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No subsystemBug CPP-25710 support nativeToolOptions and cleanFirst for buildPreset
Debugger: GDBBug CPP-25669 GDB: Cannot detach or set a breakpoint while program is running
Project ModelFeature CPP-20997 Detect Kbuild projects and add V=1 to the make command line when analyzing the project
Bug CPP-25663 CMake presets are not loaded on update from VCS
Bug CPP-25587 CMake Presets: incorrect handling of ${sourceDir} macro in "cacheVariables" targeting WSL
Bug CPP-24002 Strange errors when trying to cross compile
ToolchainsFeature CPP-16777 Add support for GNU Autotools (Autoconf, Automake) projects
Core. DebuggerBug IDEA-272734 History navigation is broken in evaluate window
Core. IDE SettingsBug IDEA-272996 typo in Advanced settings > Use Windows certificate store option description
Core. LicensingBug IDEA-273061 Login dialog: Fallback mechanism: an attempt to validate wrong token does not show error messages
Bug IDEA-272359 Login Dialog: support fallback scenario
Bug IDEA-272971 Login Dialog: try to open browser in fallback scenario
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-272739 Exception in IDEA core at startup
Bug IDEA-271502 PluginClassloader logs errors which would be ignored otherwise
Bug IDEA-272801 Plugin recommendations by Maven dependencies are not shown on project opening
Exception IDEA-273001 PluginException: Class com.intellij.spring.el.SpringBeansAsElVariableUtil must be not requested from main classloader of com.intellij.spring plugin [Plugin: com.intellij.spring]
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-272863 If a module is removed from list of unloaded modules, it may become unloaded again after external changes in project configuration
Core. Run. ConfigurationsBug IDEA-266683 Environment variables in Java Run dialog behavior doesn't conform to the hint provided in configuration window.
Editor. Diff and MergeUsability IDEA-271662 Too long tab title for compare actions
Usability IDEA-268591 Add an option to switch Diff into a frame to the Editor settigns
Usability IDEA-271914 Diff in editor overlaps by dialog
Editor. Editing TextFeature IDEA-136148 Copy from Run Log into Scratch Window
Feature IDEA-149044 Actions to show popup scratch list and particular scratch
Editor. Error HighlightingBug IDEA-272748 Incorrect displaying settings in Color Scheme → Language defaults
Tools. TerminalBug IDEA-265118 Can't open Local Terminal
Tools. Test ManagementBug IDEA-272693 PluginException: com.jetbrains.test.ide.actions.OpenDefaultProjectAction: group with id "WelcomeScreen.QuickStart.IDEA" isn't registered
Bug IDEA-270365 "New Test from Test Cases" create file to "/target/generated-sources/annotations" root directory
Bug IDEA-270362 When choose "Test from Test Case" option within TMS selection window test cases has not ids
User InterfaceBug IDEA-272889 Line numbers are cut in Recent Locations
User Interface. AccessibilityBug IDEA-270858 Items in result list in Search Everywhere are not pronounced by screen reader
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesFeature IDEA-137166 Export Find Results to new Scratch file
Bug IDEA-270766 "Usages of ..." tool window notification is not closed after search is completed
Bug IDEA-272398 "Search for base method usages" option is shown for methods without base methods and constructors
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-271932 Click on gutter does nothing if focus is out of editor
User Interface. NavigationBug IDEA-272404 Option to open file in an inactive split is not considered when opening a file from Recent files with Tab Placement: None
User Interface. Search EverywhereBug IDEA-270589 navigate to class: show in find toolwindow opens empty results
Bug IDEA-271963 Actions by abbreviations are not shown at the top of results in "Find Action" if ML sorting is enabled
Version ControlBug IDEA-272191 Double-clicking a file inside "Local Changes" opens strange Diff
Bug IDEA-272134 Regression: Local Changes is missing inline diff in 2021.2 EAP 4
Task IDEA-272199 Add the Show on Double click selector under Gear of GIt toolwindow
Version Control. GitHubBug IDEA-251845 "Malformed URL" error when "Open on GitHub" for files with `[brackets-in-name].js` (common / required Next.js filename pattern)
Version Control. Local HistoryCosmetics IDEA-271576 Search in Local History: Changes tree blinks if no results found
Test RunnerBug PY-48747 Error: Provide a qualified name of a function, class or module
Bug PY-49140 Test run configurations are repeated in run configuration template
Code CompletionBug DBE-9025 mssql complete not default schema
Code HighlightingBug DBE-12548 Some CTEs are not supported in ClickHouse
Bug DBE-13280 Queries with CTE do not work against ClickHouse when sql is multiline or not wrapped in brackets and join syntax highliting
Bug DBE-12992 Fix dictionary and dictionary field references resolving for ClickHouse dialect
Bug DBE-10550 Aliased table names are highlighted as missing or invalid
Bug DBE-3804 Oracle SQL: Existing synonym marked as unresolvable
Data Editor/ViewerFeature DBE-6383 CSV table editor: column names cannot be manipulated
Bug DBE-11744 Insert NULL in column of type enumeration results in error
Database ExplorerBug DBE-13532 Database view Object filter not working
GeneralBug DBE-13502 Impossible to assign a hotkey for Clone Row
IntrospectionBug DBE-13520 ClickHouse supports ddl comments while DataGrip not.
Navigation & SearchFeature DBE-13363 CMD + up to explore database schema objects instead of new console opening
SQL GeneralBug DBE-13479 Oracle Formatter doesn't recognise OCI Unicode String Literal (U'String) syntax
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