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No subsystemBug CPP-15719 Unnecessary `Run with Profiler` action
BuildFeature CPP-20712 Support compile single file for Makefile project
Usability CPP-22273 Show Messages tool window when build is started
Code: Auto-importUsability CPP-2840 Support Qt style headers with auto-import.
Code: CompletionBug CPP-22204 Completion does not work correctly with template types
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsFeature CPP-22074 Show Hint/Dialog/Popup after Clang-Tidy update with information what checks have been added
Bug CPP-22316 Others' inspections warnings are shown for MISRA inspection ran by name
Code: RefactoringsBug CPP-21989 &lt; and &gt; shown in popups instead of <>
Bug CPP-22249 Options in new Rename UI are not applied to rename
Project ModelBug CPP-22350 Don't fail Makefile project reload if compilation command cache is not empty
Bug CPP-22279 Cannot get compile info during loading project if using cc as compiler
Usability CPP-22293 Add `Open Makefile Settings` action to Build tool window
RunningBug CPP-21794 Cygwin: input from console is not working when run.process.with.pty enabled
Bug CPP-22425 Selected GDB isn't restored after IDE restart for run configuration stored as project file.
Unit TestingBug CPP-22362 CTest: Run Configuration doesn't save pattern when cleaned
Code Analysis. InspectionBug IDEA-251451 AutoCloseable inspection should detect resource escaping in more cases
Code Analysis. Structural SearchBug IDEA-247689 Make predefined templates not refer to others by name
CoreBug IDEA-252225 AdvancedProxy.ourFactories -> ProxyDescription.mySuperClass leaks reference to classloader of unloaded plugin
Bug IDEA-243091 Pending highlighting passes can cause leaks on plugin unload
Bug IDEA-252232 DefaultJDOMExternalizer.fieldCache leaks references to classloader of unloaded plugin
Core. File SystemFeature IDEA-246515 Implement detecting directory case-sensitivity in refresh
Core. IDE SettingsBug IDEA-246581 How it works link on System Settings page opens Finder instead of documentation
Usability IDEA-252538 Live Template cannot be deleted via the Context Menu
Core. IndexingFeature IDEA-247480 shared index: add FileBasedIndexExtension#needsForwardIndexWhenSharing() to metadata and filter out unsuitable shared indexes
Feature IDEA-250972 Shared Indexes Plugin: load more than one *.ijx file
Feature IDEA-247422 shared stub index should be invalidated only partially when IStubFileElementType#getStubVersion updated
Bug IDEA-251831 Shared index for js.string.literal.words.index is always empty
Bug IDEA-252771 shared indexes: after upgrade from older IDE build do not throw IOException if locally available shared index chunk is incompatible with the new IDE build
Bug IDEA-251695 BindingXmlIndex is not shareable
Bug IDEA-247403 shared-indexes: commit-backed project shared index selection
Performance IDEA-251642 Indexing dependncies hangs
Usability IDEA-252426 Pre-built indexes action links are inactive in the Event Log
Usability IDEA-249128 Shared index configurable can be application based and shown without any open project
Core. InstallationBug IDEA-252826 Provide the correct version and description for the bundled Lombok plugin
Task IDEA-249381 IDEA doesn't respect --wait option when opening file in non-project mode on macOS
Core. LicensingBug IDEA-251482 I18n for license activation dialog is broken
Core. Navigation and SearchBug IDEA-246795 Todo View doesn't update on scope change
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-251036 Actions to enable or disable for current project should not be available for plugins that can't be unloaded without restart
Bug IDEA-250726 LineMarkerInfo not cleared on unloading
Bug IDEA-252007 Unable to make plugin dynamic
Bug IDEA-252825 Multiple exceptions from Lombok plugin
Usability IDEA-251766 Add Extensions as a synonym for Plugins
Cosmetics IDEA-252141 Project icon should not be shown
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-252237 Cannot download JDK after enabling Wifi
Bug IDEA-252425 Eclipse project fails to open since EAP 2 of v2020.3
Bug IDEA-251779 Newly created JARs are shown as invalid in IDE until project is reopened
