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Builds 238-247

  • Bugfixes

Build 237

  • Bugfixes
  • Unused labels highlighting

Build 236

  • Bugfixes
  • Integrated Visual Studio hotfix to fix the highlighter colors problem

Builds 231-235

  • Bugfixes

Build 230

  • Bugfixes
  • Debugging unit tests: 3 variants how to do this - see Options > Unit Testing

Build 229

  • Bugfixes
  • Referencing project outputs is supported
  • Referencing non-C# projects is supported
  • Unit test runner: toggle button "Build Project(s) before Run"

Builds 221-227

  • Bugfixes

Build 220

  • Bugfixes
  • Debugging unit tests: edit & continue should work
  • Rename refactoring also looks into region names

Build 219

  • Bugfixes
  • Progress of background parsing and assembly loading is displayed in the right bottom corner of the window

Build 218

  • Bugfixes

Build 217

  • Important bugfixes
  • Context action: split declaration of multiple variables (locals or fields) into separate declarations
  • Context action: add signature to anonymous method without explicit signature

Build 216

  • Find Module Usages feature - works from popup menu on items under 'References' nodes in Solution Explorer - helps to find out why particular reference is needed
  • Code completion: Ctrl-Shift-Space when delegate is expected allows to produce anonymous delegate
  • Context action: loop conversion from 'foreach' to 'for' (when iterating over IList or IList<T>)
  • Context action: creating custom implementation for an event
  • Context action: conversion of switch to if-else'if's
  • Context action: removing braces in "if" or other construct when the block consists of only one statement
  • Context action: "Invert if" on 'if' keyword
  • Context action to reverse assignment (or multiple assignments in selection)
  • Context action: conversion of 'if' into ?: operator (when possible)
  • Context actions: conversion of '==' into Equals and back
  • Optionally Visual Studio's items in popup menus that are covered by ReSharper's functionality are replaced
  • VS2003: popup menu items on editor tabs: Close All and Close All but This

Build 215

  • Performance and stability fixes
  • Context action: implement abstract member
  • Context action: merge declarations of a partial type
  • Context action: convert ?: operator to if-statement

Build 214

  • Asynchronous startup
  • Automatically set shortcuts in VS2003 and German localization

Attention: this build is rather unstable yet due to major changes in startup process and core data structures

Build 213

  • Fixed painting warning marks on error stripe
  • ReSharper keyboard shortcuts are automatically installed under VS2005

Build 212

  • Fixed bug with non-persisting user settings
  • Added msvcr70.dll to the installer to prevent DllNotFoundException from happening when displaying Find Usages results

Build 211

  • Editor: highlighting of caret row
  • Extract Class from Method Parameters refactoring
  • Generating Equals and GetHashCode method implementations (via Alt-Insert popup)
  • Implement members: ability to generate fields for implemented properties
  • Implement members: option to generate explicit (private) implementations
  • Implement members: additional treatment of ISerializable interface
  • NAnt build files: completion for tags and attributes
  • Ctrl-N: auto-switch to searching in libraries when no matching type found in solution
  • Obsolete attribute is taken into account by code highlighting and intellisense
  • Context action for changing visibility modifier (available on visibility modifier keyword)
  • Context action for splitting local variable declaration and initialization
  • Context action for joining local variable declaration and initialization
  • Context actions for converting implicit interface member implementation into explicit and vice versa
  • Context action for navigating implementations (overriding members) of particular interface (class) in this class's bases list
  • Code completion: option to not narrow down list of suggestions (as in VS intellisense)

Build 210

  • "Context Actions" introduced - similar to Quickfixes but not related to errors or warnings, available in specific places of code:
    • "Use string.Format()" - works on concatentation of 2 or more strings (where at least one is literal)
    • "Split into 2 if's" - works on "&&" in compound if-operator condition
    • "Merge 2 if's" - currently works on condition of a nested if-operator
  • Type Hierarchy. Use View | Type Hierarchy (Ctrl+Alt+H) on a type to view it
  • Refactorings: Option to not open all affected files (no undo in this case!)
  • Parameter info: option to switch between signatures with arrow keys (as in VisualStudio native's intellisense)
  • "Reformat Code" without the dialog shown: Shift+Ctrl+Alt+F
  • Option to switch of Ctrl-Click navigation
  • Option to switch off identifiers coloring in editor
  • Live Templates: macros to invoke code completion

