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No subsystemFeature CPP-21588 Support clazy analyzer for Qt projects
Feature CPP-23402 Qt UI generator
Feature CPP-20889 Support CMake 3.18
Feature CPP-23249 New Constant function arguments inspection
Bug CPP-23785 Missing extension point: cidr.openWizardStepProvider in container Application
Bug CPP-23287 [CLion|CWM] Disabled test doesn't appear in test results for Google Tests
Bug CPP-24089 Swift on Windows: CLion starts SKServer in the separate console window
Bug CPP-24231 Make remote-run dependency optional for CLion
Bug CPP-24653 2 wizards on project open
Bug CPP-23737 Do not show startup warning if $VAR$ is used in run configuration envrionment variables
Bug CPP-23196 Quick Documentation doesn't show man pages
Bug CPP-23814 Output folders of disabled CMake configurations are uploaded to remote host
Performance CPP-23963 memory leak in com.jetbrains.cidr.lang.settings.OCNamingConventionRulesTable#installValidator
Performance CPP-22190 may lead Lazy reparse in EDT
Performance CPP-16816 Autoindent Lines action might lead to freezes
Performance CPP-23963 memory leak in com.jetbrains.cidr.lang.settings.OCNamingConventionRulesTable#installValidator
Cosmetics CPP-24019 Double dot hint for anonymous unioun
Task CPP-23788 Move C/C++ Language Support plugin to Language group
Task CPP-23091 Bundle CMake 3.19
Group CPP-23092 Support CMake 3.19
Code: Auto-importFeature CPP-18726 Choose the correct include when project has several toolchains
Bug CPP-21750 Duplication in the import list when import NULL macro
Code: ClangdBug CPP-24000 clangd crashed at clang::tidy::clion::SimplifyCheck::checkCLion
Bug CPP-23708 False clangd errors "template: binding reference of type..."
Bug CPP-23355 Using declaration is not taken into account by unused include directive inspection
Bug CPP-19469 Improve clangd crash reports
Bug CPP-22750 Merge LLVM master
Bug CPP-22948 ASTWriterStmt and ASTReaderStmt should check getTemplateArgsAsWritten for null
Bug CPP-23109 Do not wait for CLion to adjust navigation target if it takes too long
Bug CPP-23941 com.intellij.diagnostic.PluginException: annotator: com.jetbrains.cidr.lang.daemon.clang.tidy.ClangTidyAnnotator
Bug CPP-23951 com.intellij.diagnostic.PluginException: annotator: com.jetbrains.cidr.lang.daemon.clang.tidy.ClazyAnnotator
Bug CPP-23987 clangd crash at Eigen/SparseCholesky
Bug CPP-24467 Unknown type name false error from clangd from clang-cl toolchain
Code: CompletionFeature CPP-24193 Add const version of the `for` postfix completion snippet
Feature CPP-21332 Display context-invalid completion items with grey icons
Feature CPP-4039 Add postfix completion for C++
Feature CPP-23076 Prefer global namespace over struct namespace in complections
Bug CPP-22943 Clangd completion does not prefer variables when completing non-type perameters
Bug CPP-22870 Concepts: Missing fields in the completion from expressions with operators
Bug CPP-24487 Postfix Completion swallows comma
Bug CPP-24123 No Preview in Postfix Completion settings when JavaScript Frameworks and Tools plugins are disabled
Bug CPP-22301 c++ iter(live templates) will make complete out of service
Bug CPP-24317 completion order: class items should have higher priority when class name is expected
Bug CPP-24226 Postfix completion suggests make_shared for member variable
Bug CPP-24192 Template types and using directive cause auto completion to not work
Bug CPP-24069 Postfix completion: IllegalStateException: Offset startOffset is invalid: RangeMarker
Bug CPP-23996 Not completion for Eigen headers
Bug CPP-23095 Autocomplete doesn't work
Bug CPP-22871 Concepts: Missing completion for pointers
Bug CPP-23208 When completing a function CLion might break the code
Bug CPP-24607 Autocomplete not working for C++ when CMake 3.20 is used
Bug CPP-24074 Some valid member functions are not show in the first completion attempt
Bug CPP-21065 Code completion for "hxx" and "cxx" file extensions is not working
Bug CPP-23074 Wrong auto-complete in enum definition
Bug CPP-22210 Insert space after completing public/private/protect in derived class declaration
Bug CPP-23288 No member completion for an element of vector of pointers to a template
Task CPP-24380 Remove mixed completion mode (clangd + builtin)
Code: EditingFeature CPP-3244 Add className() and methodName() Live templates for C/C++
Bug CPP-24412 Wrong block folding range
Performance CPP-13913 Move statement up/down might lead to freezes
Code: Find UsagesBug CPP-23276 Failed to find usages when using designated initializers
Bug CPP-23691 Find usages marks Designated initializers with read access
Bug CPP-24061 Find Action throws: com.intellij.diagnostic.PluginException: Created extension classloader is not equal to plugin's one.
Code: FormattingBug CPP-19819 Fix clang format scheme rule after LLVM merge
Bug CPP-24164 ObjC language detection in header files with empty or `.h` extension can be exponential long
Bug CPP-24106 Create .clang-format file with proper values for AlignConsecutiveAssignments
Bug CPP-24050 Property 'BreakBeforeConceptDeclarations' is not allowed in default (LLVM) clang format scheme
Code: GenerationBug CPP-23266 Generate definition on QObject member function writes the definition in the moc_*.cpp file
Bug CPP-12394 File template asks for $INCLUDE_GUARD variable
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsFeature CPP-24187 "Argument selection defects" for structured bindings: exclude standard library types from triggering
Feature CPP-15967 Preprocessor Comment Check Inspection
Feature CPP-20857 Dangling Pointers: show warning when memory can be freed outside of local scope
Bug CPP-22508 DFA: incorrect "null dereference" for C
Bug CPP-13890 "synchronized" word is shown in bold in header files
Bug CPP-24214 clangd doesn't support rv32imafc architecture
Bug CPP-23482 Unused parameter should be a separate inspection from Unused Local Variable
Bug CPP-2501 Unused macro (__unused) is not supported by GCC
Bug CPP-22439 Catch block with bad_alloc is marked unreachable incorrectly
Bug CPP-22511 Bug with constant conditions in binary logic expressions
Bug CPP-23999 User-defined deduction guides have incorrect highlighting
Bug CPP-23519 Support static out-of-line initialisers in DFA
Bug CPP-23888 Clazy: Running inspection by name is not using non-default options
Bug CPP-23925 Inspection fails when enabling multiple architectures with Apple Clang
Bug CPP-23270 Dangling pointers: The inspection is not working when global pointer inside unnamed namespace
Bug CPP-23802 Incorrect Unused value inspection inside constructor when it may be used in static method
Bug CPP-22711 Offer "Suppress x for line" quick-fix for clang-tidy when .clang-tidy is used
Bug CPP-23674 clang-tidy and MISRA run inspections even when they are turned off
Bug CPP-23921 Template value parameters in member function definitions are marked as unused
Bug CPP-23564 Add ability to import inspection results.
Bug CPP-22029 Expressions with increment/decrement are marked with 'Value is never used'
Bug CPP-23648 DFA should ignore qualified field access unless the qualifier is 'this'
Bug CPP-23939 Clazy: Run inspection by name can't detect any connect-not-normalized warnings
Bug CPP-23705 Unable to execute Clang-Tidy when using external one on OS X/Ubuntu.
Bug CPP-23946 Clazy: Run inspection by name contains Clang warnings
Bug CPP-23751 connect-not-normalized detects only first problem in the file
Bug CPP-23671 Each file is too complex to perform the data-flow analysis
Code: Intention ActionsBug CPP-23728 Intention 'Remove unnecessary parentheses' breaks code
Code: NavigationPerformance CPP-15082 Extemely slow Go to Declaration performance when the Eigen library is involved
Code: ParsingBug CPP-22704 java.lang.StackOverflowError during parsing
Bug CPP-23856 NullPointerException at com.jetbrains.cidr.lang.legacy.daemon.OCDeclaratorChecker.checkDeclarator on inspecting code with concepts
Bug CPP-23055 Refactoring and find usage don't work if method has parameter named "concept"
Code: RefactoringsBug CPP-23422 Can't rename identifier to concept word in C++14
Bug CPP-22784 Extract method works incorrectly with string literals
Performance CPP-23523 OCNameSuggester.doSuggestForExpression may lead freeze in EDT
Task CPP-19871 Provide option to rename file without renaming associated files with same name
Code: ResolvingBug CPP-24302 Swift code resolving breaks after SwiftPM refresh in CLion
Bug CPP-6202 Designated initializers are not resolved
DebuggerFeature CPP-23567 Debugger: List GDB/LLDB console in All Actions
Feature CPP-22736 Core Dump: feature for specifying --sysroot
Bug CPP-22539 Bundled LLDB can't debug core dump for non-symbolised binary with symbols provided
Bug CPP-23147 Debugger: Move execution point in disassembly view
Bug CPP-23733 Debugger: Malformed path expression when debugging nested members
Bug CPP-24147 "Thread not found" on hitting breakpoints without suspending execution and logging expression
Bug CPP-8811 Debugger: Evaluate/Watch expressions don't work for nested anonymous structs/unions
Usability CPP-23411 Debugger: Make Memory view accessible right away
Debugger: GDBBug CPP-24101 com.intellij.execution.ExecutionException: com.jetbrains.cidr.execution.debugger.backend.DebuggerCommandException: Cannot set path mapping: First argument must be at least one character long
Task CPP-19679 Bundle GDB 9.2
Debugger: LLDBBug CPP-24284 Debugging a Rosetta process doesn't work with non-bundled LLDB
Bug CPP-23353 LLDB on macOS: incorrect exit code when process terminates due to signal
Dynamic Analysis ToolsFeature CPP-22202 Add proper branch coverage
Bug CPP-23252 LLVM coverage doesn't work for pure C projects
Bug CPP-13706 Valgrind: failed to run the tool with suppress files under WSL
Bug CPP-17709 Support running Coverage with Remote toolchain
Bug CPP-23853 Running Coverage on WSL/OS X is not working if binary inside directory with name "Coverage"
Bug CPP-24080 Branch coverage calculated incorrectly for switch statement with gcov
Bug CPP-24117 Can't run coverage build for WSL toolchains
Bug CPP-23530 Run with profile failed on Apple Silicon
Performance CPP-24040 Clion Remote SSH Code Coverage Performance (EAP)
Task CPP-24275 Disable branch coverage programmatically for LLVM < 12.0.0
IDE SettingsTask CPP-28 Add qtCreator keymap
Project ModelFeature CPP-7911 Share CMake options via vcs-controlled settings files
Feature CPP-3375 Ability to set CMake options on project open
Feature CPP-18524 It should be possible to completely disable CLion's automatic reloading of CMake projects
Bug CPP-16000 IllegalStateException when open project via compile_commands.json from the same root as CMakelists.txt
Bug CPP-23351 Adding different folders to system PATH variable depending on build profile is impossible
Bug CPP-24410 Adding a brand new Toolchain triggers CMake Reload
Bug CPP-24296 Project analysis broken on MinGW if source file path and/or compiler path contains backslashes
Bug CPP-24464 Do not show CMake wizard for brand new project created from New project dialog
Bug CPP-23795 CMake starts loading before CMake wizard configuration has finished
Bug CPP-24262 Makefile project: Blocking SSH method called while holding a read lock
Bug CPP-20695 Makefile project Model doesn't support Remote toolchain
Bug CPP-24337 Compilation database project doesn't support clang-cl
Bug CPP-23132 Loading CMake project indefinitely
Bug CPP-23944 Remove Make tool window for non-makefile project
Bug CPP-23926 Cmake wizard is not shown after importing project with shared CMake profiles
Bug CPP-23991 The process of make target extraction fails with a StackOverflowError if the number of targets is large
Bug CPP-23104 Infinite `Loading components...` on Makefile project reopening
Bug CPP-22500 Incorrect Error string link for subprojects
Bug CPP-23949 Can't select remote toolchain created in previous step of Open Project Wisard
Bug CPP-24398 Reloading CompDB project via editor widget doesn't show Build tool window
Bug CPP-23173 No CMake project recognized
Bug CPP-24095 Cannot get compiler information
Usability CPP-18982 Makefile: Changing toolchain should trigger reload of the project model.
