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No subsystemFeature CPP-378 Cling Support
Bug CPP-17660 Throwable: Synchronous execution under ReadAction: C:\Users\mari\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps\ubuntu1804.exe run pwd
Bug CPP-25068 Debugger: Disasm view steals focus when switching frames using "Next/Prev Frame" shortcuts
Bug CPP-25135 Add preset selector on import
Bug CPP-25078 No completion entry for CMAKE_CUDA_COMPILER in CMakeLists.txt
Bug CPP-24960 Unknown before-launch tasks are rendered incorrectly (com.intellij.execution.impl.UnknownBeforeRunTaskProvider$UnknownTask)
Bug CPP-24458 Throwable: Synchronous execution on EDT: C:\Windows\system32\wsl.exe --distribution Ubuntu-18.04 --exec /bin/sh -c "readlink -f /usr/bin/gdb"
Bug CPP-25051 'Run in external console' don't work with WSL anymore
Bug CPP-24452 Key Header Search Paths is missing in the map exception in Makefile project
Performance CPP-25091 the whole editor froze for 97 seconds while I was typing code
Performance CPP-23534 "Go to base class" action causes resolve in EDT
Task CPP-24631 Bundle CMake 3.20
Task CPP-25012 Add new C++ standards to CXX/CUDA_STANDARD chooser of New Project dialog
BuildBug CPP-24642 Stopping build of custom target with external tool sends SIGKILL instead of SIGINT
Usability CPP-25004 Custom Build Application should skip Build step if tool is not specified
Code: ClangdFeature CPP-17363 clang completion: provide completion for UDL
Code: CompletionFeature CPP-23937 Add coroutines keywords as postfix completion items
Feature CPP-4039 Add postfix completion for C++
Feature CPP-24397 Add postfix completion for std:: functions from algorithm header
Bug CPP-24221 Boost "true", "false" and "nullptr" completions priority when type matches
Bug CPP-24192 Template types and using directive cause auto completion to not work
Bug CPP-24046 Postfix completion: Incorrect result of completing std::forward on a constrained type
Bug CPP-24128 Postfix completion applied to a wrong expression
Bug CPP-24961 Share global code completion cache between completion calls
Bug CPP-24226 Postfix completion suggests make_shared for member variable
Bug CPP-24074 Some valid member functions are not show in the first completion attempt
Bug CPP-24072 Postfix completion: Offer switch only for integer or enum variables
Bug CPP-18307 clangd completion: Quick Documentation and Quick Definition are not working
Code: DocumentationFeature CPP-24851 Enable HTML doc rendering for Doxygen
Code: FormattingBug CPP-25087 Incorrect braces indent after #pragma omp parallel
Bug CPP-24164 ObjC language detection in header files with empty or `.h` extension can be exponential long
Bug CPP-24828 Wrong indent while new line inside string literal if tabs are used for indentation
Bug CPP-862 Reformat Code formats bitwise XOR incorrectly
Performance CPP-25163 clang.format.ClangDaemonFormatProvider.indent may freeze EDT on paste
Performance CPP-17439 Very slow code formatting on paste
Cosmetics CPP-16520 ClangFormat: Remove Scheme from ClangFormat Scheme name
Code: GenerationBug CPP-9316 Reference qualifier is not displayed in generate dialogs anymore
Bug CPP-24689 Override generation does not always detect methods {virtual constexpr}
Bug CPP-24904 Create New Function Feature error with 2d std::vector
Bug CPP-24916 Override drops trailing return type if function has overloads
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsFeature CPP-24581 Suppress warnings in clazy style
Bug CPP-20992 Braced #pragma omp parallel incorrectly flags variables as unused
Bug CPP-24509 Keyword enum has wrong highlighting
Bug CPP-21909 Quick-fix 'Enable [[maybe_unused]]' for a concept break code
Bug CPP-24282 Incorrect "The value is never used" if reference is used
Bug CPP-24959 Wrong endless loop detection when dealing with LinkedList
Bug CPP-24827 Safe delete of unused template parameter of the concept breaks code
Bug CPP-24134 crash in DFA
Bug CPP-8498 Don't suggest making constexpr function virtual
Bug CPP-24989 Function with static bool and `if` inside anonymous namespace wrongly reports unreachable code
Bug CPP-24737 Safe delete of unused concept breaks code
Bug CPP-22333 No add return statement Quick-fix for consteval function
Bug CPP-15919 Incorrect quick-fix "Make enum constant public"
Bug CPP-24595 Entire program shows "The value is never used"
Performance CPP-24772 CLion freezes when opening file
Performance CPP-24618 Long freezes when editing large file caused by com.jetbrains.cidr.lang.dfa.contextSensitive.OCDFAInspectionRunner.runAnalysisInParallel
Task CPP-24188 Remove inspections from settings which are not working when clangd is on
Code: Intention ActionsBug CPP-24990 "Join Lines" results in invalid syntax for C++ lambda
Bug CPP-11139 Don't suggest to make template function pure virtual
Bug CPP-25010 Join lines erases braces
Code: ParsingBug CPP-20553 Refactorings like Generate Definition lose requires clause of constrained function
Code: RefactoringsBug CPP-24770 Const auto variables cannot be inlined
Bug CPP-24826 making pure virtual function const produces wrong syntax
Bug CPP-24864 Inspection 'C/C++ | Data flow analysis | Constant conditions' suggests wrong action
DebuggerPerformance CPP-16329 Clicking on a breakpoint might cause reparse in EDT
Debugger: GDBBug CPP-25054 "GDB ExecutionException: Couldn't send SIGSTOP" with 'Run in external console' on WSL
Task CPP-19679 Bundle GDB 9.2
Dynamic Analysis ToolsFeature CPP-24067 Attach to Process for perf profiler
Bug CPP-25241 Can't open profile report
Bug CPP-24454 Delete tmp directories on remote machine created during Valgrind/Sanitizers work
Project ModelBug CPP-25018 Initial CMake Presets support
Bug CPP-24676 Makefile Remote toolchain not found after renaming
