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Jira Changelog

NOTE1: TeamCity IDEA plugin from previous EAP is not compatible with current version. Updated plugins should be downloaded the plugin from the Download page.

NOTE2: After the upgrade you'll have to update settings in jabber-config.xml and email-config.xml files. Sorry for inconvinience.

Build 1382 -> 14xx


  • TW-252 Remote build and deferred commit access via "Commit Project" panel
  • TW-455 .exe installer for build agents
  • TW-126 Enable Code Coverage via Web
  • TW-423 Clone/Copy build configurations
  • TW-229 Edit Build Agent properties in Swing window while installation
  • TW-315 Windows service for build agents
  • Show number of "new" failed tests on the overview page while build is running


  • Performance improvements
  • TW-291 Test erroneously marked as 'already fixed'
  • TW-316 Problems with expandable/collapsible blocks on page reload
  • TW-518 Condfiguration messed up when edited with multiple browser windows/tabs
  • TW-484 When build was stopped manually, responsibility disappeared
  • TW-502 Perforce support does not use client view while applying patches.

Build 1270 -> 1382


  • TW-231 Administration: Edit/Delete TeamServer projects
  • TW-236 Administration: General Parameters
  • TW-237 Administration: Edit build configuration requirements
  • TW-238 Administration: Edit build configuration parameters
  • TW-239 Administration: Build triggering
  • TW-175 Problems connecting VCS servers should be handled gracefully and displayed on build status page
  • TW-325 Overview Page redesign
  • TW-457 VS 2005 solution build
  • TW-428 Use "echo" task with special message format to generate progress messages
  • Possibility to configure "Guest" account
  • TW-116 Ignored tests support for C# builds
  • TW-319 Do not differ failed and crashed tests
  • TW-361 Final build status should be detected only by return code of the build process.
  • TW-362,TW-427 Improve build status text
  • TW-131 Manual editing of build numbers used for buildTypes
  • TW-307 Make it possible to specify JAVA_HOME for runner java processes via run-parameters of build configuration


  • TW-262 Thread freeze / CPU spike when using ssh keys to checkout from Subversion (SVN)
  • TW-275 TeamServer performs full check-out instead of applying patch after the first check-out
  • TW-352 Subversion checkout producing different size binary images
  • other fixes and imrovements

Build 1075 -> 1270


  • TW-107 Delayed commit from IDEA plugin
  • TW-108 Maven2 runner support (see Team Server FAQ for configuration details)
  • [TW-189|
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