Usability CPP-4530 Files outside of the project content root should be grouped under a separate node to avoid top-level pollution
Cosmetics CPP-23945 Rename Makefile run configuration
Task CPP-16933 Bundle Makefile support plugin in CLion
Task CPP-24304 Avoid using POSIX shell parser when analyzing MinGW projects
Project and File WizardsBug CPP-23225 "Create from existing sources" replaces main without warning
RunningFeature CPP-22344 Local process elevation daemon
Bug CPP-24182 services shouldn't depend on configuration
Bug CPP-24105 Elevation daemon doesn't exit after the configured timeout
Bug CPP-24177 Process elevation: "Keep sudo/UAC authorization" isn't applied until the restart
Bug CPP-23142 $CMakeCurrentProductFile$ expands to host path (not remote path) in full remote mode
Performance CPP-23532 Freeze in RemoteGdbServerLauncher.prepareSymbolFile
ToolchainsFeature CPP-14179 Google Sanitizers support for remote toolchain
Feature CPP-23969 Provide action to open a terminal to the remote host
Feature CPP-14178 Integration with Valgrind memory analyser for remote toolchain
Bug CPP-23887 CMake executable not found: \\wsl$\Ubuntu-18.04\usr\local\bin\cmake
Bug CPP-17421 CLion CMake load is slow when using a Remote Host Toolchain
Bug CPP-22037 Modifying Remote Toolchain Settings Resets Connection Root Path
Unit TestingFeature CPP-23643 Create index-free (language agnostic) fallback implementation for Test Frameworks
Bug CPP-23787 Create index-free (language agnostic) fallback implementation for СTest Framework
Bug CPP-23973 No process indication on running unit tests
Unit Testing: CatchBug CPP-24044 Catch: Show the test tree before tests execution
Unit Testing: DoctestBug CPP-24294 Doctest logged messages appear out of order
Bug CPP-23955 DocTest runner doesn't detect test configurations and doesn't allow to run individual tests via context menus
Task CPP-23219 Split Doctest plugin to language dependent and independent parts
Unit Testing: Google TestBug CPP-23724 Wrong test statistic is reporting for pre-populated GT result tree
User InterfaceBug CPP-23794 The weird order of buttons in Toolchain/CMake wizard on Windows/Linux
Code Analysis. DependenciesBug IDEA-261323 Add "This Module" scope to Call Hierarchy
Bug IDEA-260616 i18n: Dependency Viewer: title of tool window is hardcoded
Code Analysis. DuplicatesBug IDEA-219100 "Duplicate code fragment" reported for symlinked files
Usability IDEA-260645 Duplicate finder sometime doesn't show file paths
Code Analysis. InspectionFeature IDEA-237242 "Unstable API Usage" inspection should work for sources as well as libraries
Feature IDEA-31168 Specify inspection profile used for code analysis at check-in time
Bug IDEA-258991 ProfileChangeAdapter.profileActivated() events are never published
Bug IDEA-261916 JetBrains analysis annotations do not work on annotation methods
Bug IDEA-222161 Inspection profiles UI problems
Bug IDEA-192702 Clicking Edit Settings in Insepction Results does nothing
Bug IDEA-254506 "Reference to non-localized string" false positive for parameter of 'when' statement
Bug IDEA-195685 Newly created scope doesn't appear right away in 'Scopes Order'
Bug IDEA-130333 Inspection settings: scopes order is not saved
Bug IDEA-260297 Unencrypted HTTP usage inspection throws exception on Rust non string literals
Bug IDEA-259617 Can't export inspection results to HTML
Bug IDEA-255980 Inspection settings is quite slow to appear
Bug IDEA-258992 Can't switch to project inspection profile from application inspection profile with the same name
Performance IDEA-256481 Inspect code spends a long time "scanning scope"
Usability IDEA-255125 Inspect Code on Commit action inspects source files from outside of project source roots
Usability IDEA-258873 Navigating in inspection results requires to press too many keys
Usability IDEA-249566 Make it more obvious that inspection options are related to the selected scope
Cosmetics IDEA-185794 In Inspections dialog, the severity block changes position
Cosmetics IDEA-259454 Add vertical spacing in inspection configuration right panel
Cosmetics IDEA-259713 Inspection configuration UI: Remove black border around severity icon
Cosmetics IDEA-259365 Make the inspection description text area a description text
Task IDEA-260048 Show Inspections results in Problems tool window
Code Analysis. Language InjectionFeature IDEA-214466 temporal language injection should support multi-line string literals with margins (Scala, Kotlin)
Bug IDEA-196921 Kotlin: Wrong inspection errors at @Query in case of more then 2 string parts
Bug IDEA-196924 Kotlin: @Query. Adding/removing "newlines" should not lead to language injection disappearing
Bug IDEA-254971 Java Parameter Language Injection Settings has bad resize behaviour
Code Analysis. Structural SearchBug IDEA-257893 Incorrect index usage for searching JS
Bug IDEA-254329 SSR false match: repeated variables are not matched correctly
Bug IDEA-228320 Unsupported replace pattern An expression can not be replaced with a non-expression
Bug IDEA-256009 Filter live indicator is not live enough
Bug IDEA-257374 Open Replacement dialog automatically when selecting replace pattern from history
Bug IDEA-259108 Search for simple recursion produces incorrect results
Bug IDEA-256936 Structural search fails to find match because of comment
Bug IDEA-259106 Exception when trying to match recursion
Bug IDEA-254985 primitive array not matched with variable template
Usability IDEA-259133 SSR: Wrong / strange error message when a variable is not found
Cosmetics IDEA-201479 SSR: update validation tooltip according to the guidelines
Task IDEA-254848 Remove obsolete tooltip option
Exception IDEA-260919 Edit: Find: Search Structurally switch to Replace causes NPE exception
CoreBug IDEA-258519 IDE fails to open a project from the command line if another project is already opened (perhaps Windows-only)
Bug IDEA-261794 Throwing `ControlFlowException` on AWT thread may cause `AWT-EventQueue-0` to die and freezes the IDE's `AWT-EventQueue-1` thread
Bug IDEA-260361 UAST ClassSetImpl leaks references to JSP plugin classes
Bug IDEA-260332 Workspace model leaks Kotlin facets on Kotlin plugin unload
Bug IDEA-260330 AlreadyDisposedException from Space plugin on dynamic plugin unload
Bug IDEA-245099 File type of unloaded plugin can be leaked due to file type caching
Bug IDEA-261020 FileInEditorProcessor.showHint leaks PsiFile from unloaded plugin
Bug IDEA-260524 Memory leak: Disposed BreadcrumbsXmlWrapper retained via listener of PostprocessReformattingAspect$LangPomModel
Usability IDEA-229543 Command-line launcher should not ask which window it's supposed to open the project in
Core. DebuggerBug IDEA-261405 java.lang.Object cannot be cast to class com.intellij.util.keyFMap.KeyFMap when starting scala REPL and debugger cannot be started afterwards
Bug IDEA-256193 Setting inline watch to empty value in Variables/Watches view doesn't remove it from the view
Bug IDEA-262878 Click on toolbar button "Evaluate expression" no longer uses editor selected text
Bug IDEA-256108 Inline watches: Pressing Esc should only undo Set Value interaction and should cancel new Watch addition
Bug IDEA-263014 XLightBreakpointPropertiesPanel#myCustomPropertiesPanelWrapper uses wrong layout
Usability IDEA-256357 Inline watches: when adding inline watch don't switch focus and don't open the Debug tool window if it was closed
Core. DiagramsBug IDEA-263119 JPA: ER Diagram opened not centered
Bug IDEA-264693 Java Enterprise toolwindow: CDI Dependencies diagram is opened without layout
Bug IDEA-259834 All diagram-related actions suggest all diagram types for any context instead of just showing expected diagram
Bug IDEA-264697 CDI Dependencies diagram is always empty
Bug IDEA-261015 i18n: Preferences/Settings: Tools: Diagrams: hardcode strings
Bug IDEA-98769 Diagram performance is unacceptable (OSX)
Bug IDEA-264029 UML diagrams fonts are too big in 2021.1 Beta when comparing with 2020.3.2
Bug IDEA-264684 JSF Navigation diagram: on unchecking the ShowSelectedNodesWithDependencies the resulted diagram layout is incorrect
Bug IDEA-263112 JPA: ER Diagram is not refreshed after adding the attribute
Bug IDEA-211984 UML Diagrams: any action performed from diagram can't be Undone though Undo is shown enabled with correct last action name
Bug IDEA-261035 i18n: Diagrams: "New" Menu: "Constructor" is hardcoded
Bug IDEA-264690 Spring Beans toolwindow: the beans graphs appear without layout
Bug IDEA-263868 Spring Diagrams: with `Show neighbours of the selected nodes` option the results of selection change is ugly (no layout)
Bug IDEA-264695 CDI Dependencies diagram action appears outside the Diagrams menu group and causes exception only
Bug IDEA-265035 UML diagrams: Kotlin: tooltip over package item shows wrong statistics
Bug IDEA-264679 JSF Navigation diagram: no layout on diagram opening
Bug IDEA-259919 UML rendering and layout is broken
Bug IDEA-265037 UML diagrams: Kotlin: constructor is shown for object
Bug IDEA-263877 Spring Application Context Dependencies Diagram: on Show Library Models action the layout is not applied
Performance IDEA-259231 UI Freeze when right-clicking on the intellij folder in IDEA
Usability IDEA-264691 Add the ApplyCurrentLayout action to the context menu for the toolbar-less diagrams
Cosmetics IDEA-256152 Support precise scaling of SVG icons for Diagrams API (UML, ER, Gradle, etc)
Exception IDEA-264067 NPE at$MyDependencyCollectingVisitor.isCollect ion
Exception IDEA-262187 Throwable at com.intellij.psi.impl.file.impl.FileManagerImpl.checkHasNoOtherPsi
Exception IDEA-263255 NPE at
Exception IDEA-263875 ICSE at com.intellij.uml.UmlFileEditorImpl.getData
Exception IDEA-263561 ISE at com.intellij.spring.perspectives.diagrams.SpringDiagramNode.getIdentifyingElement
Exception IDEA-262492 CCE at com.intellij.uml.presentation.DiagramPresentationModelImpl.getNodeTooltip
Exception IDEA-263489 IAE at com.intellij.diagram.presentation.DiagramState.restoreTo
Exception IDEA-263414 Throwable at com.intellij.psi.impl.file.impl.FileManagerImpl.checkHasNoOtherPsi
Exception IDEA-264064 NPE at com.intellij.openapi.graph.impl.view.FastNodeCellRendererPainter.paintNode
Exception IDEA-264685 Throwable: Read access is allowed from event dispatch thread or inside read-action only
Exception IDEA-222077 UML diagram: attempt to add note to diagram popup causes IOOBE
Core. File SystemBug IDEA-256146 Case-sensitive folders on Windows are not recognised
Bug IDEA-258608 File become unavailable after rewrite with python
Bug IDEA-252213 WSL2: Can't select workspace
Usability IDEA-135546 Handle situations when parts of VFS are located on file systems with different case sensitivity
Core. IDE SettingsFeature IDEA-245847 A way to run an IDE script from command line
Bug IDEA-261026 Nothing here in Preferences | Editor | File and Code Templates
Bug IDEA-255673 When plugin that registers its own file type is installed, the notification is shown that suggests to revert the association to the incorrect file type
Bug IDEA-261409 Plugins are not shown anymore
Bug IDEA-259129 idea.bat cannot set %JDK% from %USER_JDK64_FILE% if %APPDATA% contains spaces.