Bug CPP-24619 Exception when cannot establish connection to remote host for Makefile project
Bug CPP-25189 Infinite CMake refresh loop with PEGTL project and remote toolchain
Bug CPP-23022 Unable to create Coverage CMake Profile if the same disabled configuration present
RunningFeature CPP-15336 Create before launch task for running CMake targets
Bug CPP-24470 Working directory is not working in Makefile Application run configuration
ToolchainsFeature CPP-22975 WSL: get rid of running processes via ssh
Bug CPP-25025 AssertionError after removing a WSL distribution
Bug CPP-24931 WSL: run process with root privileges
Unit TestingBug CPP-22189 CTest: llvm-cov export tool failed with error: error: /Applications/CLion 2020.3 Failed to load coverage
Code Analysis. DependenciesFeature IDEA-194774 Analyze dataflow: track through Collections.unmodifiableList
Bug IDEA-166964 'Group by nullness' button opens 'grouped by value' tab as well
Bug IDEA-268854 Java files in resources are processed by PWA
Bug IDEA-268414 Different number of errors from highlighting and PWA
Bug IDEA-268859 PWA doesn't properly handle deletion of the folder
Bug IDEA-268417 PWA doens't properly work in power save mode
Bug IDEA-265832 com.intellij.testFramework.LightVirtualFile cannot be cast to class com.intellij.openapi.vfs.VirtualFileWithId
Bug IDEA-268687 Included sources are not processed by PWA
Bug IDEA-268798 Unknown constructor error reported only once per file
Bug IDEA-268133 Do not start PWA during editing
Code Analysis. InspectionFeature IDEA-260954 Add option to highlight ambiguous elements in inspection "Java | Visibility | Access of inherited field looks like access of element in surrounding code"
Bug IDEA-230802 Guava Verify.verifyNotNull receives incorrect inferred @Contract annotation
Bug IDEA-267847 Scoped inspection configuration is left in inspection profile XML upon scope deletion but not shown in the UI
Cosmetics IDEA-267115 Fix "hybrid" lists layout in inspections
Code Analysis. Language InjectionBug IDEA-223039 Throwable when tab in text block injected as a language.
Bug IDEA-265653 Ctrl-F1 ('Show error description') doesn't work inside injected fragments
Code Analysis. Structural SearchFeature IDEA-265528 Support searching for java 16 records
Bug IDEA-265535 Support searching for Java 16 pattern matching
Bug IDEA-259948 SSR inspection: false positives when the template language is not available
Bug IDEA-266074 Improve switching between search and replace
Bug IDEA-263967 Filters shouldn't immediately disappear when they have a default value
Bug IDEA-264212 Setting a different search target should not require setting count filter
CoreBug IDEA-263296 Call all not-dumbaware EditorTabColorProvider instances just after indexes are built to update editor tabs background colors
Bug IDEA-268536 Throwable: Attempt to load key 'linux.row.height.disabled' for not yet loaded registry
Bug IDEA-269348 ImmediatePainterTest fails
Bug IDEA-268140 IDEA fails to start, stuck at splash screen
Bug IDEA-262426 com.intellij.serviceContainer.AlreadyDisposedException in EditorGutterComponentImpl
Exception IDEA-267034 Cannot init component state (componentName=FileTypeManager, componentClass=FileTypeManagerImpl)
Core. DebuggerBug IDEA-260695 Inline values in debugger are shown in comments
Bug IDEA-267725 There's no 'Layout Settings' action on toolbar in debugger TW
Bug IDEA-266021 Alt+hover blinking on mouse move
Performance IDEA-262527 ValueLookupManager.showHint
Core. File SystemException IDEA-264492 Randomly failing tests due to VFS exceptions
Core. IDE SettingsBug IDEA-267368 Tab and Indent settings refuse to save
Bug IDEA-191665 Duplicate copyright in META-INF/services files
Bug IDEA-264344 Pressing "Get more keymaps" link inserts search to a wrong textbox
Bug IDEA-201853 Can't reload encoding inside jar file when use latest idea, 2018.2
Bug IDEA-265112 "Override file type" action shows duplicated and irrelevant file types
Bug IDEA-230267 File Association not working for some files
Usability IDEA-263845 Notify a user when shell environment loading has failed
Usability IDEA-267336 Registry editing actions: Edit and Revert aren't available while IDE is indexing
Usability IDEA-216847 Add Save option to Low Memory heap configuration dialog
Usability IDEA-189694 OOME dialog usability; memory limits validation
Exception IDEA-269559 Advanced settings exception on opening IntelliJ IDEA
Core. IDE Settings. SharingBug IDEA-269456 UnsupportedOperationException when install custom UI theme + theme isn't installed
Bug IDEA-265169 Editor color scheme keeps getting switched to Darcula
Core. IndexingFeature IDEA-267922 shared index: More information in indexing diagnostic
Feature IDEA-269094 Project shared index metadata use relative path to repository
Bug IDEA-268788 Indexing pausing might produce deadlock
Bug IDEA-269009 Indexing progress does not change
Core. InstallationFeature IDEA-165872 Delete old config and system directories after upgrade to a new major version
Task IDEA-266756 Get rid of Log4J usages in updater
Core. Navigation and SearchBug IDEA-268322 Freeze when Analyze Data Flow from Here
Core. Platform APIBug IDEA-264030 Backgrounding progress dialogs seems to have broken between Android Studio Versions 4.1 and 4.2
Bug IDEA-264418 Inlays don't work well with fractional font width
Bug IDEA-268191 JBPopupFactory.createConfirmation always runs "No" runnable
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-215678 "Enable plugins" link in PluginsAdvertiser does not work as intended
Bug IDEA-268227 Fail to load language plugin
Bug IDEA-256101 Can't see installed plugin, can't uninstall plugin
Bug IDEA-233743 Restart of IDE is suggested on uninstall/disable of incompatible dynamic plugin
Bug IDEA-270022 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: com.intellij.openapi.fileTypes.NativeFileType on starting the IDE with 3d party plugins
