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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2021.1 EAP (211.5538.20 build) Release Notes
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No subsystemBug IDEA-260419 A project takes bottom part of window, the upper part is grey in a separate tab on external display
Bug IDEA-259363 SIGILL at [libsystem_kernel] __kill - the upper Java frame com.sun.jna.Native.invokeLong
Performance IDEA-257832 Freeze in VirtualBox caused by ClipboardHandler. (com.intellij.database.actions.CreateDataSourceFromSettings.getTextFromClipboard)
AndroidBug IDEA-256169 Do not show Android related icon on the Main toolbar for non-Android projects
Bug IDEA-257520 The task execution in the before launch of Configurations fails to prohibit install
Bug IDEA-259311 Can't run multiple configurations at once with Android module present in project
Bug IDEA-259235 Cannot import Android Gradle module to existing project
Bug IDEA-259683 Android devices items are presented in Run Configurations popup in non-android project
Build. MavenBug IDEA-260324 Сreating a new Maven project: the list of archetypes is not loaded
Code Analysis. DependenciesBug IDEA-260616 i18n: Dependency Viewer: title of tool window is hardcoded
Code Analysis. InspectionBug IDEA-260297 Unencrypted HTTP usage inspection throws exception on Rust non string literals
Usability IDEA-258873 Navigating in inspection results requires to press too many keys
Usability IDEA-249566 Make it more obvious that inspection options are related to the selected scope
Cosmetics IDEA-259713 Inspection configuration UI: Remove black border around severity icon
CoreBug IDEA-260330 AlreadyDisposedException from Space plugin on dynamic plugin unload
Bug IDEA-260524 Memory leak: Disposed BreadcrumbsXmlWrapper retained via listener of PostprocessReformattingAspect$LangPomModel
Core. IDE SettingsFeature IDEA-247100 Sync IDEA platform SDKs with those installed by asdf-java
Feature IDEA-245847 A way to run an IDE script from command line
Core. Image ViewerBug IDEA-260894 Add Copy action to the BufferedImage display
Core. IndexingBug IDEA-259783 shared-indexes: unload exception in JDKs
Bug IDEA-259273 Shared index storage should support a large chunk amount
Bug IDEA-260379 Async file listener should not lose events
Bug IDEA-259897 shared-indexes: invalidate caches dialog should ask about shared indexes
Task IDEA-260427 Stale index auto-repair
Task IDEA-257723 Integration performance tests with in-memory IDE
Core. InstallationBug IDEA-260798 Wrong vmoptions used after update to CLion 2021.1 EAP
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-260248 Project Structure dialog: changes in module name aren't applied if module dependencies were changed at the same time
Bug IDEA-249398 Persistent AddDiffException on project open after quitting IDEA
Bug IDEA-260145 Cannot rename module with custom (i.e. non project-default) JDK
Core. Quick DocumentationBug IDEA-260323 i18n: Documentation: Tool window title is not localized
Core. Run. ConfigurationsBug IDEA-259116 Wrong invocation of Run File action when file starts with #!
Bug IDEA-261161 Run configurations are not working due to "DataContext shall not be created and queried inside another getData() cal"
Bug IDEA-258398 @argfile shortening method isn't available in run configuration templates in some projects
Cosmetics IDEA-260033 [new run config UI] extra artifacts on "Got it" tooltip
Core. Run. TargetsUsability IDEA-258269 Run Targets. Fix layout of the SSH wizard
Core. SSHBug IDEA-260890 "Can't copy sources" -> Connection failed -> Caused by: RemoteCredentials is not set in FileSystemOptions
Bug IDEA-259658 Move advanced settings from Deployment to Unified SSH
Core. Task ManagementException IDEA-260686 Cannot edit tasks
EditorBug IDEA-259724 Allow to 'Exclude Recursively' 'External Libraries' when create custom scope
Bug IDEA-259828 Filter is not applied when scope changed
Usability IDEA-259829 Default width of custom scopes is too narrow
Editor. Color SchemesBug IDEA-254501 Dark editor color scheme is not remembered
Editor. CopyrightBug IDEA-260480 i18n: Preferences/Settings: Editor: CopyRight: Formatting: hardcode strings under JSP/JSPX/XML setting pages
Editor. Diff and MergeFeature IDEA-156485 Allow copying a file from another branch in Compare with branch view
Bug IDEA-257651 Diff view detects big diff but change was only small
Editor. Editing TextBug IDEA-208441 "//region" matches a wrong "//endregion" sometimes.