Bug IDEA-256106 WindowsLookAndFeel is not migrated to IntelliJLaf / JetBrainsLightTheme, defaults to Darcula
Bug IDEA-255681 Editor's color scheme has IJ Light theme instead of Darcula after restoring IDE settings
Bug IDEA-261869 Choose Runtime - polishing
Bug IDEA-262228 Code Style Settings are messed up
Bug IDEA-264893 [Choose Runtime dialog] there is no ability to add JBR if it isn't located in ~/Library/Java/JetBrainsRuntime/ folder
Usability IDEA-250146 Make ignore.virus.scanning.warn.message possible to revert via UI
Usability IDEA-259872 After IDEA update: Propose to use bundled runtime if configured runtime is older
Usability IDEA-253968 Import Settings from the backup overwrites the backup
Cosmetics IDEA-227451 Settings > Editor > Code Style > Java > Arrangement items disappear or move on mouse hover
Cosmetics IDEA-251453 Some description text of Inspections settings has non-consistent padding
Cosmetics IDEA-251455 Some inspections' description texts starts with an extra empty line
Cosmetics IDEA-253866 Reword option "Open matching files as text and auto-detect file type by content"
Cosmetics IDEA-235958 Import settings message is too complicated
Core. IDE Settings. SharingBug IDEA-254948 JDK classes are not properly resolved after setting up a new SDK
Core. Image ViewerBug IDEA-260894 Add Copy action to the BufferedImage display
Core. IndexingBug IDEA-265212 IntelliJ IDEA 2021.1 beta 4 cannot resolves JDK classes
Bug IDEA-258515 Request full index rebuild if MapInputException caused by corrupted persistent storage
Bug IDEA-254057 Exception on exit after plugin unloading
Bug IDEA-262428 Do not show public CDN URLs
Bug IDEA-257724 Indexing diagnostics: collect stats on SnapshotInputMappings
Bug IDEA-264500 VFS cache can't recover automatically after content storage corruption
Bug IDEA-263200 Shared index trying to attach non-existing chunk
Bug IDEA-261754 JSDetectingProjectFileScanner makes the scanning executor starve
Bug IDEA-258484 shared indexes generator is broken: file based index is not initialized by the time the command "dump-shared-index" is called
Bug IDEA-256129 Make possible to discover a plugin which breaks indexing
Bug IDEA-259897 shared-indexes: invalidate caches dialog should ask about shared indexes
Bug IDEA-260379 Async file listener should not lose events
Bug IDEA-263504 Invalidate Caches dialog: reconsider the defaults
Bug IDEA-258372 Save shared index version inside the index directory
Bug IDEA-262899 Can't find a file using Search Everywhere/Goto File
Bug IDEA-259273 Shared index storage should support a large chunk amount
Performance IDEA-257855 Excessive memory allocation when the IDE in idle
Task IDEA-260427 Stale index auto-repair
Task IDEA-257723 Integration performance tests with in-memory IDE
Core. InstallationBug IDEA-260798 Wrong vmoptions used after update to CLion 2021.1 EAP
Bug IDEA-263043 Idea fails to start from path contains spaces on linux
Bug IDEA-261720 Error updating EAP version
Bug IDEA-262571 doesn't allow symlinks
Bug IDEA-260882 Broken index file in proxy-vole-1.0.5-jb.2.jar
Bug IDEA-260909 CLion no longer starts after removing left-over files of older installations
Bug IDEA-261321 Mac Launcher does not request Rosetta 2 to be installed, if run with x86_64-only JBR on Apple Silicon/M1
Usability IDEA-252209 Avoid broken installation on Linux when distributive is unpacked into the same folder
Usability IDEA-263364 App started from IDEA cannot access Bluetooth on macOS Big Sur
Usability IDEA-264060 2021.1 update journey is broken as it requires multiple "check for updates" to produce a fully working installation
Usability IDEA-247751 Startup script overwtites "UNAME"
Task IDEA-257798 Bundle Kotlin 1.4.21 with Intellij IDEA 2021.1
Task IDEA-255426 [Apple Silicon] Convert launcher binary to universal format
Core. LicensingFeature IDEA-263678 License Panel: hide Evaluate radiobutton for CWM plugin
Bug IDEA-265183 Broken license dialog UI when user has several licenses
Task IDEA-263484 Docker Desktop causes wrong host name to be sent while obtaining floating license
Task IDEA-256171 Force using EAP license for paid EAP-enabled plugins running in an EAP IDE build
Core. Navigation and SearchFeature IDEA-256847 YAML: highlight both usages of PsiElement and Reference under caret if they have the same TextRange
Bug IDEA-261098 Go to usages (CMD+B) not working for variables declared with `var` in Java 11
Bug IDEA-250259 Go To action opens file inside generated sources
Bug IDEA-261644 "Data Flow To Here" yields no results for record constructor parameters
Usability IDEA-256350 Search using non english characters stopped working
Usability IDEA-252492 Do not show Calculator results in Search Everywhere if no operators are used
Core. Platform APIFeature IDEA-207237 New API for ConsoleInputFilterProvider
Bug IDEA-253543 JvmElementActionsFactory#createChangeParametersActions does not expose existing parameter annotations
Bug IDEA-252628 Make, NamedScopesHolder) non "abstract"
Bug IDEA-264897 A race condition that leaves daemon hanging
Task IDEA-228078 Scratch files should have their language file types, not ScratchFileType
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-254204 Plugin is not unloaded after the last project was closed
Bug IDEA-235321 Vagrant plugin can suggest restart on disabling
Bug IDEA-257167 Cryptic error message on start
Bug IDEA-261296 Can't install or update any plugin
Bug IDEA-235514 Terminal plugin requires restart on disabling
Bug IDEA-257906 Incorrect wording of "Loaded because enabled for another project" info text
Bug IDEA-261981 Web Services settings infinite loading
Bug IDEA-203746 New plugin page: depended plugin is not installed after user hit 'Proceed' in depending plugin installation
Bug IDEA-257854 Unclear/incorrect behavior on switching between per-project states
Bug IDEA-255042 Unable to unload plugin that uses module extension if project has no modules
Bug IDEA-259183 JavaFX Runtime for Plugins: An unexpected core classloader: class com.intellij.util.lang.PathClassLoader
Bug IDEA-257851 Per-project plugin is not becoming enabled for all projects if action was invoked from another project, but becomes enabled only for the first opened project after IDEA restart
Bug IDEA-253978 "File type conflict found" on every IDEA start - 3rd party plugins
Bug IDEA-255055 Unable to load/unload plugin when extension point defined in optional config file
Cosmetics IDEA-257857 "Loaded because enabled for another project" doesn't fit plugin info block
Task IDEA-173176 Use the latest version of kotlin-runtime library for build process if several plugins depends on different Kotlin versions
Exception IDEA-262837 Plugin installation failure - StackOverflowError in findPluginExtensionPointRecursive
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-261800 java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to get registered settings of #VueCodeStyleSettings when trying to open Code Style settings
Bug IDEA-261802 java.lang.Throwable: Can't find the language with ID Vue when disabling Vue.js plugin
Bug IDEA-259705 Module can't be deleted
Bug IDEA-262946 New EAP prints many errors to the log about duplicating LibraryIds
Bug IDEA-257175 IJ resets content root to the incorrect directory
Bug IDEA-99596 Manifest file located under 'main/java' root in Maven module is shown in artifact editor even if it won't be really copied to artifact
Bug IDEA-222640 Library configured via Project Structure For New Project dialog appears incorrectly in the new projects preventing new project libraries configuring
Bug IDEA-257476 Modules get lost on changing the 'store generated files externally' option for multimodule maven project
Bug IDEA-257767 Module settings not saved in .idea folder
Bug IDEA-257959 Project language level covers Java Preview warning dialog
Bug IDEA-264113 Cannot change library scope second time after clicking "apply" in project structure dialog
Bug IDEA-260372 Maven projects can't be built after disabling the (not used) dependency
Usability IDEA-116209 Allow to directly specify a jar's META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file
Exception IDEA-262073 java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to get registered settings of #VueCodeStyleSettings when enabling Vue.js plugin with opened .vue file
Exception IDEA-257252 UnsupportedOperationException at com.intellij.framework.detection.impl.DetectedFrameworksData.updateFrameworksList
Core. Quick DocumentationFeature IDEA-258058 Support bimodality of the {@return} Standard Doclet tag
Bug IDEA-260323 i18n: Documentation: Tool window title is not localized
Cosmetics IDEA-258219 Quick Doc: Typo in the description of JSP contentType
Core. RefactoringsBug IDEA-258166 "Refactor / Rename" on resource file picks wrong file
Bug IDEA-235126 During dialog-based rename, substituteElementToRename is called twice
Exception IDEA-121424 Throwable at com.intellij.ide.impl.DataManagerImpl$MyDataContext.getData
Core. Run. ConfigurationsFeature IDEA-233142 Allow storing run configurations outside of .idea
Bug IDEA-259458 [new run config UI] When VMOptions are long, some fields are hidden, tags are collapsed and field border line disappeared
Bug IDEA-259116 Wrong invocation of Run File action when file starts with #!
