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  • EduTools 2021.3 Release Notes
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No subsystemBugEDU-4105My Courses: Course Files Not Found dialog: Remove Course option does nothing
CodeforcesFeatureEDU-4017Auto-substitution of input for Run/Debug in Codeforces for C++
Course Selection ViewFeatureEDU-3912"Remove course" button for removing already started courses
BugEDU-4065Browse Courses dialog, opened from File menu, doesn't disappear after creating course via `Create course...`
BugEDU-4098On My Courses tab course is kept in the list after it was removed
BugEDU-4086JBA Course card description suggests to log in for already logged in users
BugEDU-4088Warning banner is shown in "Open Course From Disk" dialog
BugEDU-3918Course Selection View: Reset filters action doesn't restore default filter header
BugEDU-4038Delete "Open JBA project" from "More actions" context menu on Welcome screen
BugEDU-4097Dialog for deleted courses removes course from list on esc on Windows
BugEDU-3774"My Courses" tab: when course is deleted, progress counter isn't updated
UsabilityEDU-3898Welcome screen: add link to guide for learners on empty "My Courses" page
CosmeticsEDU-3902"Reset filters" on empty courses page should clear search field
CosmeticsEDU-3131"Start" button isn't bright enough in High Contrast Scheme
EducatorBugEDU-4026Start button is disabled in Create Course preview action
InfrastructureTaskEDU-4031Make EduTools compatible with 2021.1 version of IntelliJ IDEs
ExceptionEDU-4081Both new and existing courses can't be opened in IntelliJ 2021.1 due to NPE in YAML and JSON course formats deserialization
JB Academy (Hyperskill)BugEDU-4100New JBA problem's content is not created in recent projects
Languages or Technologies SupportBugEDU-4044NoSuchMethodError exception on task creation/deletion in Rust courses
StepikBugEDU-2379Stepik course not updating
BugEDU-4032Clion: exception at course reopening
Task DescriptionBugEDU-3281JCEF Scroll bars are white in Darcula
BugEDU-4042Swing is default task description panel type instead of JCEF
BugEDU-4096Check panel: Next button leads to "Cannot Open the Page" error
BugEDU-2483Scrollbars are too light in task description in darcula
TaskEDU-3988Add header to new course task description template
TaskEDU-3853Add example of in-course link to task description
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