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EditorBugRUBY-27547"CACHED_SMART_POINTER" elements in navigation bar popup
Lang. RBSFeatureRUBY-27627Add references in RBS
Ruby. FormatterBugRUBY-27553Comments before methods break indentation logic when a private accessor modifier is used
BugRUBY-27633Wrong caret position after visibility modifiers
Ruby. InspectionsBugRUBY-27568False Pattern matching with the 'in' operator requires Ruby 2.7 with Ruby 3.0
Ruby. TestsBugRUBY-27589Minitest fails with uninitialized constant Minitest::RubyMineMinitestParallelTestCaseManager::Set
Code Analysis. DependenciesBugIDEA-260616i18n: Dependency Viewer: title of tool window is hardcoded
Code Analysis. InspectionBugIDEA-260297Unencrypted HTTP usage inspection throws exception on Rust non string literals
UsabilityIDEA-258873Navigating in inspection results requires to press too many keys
UsabilityIDEA-249566Make it more obvious that inspection options are related to the selected scope
CosmeticsIDEA-259713Inspection configuration UI: Remove black border around severity icon
CoreBugIDEA-260330AlreadyDisposedException from Space plugin on dynamic plugin unload
BugIDEA-260524Memory leak: Disposed BreadcrumbsXmlWrapper retained via listener of PostprocessReformattingAspect$LangPomModel
Core. IDE SettingsFeatureIDEA-245847A way to run an IDE script from command line
FeatureIDEA-247100Sync IDEA platform SDKs with those installed by asdf-java
Core. Image ViewerBugIDEA-260894Add Copy action to the BufferedImage display
Core. IndexingBugIDEA-260379Async file listener should not lose events
BugIDEA-259897shared-indexes: invalidate caches dialog should ask about shared indexes
BugIDEA-259273Shared index storage should support a large chunk amount
BugIDEA-259783shared-indexes: unload exception in JDKs
TaskIDEA-260427Stale index auto-repair
TaskIDEA-257723Integration performance tests with in-memory IDE
Core. InstallationBugIDEA-260798Wrong vmoptions used after update to CLion 2021.1 EAP
Core. Project SettingsBugIDEA-260248Project Structure dialog: changes in module name aren't applied if module dependencies were changed at the same time
BugIDEA-260145Cannot rename module with custom (i.e. non project-default) JDK
BugIDEA-249398Persistent AddDiffException on project open after quitting IDEA
Core. Quick DocumentationBugIDEA-260323i18n: Documentation: Tool window title is not localized
Core. Run. ConfigurationsBugIDEA-258398@argfile shortening method isn't available in run configuration templates in some projects
BugIDEA-259116Wrong invocation of Run File action when file starts with #!
CosmeticsIDEA-260033[new run config UI] extra artifacts on "Got it" tooltip
Core. Run. TargetsUsabilityIDEA-258269Run Targets. Fix layout of the SSH wizard
Core. SSHBugIDEA-260890"Can't copy sources" -> Connection failed -> Caused by: RemoteCredentials is not set in FileSystemOptions
BugIDEA-259658Move advanced settings from Deployment to Unified SSH
Core. Task ManagementExceptionIDEA-260686Cannot edit tasks
EditorBugIDEA-259724Allow to 'Exclude Recursively' 'External Libraries' when create custom scope
BugIDEA-259828Filter is not applied when scope changed
UsabilityIDEA-259829Default width of custom scopes is too narrow
Editor. Color SchemesBugIDEA-254501Dark editor color scheme is not remembered
Editor. CopyrightBugIDEA-260480i18n: Preferences/Settings: Editor: CopyRight: Formatting: hardcode strings under JSP/JSPX/XML setting pages
Editor. Diff and MergeFeatureIDEA-156485Allow copying a file from another branch in Compare with branch view
BugIDEA-257651Diff view detects big diff but change was only small
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-208441"//region" matches a wrong "//endregion" sometimes.
Editor. FormatterBugIDEA-226055"Space before colon in foreach" setting isn't presented in code style preview
BugIDEA-188397Incorrect indent after Enter after curly brace on the same line
BugIDEA-254557Need to press code reformat or optimize imports shortcut multiple times to make it work
CosmeticsIDEA-163806indention in JavaDoc after <br> tag
Lang. Shell ScriptBugIDEA-259764|& operator breaks shell script editor
Lang. XPath and XSLTExceptionIDEA-259818Running XSLT debugger with Saxon engine fails with exception
Tools. DockerFeatureIDEA-210514Support Docker buildkit/build enhancements
FeatureIDEA-260147add completion for docker cli options
BugIDEA-202612Docker: Registry, test connection. Can't save "Server" changes.