Bug IDEA-254720 Command line shortening: don't suggest for non-java process
Bug IDEA-264202 [new run config UI] invoking "command line" fields mnemonics don't move focus during indexing
Bug IDEA-261718 Application run configuration: inner class is prefixed with dollar and is reported invalid
Bug IDEA-261491 RunConfigurationsComboBoxAction.myButton leaks reference to disposed project
Bug IDEA-261161 Run configurations are not working due to "DataContext shall not be created and queried inside another getData() cal"
Bug IDEA-258398 @argfile shortening method isn't available in run configuration templates in some projects
Bug IDEA-259247 Alt-Enter shows action groups that do nothing
Bug IDEA-264143 The root node is configurable in the Run/Debug Configurations dialog
Usability IDEA-263886 [new run config UI] Change 'modify option' hotkey on macOS to be Option-M
Usability IDEA-254515 Get rid of unclear "user-local default" option in "Shorten command line" field in JVM-based run configurations
Usability IDEA-246087 [new run config UI] Improved keyboard navigation to fields
Cosmetics IDEA-257477 Fix tooltips in Java and JUnit dialogs
Cosmetics IDEA-261879 Edit configuration templates - configurations list is collapsed
Task IDEA-259200 Run configuration templates dialog update
Meta Issue IDEA-245877 [new run config UI] Resize fields based on content length and window size
Exception IDEA-262425 PluginException: Cyclic service initialization: RunManager
Exception IDEA-245958 Throwable: Directory index may not be queried for default project
Exception IDEA-261037 RunConfigurationTypeUsagesCollector.lambda$getMetrics$0
Core. Run. TargetsBug IDEA-264928 RunTargets. Quarkus. It fails to run on docker target
Bug IDEA-260005 Hide Run Targets UI from the IDEs with no supported language runtimes
Bug IDEA-258035 Run Targets: After introspection for SSH target, JDK path have extra white space at the end which fails app run
Bug IDEA-261637 Run Targets: Can not download single file via SSH
Bug IDEA-262446 Run Targets: SSH: contents of coverageNargs file is not uploaded
Bug IDEA-262784 Run targets: SSH stops working after installing rsync on Windows
Bug IDEA-264026 Run Targets: IDEA coverage/profiler stopped working on Docker target
Bug IDEA-257453 Run Targets: JDK path for SSH target not filled during introspection
Bug IDEA-264934 Eternal throbber in target creation wizard
Bug IDEA-262289 Run Targets: SSH: attempt to run with coverage fails
Bug IDEA-255964 "Run on" combobox in run configuration editor should show WSL under "New target"
Bug IDEA-261979 SSH target startup is very slow because of files syncing
Bug IDEA-262162 Run Targets: first introspection for WSL target fill JDK path incorrectly
Bug IDEA-261178 Support introspection for WSL run target
Bug IDEA-257693 Run Targets: Additional java/maven runtimes from SSH wizard not added to SSH target
Performance IDEA-262457 Choose run configuration popup is slow on IntelliJ IDEA project
Usability IDEA-258269 Run Targets. Fix layout of the SSH wizard
Usability IDEA-265188 Show popup `Please add /Applications/ to Resources -> File Sharing` when GoLand runs from /Applications/ path on macOS
Usability IDEA-262430 Run Targets: SSH allow to select the Gradle home using the path chooser
Cosmetics IDEA-258266 Run Targets. Cosmetic UI bugs
Task IDEA-259479 Run Targets: enable run.targets key by default in 2021.1 EAP
Task IDEA-260008 Target tests for WSL
Task IDEA-262277 Remote targets for Go Build: Introspection completed with error. Getting environment failed with exit value 1
Task IDEA-258455 Run Targets: download files from target
Exception IDEA-259929 java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException in Docker plugin on pulling the image by creation a run target
Core. SSHFeature IDEA-120235 Support ForwardAgent option to forward SSH keys
Bug IDEA-260890 "Can't copy sources" -> Connection failed -> Caused by: RemoteCredentials is not set in FileSystemOptions
Bug IDEA-255826 X11 forwarding doesn't work with VcXsrv (X server) on Windows
Bug IDEA-261740 Incorrect ServerAliveInterval=1 and ServerAliveCountMax=0 that disconnects SSH session immediately
Bug IDEA-258583 Prefer ECDSA/ED25519 host keys when connecting to an SSH server
Bug IDEA-259658 Move advanced settings from Deployment to Unified SSH
Core. Task ManagementUsability IDEA-254355 Provide an ability to assing shortcuts for "Start Timer" and "Stop Timer" actions
Exception IDEA-260686 Cannot edit tasks
EditorFeature IDEA-235188 Add ability to reserve separate window for a tab
Bug IDEA-255295 Reader Mode options are not applied for file when switching it to read-only mode
Bug IDEA-258454 Reader Mode options are not applied for opened library file until reopening
Bug IDEA-242414 Inlay code vision hints can't be seen when using 'Hight contrast' theme
Bug IDEA-255156 Light Editor doesn't remember changed windows size
Bug IDEA-253077 --wait option: terminal waits for whole editor window to be closed when light editor was opened with restored previously opened files
Bug IDEA-259724 Allow to 'Exclude Recursively' 'External Libraries' when create custom scope
Bug IDEA-260496 Font Settings: dropdown uses wrong font when Monospaced selected
Bug IDEA-259753 Unable to open java file in LightEdit mode, UnsupportedOperationException occurs
Bug IDEA-242875 NPE on clicking on Coverage results on gutter
Bug IDEA-262699 Wrong variant of Iosevka is used for italics
Bug IDEA-263938 Character moves a little when typing, looks like bounce effect
Bug IDEA-259828 Filter is not applied when scope changed
Bug IDEA-264440 Wrong bold font is used in editor
Usability IDEA-259829 Default width of custom scopes is too narrow
Cosmetics IDEA-260494 Font Settings: add a bottom panel with the help text "Enter any text to preview" to preview
Cosmetics IDEA-262330 Font Settings: adjust top of dialogue box (remove extra margins)
Cosmetics IDEA-260493 Add border to separate breadcrumbs and Font Settings
Task IDEA-260492 Font Settings: modify "Typography Settings" to a group that collapsed by default
Task IDEA-262329 Font Settings: improve search within font dropdown
Editor. Code CompletionBug IDEA-260190 Lookup popup window is incorrectly sized when there is only one item
Usability IDEA-258892 Rename "SmartType completion" to "Type-matching completion"
Editor. Code Completion. MLBug IDEA-261990 "Machine Learning Code Completion" plugin visits .class files
Bug IDEA-262094 Handle ignoring of matching case properly
Bug IDEA-262090 5 second freezes in completion in Java Files
Editor. Color SchemesBug IDEA-253840 Selected editor colors scheme is not persisted between restarts
Editor. CopyrightBug IDEA-260480 i18n: Preferences/Settings: Editor: CopyRight: Formatting: hardcode strings under JSP/JSPX/XML setting pages
Editor. Diff and MergeFeature IDEA-156485 Allow copying a file from another branch in Compare with branch view
Feature IDEA-228934 Add option to launch 3-way-diff directly
Bug IDEA-211809 Blank diff results loose all user changes
Bug IDEA-255639 Compare File with Editor action should be disabled in file context menu when Diff Preview is opened in Editor
Bug IDEA-262442 Diff detects changes incorrectly when add empty lines
Bug IDEA-256076 Extra pixel on editor diff markers
Bug IDEA-257651 Diff view detects big diff but change was only small
Bug IDEA-258704 Clicking on a change marker in left gutter adds a breakpoint if the code block is folded
Bug IDEA-261968 Diff-view in editor: toolbar may remain black when LaF theme is changed
Usability IDEA-224087 Exiting Diff Viewer with a non-file-backed pane looses changes
Cosmetics IDEA-240718 Caret is placed in the right pane when a blank Diff window is opened
Cosmetics IDEA-255482 White line on diff highlighters on 2,25 scaling
Cosmetics IDEA-239121 diff viewer artefacts (reggression)
Editor. Editing TextFeature IDEA-119451 Extend line selection via keyboard shortcut
Feature IDEA-219868 Add "Find in Path" to editor context menu for selected text
Bug IDEA-264147 Chosen font variation is ignored in some dialogs
Bug IDEA-262434 Italic font is broken for Courier in 2021.1 EAP
Bug IDEA-208441 "//region" matches a wrong "//endregion" sometimes.
