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Core. Navigation and SearchBug IDEA-275145 result of call hierarchy is not correct
CSSBug WEB-52401 Tailwind CSS support doesn't work on Mac M1 with Node.js 15.x
Bug WEB-50318 CSS class completion doesn't work great with Tailwind 2.1 in "jit" mode.
Bug WEB-51764 Tailwind autocompletion doesn't work in *.blade.php files
Bug WEB-52535 Tailwind CSS plugin doesn't provide code completion in PostCSS files with *.pcss extension
Bug WEB-52506 Tailwind 2.2+ autocompletion not working for .svelte files
Bug WEB-52329 tailwindcss autocompletion doesn't work in Twig files
DartBug WEB-52476 Dart tests cannot be executed from the IDE with Dart SDK: 2.10.5
LintersFeature WEB-52236 ESLint 8.0 support
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