Bug IDEA-269039 Fail to load descriptor from the downloaded plugin archive
Bug IDEA-264429 IDEA suggests updating an uninstalled plugin
Bug IDEA-262343 Cannot unload a plugin due to leak: ToolWindowIcon in ActivateToolWindowAction
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-265659 Import module from existing sources is very, very broken
Bug IDEA-268321 File-based (.ipr) IDEA project convertion to the directory-based format (.idea) fails
Bug IDEA-267005 Removing modules with errors fails to remove module from project
Bug IDEA-268589 SBT project doesn't update dependencies
Bug IDEA-267199 IDEA may automatically unload all modules if some modules were unloaded in the past
Bug IDEA-269787 The Modules and Facets dialogue cannot be opened if WebServices client facet is present
Bug IDEA-267010 Converting IPR to directory based project does not convert project libraries
Bug IDEA-264111 Failed to save settings. java.util.NoSuchElementException: Key Maven: com.sun:tools:1.8.0 is missing in the map.
Bug IDEA-266964 IDEA fails to save settings when switching from Eclipse based module storage to iml based storage
Bug IDEA-266792 Automatic unloading of newly added modules doesn't work if modules are added on the fly
Bug IDEA-174113 Excluded by pattern files are still compiled
Bug IDEA-262274 Minimize usage of VirtualFilePointerImpl replace to VrtualFileUrlBridge
Performance IDEA-265149 Slow synchronization of project model for project with many modules after opening
Usability IDEA-268573 Shorten default name for libraries downloaded from Maven repositories
Usability IDEA-267205 IDEA shows incorrect message if multiple modules were automatically unloaded
Usability IDEA-265597 Unnecessary .idea/libraries-with-intellij-classes.xml is created when I add gradle module to a project
Core. Quick DocumentationBug IDEA-268158 Cannot display some Chinese characters on Quick Documentation action
Core. RefactoringsBug IDEA-264381 IDEA freezes when invoking Surround with Live Template
Bug IDEA-266884 Rename refactoring should renames occurrences only inside provided scope
Usability IDEA-268558 Preview for Move class to other package do not show package name changing
Usability IDEA-186088 Display some "process" when paste/delete a big folder into/from a project
Core. Run. ConfigurationsBug IDEA-267309 Fork mode is reset to "method" on reopening of run configuration screen.
Bug IDEA-261090 [new run config UI] do not show Got It tooltip for classpath in jUnit
Bug IDEA-266369 Don't invoke `RunManagerListener#runConfigurationAdded` with RunManagerImpl write lock
Bug IDEA-267203 Run context configuration shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+F10) stopped working in the Run tool window console in 2021.1
Bug IDEA-266062 $FilePrompt$ as working directory in run configurations not working anymore
Bug IDEA-255341 [new run config UI] Logs option adding and deleting is not saved
Bug IDEA-266139 Kotlin run configuration doesn't support WSL
Bug IDEA-252159 Run / Debug Configuration $FilePrompt$ as working directory
Performance IDEA-261332 DefaultJavaProgramRunner.doExecute and GenericDebuggerRunner.doExecute
Usability IDEA-249917 [new run config UI] Highlight error state near the field containing the error
Usability IDEA-257348 "command line is too long" error message: hard to understand how to fix, especially with new run configuration UI
Usability IDEA-266477 "Modify Run Configuration" button in run/debug window is not present in 2021.1
Core. Run. TargetsBug IDEA-264424 Run Targets: Can't run Gradle RC on WSL
Bug IDEA-268640 IJ cannot complete commands when the terminal is set to zsh and it needs to update
Bug IDEA-269329 Docker. Run Targets. SpringBoot and Quarkus: runs on docker targets are absent in the Services view
Bug IDEA-267619 An exception on Run/Debug is shown to user without means to report it
Core. SSHBug IDEA-267480 High CPU Usage and Decent amount of exceptions in log when importing new remote makefile project
Bug IDEA-267569 Public keys are asked before the password if auth type is set to password
Core. StatisticsTask IDEA-256920 Track Inspections Widget action
Task IDEA-255671 Add information about array data type to generated scheme
Exception IDEA-268572 ADE at com.intellij.serviceContainer.ComponentManagerImpl.doGetService
Core. Task ManagementBug IDEA-262805 First underscore in context name gone
EditorFeature IDEA-268343 Add listeners for `Editor.setOneLine`
Feature IDEA-267726 Option to disable "advertise actions" on empty editor
Bug IDEA-243023 .editorconfig: max_line_length=off disables visual guides
Bug IDEA-267085 Light Edit: Enter button doesn't work when trying to open a file from Recent Files popup
Bug IDEA-267339 Undo - does not restore selection after using an action via popup or menu, but works properly when using a shortcut
Bug IDEA-262153 IJ requests indexes on caret shape changing
Bug IDEA-269075 Documentation link for an inaccessible symbol doesn't work with rendered documentaion turned off
Bug IDEA-267912 Changes in highlighting are not repainted after document changes
Task IDEA-260495 Font Settings: add sample of bold font to preview
Editor. Code CompletionFeature IDEA-267743 Color Scheme: separate background option for quick doc and code completion
Bug IDEA-268740 IDEA font display problem
Editor. CopyrightFeature IDEA-150579 Add the ability to maintain multiple years in a copyright statement using the Copyright Plugin
Editor. Diff and MergeCosmetics IDEA-239121 diff viewer artefacts (reggression)
Editor. Editing TextFeature IDEA-119435 Keep caret position when commenting code
Feature IDEA-166360 Caret placement after selection
Feature IDEA-80384 Different color and fonts style for public, protected and private methods.
