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  • Darjeeling EAP Release Notes (build 10455)
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Per-test responsibility

It is now possible to assign or take responsibility for a single test. Note that responsibility taken for a test is taken within the whole project. Such responsibility currently can be removed manually only (there is no automatic responsibility fix as it is done for the responsibility per build configuration).

Also we added new tab on the Project page: Responsibilities. On this tab you can see currently taken responsibilities for you or other team members:

NOTE: there is a known issue - in this EAP notifications for responsibility changes are not working properly

Command line remote run

Command line remote run tool was significantly redesigned. There is no need to use "share" options anymore. Instead you can configure mapping of your workspace folders to TeamCity VCS paths and run builds with help of this mapping. Such mapping can then be added to the version control and reused by the whole team.

Command line tool is listed in the tools section on "My Settings & Tools" page:

Click "configure" link to open UI for command line tool mapping configuration:

Command line tool currently supports Perforce, Subversion and CVS. More version control systems will be added later.


New actions were introduced: "Extract template" and "Create build configuration from template".
With help of "extract template" action you can extract template from a build configuration and associate this build configuration with newly created template.

Also now it is easier to discover parameters that can be referenced in the build configuration or template settings.

Other improvements

  • Remote run for GIT in IntelliJ IDEA (support for GIT in Eclipse is available too but is in alpha stage)
  • VS addin performance and usability improvements: everyone encouraged to test it
  • Support for <gant/> task in Ant build scripts: TeamCity will log Ant task called from the Gant script in this case
  • TeamCity now recognizes compilation errors output produced by <groovyc/> Ant task
  • MS SQL 2008 support as backend database
  • EAP for SourceGear Vault plugin is open:
  • GIT & Mercurial plugins are now bundled with TeamCity distribution
  • TeamCity plugin for IDEA now works with RubyMine 2 (latest beta release)
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