Bug IDEA-261199 Right click resets selection of multiple lines
Usability IDEA-92825 Allow choosing variations of fonts
Usability IDEA-227988 Add an option to change tab character rendering
Usability IDEA-260463 EditorTextFieldActionPromoter hides IdeaVim actions
Cosmetics IDEA-203151 Remove toolbar in Quick Definition dialog
Editor. FormatterBug IDEA-192807 Enter calculates wrong indent
Bug IDEA-205999 "else" and "{}" indentation
Bug IDEA-254557 Need to press code reformat or optimize imports shortcut multiple times to make it work
Bug IDEA-226055 "Space before colon in foreach" setting isn't presented in code style preview
Bug IDEA-188397 Incorrect indent after Enter after curly brace on the same line
Bug IDEA-157294 Exporting Code Style profile fails when name is not filesystem-friendly (e.g. it contains a slash in *NIX systems)
Bug IDEA-189817 Code format breaks long URLs in code comments
Bug IDEA-239008 CodeStyleCachedValueProvider$AsyncComputation leaks reference to PSI File via TransientCodeSettings on plugin unload
Cosmetics IDEA-163806 indention in JavaDoc after <br> tag
Editor. Intention ActionsBug IDEA-236593 Docker: java.lang.Throwable: Assertion failed at opening a Dockerfile
Bug IDEA-263507 Line join silently changes semantics for nested ifs
Editor. TextMate BundlesBug IDEA-258528 TextMate plugin pollutes the log with "Failed to parse textmate regex" exceptions
Lang. JSONFeature IDEA-247214 JSONPath Language
Bug IDEA-261920 JsonPath: the strict (type safe) equals operators are not supported
Bug IDEA-261921 JsonPath: inject JSONPath language to com.jayway.jsonpath.WriteContext methods that accept jsonpath as parameter
Bug IDEA-261811 JsonPath support: the slice operator [start:end:step] is error-highlighted
Bug IDEA-258751 JsonQuoteHandler is not called inside JSON5 documents
Bug IDEA-261815 JsonPath support: operators completion doesn't work if it is partially typed
Bug IDEA-261813 JsonPath support: 'contains' operator is reported as error
Bug IDEA-261817 JsonPath support: improve the colors for different types of literals
Bug IDEA-262273 JSONPath: operators are not correctly highlighted on incremental highlighting
Usability IDEA-262172 JsonPath: provide completion by existing keys inside injected fragments
Usability IDEA-262180 Evaluate JSONPath: the font used for the jsonpath expression field should be the same as the editor one
Lang. MarkdownBug IDEA-260339 Formatting removes cpp code sections from Markdown files
Bug IDEA-254499 Markdown preview uses wrong colors with dark editor color theme
Bug IDEA-255254 Some Mermaid.js graphs are barely readable in dark themes
Bug IDEA-255284 Markdown mermaid ClassDiagram annotations generate syntax error
Bug IDEA-251645 Leaf nodes shouldn't be displayed as expandable in structure view
Lang. RegExpFeature IDEA-228664 Regexp inspection to warn about redundant non-capturing group
Bug IDEA-255232 Unclear highlighting and warning in RegExp tester
Bug IDEA-262576 Wrong warning about redundant non-capturing group
Lang. Shell ScriptBug IDEA-261571 False "Typo" highlighting on certain `test` commands
Bug IDEA-259764 |& operator breaks shell script editor
Bug IDEA-256714 Shell script syntax highlighting mangled after a parameter expansion
Bug IDEA-261565 Every invocation of a shell script create a new terminal tab
Bug IDEA-261684 bash: fails to resolve a function with a parens "()" body
Usability IDEA-252906 Support for running scripts without path
Lang. XPath and XSLTBug IDEA-261002 i18n: Edit: Find: Find by XPath: hardcode string
Lang. YAMLBug IDEA-212875 YAML indentation bugs when copy-paste
Bug IDEA-246131 Exception when injecting language into YAML quoted string literal using JSON schema
Tools. DockerFeature IDEA-261079 Docker: Dockerfile: Multi-staging: Add visual separators between stages in the editor
Feature IDEA-262658 Docker. Provide completion of stages names in case of multiple FROM statements in a Dockerfile
Feature IDEA-261892 Fold stages in multi-stage Dockerfile
Feature IDEA-261275 move BuildKit enabling to run configuration
Feature IDEA-179935 Docker: provide completion for the environment variables in the Dockerfile
Feature IDEA-259073 Environment variables for Docker mounts
Feature IDEA-178690 Docker: Make it possible to Cancel the "run" in the DockerView.
Feature IDEA-260147 add completion for docker cli options
Feature IDEA-262611 Support --platform command line option
Feature IDEA-210514 Support Docker buildkit/build enhancements
Feature IDEA-171374 Docker: Provide completion for image names in the Dockerfile, DockerCompose files
Feature IDEA-261169 possibility of tag validation in fragmented UI
Bug IDEA-262654 Dockerfile, Editor, image tags completion: the result list contains many items which are out of scope
Bug IDEA-263457 Docker. Run hangs after adding "Run built image" section and re-run
Bug IDEA-235007 No quotes autocompletion
Bug IDEA-262568 Docker.Container Deploy log tab: Ctrl+C via keyboard doesn't work
Bug IDEA-202612 Docker: Registry, test connection. Can't save "Server" changes.
Bug IDEA-256367 Can not connect to docker daemon on mac in master with error java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sun/jna/LastErrorException
Bug IDEA-260319 IllegalArgumentException when adding new Docker run target in WebStorm
Bug IDEA-261768 Container log not visible if the execution of the container is too quick
Bug IDEA-263419 Docker. Dockerfile/Image Run configuration.`Bind mounts` field is not removed at removing the option.
Bug IDEA-262619 Docker. Deploy Dockerfile with the pointed target never ends
Bug IDEA-263418 Docker. Dockerfile/Image run configuration. Publish all option doesn't work as CLI option
Bug IDEA-260400 Docker-compose. RunConfig. Impossible to delete "field" options
Bug IDEA-183170 Docker: registry rename doesn't work
Bug IDEA-256721 Docker. Impossible to delete connections from the Services view.
Bug IDEA-259025 NPE at running a docker-compose file
Bug IDEA-260102 Docker. Almost all tabs for containers are empty if container has mounted volumes
Bug IDEA-186080 Typed YAML: when keys are references, completion for them should not suggest existing sibling keys
Bug IDEA-255269 java.nio.channels.ClosedChannelException at attempt to write in the disconnected console
Bug IDEA-263086 Options in Run section aren't persistent between Run configuration reopen
Bug IDEA-263039 Docker. WinOS. BuildKit: it fails to run a container
Bug IDEA-263462 Docker. Remove docker.log file
Bug IDEA-263044 Docker. Exclude the current build stage name from the names completion list after `--from`
Bug IDEA-255049 Refactoring service name in docker-compose.yml does not work correctly
Bug IDEA-259061 disable deploy action for deploying node
Bug IDEA-263159 Docker. After an invalid connection all run configs fail until I re-connect to the Docker
Bug IDEA-262584 Docker. Dockerfile run configuration, Build options field: completion doesn't work after build options without arguments
Bug IDEA-259426 can't open Docker image run configuration while indexing
Bug IDEA-262501 Docker. Run Dockerfile with the pointed target fails
Bug IDEA-263164 Docker-compose. Impossible to run docker-compose on docker-machine
Bug IDEA-262633 Dockerfile, Editor, images completion: remove `library/` at tags completion
Bug IDEA-262345 DockerCompose. Run configuration. Scale:`Select Service to Scale` link doesn't add the service into the table
Bug IDEA-172645 Option to run only one stage or all stages of dockerfile
Bug IDEA-259230 Docker compose run fails with the error `settings.upTimeout must not be null`
Bug IDEA-263269 Docker. Support completion for ARGs in Dockerfiles
Bug IDEA-234252 DockerCompose: image tags completion doesn't work
Bug IDEA-262349 Docker-compose run configuration: add an explaining tooltip over each option
Bug IDEA-262419 show running cli command in docker-compose deploy log
Bug IDEA-264653 Docker. Before launch. Compose in compose parent task doesn't run
Bug IDEA-263514 Rider does not work with docker rootless
Bug IDEA-262324 Docker: when buildkit is enabled the image is always built on the Docker desktop, even if other connection is selected
Bug IDEA-261350 Docker-compose run configuration. Scale: it is possible to add some scales to one service
Bug IDEA-262881 Docker. Build image creates a run configuration with the "run" section
Bug IDEA-263058 Docker. BuildKit. Context folder always looks at the project folder
Usability IDEA-262657 Dockerfile, Editor, images completion: auto-appeared completion list contains not correct items list
Usability IDEA-262806 Docker: recognize Dockerfiles for Quarkus example files
Usability IDEA-211458 Feature request - Add ability to customize docker log scrollback and history displayed when running container
Usability IDEA-210374 Docker image run configuration environment variable input should be like the one for Docker-compose
Usability IDEA-199742 Docker command line preview should not contain linebreaks
Usability IDEA-196666 Add --rmi flag support for docker-compose integration
Usability IDEA-184524 DockerCompose run configuration: Pull of images happens without any log messages
Usability IDEA-258853 Incorrect field order in docker volume mapping configuration (UX)
Cosmetics IDEA-264539 Docker. Connection Settings: the url for Rootless socket on UNIX systems overlaps the option name
Exception IDEA-259024 com.intellij.docker.agent.ApiTaskException: Can't retrieve image ID from build stream at Deploy stop
Exception IDEA-262627 com.github.dockerjava.api.exception.BadRequestException at running FROM without arguments by disabled BuildKit
Exception IDEA-260105 'Can't launch `desktop list`' when debug Node.js app via interpreter from Docker
Exception IDEA-260150 java.lang.Throwable: Path conflict. Existing symlink: SymlinkData in the container Files tab
Exception IDEA-263927 Exception when open Docker settings on windows
Tools. HTTP ClientFeature IDEA-249252 Microservices: show warning for incorrect or unknown HTTP header names
Feature IDEA-252880 Fold automatically response files links for 6th oldest and further
Feature IDEA-239340 Support line numbers in HTTP Response Run frame
Feature IDEA-251651 HttpClient: need easiest way to copy body of request response (button)
Feature IDEA-239140 Support foldings in HTTP Response Run frame
Feature IDEA-137125 Add support in the REST Client tool to define a client TLS certificate
Bug IDEA-261343 HTTP Usage inspection is shown for the thymeleaf namespace
Bug IDEA-239228 REST does not work with manually configured ssh tunnel SOCKS5 proxy
Bug IDEA-256102 HttpClient's lexer holds JS elements types after JS plugin unloding
Bug IDEA-255548 HttpClient: get multiple env files error on attempt to run request with variables
Bug IDEA-261717 HTTP Usage inspection should ignore localhost
Bug IDEA-260232 Add "password" to "SSLConfiguration"
Bug IDEA-257460 Http Client. Strange response if selected more than one request
Bug IDEA-260741 HttpClient: Completion for SSLconfiguration on windows comes with wrong "/"
Usability IDEA-261392 HttpClient: Need some advice how to edit password for certificate
Usability IDEA-247549 Add "scroll to top" button in response console
Task IDEA-258841 Move old REST client to a plugin under
Task IDEA-261957 Remove `` from HTTP Client plugin
Exception IDEA-261390 HttpClient: On run request with certificate get java.lang.AssertionError: Wrong line separators: '...y>\n</html>\r\n' at offset 254 exception
Tools. TerminalFeature IDEA-222917 Add support for terminal on FreeBSD
Feature IDEA-224561 API for custom highlighting of a found text in Terminal
Feature IDEA-257024 Provide session ids
Bug IDEA-264105 Using 2021.1 beta2, opening a terminal the mouse wheel scroll is not working. This used to work.