Usability IDEA-251967 JDK download dialog: show only major version
Core. RefactoringsPerformance IDEA-251661 Introduce Parameter runs expensive search in EDT with no progress
Core. Run. ConfigurationsBug IDEA-245100 RunManagerImpl.workspaceSchemeManager leaks references to run configurations from unloaded plugins
Bug IDEA-251823 @argfile shortening method isn't available in run configuration templates
Bug IDEA-252570 Unnamed run configuration is created when you choose to store a template in the project directory
Bug IDEA-252039 Search in the create new run configuration dialog is not working
Usability IDEA-196499 Run Configurations not viewable while indexing
Core. Run. TargetsFeature IDEA-251764 Make target preparation output discoverable by user
Bug IDEA-237866 [run.targets] Unable to find image after pulling an image without a tag
Bug IDEA-226641 [run.targets] Java LR doesn't detect version with a built image
Core. SSHBug IDEA-252356 Ide freezes on attemp to use ssh remote tool without entered passphrase
EditorBug IDEA-251637 Wrong parameter info position in injected fragment
Bug IDEA-249382 IDEA doesn't respect --wait option when opening non-existing file
Bug IDEA-251431 "Reader mode" toggle is shown in Editor Preview, but takes no effect
Task IDEA-252281 Add "-e" ("--edit") command line option to open files in LightEdit mode
Editor. Code CompletionFeature IDEA-124283 Add new function methodParametersTypes() to Template Variables
Editor. Code Completion. MLFeature IDEA-251876 Add types/names similar features and TS/JS
Editor. Editing TextBug IDEA-251157 Commenting annotation right after rendered doc comment comments the doc block instead
Editor. Error HighlightingBug IDEA-250725 Editor leaks HighlightInfos
Usability IDEA-249640 Inspection widget does not indicate when the highlighting level is set to Syntax
Editor. Intention ActionsBug IDEA-252083 Intention settings tree is not sorted alphabetically
Lang. MarkdownFeature IDEA-213051 Add an action to comment a text
Lang. Shell ScriptBug IDEA-252035 Run gutter doesn't work for shebang files
Tools. DockerBug IDEA-250366 i18n Docker and Clouds
Tools. HTTP ClientBug IDEA-252202 HttpClient: Submit request from endpoints view change PSI directory structure
Bug IDEA-251828 HttpClient: Get java.lang.Throwable: Write-unsafe context! exception in httpClient tab in endpoints view after failed request
Bug IDEA-251829 HttpClient: variables from completion inserted into request with single {
Tools. TerminalBug IDEA-245745 Windows: select on terminal show warn message `System clipboard is unavailable`
User InterfaceBug IDEA-251732 Table: "Highlight line on hover" should not highlight lines after the mouse was moved out of table
Bug IDEA-251961 Rename "Find in Path" to "Find in Files" in Notifications settings
Bug IDEA-198032 Can't evaluate a product when using unusual email domain
Bug IDEA-252270 Reader mode flag is stored in a shared project file
Bug IDEA-248925 Cyclic scrolling through items is unavailable if there's a last disabled item
Bug IDEA-251734 Bulb button stays above the Problems view after switching to "Project Errors"
Bug IDEA-252557 Library editor in Project Structure dialog shows internal class names
Bug IDEA-251234 Plugin page doesn't fully reflect to theme changing
Bug IDEA-252678 Project Structure dialog: empty text for problems is shown
Bug IDEA-252511 Split button is broken in Push dialog
Bug IDEA-251719 Several tabs are not opened in right split with Shift+Enter
Bug IDEA-252261 Search Everywhere: Empty line in Filter list
Bug IDEA-251727 "Open in split tab" action is available for directories
Bug IDEA-243700 "Select Open File" in "Project" View does not scroll correctly with external libraries
Usability IDEA-113402 Detach editor feature is undiscoverable
Usability IDEA-55988 Trees (Project view): successive node selection shifts horizontal scrollbar on every selection change that is quite annoying
Usability IDEA-251941 Rename "Remove Selected from Welcome Screen" action in Recent Project popup
Usability IDEA-246946 Visual indication on changing IDE font size is missing
Usability IDEA-251809 Extend search field in Keymap settings
Cosmetics IDEA-251743 New Project template description has html tags unprocessed