Editor. FormatterBug IDEA-226055 "Space before colon in foreach" setting isn't presented in code style preview
Bug IDEA-254557 Need to press code reformat or optimize imports shortcut multiple times to make it work
Bug IDEA-188397 Incorrect indent after Enter after curly brace on the same line
Cosmetics IDEA-163806 indention in JavaDoc after <br> tag
FrameworksBug IDEA-246752 MicroProfile: gauge method shown as unused
Bug IDEA-244262 MicroProfile: suppress unused for Readiness and Liveness annotated beans
Task IDEA-259663 MicroProfile: GraphQL implicit usages
Frameworks. OpenAPI (Swagger)Feature IDEA-259689 Support OpenAPI Generator 5
Frameworks. QuarkusBug IDEA-236713 Quarkus: Support implicit usages of @Scheduled methods
Frameworks. SeleniumBug IDEA-260621 Selenium: incorrect UI Element Class inspection shown for valid Appium Android class
Frameworks. SpringBug IDEA-260192 Spring: HTTP usages inspection shown for all Spring XML namespaces
Bug IDEA-238879 Spring | Spring Core | Code | Autowiring for bean class inspection does not recognize Spring Boot's @ConfigurationProperties
Bug IDEA-196605 Spring Integration: @Aggregator, @CorrelationStrategy, @ReleaseStrategy-annotated methods are reported as not used
Bug IDEA-248577 Spring Integration: @Router and @Splitter annotated methods shown as unused
Bug IDEA-254114 Could not autowire. No beans of 'SimpMessagingTemplate' type found
Bug IDEA-208877 Select In... | Spring Beans doesn't work for inherited `@Bean` annotated methods
Bug IDEA-209437 Spring: imported configurations from inherited configs are not recognized
Bug IDEA-256166 Spring Boot: support test properties for @ConditionalOnProperty
Bug IDEA-196270 Spring Integration: @Filter-annotated methods are reported as not used
Infrastructure. Build ScriptsBug IDEA-260354 Build scripts on Windows fail with Illegal char <:> during copyProjectLibraries
Bug IDEA-259708 Build scripts fails with AccessDeniedException: ...\intellij-community\out\idea-ce\dist.all\bin
Bug IDEA-260387 Build scripts fails on Windows with AccessDeniedException during reordering of JAR files
JavaBug IDEA-259394 "Set language level" quick fix keeps "SDK default" setting; highlighting uses new value, GUI uses default
Cosmetics IDEA-259410 Parameter Info shows @Flow annotation in a project without JetBrains annotations
Exception IDEA-259562 Throwable method not implemented in class com.intellij.psi.impl.file.PsiPackageImpl
Java. Code CompletionBug IDEA-260370 Unexpected completion
Usability IDEA-259364 Deprioritize rarely used packages in completion
Usability IDEA-225649 "Override/Implement methods..." lookup element should not appeared on the top for completion lookup
Java. Code FormattingBug IDEA-248594 Java chained method call is not formatted when type arguments are used
Bug IDEA-219194 Reformat JavaDoc destroys parts of indented documentation
Bug IDEA-250114 Reformatter moves comment to new line when Java class is package private
Usability IDEA-196385 join lines should format results properly
Usability IDEA-252167 Formatting the records declared with annotation is unexpected
Java. Code GenerationBug IDEA-260570 Erroneous super qualifier when overriding default method