Bug IDEA-172320 SSH Terminal: Change default encoding to UTF
Bug IDEA-240040 Losing lines from the bottom of the Terminal Window when the window is resized horizontally
Bug IDEA-259657 Resizing terminal eats output
Bug IDEA-153321 native pty executor library issue: can't build\run\debug any project
Bug IDEA-259452 Too fast scroll in Terminal
Bug IDEA-188414 Default powershell colors are barely visible in Intellij theme
Bug IDEA-260566 Terminal width is limited to 80 characters
Bug IDEA-206708 Terminal: honor 'Close session when it ends' option
Bug IDEA-180923 Terminal. Scroll bounce
Bug IDEA-253663 Separate background and foreground terminal/ANSI colors
Usability IDEA-182750 Darcula theme: unreadable errors in local and SSH terminals
Usability IDEA-117484 Can't select all terminal output
Cosmetics IDEA-201445 The Terminal view has an ugly thick gray vertical scrollbar track that never goes away
Cosmetics IDEA-196703 IntelliJ terminal dosent match colors on iTerm ZSH theme
Cosmetics IDEA-218038 [Terminal] current dir path is mixed after window resizing and sh file executing
Task IDEA-228106 Provide API for getting Terminal cursor coordinates
Exception IDEA-129259 Terminal plugin won't start on FreeBSD
User InterfaceFeature IDEA-254286 Add plugin version for each "Non-Bundled Plugin" to "copy" button on the "About" dialog
Feature IDEA-75238 Microsoft Windows Jump List support.
Feature IDEA-242086 Add actions "close all projects" and "close all but this projects"
Feature IDEA-82829 Maximize editor window should hide other editor in split view
Bug IDEA-261723 Welcome Screen size grows after each restart so that its frame doesn't fit the display
Bug IDEA-257112 Settings | Plugins: Can't disable plugin if its dependencies are not loaded
Bug IDEA-263404 EAP user agreement too small to read
Bug IDEA-264220 Initial path under \\wsl$\ is not selected in file tree on opening file chooser dialog
Bug IDEA-87703 Recent files doesn't close when floating Navigation bar appears
Bug IDEA-265019 StackOverflowError on action update
Bug IDEA-254692 Impossible to select menu entries from popup of the hidden toolbar button
Bug IDEA-260545 No indents in new popups UI
Bug IDEA-260688 New popups UI: Numbers disappear in menu item when opening submenu
Bug IDEA-249791 Switcher cannot display all options
Bug IDEA-265418 'Subpixel' mode is default for the Editor on macOS
Bug IDEA-259483 Pinned preview tab bug
Bug IDEA-262148 UI inspector shortcut triggers Alt+Click action on the inspected component
Bug IDEA-236698 List items are not shown on Mac Touch Bar
Bug IDEA-261400 New popups UI: schemas are switched on hover in DataGrip
Bug IDEA-259863 Got it tooltip for Reader Mode does not appear after fresh start
Bug IDEA-207152 "File | New Scratch File" isn't shown in custom "Quick Lists"
Bug IDEA-261958 Fix context hints in Run Options
Bug IDEA-251940 Some icons became brighter
Bug IDEA-263961 Certain combinations of bookmark icon colors are handled incorrectly
Bug IDEA-257817 Issue with highlighting of push combo-button in Push dialog
Bug IDEA-261041 ToolTipManager leaks references to UI components holding PSI of plugin being unloaded
Bug IDEA-256329 Big Sur: wrong z-order of dialogs and alerts causing UI lock
Bug IDEA-239130 The IDE gets stuck after cancelling opening a project
Bug IDEA-233135 scrolling code tabs with mouse wheel could be much faster
Bug IDEA-260344 Built-in HTML preview should have white page background by default
Bug IDEA-257145 SVG with embedded base64 PNG is not rendered
Bug IDEA-261408 Submenu that is shown on the left disappears before the cursor gets there
Bug IDEA-263574 Choose Boot Runtime: "Failed to set boot JDK runtime" error on attempt to select JDK in Download JDK dialog
Bug IDEA-227657 "Recent files" popup has UI glitches after removing file
Bug IDEA-261715 Modal progress dialog is hidden on ESC, but Task is not cancelled
Bug IDEA-261133 Main menu is not shown on Windows
Bug IDEA-263928 Notification balloons do not appear when the corresponding status bar widget isn't displayed
Bug IDEA-255675 Welcome screen: Changing combobox values on Customize tab switches focus to Projects tab
Bug IDEA-258560 Big Sur: Empty bar appears above the navigation bar after closing the project tab
Bug IDEA-260093 Big Sur: Empty bar appears at the bottom after closing the project tab
Bug IDEA-255056 Unexpected location of "unsplit"
Bug IDEA-220248 Incorrect UI panels width after reopening DataGrip
Bug IDEA-260543 "Choose run configuration" popup is not opened with shortcut
Bug IDEA-255669 "Got it" popup changes its position on switching tabs
Bug IDEA-263915 "Quick switch scheme" popup mnemonics display as "..." with larger appearance font sizes
Bug IDEA-113995 Jump list: can't open recent projects that have spaces in paths
Bug IDEA-250740 LightEdit: no menu on Linux with global menu support
Bug IDEA-262477 Submenu is not shown on mouse hover
Bug IDEA-260260 Notification is missing after recording async profiler snapshot
Bug IDEA-249645 AbstractPopup with AdText: wrong height after pack()
Bug IDEA-256423 Big Sur: Non-native alert for project opening is shown if opening a project while Find in Path is opened
Bug IDEA-261894 Editor tabs for modified files that contain errors have wrong text color
Bug IDEA-259352 Cmd+Shift+Up/Down resizes tool window at the bottom instead of moving the line up/down
Bug IDEA-262234 Native crash due to uncaught exception NSInvalidArgumentException on several modal dialogs on BigSur
Bug IDEA-255549 Empty line at the top of the value popup
Bug IDEA-261454 Memory leaks via multiple DragHelper instances stored in IdeKeyboardFocusManager::keyEventDispatchers
Bug IDEA-261403 Hover selection color in Darcula is incorrect for tables and popups
Bug IDEA-252551 Opacity in colorpicker disappeared
Bug IDEA-224228 Refactor dialog appears when trying to open Terminal via Switcher
Bug IDEA-243071 SplitButtonAction leaks reference to disposed project
Bug IDEA-259944 New Scratch File does not appear in a Quick List
Usability IDEA-187018 Make F2 "Go to next highlighted error" work in Recent Files/Recently Edited files popups
Usability IDEA-255394 Got it popups from different features overlap
Usability IDEA-176682 Editor tab: `` file label could be optimized
Usability IDEA-258895 Rename "import popup" to "auto-import tooltip"
Usability IDEA-264770 [Choose Runtime dialog] Minimize button closes the Setting IDE boot runtime pop-up and IDE looks like frozen until downloading will be completed
Usability IDEA-260546 Pressing Esc in popup submenu should bring focus back to menu
Usability IDEA-260462 Focus is moved to preview tab when opening HTML file in built-in preview
Usability IDEA-141556 Welcome Screen: Recent projects list: search should work within groups
Usability IDEA-251659 Clicking Color preview changes CSS color format
Usability IDEA-72536 Switcher shortcuts changing is confusing
Usability IDEA-254272 Add tooltips for all tool window buttons
Usability IDEA-196260 "Stretch tool window to *" is disabled via right click/gear icon/find action but not via Window -> Active Tool Window -> Resize
Usability IDEA-227224 'Delete line to start' doesn't work in text areas
Usability IDEA-223541 Inspection scopes on groups cannot be differentiated in the UI
Usability IDEA-256948 Place toolbar on the top of the table
Cosmetics IDEA-262243 Mnemonics color in popups is not changed when the row is selected
Cosmetics IDEA-259206 OK-Cancel buttons should be right-aligned in message dialogs on Windows
Cosmetics IDEA-260683 New popups UI: Menu item is not highlighted when submenu is opened
Cosmetics IDEA-262259 Action text is not aligned with mnemonic in popups
Cosmetics IDEA-211724 HTML escape entities appear in the status bar when the tooltip is html-based
Cosmetics IDEA-262729 cosmetic file watcher message
Cosmetics IDEA-255039 Fix icon alignment in the Navbar
Task IDEA-257575 Change color picker move/nudge shortcuts
Task IDEA-260101 Group headers for lists
Task IDEA-209631 Sort open windows by name in Window menu
Task IDEA-261797 Popups: mnemonics style
Task IDEA-253581 Switch IDE theme directly as entries are selected in the Appearance combo box
Task IDEA-190854 Replace plus icons with modifiers with one plus icon with dropdown
Task IDEA-260948 Updates settings dialog redesign
Task IDEA-195753 Add setting for tree line height
Task IDEA-219895 Implement typography system
Exception IDEA-259970 java.lang.Throwable on "Close All Projects" if there are more than two projects opened
User Interface. AccessibilityFeature IDEA-200170 High Contrast Theme should be applied by default on first launch if "High Contrast" mode is applied in Windows
Bug IDEA-261695 Choose Declaration list is no accessible
Bug IDEA-250862 On the welcome screen in the customization tab, labels are not associated with combo boxes
Bug IDEA-257258 camplition popup is not voiced on macOS
Bug IDEA-256940 The list of file types Associate with Idea does not spoken elements
Bug IDEA-254108 In the appearance tab, the label is not associated with the "font size:" combobox
Task IDEA-260436 Add an UI inspector to display the accessibility hierarchy
Task IDEA-258233 Set the project tree view to accessible Name
Task IDEA-261087 Make com.intellij.ui.TitledSeparator accessible
Exception IDEA-261841 java.lang.ClassCastException when try to run the UI Inspector
User Interface. Action SystemBug IDEA-238354 Touch bar leaks actions on plugin unload
Bug IDEA-259561 Ctrl-D shortcut in Editor invokes Diff instead of line duplicating
Task IDEA-261330 Action names redefined in IdeUICustomization.projectMessage should be considered in goto action
Task IDEA-263205 Action Popups: Disable separate "next step" button
User Interface. Console ViewBug IDEA-261792 Cannot normally input in Run console
User Interface. ControlsFeature IDEA-260013 UI for independent submenu in popups
Feature IDEA-212299 Implement Select parent node in UI trees
Bug IDEA-251059 Two-line empty text with a link is cropped
Bug IDEA-260619 Empty elements in table after hover
Bug IDEA-250004 Big Sur: Context menu highlighting breaks if submenu invoked
Bug IDEA-261687 Arrows separators are shown in Copy Path popup
Task IDEA-255170 Got It tooltip: do not close on click outside
User Interface. Embedded Browser (JCEF)Bug IDEA-264004 JCEF JBCefOsrHandlerBrowser failed to invoke JS when global registry value ide.browser.jcef.jsQueryPoolSize is not set.
Bug IDEA-262267 Built-in html preview is not rendered from time to time
Bug IDEA-261496 Cancelled Navigation in JCEF preview shows error page
Task IDEA-261425 jcef: add method for setting css background color
Task IDEA-262952 allow JBCefBrowser to take focus on show/navigation
Task IDEA-263753 provide ability to configure proxy server for jcef
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesBug IDEA-264313 Find in Files: dots in empty text
Bug IDEA-244348 Find Popup: missing Tooltip for "Show Filter Popup"
Bug IDEA-170038 Find in Path dialog does not close automatically when clicking the code area
Bug IDEA-260227 Ctrl+Click on an argument in lambda does not show usages.
