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TeamCity 3.1.2 Release Candidate


Do not install this release if you use Calcutta (4.x) EAP release. All the fixes in this release are/will be also available in the Calcutta EAP releases.

Release Candidate (build 6874), released July, 25 | Download

Noteworthy changes

  • Database Migration Tool is improved and is made more fail-proof.
  • Version Control integration improvements are included, specifically with VSS, CVS and StarTeam.
  • Visual Studio plugin now supports Subversion 1.5 working copy format.
  • Numerous bugfixes.

The full list of filed fixed issues is available in our issue tracker.


Please back up your data (database and .BuildServer directory, backup explained) before upgrade!
Newer TeamCity versions usually adjust the data structure and you will not be able to return to using older TeamCity versions once the data is upgraded.

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