Feature IDEA-228556 Set field color based on access visibility
Bug IDEA-263980 Unexpected caret movement behavior in text with RtL fragments and a tab char
Bug IDEA-264288 Join lines with comment on the second line produces red code
Bug IDEA-166692 Unexpected result when selecting a line and then using shift + down arrow
Usability IDEA-138523 Allow new 14.1 AutoWrap Long Lines to be Disabled
Editor. Error HighlightingUsability IDEA-130373 Highlighting should not be paused during VFS refresh
Editor. FormatterBug IDEA-186208 Disabling "Code Style / Java / Chained method calls / Wrap first call" does not glue the method invocation to identifier
Bug IDEA-170699 Preview for Code Style goes crazy
Bug IDEA-226487 EditorConfig indent settings not applying to SQL file
Exception IDEA-269375 FormattingModelInconsistencyException at com.intellij.formatting.FormatterImpl.validateModel
Editor. Intention ActionsFeature IDEA-263473 'Fix all' action for (at least some) compilation errors
Bug IDEA-264648 Nothing to show pop up is too big
Editor. TextMate BundlesBug IDEA-263847 Some log files not editable
Lang. JSONFeature IDEA-264003 JSONL type for New Scratch
Feature IDEA-269430 JSONPath: add Evaluate JSONPath action to editor context menu
Bug IDEA-268856 Edit schema mappings shows an extracted version of settings
Lang. MarkdownFeature IDEA-210695 Export markdown to html
Feature IDEA-245576 Convert Markdown to Docx (import/export docx)
Feature IDEA-245577 Convert Markdown to Pdf
Feature IDEA-261922 'Expand selection' in markdown should stop inside backtick-quoted code
Bug IDEA-261987 Markdown plugin render blank page
Bug IDEA-269403 Markdown: md file toolbar doesn't have the edit buttons
Cosmetics IDEA-265692 Hide breadcrumbs for markdown files
Task IDEA-264671 "export to..." group for markdown with providers for converting to html, docx, and pdf
Lang. Shell ScriptBug IDEA-263122 Wrong detection of the balanced string quotes in the shell script
Bug IDEA-267890 Code folding should not fold Shebang
Bug IDEA-267920 ShRunConfiguration access level
Bug IDEA-244342 Wrong syntax highlighting in shell script
Bug IDEA-262819 Syntax Highlighting issue with process substitution and process redirection
Usability IDEA-252906 Support for running scripts without path
Lang. YAMLBug IDEA-267035 Syntax language hint no longer works in YAML files.