Bug IDEA-257087 Find Usages context menu item not visible until second right click
Bug IDEA-253378 Wrong local usage highlighting in injections
Usability IDEA-212226 Find in Path dialog: option to open results in a separate tab should be keyboard-accessible
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-263483 focus lost after Reformat code
Bug IDEA-249360 Project View scroll jumps down to the previously selected file with "Always select opened file" when switching from another app
Bug IDEA-261798 Modal progress dialog doesn't grab focus
Bug IDEA-193427 Debug Tool window in Unpinned, Undock, Floating, Window modes disappears after clicking "New Watch", "Set Value"
Bug IDEA-209138 Entering/Exiting Full Screen Mode causes the IDE's window to lose focus
User Interface. GraphicsUsability IDEA-220771 The delay when detaching editor tabs is too long
User Interface. Keyboard InputBug IDEA-261309 Character is typed in the editor when invoking a dialog through shortcut
Bug IDEA-242263 Using hot keys to access "Quick Switch Schemes" Populates a search box with letter 'Q'
Usability IDEA-177432 Switcher shortcut to navigate backwards does not work with combinations other than Shift
User Interface. Look and FeelBug IDEA-254098 Mac title bar is bright for tool windows opened in float mode (when whole theme is dark)
Bug IDEA-201293 Some colors are not changed on switching theme
Bug IDEA-256913 Theme is not changed to light when changing Editor color scheme to classic light and applying bright theme for IDE
Bug IDEA-258213 Nightly build doesn't show buttons
Cosmetics IDEA-201983 High contrast theme: there is no separator on a button with separator
Task IDEA-216858 Color keys: use color keys for the mouse shortcut area
Task IDEA-216859 Color keys: unregistered root background
User Interface. NavigationFeature IDEA-253560 Cannot navigate from folded reference to property bundle in Kotlin
Bug IDEA-193601 New SE: No 'Continue search...' link when no results found on applied filter
Bug IDEA-265505 Backspace doesn't update speed search results in recent files
Bug IDEA-264890 Recent Files / Switcher chooses the first item by default
Bug IDEA-207163 Recently Edited Files popup doesn't have shortcut for switching between RecentFiles and RecentlyEditedFiles
Bug IDEA-216720 "Ctrl+E" shortcut is displayed in "Recent Files" popup if it was removed from the keymap
Bug IDEA-261860 Navigation to an open file reopens it in active group
Bug IDEA-263874 No mnemonics in Switcher opened with one-key shortcut
Bug IDEA-264409 Cannot open a recent file in splitted window
Bug IDEA-254742 Preview tab automatically switching to a real tab
Bug IDEA-255955 Navigation bar is empty when opening a second project
Bug IDEA-102409 Switcher with custom shortcut (e.g. Cmd-I) doesn't disappear when modifier released
Usability IDEA-263890 "Recent Files": unexpected focus, does not only filter on files
Cosmetics IDEA-227322 When quickfix is found by Find Actions, it contains raw html
Exception IDEA-262100 CME at com.intellij.ide.navigationToolbar.NavBarPanel.updateItems
User Interface. PluginsBug IDEA-256506 Checkboxes in Plugins don't work
Bug IDEA-255478 Double confirm for IDE restart
Bug IDEA-257267 Webstorm is suggesting usage of Intelij Idea Ultimate
Usability IDEA-259158 "Plugin updates installed" notification should not be sticky
Usability IDEA-254729 Unify the updates dialog
User Interface. Project ViewFeature IDEA-248876 Show horizontal scrollbar in trees only when visible area contains items wider than viewport
Feature IDEA-208072 "File Nesting" support in "Project Files"
Bug IDEA-257211 Can't navigate to package in external libraries
Bug IDEA-248797 Packages View shows useless empty packages from libraries
Bug IDEA-256683 "Enable preview tab" function only works on"Project" view,not working on other views on IDEA 2020.3.
Task IDEA-209057 Changes "for current project" and “for new project” components in Preferences/Settings
User Interface. Search EverywhereFeature IDEA-255488 Search Everywhere: make "Shown Contributors" filter application-wide
Feature IDEA-255672 Search Everywhere: file names in results should be the same with editor tab header
Feature IDEA-256078 Add link to open Find in Path when no results found in SE
Bug IDEA-231624 Can't find "show code folding outline" option via Find Action
Bug IDEA-259261 Remove suggestion to find in files on Actions and Git tab
Bug IDEA-261863 "Make File Writable" action cannot be searched by "Writable"
Usability IDEA-263459 Support screen readers in search dialogs
Usability IDEA-253918 Better rounding of results in Search Everywhere calculations
Task IDEA-256217 Untidy results in the Search Everywhere calculator
Exception IDEA-259361 Search Everywhere: Exception when results contain rendered HTML
User Interface. Services ViewBug IDEA-261189 Actions are missed for db session node in Services tool window
Version ControlFeature IDEA-217323 Add Revert current Line action to Alt+Enter
Feature IDEA-171009 Offer option to Shelve a Changelist without reseting it
Bug IDEA-185735 "Commit" button randomly does not trigger commit when Cleanup or Perform code analysis options are enabled
Bug IDEA-237387 Git Branches popup is displaced
Bug IDEA-236524 show commit options popup is not honouring the screen top
Bug IDEA-261046 Correctly dispose `ConfigurableUi` from `BaseCommitMessageInspection#createOptionsConfigurable` if it implements `Disposable`
Bug IDEA-209585 "Clear initial commit message" setting overwrites fixup message
Bug IDEA-256998 Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.ex.ChangelistsLocalLineStatusTracker: Attempt to register duplicate trackers
Bug IDEA-255154 Some symbols in author name does not shown
Bug IDEA-203694 Grouping changes by Repository shows submodule object change as part of submodule, but it is in the root repo
Bug IDEA-250477 Option to view All changed files disapearing randomly
Bug IDEA-260241 Ctrl + C copies editor line instead of previous changed chunk content
Bug IDEA-215959 Non-modal commit: the changelist name should be used as default commit message value
Bug IDEA-257313 Rebase message contains unprintable characters on macOS Big Sur
Bug IDEA-258646 Commit action is disabled in the file context menu.
Bug IDEA-237029 Selecting text shortcut conflicts with toolwindow resize in Commit toolwindow
Usability IDEA-259716 Use submenu to configure double-click behavior - Diff vs Source
Usability IDEA-257543 Nothing happens if 'Resolve conflicts' is pressed after all conflicts have been resolved
Usability IDEA-251017 Missing mnemonic for VCS menu
Usability IDEA-254160 Refresh icon is not clear enough for Fetch
Task IDEA-259993 Hide the selection logic change under registry and disable for now
Task IDEA-244040 Add display ID for VCS notifications
Version Control. GitFeature IDEA-256885 Git Stage: Support committing different git roots separately
Bug IDEA-261550 choose upstream path - Git Root cut - path partial visible
Bug IDEA-248343 Git Remote add unable to cancel.
Bug IDEA-262223 Git Commit Template: respect relative paths
Bug IDEA-263695 Can't commit staged changes on the first Commit toolwindow opening
Bug IDEA-262518 Cherry-pick with conflict works incorrectly when conflicted file is open in the editor
Bug IDEA-262301 Git Staging Area: don't group by repository changes in a single-root project
Bug IDEA-261638 Access from EDT is not allowed in GitVFSListener
Bug IDEA-254571 "Create Git repository" action fails when the project is in WSL
Bug IDEA-257593 A file called .git is detected as git root.
Bug IDEA-264428 Git: pressing OK in "Define Remote" dialog does nothing
Bug IDEA-256674 Git Staging Area: gutter markers ignore configured border colors
Bug IDEA-261593 Cherry-pick with dialog could miss some changes
Bug IDEA-258247 Git Staging Area: commit message doesn't save in "Commit Message History" after commit
Bug IDEA-226786 Synchronous execution on EDT from GitApplyChangesProcess$ResolveLinkListener.hyperlinkUpdate
Bug IDEA-251850 Choose upstream branch fails if some of repositories are in Detached Head
Bug IDEA-246614 Modification lines are not highlighted in gutter after dynamic plugin unloading
Bug IDEA-251945 Can't resolve merge conflicts
Usability IDEA-108310 Git: provide icon for 'Fetch' command in VCS/Git menu
Usability IDEA-255504 Git Rebase dialog: Hash from upstream field does not copied to new base field on adding --onto option
Usability IDEA-262307 Git Staging Area: allow commit without checking the checkbox when changes from the only one repo are staged
Usability IDEA-250748 Git Merge dialog: The text in branch combobox isn't pre-selected after first git merge action invocation
Usability IDEA-260641 Rename Revert to Rollback in Git Stage
Usability IDEA-260806 Git Rebase dialog shows the "Select a new base" error on opening
Usability IDEA-259241 Jump to Source is missing in file context menu when staging area is enabled
Usability IDEA-257569 Cannot find Resolve conflicts... in the new Git menu
Usability IDEA-262282 Staging operations should not be in the document undo stack.
