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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2021.1 EAP (211.6432.7 build) Release Notes
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No subsystemBug IDEA-263502 Spock tests fail to start with java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: junit.framework.ComparisonFailure
Bug IDEA-263337 FileSystemException : Incorrect function in wsl
AndroidBug IDEA-246348 When open AVD Manager for Android Emulator an error
Usability IDEA-231313 IDEA can't launch Android Emulator on Windows when IDEA itself is started from idea64.exe (OK when started from idea.bat)
Core. IDE SettingsCosmetics IDEA-227451 Settings > Editor > Code Style > Java > Arrangement items disappear or move on mouse hover
Core. IndexingBug IDEA-262428 Do not show public CDN URLs
Bug IDEA-263200 Shared index trying to attach non-existing chunk
Core. InstallationUsability IDEA-252209 Avoid broken installation on Linux when distributive is unpacked into the same folder
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-253978 "File type conflict found" on every IDEA start - 3rd party plugins
Core. Project SettingsUsability IDEA-116209 Allow to directly specify a jar's META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file
Core. Run. ConfigurationsException IDEA-245958 Throwable: Directory index may not be queried for default project
Core. Run. TargetsBug IDEA-262784 Run targets: SSH stops working after installing rsync on Windows
Performance IDEA-262457 Choose run configuration popup is slow on IntelliJ IDEA project
Cosmetics IDEA-258266 Run Targets. Cosmetic UI bugs
Exception IDEA-259929 java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException in Docker plugin on pulling the image by creation a run target
Editor. Code Completion. MLBug IDEA-261990 "Machine Learning Code Completion" plugin visits .class files
Editor. Editing TextFeature IDEA-119451 Extend line selection via keyboard shortcut
FrameworksUsability IDEA-263580 JavaEE Wizard. Save SDK selection for the next project creation
Frameworks. LombokBug IDEA-262693 lombok @Builder is broken
Frameworks. MicronautFeature IDEA-233827 Micronaut: Fold internal stack frames for HTTP server
Frameworks. QuarkusFeature IDEA-233828 Quarkus: Fold internal stack frames for HTTP server
Bug IDEA-261500 Quarkus: false-positive CDI bean inspection for @Localized interfaces
Bug IDEA-263335 Quarkus: Can't create new quarkus project with google cloud extensions
Frameworks. SpringBug IDEA-263615 Select in Spring Beans doesn't work for Sprint Boot auto configuration classes
Java. Code CompletionBug IDEA-263178 Cannot accept boolean completion using exclamation mark in JSPs
Performance IDEA-261235 code completion in lamda is slow
Java. InspectionsBug IDEA-262774 Text on tabs in 'Declaration has JavaDoc problems' inspection options is invisible
JavaX. AppServers. Google App EngineBug IDEA-261854 Cannot setup Google App Engine. Settings are not being saved after restart
JavaX. AppServers. WebSphere/LibertyException IDEA-255496 NPE at com.intellij.j2ee.webSphere.deployment.WebSphereDeploymentProvider.getSupportedArtifactTypes
JavaX. CDIBug IDEA-227178 Wrong warning in inspection 'CDI (Contexts and Dependency Injection) | Injection Points Ambiguous Dependencies'
Bug IDEA-245806 CDI: treat the @Named qualifier without value and the @Named qualifier with explicit default value as the same ones on bean injecting
Bug IDEA-260809 CDI inspection error: Serializable is not a decorated type
JavaX. JPABug IDEA-260980 JPA. Ctrl+click on the table name should navigate to the table in the Database view. Now it opens ddl instead of it.
Bug IDEA-248315 Static string appended to column name in @Table @UniqueConstraint annotations not respected
JavaX. JavaEEUsability IDEA-263622 JavaEE Wizard. Save App Server selection for the next project creation
Tools. DockerBug IDEA-263514 Rider does not work with docker rootless
Bug IDEA-263419 Docker. Dockerfile/Image Run configuration.`Bind mounts` field is not removed at removing the option.
Bug IDEA-263457 Docker. Run hangs after adding "Run built image" section and re-run
Bug IDEA-263159 Docker. After an invalid connection all run configs fail until I re-connect to the Docker
Bug IDEA-263164 Docker-compose. Impossible to run docker-compose on docker-machine
Bug IDEA-263462 Docker. Remove docker.log file
Bug IDEA-235007 No quotes autocompletion
Bug IDEA-263418 Docker. Dockerfile/Image run configuration. Publish all option doesn't work as CLI option
Tools. HTTP ClientBug IDEA-260741 HttpClient: Completion for SSLconfiguration on windows comes with wrong "/"
Bug IDEA-239228 REST does not work with manually configured ssh tunnel SOCKS5 proxy
Tools. KubernetesBug IDEA-262936 Kubernetes. Editor. Understand "null" value in resource files
User InterfaceBug IDEA-263574 Choose Boot Runtime: "Failed to set boot JDK runtime" error on attempt to select JDK in Download JDK dialog
Bug IDEA-261723 Welcome Screen size grows after each restart so that its frame doesn't fit the display
Bug IDEA-261715 Modal progress dialog is hidden on ESC, but Task is not cancelled
Bug IDEA-87703 Recent files doesn't close when floating Navigation bar appears
Bug IDEA-262234 Native crash due to uncaught exception NSInvalidArgumentException on several modal dialogs on BigSur
Usability IDEA-72536 Switcher shortcuts changing is confusing
User Interface. AccessibilityBug IDEA-257258 camplition popup is not voiced on macOS
User Interface. Action SystemTask IDEA-263205 Action Popups: Disable separate "next step" button
User Interface. ControlsBug IDEA-250004 Big Sur: Context menu highlighting breaks if submenu invoked
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-263483 focus lost after Reformat code
User Interface. NavigationBug IDEA-216720 "Ctrl+E" shortcut is displayed in "Recent Files" popup if it was removed from the keymap
Bug IDEA-207163 Recently Edited Files popup doesn't have shortcut for switching between RecentFiles and RecentlyEditedFiles
Bug IDEA-102409 Switcher with custom shortcut (e.g. Cmd-I) doesn't disappear when modifier released
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-263695 Can't commit staged changes on the first Commit toolwindow opening
Bug IDEA-262223 Git Commit Template: respect relative paths
No subsystemBug WEB-49225 Quick documentation for some deprecated HTML tags should show warning and tag description
Bug WEB-49900 MDN docs are not available for constructor calls
Bug WEB-49598 ('string = is not valid Windows path') when debug Node.js app via interpreter from container
CSSBug WEB-49387 Show values for CSS properties in the quick documentation popup
JavaScriptBug WEB-49764 No suggestion to auto-import commonJS module if the module is required in other files
Bug WEB-49869 Highlighting issue in JSDoc @see tag
Bug WEB-49850 'rulezzz' in suggested completion names
Performance WEB-49859 High CPU usage on file change
JavaScript. FrameworksBug WEB-49838 Infinite indexing with Vue plugin (EAP 2021.1)
Performance WEB-49596 Every press on the mouse right button cause a freezes for a few seconds (approximately: 5s) and is annoying
JavaScript. RefactoringBug WEB-45292 Can‘t Refactor in TypeScript File
LintersBug WEB-49512 EslintConfigWrapper.RULES leaks references to extensions from unloaded plugins
Usability WEB-49705 "Please specify Node.js interpreter" popups should navigate to Node settings
TypeScriptBug WEB-46680 Union literal completion broken for type created from typeof when using type only import
Task WEB-49833 Update bundled TypeScript to 4.2
Unit TestsBug WEB-48569 Error debugging Mocha tests run with Vue CLI due to "Unknown argument: jobs"
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