Bug IDEA-264311 Fragment editor of injection YAML unexpectedly closed after ENTER
Tools. DockerFeature IDEA-171328 Docker - allow for pausing/unpausing containers
Feature IDEA-265630 [docker-compose editor] add validation for duration type
Feature IDEA-268333 Dockerfile: add quickfix for not allowed spaces
Feature IDEA-265632 [docker-compose editor] add validation for ports mapping type
Feature IDEA-193298 DockerCompose: provide possibility to navigate from alien nodes to the possible compose files
Feature IDEA-173760 Docker Compose: Allow operations on multiple services/containers (run, stop, etc)
Feature IDEA-159173 Docker integration: ability to restart containers
Feature IDEA-185923 Docker: provide quick-help for keys in Dockerfiles, docker-compose.yaml files
Feature IDEA-251420 Docker: Implement start/stop for "alien" compose nodes
Feature IDEA-265631 [docker-compose editor] add validation for ip type
Feature IDEA-268003 Mark unquoted ports in a docker-compose.yml as a warning
Bug IDEA-267032 Docker-compose. Add validation for shm_size key values
Bug IDEA-267110 Docker-compose. Ports validation. Add validation errors in case of ports with spaces
Bug IDEA-266983 Docker-compose. Inspection errors for device_cgroup_rules values from spec
Bug IDEA-265140 Docker build fails to run on paths with spaces
Bug IDEA-269300 Docker: Don't download the container logs before the container is selected in the services view
Bug IDEA-266470 Docker compose: unable to put user input into the `Deploy Log`
Bug IDEA-267124 Docker-compose. Duration type: wrong inspection errors for 2.5s format
Bug IDEA-267013 Docker-compose. Wrong inspection errors for start_period key
Bug IDEA-267481 docker-compose run/debug configuration does not keep compose file ordering
Bug IDEA-266612 java.lang.NullPointerException: Parameter specified as non-null is null at adding build options
Bug IDEA-267020 Docker-compose. Inspection error for "subnet" value from spec
Bug IDEA-267675 Since 2021.1 DOCKER_HOST environment variable cannot be overridden in Docker-Compose
Bug IDEA-267498 Docker-compose. Wrong inspection error for `cpus` key value
Bug IDEA-268618 Docker: [windows] improve error thrown when attempting to connect to Docker when Docker isn't running
Bug IDEA-267007 Docker-compose. Inspection errors by "list" presentation for `environment` key
Bug IDEA-222687 Support docker-compose compatibility option
Bug IDEA-267017 Docker-compose. Wrong inspection for `cpus` key
Bug IDEA-267016 Docker-compose. Wrong inspection error for 'user' key
Tools. HTTP ClientFeature IDEA-267008 HTTP Usage Inspection: ignore local URL addresses by default and add an option
Bug IDEA-267601 HTTP Usage Inspection: more standard URLs to ignore
Bug IDEA-239324 REST client JSON output limitation / truncated
Bug IDEA-264163 HTTP Client freezes IDE on big response
Bug IDEA-266294 HTTP Client doesn't use credentials specified in Proxy Authentication dialog in case of autodetected proxy
Usability IDEA-269042 HTTP Client: should not mark regexp for URL as a insecure http link
Usability IDEA-265960 "Http is not safe" hint overlaps with underlined references in URL
Tools. TerminalFeature IDEA-165184 Add "Use Option as Meta key" support to terminal
Feature IDEA-118845 Allow configurable cursor shape in terminal
Feature IDEA-212446 Make opening external files from the embedded terminal configurable
Feature IDEA-268134 Allow to increase/decrease/reset font size in the built-in terminal using keyboard shortcuts
Bug IDEA-267760 Outdated certificate for pty4j native (e.g. winpty-agent.exe)
Bug IDEA-238288 PhpStorm Terminal is not outputting ANSI formatting sequences correctly
Bug IDEA-258409 Terminal pane must be opened manually in order for shell configurations to run in 2020.3
Bug IDEA-266310 Typography settings not working in terminal
Bug IDEA-170763 Some special characters cannot be typed in IDE terminal
Bug IDEA-260165 Alt + F/B shortcuts do NOT work in Terminal
Tools. Test ManagementBug IDEA-268204 TMS with local markdown files mixes scenarios
User InterfaceFeature IDEA-237881 Provide a way to group problems by type in Problems View
Feature IDEA-259660 Add a shortcut to allow switching Big Sur tabs
Feature IDEA-263488 Add a status bar widget for Power Save mode
Feature IDEA-145837 Add left margin regulation for distract free mode
Bug IDEA-268310 File icons are rendered differently for multiple-selection in VCS changes trees
Bug IDEA-256073 Black frame in selected ComboBox item
Bug IDEA-261164 In Mac Messages the warning icon is always displayed as the general IntelliJ icon
Bug IDEA-261595 Shortcut for switching editor tabs switches projects tabs on Big Sur
Bug IDEA-262687 Some mnemonics are not visible in popups
Bug IDEA-267389 Icons appear for popup items without icons
Bug IDEA-264380 Exception on startup
Bug IDEA-267670 Add an option key to call "Maximize Editor" with double-click on editor tab
Bug IDEA-267047 Frequent crashes at [libnst64.dylib+0x6be2] _setButtonData+0x142 in IDEA Nightly (no reproducer yet)
Bug IDEA-191366 Text in file inspection header is unreadable due to wrong color
Bug IDEA-267718 [BigSur alerts] Do not support HTML tags in options namees
Bug IDEA-264566 "Updates available" icon disappears after IDEA restart
Bug IDEA-265122 PHPStorm-EAP 2021.1 throw exception on welcome screen (com.intellij.util.ImageLoader.getResourceData)
Bug IDEA-236115 Mac title bar is empty in full screen mode
Bug IDEA-261052 JDK Update should use the IDE/Plugin updates
Bug IDEA-261853 JBTextField consumes space when invisible
Bug IDEA-262987 Frame icon is small when in presentation mode
Bug IDEA-269313 Toolbar and navigation bar are hidden under project tabs if projects are opened in full screen
Bug IDEA-268182 Projects are opened as separate windows instead of tabs if transparent title bar is enabled
Bug IDEA-236120 Transparent title bar is not hidden if a detached tab is opened in full screen mode
Bug IDEA-239838 Duplicated file opened in split mode when we are paused on a breakpoint in debug mode (Tabs are disabled)
Bug IDEA-263393 Open In Browser action from the URL context action menu is invoked just on mouse hovering or navigating by arrays through the actions popup if Intentions Preview is enabled
Bug IDEA-269107 "configure" action for conflicting changelists shows an extracted version of the settings
Bug IDEA-268606 Arrow buttons are not displayed in the image diff
Bug IDEA-232632 "Mark modified (*)" works only if "Show file icon" is enabled for Editor tabs.