Build 209

  • Fixed some critical bugs
  • Move Type to Outer Scope

Build 208

  • Ctrl-Mouse click jumps to declaration (the same as Ctrl-B but with the mouse)
  • Code Completion: option to autopopup on typing
  • Refactoring: Pull Members Up
  • Refactoring: Push Members Down
  • Refactoring: Move Static Members
  • Unit Test support: button to build necessary sources
  • Unit Test support: NUnit categories support
  • NAnt&MSBuild files support:
    Highlighting of unknown properties, targets, tasks and their attributes (with quickfixes)
    File Structure and File Structure Popup (Ctrl-F12)
    Alt-Up/Down navigates between targets
    Ctrl-Shift-/ to comment/uncomment block
  • Ctrl-N(Ctrl-Shift-N): Tab completes common prefix of items in the list
  • ASP support: Ctrl-W in ASP files
  • Parameter Info: option to show one signature at time (as in the native Visual Studio's parameter info)

Build 207

  • NAnt and MSBuild script support
    Goto property/target declaration
    Finding and highlighing usages of properties/targets
    Rename targets/properties
  • Refactoring: Use Base Type Where Possible

Build 206

  • Open API is exposed. To start, see <ReSharper-Installation-Folder>\PluginSamples\GettingStarted.html
  • Explicit 'this.' modifier control on code re-format
  • ASP support: web project references, support of master pages
  • Multiple entries clipboard. Shortcut Shift+Ctrl+V
  • File templates

Build 205

  • New refactorings: Make method non-static, Safe delete

Note: Uninstall any of the previous builds prior to installing Build 205.

Build 204

  • ReSharper keyboard settings for VS2005 are now located not in install directory, but in user's application data directory (see installation notes for VS2005 for more details)
  • Bugfixes and stability improvements
  • Detect problems in format strings
  • New refactorings: Replace constructor with factory, Make method static

Build 203

  • Bugfixes and stability improvements
  • Detect redundant down-casts

Build 202

  • Bugfixes and stability improvements

Build 201 (from ReSharper 1.5)

  • Support of Visual Studio 2005 (Beta 2 and June CTP are currently supported)
  • Support of C# 2.0 constructs (for Visual Studio 2005) - not all constructs are properly supported yet
  • Support of ASP.NET - in progress, not all features work properly
  • New preprocessor directives handling (no errors caused by use of preprocessor directives anymore!)
On-the-fly Code Highlighting
  • New warning highlightings: redundant 'as' type cast; redundant empty constructor; sealed member in sealed class; new virtual member in ....; 'new' modifier is missing; redundant 'new' modifier; redundant boolean comparison; redundant qualifiers; local or parameter hides member; empty control statement body
  • More syntax errors highlighted
  • Lots of new quickfixes
  • Quickly enable/disable highlighting for particular file (Ctrl+8)
Live Templates
  • Support for templates sharing, import/export, etc
  • "Create template from selection" feature
Code Formatter
  • Line wrapping
  • Code style settings: support for sharing, import/export
  • Unit tests support (NUnit, csUnit, TeamTest tests are supported)
  • "Go to Symbol" feature - Ctrl+Shift+Alt+N (the same as Ctrl+N and Ctrl+Shift+N but navigates to all types and members)
  • Quick-documentation feature (Ctrl+Q) shows popup with documentation for symbol under caret (also works within doc-comment to show presentable form of it)
  • File structure view with reqions, drag&drop etc
  • Mouse-click on implements/overrides/hides gutter icons to navigate
  • Rename refactoring suggests to rename overloaded methods
  • Rename refactoring suggests to rename the corresponding property when renaming field and vise versa
  • Code completion after dot shows indexers
  • Code completion in namespace declarations
  • No labels