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  • EduTools 2021.5 Release Notes
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CodeforcesBugEDU-4328Unable to open contest 1523, 1524, 1526, 1527
UsabilityEDU-4033"Run" icon for launching Codeforces tests configurations in input.txt files
Course Selection ViewFeatureEDU-4122In tab description in "Select Course" dialog use course provider name as a link text instead of "Learn More"
EducatorBugEDU-4308"Edit" button in "Open Course from Disk" dialog opens student version of the course instead of course creators
Framework LessonsBugEDU-4092Framework lessons: empty directories are not removed when navigating between stages
PerformanceEDU-4106Do not allow courses with large binary files in educator mode
IDEBugEDU-4299`Create New Course` and `Start Codeforces Contest` actions cannot be invoked during indexing
JetBrains AcademyFeatureEDU-3103Add Theory tab on Task Description for JetBrains Academy topic problems
BugEDU-4279Task title is absent in Task Description for theory task
BugEDU-4245Duplicated Topics directory
BugEDU-4194Kotlin code challenges are created without source files when Android project is selected
CosmeticsEDU-4289Replace "Choose new project" notification with a message in check result
ExceptionEDU-4316Exception when opening legacy JetBrains Academy problems
MarketplaceBugEDU-4294Marketplace courses can't be started if localization is turned on (`-Didea.l10n=true` flag)
TaskEDU-4301Report machine id and IDE build for courses on Marketplace
StepikBugEDU-4295Stepik solutions not loading at project generation
Task DescriptionBugEDU-4261Scroll bar in YAML tab is white with Darcula and JCEF
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