BugIDEA-259426can't open Docker image run configuration while indexing
BugIDEA-255049Refactoring service name in docker-compose.yml does not work correctly
BugIDEA-183170Docker: registry rename doesn't work
BugIDEA-260400Docker-compose. RunConfig. Impossible to delete "field" options
BugIDEA-260319IllegalArgumentException when adding new Docker run target in WebStorm
UsabilityIDEA-184524DockerCompose run configuration: Pull of images happens without any log messages
ExceptionIDEA-260105'Can't launch `desktop list`' when debug Node.js app via interpreter from Docker
ExceptionIDEA-260150java.lang.Throwable: Path conflict. Existing symlink: SymlinkData in the container Files tab
Tools. HTTP ClientFeatureIDEA-137125Add support in the REST Client tool to define a client TLS certificate
Tools. TerminalFeatureIDEA-222917Add support for terminal on FreeBSD
BugIDEA-259657Resizing terminal eats output
BugIDEA-153321native pty executor library issue: can't build\run\debug any project
BugIDEA-240040Losing lines from the bottom of the Terminal Window when the window is resized horizontally
BugIDEA-260566Terminal width is limited to 80 characters
CosmeticsIDEA-218038[Terminal] current dir path is mixed after window resizing and sh file executing
ExceptionIDEA-129259Terminal plugin won't start on FreeBSD
User InterfaceFeatureIDEA-82829Maximize editor window should hide other editor in split view
BugIDEA-257112Settings | Plugins: Can't disable plugin if its dependencies are not loaded
BugIDEA-260093Big Sur: Empty bar appears at the bottom after closing the project tab
BugIDEA-259483Pinned preview tab bug
BugIDEA-259863Got it tooltip for Reader Mode does not appear after fresh start
BugIDEA-255506Inline debugger dialog incorrectly sized on Ubuntu
BugIDEA-254692Impossible to select menu entries from popup of the hidden toolbar button
BugIDEA-260543"Choose run configuration" popup is not opened with shortcut
BugIDEA-258560Big Sur: Empty bar appears above the navigation bar after closing the project tab
BugIDEA-207152"File | New Scratch File" isn't shown in custom "Quick Lists"
BugIDEA-259944New Scratch File does not appear in a Quick List
BugIDEA-260344Built-in HTML preview should have white page background by default
BugIDEA-260260Notification is missing after recording async profiler snapshot
BugIDEA-257834Cannot open cloned project while another one is being opened
UsabilityIDEA-227224'Delete line to start' doesn't work in text areas
ExceptionIDEA-259970java.lang.Throwable on "Close All Projects" if there are more than two projects opened
User Interface. AccessibilityFeatureIDEA-200170High Contrast Theme should be applied by default on first launch if "High Contrast" mode is applied in Windows
User Interface. ControlsFeatureIDEA-260013UI for independent submenu in popups
BugIDEA-251059Two-line empty text with a link is cropped
BugIDEA-260619Empty elements in table after hover
User Interface. Embedded Browser (JCEF)BugIDEA-259096JCEF: window.cefQuery_XXXXXX_XX is not a function for query created after the browser is shown
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesBugIDEA-260227Ctrl+Click on an argument in lambda does not show usages.
BugIDEA-244348Find Popup: missing Tooltip for "Show Filter Popup"
User Interface. GraphicsUsabilityIDEA-220771The delay when detaching editor tabs is too long
User Interface. NavigationBugIDEA-254742Preview tab automatically switching to a real tab
BugIDEA-255955Navigation bar is empty when opening a second project
User Interface. Project ViewBugIDEA-256683"Enable preview tab" function only works on"Project" view,not working on other views on IDEA 2020.3.