Bug IDEA-266173 Undocked Git tool window keeps shrinking
Bug IDEA-191737 'Limit auto-loaded output to N lines' value not saved after editing using keyboard
Bug IDEA-236133 Window does not get to "normalize" state by double-click the transparent title bar
Bug IDEA-262287 "Stretch to bottom"/"Stretch to top" does not work in "Search everywhere" anymore
Bug IDEA-267051 Sort icon is missing in table headers
Bug IDEA-261155 Built-in HTML tab is opened as Preview tab if the *.html file is opened as Preview tab
Bug IDEA-253426 Implement "Show pinned tabs in a separate row" for single row layout
Bug IDEA-263581 Add JDK: "com.intellij.openapi.roots.ui.configuration.SDKListItem$..." action items are displayed on touch bar
Bug IDEA-262284 Recent Projects popup doesn't remember it's width
Usability IDEA-265384 Make IDE and Project settings widget disablable
Usability IDEA-269111 "Customize menus and toolbars" action shows an extracted version of the settings
Usability IDEA-269106 "Edit scopes" setting opens an extracted part of the settings
Usability IDEA-249597 "Copy" context menu now requires submenu navigation
Usability IDEA-267926 Display project name in 'Open project' confirmation dialog
Usability IDEA-262095 Pinned tabs in a separate row: don't stretch unpinned tabs
Usability IDEA-265158 Cannot dnd tab to pin when options 'One row' and 'Show pinned tabs in a separate row' are on
Usability IDEA-184944 Use words instead of symbols in shortcuts for OSX
Usability IDEA-267294 "Stretch to Right"/"Stretch to Left": Ctrl+Shift+Arrow keys resize the dialog instead of text selection
Cosmetics IDEA-262886 Move the "Open without Importing" button to the center
Cosmetics IDEA-236119 Wrong font is used in title bar if transparent title bar is enabled
Cosmetics IDEA-267732 "Browse icon for selection action (*.png)" doesn't reflect that .svg is also supported
Cosmetics IDEA-267398 "About" dialog is not well-aligned when shown in JetBrains Mono font
Task IDEA-234632 Make backgroundable tasks start in background by default
Task IDEA-268511 ExpandableTextField#setMonospaced(true) should use editor font instead of system one
Task IDEA-265276 Improve wording in New Project Settings menu item
Task IDEA-268320 Tab drag out of the editor should open tab in a separate window
Exception IDEA-269240 'IllegalArgumentException: Can't find advanced setting' when call 'Reset Got it tooltip' action
User Interface. AccessibilityBug IDEA-263910 Screen reader pronounces "text/html" for some notifications
Bug IDEA-264923 On MacOS, the name of the IDE error icon is spoken with HTML tags
User Interface. Action SystemFeature IDEA-266279 Create dedicated Maximize Editor action
Bug IDEA-265677 CloseNotificationAction is not available during indexing
Bug IDEA-264547 Clicking on the "Run Tests" gutter unexpectedly creates a breakpoint
Bug IDEA-264398 Empty menu item in Favorites tool window menu
Bug IDEA-264299 Toolbar with browsers is no more visible in html files
Bug IDEA-263282 Toolbar jumps and popups resize due to that in async update mode
Bug IDEA-267137 Keyboard navigation in popup menu causes duplication in submenu
Bug IDEA-263127 Deadlock in ActionUpdater
Performance IDEA-264612 0.5 s delay when showing the branch list
Task IDEA-264768 Right click on a gutter unexpectedly creates a bookmark
User Interface. Console ViewBug IDEA-250608 Output automatically activates soft-wrap when a line is longer than 100000 characters
User Interface. ControlsBug IDEA-260511 Combox with JBPopup closes on update
Bug IDEA-267068 Offset clickable area for the Resolve button in the Commit panel
Bug IDEA-264027 Branch actions dialog is being closed immediately
User Interface. Embedded Browser (JCEF)Feature IDEA-265760 implement off-screen jcef render handler
Bug IDEA-244182 JCEF heavyweight popup closes too early or always stays on top [Linux]
Bug IDEA-269568 switch markdown viewer to lightweight OSR mode
Bug IDEA-269332 support JBR-3447 org.cef.browser.CefBrowserOsrWithHandler#createDevToolsBrowser is not implemented
Task IDEA-265333 allow per-browser off-screen rendering mode
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesBug IDEA-268087 Fix cosmetics in search field in editor and in popup
Bug IDEA-242476 Filter icon becomes a line of checkboxes when the icon does not fit on the toolbar
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-214538 UI freeze caused by java focus API, Ubuntu 18.04, two monitors
Bug IDEA-268607 Some git actions (probably all) don't raise Git tool window focus when the tool window is in window mode
Bug IDEA-266195 Navigating to Definition not Focusing on Other Screen
Bug IDEA-250423 Wrong file selected in Project View when clicking it after working in detached Editor
Bug IDEA-251381 "git => compare branch" looses focus before list of branches can be displayed
Bug IDEA-235818 Cmd+` (Command backtick) switches between windows in different workspaces
Bug IDEA-265676 Switching to another project using File -> Open Recent does not work if the other project is already opened and its window is minimized
Bug IDEA-264005 Non-modal commit tool window isn't focused sometimes on 'Commit' action (when "Refreshing Local Changes" progress is shown)
Bug IDEA-267866 Structure window refreshes wrong Class tree when working with detached Editor
User Interface. Keyboard InputBug IDEA-198381 Modifiers from macro action invocation shouldn't affect macro execution
User Interface. PluginsBug IDEA-257729 java.nio.file.InvalidPathException: Illegal char <:> at index 4: file:\C:\Program Files\JetBrains\IntelliJ IDEA 211.3089\lib\icons.jar!\plugins\pluginLogo.svg
Usability IDEA-265998 Plugin update: modal error messages appear one on another
User Interface. Project ViewFeature IDEA-162454 Project View. Count selected items.
