
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