User Interface. Search EverywhereBugIDEA-231624Can't find "show code folding outline" option via Find Action
Version ControlBugIDEA-169090Wrong highlighting of copy-pasted fragment in editor gutter
BugIDEA-209585"Clear initial commit message" setting overwrites fixup message
BugIDEA-237387Git Branches popup is displaced
BugIDEA-203694Grouping changes by Repository shows submodule object change as part of submodule, but it is in the root repo
UsabilityIDEA-259716Use submenu to configure double-click behavior - Diff vs Source
UsabilityIDEA-257543Nothing happens if 'Resolve conflicts' is pressed after all conflicts have been resolved
UsabilityIDEA-251017Missing mnemonic for VCS menu
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-246614Modification lines are not highlighted in gutter after dynamic plugin unloading
BugIDEA-257461Missing arrows in stash camper window
BugIDEA-258247Git Staging Area: commit message doesn't save in "Commit Message History" after commit
UsabilityIDEA-255504Git Rebase dialog: Hash from upstream field does not copied to new base field on adding --onto option
UsabilityIDEA-260641Rename Revert to Rollback in Git Stage
ExceptionIDEA-260333Exception on project opening after switching from non-modal to stage mode while project was closed
Version Control. GitHubBugIDEA-259888GitHub Pull Requests: Empty content of Pull Requests toolwindow when account token is invalid
BugIDEA-259924GitHub Pull Requests: Deleted remote remains open
BugIDEA-259886GitHub Enterprise: unable to load and add pull request multi-line comments
Version Control. SubversionBugIDEA-257549Subversion fails on Build for AppleSilicon ARM (aarch64) due to missing native sqlite lib
No subsystemBugWEB-49227at-rule properties are not correctly resolved to MDN
TaskWEB-47518Hide Node.js field from tool integration configuration pages
ExceptionWEB-49200Selecting an option in completion in React causes an exception in HTTP Client plugin
JSONFeatureWEB-31888Add support for JSON Lines file format (.jsonl filename extension)
JavaScriptBugWEB-49224No completion for exported modules within destructured require()
BugWEB-49290JavaScript private class members # syntax: member name starting with "include" reported as error
BugWEB-49250False positive invalid code with property computed with combination of "in" and ternary operators
BugWEB-49307Opening project in new version of IDE changes settings of JavaScriptSettings component in .idea/misc.xml
BugWEB-48803Import suggest does not work for "render" react-dom method
BugWEB-49249javascript statement parsing error in Ultimate 2020.3
BugWEB-49149In JSX files a syntax error is still reported after correction
PerformanceWEB-48983Webstorm 2020.3.x MacOS slow and high CPU compared to 2020.2
TaskWEB-49259Show suggestions from string literals only on Ctrl-Space
TaskWEB-12462TypeScript: Implicit return of object literal in lambdas wrongly reported as "never used"
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-43748input missing associated label error when using @angular/material
FeatureWEB-41922Don't report 'missing associated label' warning when using <input> in Bootstrap <b-form-group> with label
BugWEB-49229MDN documentation for tags in TSX is broken
BugWEB-36025Wrong ID tag recognition ('missing associated label' warning) if it is set as vue prop
BugWEB-33969Angular: "Form input without an associated label or title attribute " warning in case of property binding
BugWEB-41733Angular: "Missing associated label" when using attribute binding for 'aria-label'
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-43129Type Mismatch warning when setting current value of a useRef() to a custom type
LintersBugWEB-49013Prettier doesn't work on save or reformat if trailing space is accidentally added to glob pattern
Node.jsBugWEB-49297docker-desktop is available in the 'WSL | Linux distribution' list
SASSBugWEB-14547SASS. "Expand shorthand css property" removes variable.
TypeScriptBugWEB-48903Update bundled schema for tsconfig.json
No subsystemTaskDBE-12439Create icons for sortHistory and filterHistory
DB ConnectivityFeatureDBE-10828Do not include password to data source name for "Data sources from URL" action
DB RefactoringBugDBE-12422Renaming MySQL JSON column with default value
BugDBE-12445SQL Generator produces DEFAULTS in grants for routines for PostgreSQL
Data ViewsFeatureDBE-6704Loading Datagrip tables with descending order as default
BugDBE-10165SELECT for Athena is generated without LIMIT clause
UsabilityDBE-11933DataGrip is copying truncated data to clipboard without warning
SQL HighlightingFeatureDBE-12302Support ClickHouse REMOVE DEFAULT clause
FeatureDBE-12473Better highlighting in Run Configurations
BugDBE-12289Multiple PL/SQL Declarations in WITH clause
BugDBE-12227Specify Null Bheaviour in Window Function
BugDBE-12285ILIKE ANY is not recognized
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