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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2020.2 EAP (202.6397.20 build) Release Notes
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No subsystemBug IDEA-245197 Event log shows non-printable characters
Task IDEA-244945 Doc rendering problem in Reader Mode
AndroidBug IDEA-245623 AVD Manager Not Accessible In Flutter Project
Bug IDEA-245510 New Project/Module wizard: default values are not valid in localized (Chinese Simplified) IDEA
Bug IDEA-245480 Can't start Java application in debug using gradle
Cosmetics IDEA-243771 Android project tooltip in the New Project wizard should be displayed correctly
Build. GradleBug IDEA-242521 HotSwap is not triggered for FROM-CACHE tasks when build is delegated to Gradle
Build. MavenTask IDEA-244981 Migrate Maven auto-reload settings from 2019.3
Code Analysis. Structural SearchBug IDEA-242879 @NotNull method com/intellij/codeInspection/ex/Descriptor.getKey must not return null
Core. IndexingBug IDEA-245641 IncorrectOperationException when the project is closed at JDK indexing stage
Bug IDEA-239932 every IDEA restart entails long "indexing library..."
Bug IDEA-237959 Shared Indexes: saves invalid state
Core. LicensingBug IDEA-245166 Do not popup license dialog for "optional"-licensed plugins, after license expiration
Core. Platform APIBug IDEA-244049 Dynamic Plugin: PluginManagerCore.getPlugin(String) sometimes returns null when tool window is loaded
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-245634 Swagger: Ultimate is recommended instead of plugin in WebStorm
Exception IDEA-241872 "Unexpected core classloasder" exception prevents startup
Exception IDEA-245772 java.lang.Throwable: Can't read descriptor layoutlib-native.xml for optional dependency of plugin being loaded/unloaded
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-244773 Web and Persistence toolwindows are not available for the created projects until reopening
Bug IDEA-223801 Repeated and Zero Effect Windows Defender performance warning on symlinks to WSL2 paths
Core. Quick DocumentationBug IDEA-245671 rendered javadoc can't be selected with mouse click + drag on Windows
Task IDEA-245688 add "Render All Doc Comments" action menu item to rendered documentation context menu
Core. Run. ConfigurationsBug IDEA-242403 [new run config ui] support keyboard navigation inside Logs and Coverage blocks
Bug IDEA-244339 [new run config UI] mnemonic in Modify options is always shown and doesn't work
Usability IDEA-244857 [new run config ui] leave placeholder when the focus is in the field
Usability IDEA-245306 [new run config UI] Focus newly added text fields
Usability IDEA-245375 [new run config UI] Make label-less fields screen reader compatible
Usability IDEA-242925 [new run config UI] please add tooltips to the fields without labels
Usability IDEA-245378 [new run config UI] Focus after run configuration creation
Cosmetics IDEA-244935 [new run config UI] Increase minimum width of floating run config screen
Cosmetics IDEA-242441 [new run config ui] before launch drag'n'drop - display a caret to show where tag will be placed
EditorBug IDEA-245331 Rendered doc comment gutter icon does not disappear when gutter icons are hidden
Bug IDEA-245070 nbsp as text in razor views
Editor. Code CompletionException IDEA-242751 Assertion failed at com.intellij.codeInsight.completion.CompletionInitializationUtil.setOriginalFile
Editor. Code Completion. MLBug IDEA-245573 OutOfMemory in NGram lexer on big files
FrameworksFeature IDEA-232802 MicroProfile: no URLs support for RegisterRestClient beans
Bug IDEA-245382 UrlPathReference: good code is red: "Cannot resolve symbol '' "
Cosmetics IDEA-245164 The URL completion should suggest the `http` over `https`
Frameworks. MicronautBug IDEA-245402 Micronaut @Client: Cannot generate url from Endpoints view, if scheme is not provided
Bug IDEA-242705 Micronaut WebSockets: support path variables in the websocket urls
Frameworks. OpenAPI (Swagger)Bug IDEA-245531 Swagger: query parameters inserted everywhere
Bug IDEA-245484 Swagger: no completion in client with https scheme
Frameworks. QuarkusBug IDEA-245816 Quarkus: Config: multiple 'quarkus.log.level' completion variants
Bug IDEA-245706 Quarkus: IDE does not recognize as Docker file
Bug IDEA-245820 Quarkus: Config: there are no completion variants for ''quarkus.log.level'
Exception IDEA-245790 Quarkus: Config: SOE if @ConfigProperties annotated class has field of nested class type referred to itself