Bug IDEA-269161 Broken backward compatibility in PsiDirectoryNode
Bug IDEA-268305 Hide empty middle packages option disables correct tree view of parent and children packages
Bug IDEA-265441 Project tool window "copy path" context menu action copies wrong path (focusing issue)
User Interface. Search EverywhereBug IDEA-266701 Search Everywhere: Wrong hint on All tab after switching from Actions tab
Bug IDEA-261426 Empty line in Search Everywhere results when searching for "vcs"
Usability IDEA-265751 "Open recent" name in find dialog could be unintuitive
User Interface. Services ViewBug IDEA-267159 Can't unhide application server configuration in Services view
Version ControlFeature IDEA-241921 Branches panel should respect the Path filter
Feature IDEA-57574 Ability to enable tests execution in "before commit" actions
Bug IDEA-268108 Balloon notification does not escape html from jest output
Bug IDEA-253961 Commit message auto completion from history doesn't work anymore
Bug IDEA-264786 Tests before Commit: first underscore in configuration name turns into mnemonic
Bug IDEA-264996 Tests before Commit: infinite checks spinner if test configuration is not full
Bug IDEA-264658 Branches: Missing Edit / Remove remote context menu items
Bug IDEA-264651 Branches: "Expand/Collapse All" shortcuts do not work correctly when search filter is filled
Bug IDEA-267194 Settings Repository fails at clone due to incorrect upstream branch resolution
Bug IDEA-264772 Tests before Commit: cannot run tests in gradle project
Bug IDEA-265636 Clicking Help button in Remove Remote dialog throws an exception
Bug IDEA-264758 Tests before Commit: code compilation is not started on tests run before commit
Usability IDEA-171261 Cannot delete last changlist
Usability IDEA-268812 'Esc' no longer closes the diff window
Usability IDEA-264785 Pre-commit checks in background: hard to distinguish failed checks when many are shown
Cosmetics IDEA-264640 Branches: Add "Group By" tooltip
Task IDEA-266238 Add "Fetch" icon to VCS main menu
Exception IDEA-266052 Tests before commit: IllegalStateException: Already resumed
Version Control. GitFeature IDEA-232456 Branches: Allow grouping by repository
Feature IDEA-193572 Support git config core.hooksPath
Feature IDEA-259421 Add an action to call Ignored but not excluded check
Bug IDEA-263100 Compare with Branch functionality actually compares with tag if branch and tag have identical names
Bug IDEA-262265 Unshelve with drag and drop doesn't work inside commit tab
Bug IDEA-267252 Staging area: Commit tab name should refelect the branch
Bug IDEA-259512 Automatic exclusion of files listed in .gitignore only recognizes files from 1 repository root.
Bug IDEA-258993 Double clicking directories in commit window opens all files from the directory in diff view
Usability IDEA-268430 Git Commit Template: consider empty template as no template
Version Control. GitHubBug IDEA-260230 Loading Github branch protection rules not consistent
Bug IDEA-265637 GitHub Sync Fork: sync fork doesn't work when upstream configured with ssh or http url
Bug IDEA-263361 GitHub Pull Requests: push is incorrectly recognized as successful when create PR without access to repo
Bug IDEA-264499 "Create Pull Request" button does not appear until after "Pull Requests" pane has been opened
Bug IDEA-203276 Rebase My GitHub Fork and Create PR offers to select between origin and upstream
Bug IDEA-264961 Create Pull Request: remove plus and target icons for New Pull Request View
Bug IDEA-265152 Create pull request: show tooltip with full repo-branch spec on hover
Usability IDEA-262864 GitHub Sync Fork: sync fork action returns "No suitable GitHub account found" notification instead of "Log In to GitHub" dialog when no github account is configured
Usability IDEA-263390 GitHub Pull Requests: can't hit pencil button by keyboard
Version Control. Local HistoryFeature IDEA-70015 Search Local History for file content and labels
Code InsightFeature PY-46321 Markdown: Add Python REPL (doctest) code fence
Bug PY-45206 Non-deterministic type inference for recursive instance attributes
ConsoleCosmetics PY-47974 Single string literal in the Python console is highlighted as a docstring, not as a regular string
EditingException PY-41375 Move Statement Up copies part of the moved block with exception
InspectionsBug PY-39762 Unexpected arguments on logging.basicConfig
Bug PY-45438 Support type hinting with callback protocols
Bug PY-46755 Duplicate Detection Highlight do not disappear
RefactoringBug PY-20675 Problem while renaming element in Inspection Results
Bug PY-47633 Pull Up/Pull Down does not insert necessary imports for complex properties
Exception PY-46099 "Extract Superclass" fails if the method contain a class initialization and its method invocation
Exception PY-37765 Exception moving statement up
No subsystemBug DBE-13148 Datasource color setting does not override children color settings
Code CompletionPerformance DBE-13164 Datagrip 2021.1 freezing when typing join statement. After re-indexing, issue keeps occurring several times per day
Usability DBE-10512 Add option to toggle suggestion of all objects from all schemas in completion drop-down
Code FormatterFeature DBE-8059 An option to treat the asterisk in the SELECT clause as a regular element
Feature DBE-759 Add options to wrap alter table statement
Code GenerationFeature DBE-6276 Support row security policies
Bug DBE-12810 SERAIL field type is incorrectly generated for not default sequence
Bug DBE-8654 Schema missing in generated code from "Run routine"
Code HighlightingBug DBE-9172 Inline/in-line PL/SQL Functions in SQL queries fail due to syntax-check
Bug DBE-12955 Missing Functions in Snowflake Dialect for Datagrip
Bug DBE-12960 Oracle SQL*Plus dialect does not support "create blockchain table" command in DB 19c (19.10.0) or 21c
Bug DBE-13188 Resolving of PL/SQL record type fields does not work in most cases.