Java. DebuggerUsability IDEA-260286 Provide a way to see more array elements inline
Java. DecompilerCosmetics IDEA-260340 Proper name for bundle file
Java. Error HighlightingFeature IDEA-260134 Update instanceof pattern parsing according to Java 16
Feature IDEA-260516 Add notification to advertise project wide analysis when project is quite small
Feature IDEA-257411 Update pattern matching for instanceof support for Java 16
Bug IDEA-256748 Run analysis on Language level changes in project
Bug IDEA-250434 Incorrect inspection warning
Bug IDEA-211220 enum missing error for syntax problem
Bug IDEA-260187 Analyzer doesn't show error when local class literal is incompatible
Java. Extract MethodBug IDEA-260775 Extract method doubles NonNls annotations
Java. InspectionsFeature IDEA-260407 First-class support for Collection.toArray in DFA
Bug IDEA-259672 Highlighted inspection says "No suspicious code found"
Bug IDEA-260267 Integer equality not properly evaluated after auto-increment
Bug IDEA-260307 SuspiciousToArrayCall inspection's fix leads to the red code
Bug IDEA-259043 Bad inspection advice causes NPE in switch expression
Bug IDEA-257286 false positive "Redundant usage of the 'unmodifiableList' wrapper"
Bug IDEA-260003 A warning is shown when Optional.get is called even when Optional.isPresent is verified before
Usability IDEA-260044 Cannot select 'IDE' inspection profiles for analysis at commit
Java. Intention ActionsFeature IDEA-230090 Intention 'Convert to Basic Latin' is missing 'Fix all' option
Bug IDEA-259626 enhanced switch move comments from case above switch statement
Bug IDEA-259248 Import popup is shown when not needed
Java. Profiler. CPUUsability IDEA-260083 Save cpu snapshots into the default folder
Java. RefactoringsBug IDEA-259219 IllegalArgumentException during rename package refactor
Bug IDEA-248954 Java refactoring "pull members up" up not great
Bug IDEA-223325 Make static of method with receiver parameter breaks code
Bug IDEA-258910 Use Interface Where Possible should not modify the interface itself
Java. Tests. JUnitFeature IDEA-251100 Support for new JUnit 5.7 annotations `@EnabledIf`/`@DisabledIf`
Bug IDEA-259246 Stack trace is printed to console when JUnit test is aborted with TestAbortedException
Usability IDEA-259811 Junit 5 tests fail with 'TestEngine with ID 'junit-vintage' failed to discover tests'
JavaX. AppServers. JBossTask IDEA-260336 JBoss i18n: Proper name for bundle file
JavaX. JPAFeature IDEA-259553 Persistence attribute gutter improvements
Feature IDEA-259548 Show assign datasource dialog during jpa console launch
Feature IDEA-259552 Entity gutter improvements
Feature IDEA-259554 Show gutter icons either for fields or for methods (not both simultaneously)
Feature IDEA-259915 Consider NamingStrategy in `Show in Database View` action
Bug IDEA-159258 JPA: Refactoring, rename an entity: "mappedBy" in onetomany relationship is not renamed
Bug IDEA-260115 Action `run query in console` in the entity gutter popup does nothing in spring project
Bug IDEA-259996 Not resolved attribute references for the "value" if AttributeOverride annotation is applied to a map
Bug IDEA-260251 JPA QL show "Class 'EntityName' is not an entity" when using the full package to reference this entity
