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No subsystemBug CPP-25921 Change help id for Preferences | Build, Execution, Deployment | Embedded Development | RTOS Integration
Code: EditingUsability CPP-10275 Folding all template parameters by default is inconvenient
Code: FormattingBug CPP-13567 Formatter bug under nested initialization list
Bug CPP-20267 enum class indentation is one level too great
Feature CPP-3898 Control number of spaces before/after : in range-based for loop
Performance CPP-22222 Clion crashes when pasting in large hex file
Bug CPP-22692 Editor inserts spaces even though indentation is configured to use tabs
Debugger: LLDBBug CPP-25932 stop debug process with exit code -1073740791 (0xC0000409)
Bug CPP-6490 Strings with unicode and supplementary characters are not shown correctly in LLDB
Bug CPP-25713 "Evaluate and log" outputs garbage before and after value
EmbeddedBug CPP-25996 IAR STM8 compiler does not expose predefined macros to CLion
Project ModelBug CPP-25608 CLion + CMake 3.20 + Ninja with CUDA/NVCC: Cannot get compiler information
Bug CPP-25920 NoSuchElementException if preset environment variable has env macro
Project ViewBug CPP-26013 "Mark directory as excluded" is not present in 2021.2
ToolchainsBug CPP-20644 CMake executable path are not resolved properly when symlink is used.
Unit TestingBug CPP-25349 CTest: Can't run tests if ctest is symlink
CoreBug IDEA-274358 'button.install' is not found in IdeBundle
Core. DebuggerBug IDEA-274540 Update Running Application button/menu item is gone
Bug IDEA-269295 Inline evaluation does not increase size when expanding an array
Core. File SystemPerformance IDEA-273398 Freeze on opening project from WSL2
Core. IDE SettingsUsability IDEA-274419 "IntelliJ IDEA has failed to load the environment" doesn't actually appear in logs
Bug IDEA-274889 Re-assigned file type wildcard is lost on IDE restart
Core. LicensingBug IDEA-273965 The "null" is copied when user click the "copy link" in login dialog
Bug IDEA-273442 No way to get authorization token in EAP
Core. Navigation and SearchBug IDEA-263089 Shortcut for navigation to NEXT method disappeared.
Bug IDEA-275145 result of call hierarchy is not correct
Core. Plugin ManagementException IDEA-275074 ClassNotFoundException: com.intellij.javaee.ejb.facet.EjbFacetType PluginClassLoader(plugin=PluginDescriptor(name=Maven Extension))
Bug IDEA-270342 Updating a dynamic plugin to a version explicitly marked as non-dynamic leads to the plugin being deleted
Bug IDEA-273752 Spring: AOP gutter navigation results in NCDFE: com/intellij/aop/psi/AopPointcutExpressionFile
Bug IDEA-275516 plugin manager does not display a plugin icon and org.apache.batik.bridge.BridgeException is thrown
Bug IDEA-274759 .ClassNotFoundException: com.intellij.javaee.web.facet.WebFacetType PluginClassLoader(plugin=PluginDescriptor(name=Maven Extension))
Exception IDEA-257441 ClassNotFoundException: on Spring IntegrationPatterns plugin enabling
Usability IDEA-275703 Plugins are suggested with the confusing message
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-275043 Unable to create groovy script
Core. Quick DocumentationBug IDEA-264415 Wrong padding in quick documentation for sections with <pre><code> styling only
Core. Run. ConfigurationsUsability IDEA-271737 Selecting a directory or package and pressing ⌃⇧R runs all the unit tests instead of the tests in the directory/package
Task IDEA-271630 Rename classpath dependencies option in Edit Run Config dialog
Core. SSHBug IDEA-274720 SSH: Seconds from "server alive interval" are multiplied by 1000, making the keep alive setting futile
EditorBug IDEA-272376 Unable to open file in Light Edit mode when Scala plugin is installed
Bug IDEA-271820 Light Edit: unable to open recent file
Bug IDEA-274924 Some actions assigned to double keystroke shortcuts stopped working properly
Editor. Diff and MergeBug IDEA-272366 Title of diff in a separate window doesn't update on invocation "Compare next file" action on Windows
Editor. Editing TextBug IDEA-274381 Creating scratch files from selection does not work in Terminal views
Editor. Error HighlightingBug IDEA-273179 Editor does not highlight errors if the same file is opened in splitted tabs
Tools. DockerException IDEA-274513 java.lang.StackOverflowError at attempt to save a run config after turn off/on Run Build Image" option
Bug IDEA-273626 Docker. Fails to add the second port with com.intellij.remoteServer.util.ServerRuntimeException
Bug IDEA-271500 Docker. No way to do smth useful with the remained Dockerfile/Image item if the container was deleted
Bug IDEA-274169 Docker. Rename container not working if ports not specified
Bug IDEA-274180 Docker. Smart delete dialog. Enter not working
Bug IDEA-272058 Docker. Container with docker-compose labels under incorrect parent
Bug IDEA-272050 Docker: for the failed items in the services view: correct the tooltip, Add Redeploy button, add navigation to the Editor.
Bug IDEA-272070 Docker: validate the compose project name field
Usability IDEA-273567 Docker. Add a container for networks: add state icons for containers in the list.
