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  • EduTools 2021.3 Release Notes
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CheckIOBugEDU-4192CheckIO: IDE cannot check task with "Checking took too much time" message
CheckerBugEDU-4103Scala Tutorial: Checker panel: special symbols are not rendered in error description
BugEDU-3525Output JVM: Adding last line break to user output if it isn't presented.
CodeforcesFeatureEDU-4019Auto-substitution of input for Run/Debug in Codeforces for Go
FeatureEDU-4018Auto-substitution of input for Run/Debug in Codeforces for Rust
BugEDU-4155Codeforces: missing \n in input and output files causing false incorrect results when using the "Run Local Tests" button
Course Selection ViewBugEDU-4084Course isn't added to "My Courses" if opened from files
BugEDU-4111"Restart course" option isn't suggested for courses from Community and Stepik tabs
BugEDU-4109"C/C++ courses are not supported" error and missing icon for Stepik and Codeforces C++ courses in Course Selection View
BugEDU-3978An excepction in Edutools plugin always happens and offers me to disable the Plugin
UsabilityEDU-4113Replace Ok button with Cancel on Remove Course confirmation dialog
Course ViewBugEDU-4175Lesson wrongly marked as solved if at least one task is solved
EducatorFeatureEDU-2499Custom command for run button in Theory tasks
FeatureEDU-4082Support custom commands for run button in Gradle-based courses
GradleBugEDU-4176Reformat increases left indent to specific code block in default build.gradle for Edu courses
JB Academy (Hyperskill)FeatureEDU-3506Add theory task for JB Academy Topics
FeatureEDU-4025Group JetBrains Academy code challenges by topic
BugEDU-4193Submissions for Code challenges are not loaded if the project is already created.
BugEDU-3700Git object files from "Git Internals" JBA project are not encoded/decoded properly when navigating between stages
TaskEDU-4028Update content of default `build.gradle` and `settings.gradle` files for JetBrains Academy projects
Project GenerationBugEDU-4158Scala sbt course creation actions don't respect JDK settings
BugEDU-4157Unexpected "Project JDK is not defined" warning for sbt courses
StepikTaskEDU-4139Stepik courses: do not add "Posted from EduTools" note for any submission made from EduTools
Task DescriptionBugEDU-2437Unnecessary context menu on Task description panel
BugEDU-4116Regression: IDE cannot load description after open page in browser
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