Bug IDEA-238960 Wrong inspection error when using `@MappedSuperclass` in JPA project
Bug IDEA-259889 Make navigation to persistence view items actually work
Bug IDEA-222223 JPA: Entity Listener Methods action is available everywhere
Bug IDEA-260356 Generate Generate Persistence Mapping By database schema: it generates empty classes
Bug IDEA-246517 Inspections: JPA | 'Query language checks' false positive: Cannot resolve constructor
Bug IDEA-120966 JPA: Good code is red for @CollectionTable
Bug IDEA-102344 JPA: Good code is red: 'Basic' attribute should not be <interface>
Bug IDEA-260871 JPA. Find usages on an attribute should search for attribute if it is placed on getter
Task IDEA-259587 Disable `generate ddl` action in hibernate 5+ consoles and jpa console with corresponding providers
JavaX. JPA QLBug IDEA-258405 JPA QL Entity attributes in superclasses not found any more
JavaX. JSPBug IDEA-260615 JspManagerImpl leaks CachedValue in Module userdata on JSP plugin unload
JavaX. JavaEEBug IDEA-260128 Java EE: gradlew and gradlew.bat files are empty in new projects
Lang. Shell ScriptBug IDEA-259764 |& operator breaks shell script editor
Lang. XPath and XSLTException IDEA-259818 Running XSLT debugger with Saxon engine fails with exception
LocalizationCosmetics IDEA-259987 "Can't connect to remote host" message contains a typo
Plugin Development (DevKit)Feature IDEA-260268 Devkit: expose Extension Point status in DOM API and use it in plugin.xml highlighting
Feature IDEA-260371 Devkit: verify <name> does not contain "IntelliJ" or "JetBrains"
Bug IDEA-260627 NPE trying to create new plugin SDK in 2021.1 EAP1
Bug IDEA-260376 IDEA CE development on Apple Silicone
SpaceBug IDEA-259538 Space login error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: io/ktor/util/CoroutinesUtilsKt
Bug IDEA-260712 Date is not updated in review timeline
Bug IDEA-261078 Space: Unable to checkout proper merge request branch
Bug IDEA-260475 Space: deleted from timeline comment is shown on web
Bug IDEA-260499 Space: support start thread from timeline
Usability IDEA-260572 Autoscroll timeline when comment is modified
Usability IDEA-260704 Space Code Reviews: reply link should be hidden when there are no messages in the thread
Usability IDEA-260632 Can't use Home, End, PgUp, PgDown in Review timeline tab
Usability IDEA-260312 Space Review List shows "Nothing to show" instead of "Loading..."
Cosmetics IDEA-260807 Space Code Reviews: add tooltips for Edit, Delete and Start Thread buttons
Exception IDEA-247151 Space: java.lang.Throwable: Write-unsafe context! on invoking Share on Space action
Exception IDEA-260642 Space Code Review: NoSuchElementException on deleting comment
Tools. DockerFeature IDEA-260147 add completion for docker cli options
Feature IDEA-210514 Support Docker buildkit/build enhancements
Bug IDEA-255049 Refactoring service name in docker-compose.yml does not work correctly
Bug IDEA-259426 can't open Docker image run configuration while indexing
Bug IDEA-260319 IllegalArgumentException when adding new Docker run target in WebStorm
Bug IDEA-202612 Docker: Registry, test connection. Can't save "Server" changes.