Bug IDEA-274178 Docker. Rename container after deploy broke node
Bug IDEA-274481 Using environment variables in "ports" value causes "Unknown docker-compose YAML values" inspection violation
Tools. TerminalBug IDEA-271542 Regression: Ctrl + arrow key in terminal doesn't work anymore
Bug IDEA-271777 Can't enter some key combinations with AltGr in terminal
Bug IDEA-276029 "Use Option as Meta key" option state is not saved after IDE restart
Bug IDEA-274574 Intellij 2021.2 Option + key symbols not working in terminal
Tools. Test Data GeneratorBug IDEA-274847 Formal reference notation ${name} could not been used in Test Data plugin
User InterfaceBug IDEA-269660 Tool windows in Window view mode and non-modal windows are opened in full screen if IDEA is in full screen
Bug IDEA-274625 Debug UI scaling breaks the UI
Bug IDEA-253484 Open terminal inhibits the line ending control for the active editor
Bug IDEA-188889 Can not open empty file without extension
Bug IDEA-270204 Splash is not shown in 2021.2 if settings are migrated from 2021.1.x
Cosmetics IDEA-241905 "Migrating plugins" dialog: broken layout
User Interface. Action SystemBug IDEA-244454 Run configurations: clicking on 'Run' button executes configuration different from shown in the combobox and combobox stops working
Bug IDEA-275869 Global Menu no longer responding in KDE (2021.2.1 - 212.5080.8 build)
User Interface. Console ViewBug IDEA-245675 Scripting consoles don't support ANSI escape sequences
User Interface. Embedded Browser (JCEF)Bug IDEA-273349 Incorrect font rendering on What's New page with off-screen rendering enabled (Linux, IDE-managed HiDPI, fractional scale)
Bug IDEA-275406 add JCEF API version check
Bug IDEA-275408 context menu misplaced in OSR on mac
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesException IDEA-272571 java.lang.Throwable on searching parameter usage in overriding methods
User Interface. Search EverywhereBug IDEA-274495 Search Everywhere: Shift+F4 does not open a file in new window
Version ControlBug IDEA-273994 Run tests before commit: fails for gradle due to illegal access
Version Control. GitUsability IDEA-272871 Git GPG Sign: no focused item in Configure GPG Key dialog
DebuggerBug PY-49984 Debugger doesn't work with Flask when called as Flask(__name__) - 2021.2 CE
EditingBug PY-49785 Complete Current Statement in match statement doesn't work for intermediate case clauses
InspectionsBug PY-49697 False positive "PEP 604 -- Allow writing union types as X | Y " check when using Django Rest Framework permission classes
Bug PY-45708 Disable "Reader Mode" for the project directories in PYTHONPATH
Bug PY-49970 After updating to 2021.2, get Statement expected, found Py:DEDENT
Bug PY-48799 typing.TypedDict: No type checking for variables holding some dict literal values in function calls and assignments
Bug PY-48798 typing.TypedDict: No type checking for dict literals in keyword arguments of function calls
RefactoringException PY-49466 java.lang.NullPointerException during renaming function identifier by temporary hitting a keyword
Bug PY-21099 "Extract Superclass" refactoring doesn't consider dependencies for generated abstract methods
RunBug PY-50207 Unexpected change: "Stop" button sends SIGINT on Windows instead of killing the process as it used to
Test RunnerBug PY-49658 "Pytest: swap actual/expected in diff" option breaks running specific test cases
Bug PY-49770 Navigation to pytest fixture declaration is broken if "Autodetect" is selected as the default test runner
Code FormatterBug DBE-13658 SQL generator/source editor adds double quotes to LEFT() function in PostgreSQL
Code GenerationBug DBE-8729 DDL Data Source -> Script to Console/Clipboard not working
Bug DBE-13770 Cassandra DDL Auto generate missing quotes on column names in clustering order by statement in generated CQL
Bug DBE-13034 SQL Generator - File output has stopped working
Code HighlightingBug DBE-4995 SELECT ROW() reports a syntax error
Bug DBE-4893 Unable to resolve column and table in database
Bug DBE-3705 SQL: Derby: column definition without data type and without generation clause is green
Coding AssistanceBug DBE-13419 Support syntax for Lambda UDF function creation
ConnectivityBug DBE-13772 Broken LocalDB after updating to 2021.2
Data Editor/ViewerBug DBE-13670 "Copy Query to Console" doens't work with JOINs
Bug DBE-13767 Can't insert enum value from non default schema
Database ExplorerBug DBE-13739 Multiple selection in the tree doesn't produce multiple truncate script
Bug DBE-13483 Missing "Drop - Delete" option when multiple database objects selected
GeneralBug DBE-13764 Slow startup with a database with many tables
Bug DBE-4538 Data sources's advanced settings are not sorted alphabetically by default
IntrospectionBug DBE-4620 DG badly misunderstands this table
Navigation & SearchBug DBE-13773 Navigation to table using navbar is no longer working as before
Query ConsoleBug DBE-5166 Cannot pin tab with SQL query execution plan (not plain)
Bug DBE-9198 Rename in database console
Feature DBE-8885 Line numbers in SQL Server execution errors
Feature DBE-10341 Change quick-fix for 'unresolved' inspection.
SQL GeneralBug DBE-11323 Missing support for some AzureSQL features
Feature DBE-4978 Name hints for UNION (ALL)
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