Cosmetics IDEA-259428 "Failed to stage files" balloon incorrectly appears on staging file from ignored directory
Cosmetics IDEA-254366 Rename the 'Rebase my GitHub fork' action to 'Sync Fork'
Cosmetics IDEA-255833 Branches in Git Log: Add tooltip for branches setting icon
Support Request IDEA-254998 Failed to start Git process: Unknown WSL distribution (Pengwin - Wlinux)
Exception IDEA-260333 Exception on project opening after switching from non-modal to stage mode while project was closed
Exception IDEA-261251 Exception on diff preview opening after dynamic plugin unloading
Exception IDEA-262818 Exception every time then git panel is open
Version Control. GitHubFeature IDEA-142717 GitHub pull request template
Feature IDEA-263015 Ability to start PR creation without opening the toolwindow first
Feature IDEA-233916 Support adding comments to Multi-Line on pull request
Feature IDEA-263016 Allow filtering branches when selecting one to create a PR
Bug IDEA-263686 Pull Requests: changing metadata from no assignees to 1 moves the entire right block to the left
Bug IDEA-263925 GitHub Enterprise: can't view pull requests
Bug IDEA-259888 GitHub Pull Requests: Empty content of Pull Requests toolwindow when account token is invalid
Bug IDEA-262621 GitHub Pull Requests: Cannot display item - Icon cannot be found in 'GithubIcons.Branch', class='org.jetbrains.plugins.github.GithubIcons' for events with branch icon in timeline
Bug IDEA-263227 GitHub Pull Requests: wrong branch is preselected in head branch on PR creation if branch checkout was performed while Pull Requests tool window was opened
Bug IDEA-255058 GitHub Pull Requests: Empty editor is opened on moving pull request tab to new window
Bug IDEA-244211 GitHub PRs: Comment markdown - multiple newlines are not rendered correctly
Bug IDEA-259886 GitHub Enterprise: unable to load and add pull request multi-line comments
Bug IDEA-257505 GitHub Pull Requests: can't add multiline comment
Bug IDEA-262590 GitHub Pull Requests: commits with PR links are displayed incorrectly
Bug IDEA-263510 GitHub Pull Requests: wrong line separators error on editing PR description
Bug IDEA-259924 GitHub Pull Requests: Deleted remote remains open
Bug IDEA-264219 Github Pull Requests: file tree on Commits pane gets stuck in loading state on new pr creation
Bug IDEA-256782 GitHub Pull Requests: the images in PR timeline doesn't load
Performance IDEA-263978 IntelliJ consumes 100% of one core while being idle
Usability IDEA-262615 GitHub Pull Requests: sort alphabetically head branch list on PR creation
Usability IDEA-262613 GitHub Pull Requests: preselect head repo improvements on PR creation in project with multiple remotes
Usability IDEA-262835 GitHub Pull Requests: no focused item on "New Pull Request" tab opening
Usability IDEA-263182 GitHub Pull Requests: add shortcut to Create Pull Request
Usability IDEA-263396 GitHub Pull Requests: New Pull Request tab isn't focused when call Create Pull Request action without opening Pull Requests toolwindow
Usability IDEA-233137 GitHub Pull Requests: add tooltip to add comment
Usability IDEA-262857 GitHub Pull Requests: no way to switch between Title and Description inputs from keyboard
Cosmetics IDEA-264070 GitHub Pull Requests: add project name on New Pull Request tab
Cosmetics IDEA-252595 Inconsistent PR number formatting
Cosmetics IDEA-264072 GitHub Pull Requests: rename "Create Pull Request" action and button tooltip to "Create Pull Request..."
Exception IDEA-262607 GitHub Pull Requests: exception on successful PR creating after failed PR creation
Version Control. Local HistoryBug IDEA-235371 When selecting 'Get' on VCS history extra space being added at the top of the file.
Exception IDEA-248074 LocalHistoryLog - Assertion failed: not balanced 'begin/end-change set' calls
Version Control. LogBug IDEA-257628 Typo in git "committed date" when committer and author differ
Bug IDEA-261290 Navigation to a rebased commit from "Go To Hash/Branch/Tag" shows incorrect error message
Version Control. SubversionBug IDEA-257549 Subversion fails on Build for AppleSilicon ARM (aarch64) due to missing native sqlite lib
Bug IDEA-257274 i18n: VCS: Subversion: hardcode strings in SVN window
Code InsightFeature PY-44026 Try auto-importing modules when completing module names or the attributes of modules
Feature PY-46668 Support matching all parameters with arguments in code completion
Bug PY-46229 No completion for "ast" classes
Bug PY-29891 PyCharm doesn't infer AsyncContextManager types even using type annotations
Bug PY-47281 Fuzzy completion of not imported qualified names suggests definitions from internal modules (starting from underscore)
Bug PY-43841 Expected type 'function', got '(row: Any) -> str' instead
Bug PY-44714 false positive with TypedDict and None
Bug PY-46422 Run icon in Markdown code block
Bug PY-46361 Auto-import quickfix suggests non-existing packages from python-skeletons
Bug PY-45566 Extended completion suggests symbols from python-skeletons, not available in project
Bug PY-46056 Import completion hint is inconsistent with the actual resolve
Bug PY-46054 "from ... import ..." suggest irrelevant imports in case of same directory import
Bug PY-27142 Infer types of decorated methods based on the types of their decorators
Bug PY-45541 Extended completion suggests importing numpy.ndarray as numpy.core._multiarray_umath.ndarray
Bug PY-37362 Infer types of decorated methods based on the type hints of their decorators
Bug PY-47307 Don't insert dot "." after completing not imported module name
Bug PY-46381 Extended completion and auto-import quick fix suggest variants from third-party package tests and bundled dependencies
Usability PY-43889 Suggest "main" live template only when typed in the global scope at the beginning of the line
Usability PY-45459 Make f-string like completion available right after "{" on explicit completion invocation
Task PY-44024 Disable optimizing imports inside "Test Resources" roots
Exception PY-46983 s.models.ZipBasedModelProvider - Failed to load model empty_module#python-names:empty_module:1.0.0
ConsoleBug PY-36301 Permanent "Executing Code in Console" after the console was stopped
Bug PY-46500 Console opens two empty consoles after one was closed.
DebuggerFeature PY-19764 Show shape for tensors and other types with `shape` attribute
Bug PY-45659 Python isolated mode (-I) breaks subprocess debugging
EditingFeature PY-40863 Add syntax highlighting to double braces in f-strings
Bug PY-41312 Inconsistent "Move statement" behavior when applied to multiple statements
Bug PY-39406 Strings are displayed without prefixes when folding
Exception PY-46178 Auto-conversion to f-string doesn't work in the middle of an URL
FormatterFeature PY-33060 Wrapping settings for function call arguments
InspectionsFeature PY-19917 Support "type: ignore" comments from PEP 484
Bug PY-36062 Type checker unable to recognize ModuleType
Bug PY-44957 Type checker configured to show warnings, but shows weak warnings in case of generic class
Bug PY-39262 False positive "Local variable might be used before assignment" when using assignment expression as part of and expression
Bug PY-25553 Type warnings when object that implements `__index__` is used to index a sequence
Interpreters SettingsUsability PY-45384 Suggest creating WSL-based interpreter after opening a project in \\wsl$
Exception PY-45795 "Write access is allowed inside write-action only" exception is thrown after loading a project with configured interpreter in IDE with Python plugin
RefactoringBug PY-31369 Don't suggest "Add type hints for function .." and replace existing when function already has them
Usability PY-42389 Don't inherit "object" after calling "Create class"
Exception PY-46099 "Extract Superclass" fails if the method contain a class initialization and its method invocation
Test RunnerBug PY-45096 Pytest test execution failure fails to show error line
Bug PY-45405 Running test with pytest runner on PyCharm writes error on failed tests twice since 2019
No subsystemBug DBE-12806 Jump to source not working correctly after updates
Task DBE-12439 Create icons for sortHistory and filterHistory
Code CompletionBug DBE-12780 No completion for system procedures if they are unquaified
Code GenerationBug DBE-5615 Bug when set an existing column as auto increment primary key
Bug DBE-12759 unable to get the comment information for the database view field. It's OK in version 2019.3.5.
Code HighlightingFeature DBE-12302 Support ClickHouse REMOVE DEFAULT clause
Bug DBE-12517 False-positive "Unreachable code", PL/SQL
Bug DBE-12285 ILIKE ANY is not recognized
Bug DBE-12289 Multiple PL/SQL Declarations in WITH clause
Bug DBE-12833 Exasol: support FORCE/KERBEROS PRINCIPAL keywords for user creation
Bug DBE-12227 Specify Null Bheaviour in Window Function
Bug DBE-12775 Outdated MariaDB dialect
Bug DBE-12693 Exasol QUALIFY clause
Bug DBE-12556 'RESTART' is not recognized in PostgreSQL
ConnectivityFeature DBE-12164 Support Azure AD Multi-Factor interactive Authentication (Universal with MFA)
Bug DBE-12522 Incorrect icons for basic support drivers
Bug DBE-12559 Database plugin doesn't handle MySQL expired passwords
Usability DBE-12813 Pressing the "Plus" button in the Data Sources and Drivers does nothing
Data Editor/ViewerFeature DBE-12714 Add titled separators to context menu of column header
Feature DBE-6704 Loading Datagrip tables with descending order as default
Feature DBE-12306 The option to ‘auto-transpose’ when the result set is only a single record
Bug DBE-6239 Moving database table views forgets hidden columns
Bug DBE-12575 Filtering (and foreign Key referencing) does not work on binary columns
Bug DBE-12818 MongoDB: maximize doesn't show string values in a column that is detected as numeric
Bug DBE-12830 Grid quick-doc is broken. getDataContext is invoked on non-EDT
Bug DBE-10165 SELECT for Athena is generated without LIMIT clause
Bug DBE-12410 Unable to access referenced data
Performance DBE-11578 Smaller page size limit for MongoDB
Usability DBE-12260 Show to users that they can add a column to sorted columns by pressing alt+click
Usability DBE-11933 DataGrip is copying truncated data to clipboard without warning
Data Import/ExportFeature DBE-11815 ability to add the SQL query code when uploading data to Excel (append query text to exported data)
Feature DBE-10465 First row is header in the context menu
Database ExplorerFeature DBE-12685 'got it' tooltip about '0 of 23' control when first creating the data source.
Bug DBE-12283 'Show Generated Objects' setting does not always filter objects
Database MigrationsBug DBE-12445 SQL Generator produces DEFAULTS in grants for routines for PostgreSQL
Bug DBE-12678 Missing mandatory keywords when saving stored procedure
Bug DBE-8721 `Create New Table` generates SQL that is not accepted by MySQL when {Auto inc, Unique} are set
Bug DBE-12589 Unable to open "events" and view error when errors occur
Bug DBE-12730 Comment on routine not supported
GeneralFeature DBE-7003 Custom Password Provider Plugin
Bug DBE-12533 Unable to save some settings
Bug DBE-12629 Context templates for select N rows in Oracle generates invalid query
Bug DBE-11539 MySQL Driver download failed on MacOS 10.15
Cosmetics DBE-12628 Incorrect size of resolution scope tree selection
IntrospectionFeature DBE-10584 Table structure in database window does not show partition information for MariaDB/MySQL
Feature DBE-6811 Show offline databases
Feature DBE-8295 Generating DDL for MariaDB: include table partition information
Bug DBE-12298 Cannot display DDL for mysql 8 view
Bug DBE-12786 Introspection fails with numeric overflow
Bug DBE-12247 Incorrect grants in Postgres
Bug DBE-4797 Intospection interupted if one of DB is offline
Bug DBE-12032 PG/GP Sources introspection inefficient due to forgoten join
Navigation & SearchBug DBE-12609 Broken behavior for going to object declaration
Query ConsoleBug DBE-8092 Database Console Editor Tab Filename Includes Path
Bug DBE-11564 JS arrow functions are not parsed in MongoDB consoles
Usability DBE-11359 Add option to turn off tab title shortening for datasource consoles
Usability DBE-11731 Query execution for unsupported DBMS
SQL GeneralBug DBE-10132 IDE does not execute a PIVOT query
SQL ResolveBug DBE-12779 Go to declaration doesn't work with system procedures
Tools IntegrationBug DBE-12634 "Restore with mysql" fails with added parameter (max_allowed_packet)
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