Bug IDEA-183170 Docker: registry rename doesn't work
Bug IDEA-260400 Docker-compose. RunConfig. Impossible to delete "field" options
Usability IDEA-184524 DockerCompose run configuration: Pull of images happens without any log messages
Exception IDEA-260150 java.lang.Throwable: Path conflict. Existing symlink: SymlinkData in the container Files tab
Tools. HTTP ClientFeature IDEA-137125 Add support in the REST Client tool to define a client TLS certificate
Tools. KubernetesBug IDEA-260337 Proper name for bundle file
Tools. TerminalFeature IDEA-222917 Add support for terminal on FreeBSD
Bug IDEA-260566 Terminal width is limited to 80 characters
Bug IDEA-153321 native pty executor library issue: can't build\run\debug any project
Bug IDEA-240040 Losing lines from the bottom of the Terminal Window when the window is resized horizontally
Bug IDEA-259657 Resizing terminal eats output
Cosmetics IDEA-218038 [Terminal] current dir path is mixed after window resizing and sh file executing
Exception IDEA-129259 Terminal plugin won't start on FreeBSD
User InterfaceFeature IDEA-82829 Maximize editor window should hide other editor in split view
Bug IDEA-258560 Big Sur: Empty bar appears above the navigation bar after closing the project tab
Bug IDEA-260093 Big Sur: Empty bar appears at the bottom after closing the project tab
Bug IDEA-255506 Inline debugger dialog incorrectly sized on Ubuntu
Bug IDEA-257834 Cannot open cloned project while another one is being opened
Bug IDEA-260543 "Choose run configuration" popup is not opened with shortcut
Bug IDEA-207152 "File | New Scratch File" isn't shown in custom "Quick Lists"
Bug IDEA-260344 Built-in HTML preview should have white page background by default
Bug IDEA-259483 Pinned preview tab bug
Bug IDEA-257112 Settings | Plugins: Can't disable plugin if its dependencies are not loaded
Bug IDEA-260260 Notification is missing after recording async profiler snapshot
Bug IDEA-254692 Impossible to select menu entries from popup of the hidden toolbar button
Bug IDEA-259863 Got it tooltip for Reader Mode does not appear after fresh start
Bug IDEA-259944 New Scratch File does not appear in a Quick List
Usability IDEA-227224 'Delete line to start' doesn't work in text areas
Exception IDEA-259970 java.lang.Throwable on "Close All Projects" if there are more than two projects opened
User Interface. AccessibilityFeature IDEA-200170 High Contrast Theme should be applied by default on first launch if "High Contrast" mode is applied in Windows
User Interface. ControlsFeature IDEA-260013 UI for independent submenu in popups
Bug IDEA-260619 Empty elements in table after hover
Bug IDEA-251059 Two-line empty text with a link is cropped
User Interface. Embedded Browser (JCEF)Bug IDEA-259096 JCEF: window.cefQuery_XXXXXX_XX is not a function for query created after the browser is shown
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesBug IDEA-260227 Ctrl+Click on an argument in lambda does not show usages.
Bug IDEA-244348 Find Popup: missing Tooltip for "Show Filter Popup"
User Interface. GraphicsUsability IDEA-220771 The delay when detaching editor tabs is too long
User Interface. NavigationBug IDEA-255955 Navigation bar is empty when opening a second project
Bug IDEA-254742 Preview tab automatically switching to a real tab
User Interface. Project ViewBug IDEA-256683 "Enable preview tab" function only works on"Project" view,not working on other views on IDEA 2020.3.
User Interface. Search EverywhereBug IDEA-231624 Can't find "show code folding outline" option via Find Action
User Interface. Services ViewBug IDEA-261189 Actions are missed for db session node in Services tool window
Version ControlBug IDEA-209585 "Clear initial commit message" setting overwrites fixup message
Bug IDEA-203694 Grouping changes by Repository shows submodule object change as part of submodule, but it is in the root repo
Bug IDEA-169090 Wrong highlighting of copy-pasted fragment in editor gutter
Bug IDEA-237387 Git Branches popup is displaced
Usability IDEA-257543 Nothing happens if 'Resolve conflicts' is pressed after all conflicts have been resolved
Usability IDEA-251017 Missing mnemonic for VCS menu
Usability IDEA-259716 Use submenu to configure double-click behavior - Diff vs Source
