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  • Darjeeling EAP Release Notes (build 10522)
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Fixes and improvements:

  • Agents running on Amazon EC2 will shutdown automatically if idle for chosen time
  • Added ability to disable Amazon EC2 integration
  • Command line personal builds runner is able to read list of changed files from stdin
  • New system wide notifications introduced, currently with single notification option: responsibility assigned, also notifications for responsibility changes/assignment are now work
  • TeamCity startup procedure improved, now while server starts you can see progress of the server initialization
  • It is possible to attach build configuration to a template from a different project (thus it is possible to create projects that will have templates only)
  • Move operation is supported for templates
  • It is possible to specify cleanup rules for templates, "Build History Clean-up" page reworked to better suite systems with a lot of build configurations
  • Compilation errors are shown in the separate section on My changes page
  • other fixes
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