User Interface. Action SystemException IDEA-252543 StackOverflowException on expand collapsed action toolbar
User Interface. ControlsBug IDEA-250876 Big Sur: Wrong action is triggered on pressing Esc button in "Invalidate Caches" alert
Bug IDEA-248210 "Find" and "Replace" don't remember text area size
Cosmetics IDEA-240687 Apply button doesn't become pressed on press in Inspection settings view
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesFeature IDEA-251776 Results preview doesn't show the context in case of too long line
User Interface. FocusFeature IDEA-252575 Add an action to enable/disable logging of focus requests in JBR
User Interface. GraphicsBug IDEA-250363 Font rendering in macOS sheet dialogs becomes broken after theme switch or changing antialiasing
User Interface. Keyboard InputBug IDEA-251386 Keymap plugins for macos have conflicts with ... macos
Usability IDEA-231795 Eclipse keymap - Missing key binding Ctrl+1
User Interface. NavigationFeature IDEA-252294 Support hex/octal/binary numbers in Search Everywhere Calculator
Bug IDEA-250447 "Start Focus Tracing" in Search Everywhere results disappear when typing the complete name
User Interface. Project ViewUsability IDEA-130039 IDEA should not expose .iml and .idea files
Version ControlBug IDEA-252350 Opening solution with git repo when git is not installed causes GitNotInstalledException
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-251761 No branch name on commit tab after project cloning
Bug IDEA-251346 Rebase dialog doesn't remember modify options if it was invoked from search everywhere
Bug IDEA-251949 Git in Search Everywhere: search result doesn't include branches that contains searching symbols in the middle or at the end
Bug IDEA-251613 Missing --no-verify option in git merge and git pull dialogs
Usability IDEA-252086 Git Search Everywhere: provide some label for all git-related results
Usability IDEA-251616 Git rebase: Allow to rebase with --root option when no base is selected
Cosmetics IDEA-251981 Git in Search Everywhere: Long commit message overlaps hash in search result
Version Control. GitHubFeature IDEA-243961 Add filter "reviewer" to Pull Requests lists
Bug IDEA-243828 Github Pull Requests Search: allow `#<Number>` in Search
Usability IDEA-246949 Default filter for GitHub pull requests
Code InsightBug PY-44470 False positive when calling super().__new__ for subclass of dict or tuple: "Expected type 'Type[...]', got '[...]' instead"
DebuggerBug PY-44672 Move Concurrency Diagram into "Profiler Executors" group
Task PY-44450 Consider disabling the "Drop into debugger on failed tests" flag by default
Interpreters SettingsFeature PY-44835 Suggest creating conda env using environment.yml
Feature PY-44743 Suggest creating venv using requirements.txt or
DB ConnectivityFeature DBE-8312 Connect to Azure SQL database with Active Directory authentication from Linux
Bug DBE-11690 IDE doesn't show that data source missing jdbc driver
DB ConsoleUsability DBE-11672 Help file 'help/' not found
DB IntrospectionFeature DBE-11748 MS SQL Server: support indices options
Bug DBE-11705 H2: primary key columns introspection fails if column name contains space
Data Import & ExportFeature DBE-11694 Add pipe separated value as import format
Bug DBE-11728 Extractors - Save Our NumericText (use better way to check if a value should be quoted)
Bug DBE-10729 Support extended JSON for UUID in MongoDB
Data ViewsFeature DBE-7591 SQL table view: Missing ability to copy column name
Bug DBE-11721 Big `Limit page size` cause OOM
Bug DBE-3183 Can't edit hstore column in Postgres
SQL Format and StyleBug DBE-11405 Fix quoted identifiers formatting in BigQuery (and make them on the same level in the PSI)
SQL HighlightingFeature DBE-11754 [BigQuery] unknown functions safe_offset and json_extract_array
Bug DBE-11759 [BigQuery] Support nested parentheses for `from` statement
Bug DBE-11636 Unknown database function 'CONCAT_WS' - Snowflake
Bug DBE-11743 Support Redshift external table syntax
Bug DBE-11700 support ILIKE for ClickHouse dialect (supported since 20.6 version)
Bug DBE-11715 `MOD` is not detected as built in function in BigQuery dialect.
Bug DBE-11647 'PARQUET' format option is not supported
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