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-246614 Modification lines are not highlighted in gutter after dynamic plugin unloading
Bug IDEA-258247 Git Staging Area: commit message doesn't save in "Commit Message History" after commit
Bug IDEA-257461 Missing arrows in stash camper window
Usability IDEA-255504 Git Rebase dialog: Hash from upstream field does not copied to new base field on adding --onto option
Usability IDEA-260641 Rename Revert to Rollback in Git Stage
Exception IDEA-260333 Exception on project opening after switching from non-modal to stage mode while project was closed
Version Control. GitHubBug IDEA-259888 GitHub Pull Requests: Empty content of Pull Requests toolwindow when account token is invalid
Bug IDEA-259886 GitHub Enterprise: unable to load and add pull request multi-line comments
Bug IDEA-259924 GitHub Pull Requests: Deleted remote remains open
Version Control. SubversionBug IDEA-257549 Subversion fails on Build for AppleSilicon ARM (aarch64) due to missing native sqlite lib
No subsystemBug WEB-49227 at-rule properties are not correctly resolved to MDN
Task WEB-47518 Hide Node.js field from tool integration configuration pages
Exception WEB-49200 Selecting an option in completion in React causes an exception in HTTP Client plugin
JSONFeature WEB-31888 Add support for JSON Lines file format (.jsonl filename extension)
JavaScriptBug WEB-49307 Opening project in new version of IDE changes settings of JavaScriptSettings component in .idea/misc.xml
Bug WEB-49249 javascript statement parsing error in Ultimate 2020.3
Bug WEB-48803 Import suggest does not work for "render" react-dom method
Bug WEB-49224 No completion for exported modules within destructured require()
Bug WEB-49290 JavaScript private class members # syntax: member name starting with "include" reported as error
Bug WEB-49250 False positive invalid code with property computed with combination of "in" and ternary operators
Bug WEB-49149 In JSX files a syntax error is still reported after correction
Performance WEB-48983 Webstorm 2020.3.x MacOS slow and high CPU compared to 2020.2
Task WEB-49259 Show suggestions from string literals only on Ctrl-Space
Task WEB-12462 TypeScript: Implicit return of object literal in lambdas wrongly reported as "never used"
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-43748 input missing associated label error when using @angular/material
Feature WEB-41922 Don't report 'missing associated label' warning when using <input> in Bootstrap <b-form-group> with label
Bug WEB-36025 Wrong ID tag recognition ('missing associated label' warning) if it is set as vue prop
Bug WEB-33969 Angular: "Form input without an associated label or title attribute " warning in case of property binding
Bug WEB-41733 Angular: "Missing associated label" when using attribute binding for 'aria-label'
Bug WEB-49229 MDN documentation for tags in TSX is broken
JavaScript. InspectionsBug WEB-43129 Type Mismatch warning when setting current value of a useRef() to a custom type
LintersBug WEB-49013 Prettier doesn't work on save or reformat if trailing space is accidentally added to glob pattern
Node.jsBug WEB-49297 docker-desktop is available in the 'WSL | Linux distribution' list
SASSBug WEB-14547 SASS. "Expand shorthand css property" removes variable.
TypeScriptBug WEB-48903 Update bundled schema for tsconfig.json
No subsystemTask DBE-12439 Create icons for sortHistory and filterHistory
DB ConnectivityFeature DBE-12164 Support Azure AD Multi-Factor interactive Authentication (Universal with MFA)
Feature DBE-10828 Do not include password to data source name for "Data sources from URL" action
DB RefactoringBug DBE-12422 Renaming MySQL JSON column with default value
Bug DBE-12445 SQL Generator produces DEFAULTS in grants for routines for PostgreSQL
Data ViewsFeature DBE-6704 Loading Datagrip tables with descending order as default
Bug DBE-10165 SELECT for Athena is generated without LIMIT clause
Usability DBE-11933 DataGrip is copying truncated data to clipboard without warning
SQL HighlightingFeature DBE-12302 Support ClickHouse REMOVE DEFAULT clause
Feature DBE-12473 Better highlighting in Run Configurations
Bug DBE-12289 Multiple PL/SQL Declarations in WITH clause
Bug DBE-12227 Specify Null Bheaviour in Window Function
Bug DBE-12285 ILIKE ANY is not recognized
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