Bug DBE-12996 Add support for `exists (database | dictionary | view)` statements for ClickHouse dialect
Bug DBE-1632 PostgreSQL: Accessing subfields from function returning composite type
Bug DBE-13058 BigQuery: support BIGNUMERIC/BIGDECIMAL
Bug DBE-13084 Add support for [update|drop histogram on] statements for MySQL dialect
Bug DBE-9813 Add support for CREATE DICTIONARY on clickhouse dialect
Bug DBE-12952 GROUP_CONCAT () does not accept LIMIT clause
Bug DBE-13092 CockroachDB SQL dialect doesn't understand partial UNIQUE indexes in CREATE TABLE
Bug DBE-12993 Fix `create .. or replace` syntax for ClickHouse dialect
ConnectivityFeature DBE-13182 Cloud Spanner: add "Credentials" field for data source to point to account file
Feature DBE-1968 Provide the Application Name for DB sessions
Usability DBE-10615 Conflict between 'system settings -> password -> do not save' and data source password 'save' option
Usability DBE-10327 Database tool window does not appear after creating connection
Usability DBE-13181 Data Sources & Drivers > Advanced: Table not visible on MacOS 11.3
Configuration Problem DBE-13173 change default settings for cockroachdb data source
Data DiffBug DBE-13150 Comparing with not running
Data Editor/ViewerFeature DBE-12547 Allow to set additive sorting by default (old title: Multiple column sorting no longer works)
Bug DBE-13126 Ctrl+F does not work second time in table
Bug DBE-13130 Keymap conflict in database tool "add Row" <-> "set NULL"
Bug DBE-13252 Table data editor action panel does not change color
Bug DBE-13095 [YUGABYTE] [0A000] ERROR: System column with id -1 is not supported yet
Bug DBE-13167 Wrong date is returned by Snowflake if session timezone is not UTC
Bug DBE-13078 No tooltip when hovering commit/rollback button in Database view
Bug DBE-11078 No schema name in 'Choose target' popup
Bug DBE-12716 Alt+F7 on binary primary key returns empty search result
Usability DBE-12883 Rename 'Related Data' to 'Related Rows' in 'Go To' context menu
Usability DBE-13055 DataGrip should display the time zone if the data type is one with time zone
Usability DBE-12545 Remember new ORDER BY field location on UI
Data Import/ExportFeature DBE-10368 Import CSV success message should contain the link to open the new table
Bug DBE-12683 Conversion failed timestamp -> smalldatetime when coping tables
Performance DBE-11370 import CSV into a HIVE table took forever
Performance DBE-13139 Import to Redshift is still slow even with batch support. Probably tweak linesPerStatement parameter
Database ExplorerBug DBE-12745 Broken breadcrumbs
Database MigrationsBug DBE-12652 MariaDB: invalid syntax for user creation with TLS Options
Usability DBE-12800 Object migration popup default size is weird
DiagramsFeature DBE-3541 Table comment in diagrams
Bug DBE-13046 Data source color setting is not reflected on diagram anymore
GeneralFeature DBE-12094 Local history is absent for the source code editors
Bug DBE-13081 Scanning files hangs on startup
Usability DBE-13068 Add 'Shorten datasource and object names in tab titles' option to context menu of tab
IntrospectionFeature DBE-10580 Introspect Redshift external tables with nested elements
Bug DBE-9386 PG12 generated column DDL not valid
Bug DBE-8546 DataGrip 2019.2. Not Recognize USING keyword in CREATE TABLE syntax (PostgreSQL 12)
Bug DBE-5096 DB2 on Z/OS Routines not showing DDL
Bug DBE-13146 ORA-00904: "A"."CHAR_USED": ungültiger Bezeichner in Oracle 11.1
Bug DBE-12166 BigQuery: CREATE TEMP FUNCTION causes database metadata to update on each query
Usability DBE-13138 Redshift: Table views do not display sort key
Navigation & SearchBug DBE-4960 Navigation between triggers and connected routines in PostgreSQL
Bug DBE-11738 Context data source search seems to be broken
Bug DBE-13090 Datagrip 2021.1: View DDL from data viewer broken
Bug DBE-9259 Can't map keyboard shortcuts to [Full-text Search...]
Bug DBE-13033 Can't navigate to related data by additional virtual foreign key mapped on the same column
Bug DBE-13037 The button "Scroll from editor" in database tab doesn't work when selecting something in the table
Query ConsoleCosmetics DBE-12897 Execute routine dialog looks ugly in default settings
RefactoringBug DBE-12711 'Qualify identifier' is missed in ORDER BY
Run ConfigurationsFeature DBE-13048 Add before launch task to drop database connections
SQL ResolveBug DBE-12619 [SQL Server] Unable to resolve security policy
Schema DiffBug DBE-13121 Unify primary key and unique index in diff view
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