Frameworks. SeleniumBug IDEA-245605 Selenium plugin does not run in PyCharm
Frameworks. SpringBug IDEA-245564 HTTP Request generating: Spring: if the controller-level @RequestMapping annotation defines the #method attribute, only this method should be used for controller methods mappings
Bug IDEA-245554 Open In HTTP Client gutter: GoToRelatedSymbol shortcut doesn't open HTTP Client for Spring MVC mappings when SB application is running
Bug IDEA-241839 Spring Feign Client: the provided base url should be considered on generating HTTP Requests for endpoints from Kotlin classes
Java. DebuggerBug IDEA-245663 'Unable to evaluate expression' in variables view
Java. Error HighlightingCosmetics IDEA-245318 Unusual wording when record constructor has improper level access
Java. InspectionsBug IDEA-245415 Wrong redundant cast warning when casting to raw-type inside ternary expression
Java. Intention ActionsBug IDEA-245312 Exception on removing throws clause from record constructor
Exception IDEA-245317 Exception on type migration inside record constructor
Java. RefactoringsBug IDEA-245151 Change signature available but doesn't work for record definition
Java. Tests. JUnitBug IDEA-243861 Shorten command line: options for jdk 8 are available when JRE 11 would be used
JavaX. JavaEEBug IDEA-245440 New JavaEE project wizard. JPA facet is not added for Jakarta by adding EclipseLink implementation
Lang. YAMLBug IDEA-243973 Freezes when opening azure-pipelines.yml
Localization. JapaneseBug IDEA-242331 mnemonics do not work as mnemonics for Windows are shown on macOS when Japanese/Chinese/Korean language packs are enabled
Tools. DockerBug IDEA-178654 Docker: Rename the Dockerfile/compose file doesn't rename it in run configurations
Bug IDEA-245127 Selenoid: Container port is not changed to the custom one
Bug IDEA-245940 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'parameterString' at creating docker run configurations and opening projects with docker run configs
Bug IDEA-245468 Selenoid: Incorrect behaviour by moving browsers.json file, renaming folders with browsers.json
Tools. HTTP ClientFeature IDEA-245037 Open in HTTP Client Gutter: Use Go to related shortcut to open
Exception IDEA-245301 Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.DocumentImpl.createRangeMarker
Tools. KubernetesFeature IDEA-240410 Add browsing of ConfigMap and Secret entries to the Kubernetes cluster browser
Bug IDEA-244995 K8s view: update global configuration in the all opened projects
Bug IDEA-245673 Kubernetes: ReadOnlyModificationException at calling intention actions for ConfigMap/SecretMap key values
Usability IDEA-242988 Kubernetes: [All namespaces] selection doesn't survive IDEA restart
Usability IDEA-245000 Kubernetes: Custom kubeconfig file: save editor changes before "Refresh configuration" action
Tools. TerminalBug IDEA-245793 Do not share "Shell path" and other terminal project settings with a team
Usability IDEA-245276 "Smart command handling" background highlighting flashes on each letter typed
User InterfaceBug IDEA-245587 IDEA shows 'Analyzing Test.class' for decompiled Java file
Bug IDEA-244850 Convert to Repository Library missing translation texts on title and button
Bug IDEA-245391 Project tool window is not closed with Alt+1 if "Always Select Opened File" option is on
Bug IDEA-237472 Change the wording for Windows Defender warning
Usability IDEA-242544 Search Everywhere: Recent files are not shown at the top of results if case does not match
Cosmetics IDEA-244209 Settings | Editor | General | Auto Import: the text in 'exclude from autoimport and completion' is not fully visible
User Interface. AccessibilityBug IDEA-245469 On the project creation screen, the "project SDK" label is very strangely linked to the JDK combobox.
User Interface. Action SystemBug IDEA-243703 Wrong action selected after typing an abbreviation in 'Find Action' popup
User Interface. Embedded Browser (JCEF)Bug IDEA-232594 JS injection callback is called twice
Bug IDEA-245703 jcef added to a ballon is shown underneath
Version ControlBug IDEA-245728 Get from Version Control: "Clone" button is enabled when URL is empty
Bug IDEA-234968 Get from Version Control: wrong "Clone" button behaviour
Usability IDEA-243802 Show errors in VCS console even if project has no mappings
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-243170 New Git Merge dialog - show only branches that have commits to merge in the list
Bug IDEA-245319 Redundant branches in Git Merge dialog for project with submodules
Bug IDEA-245284 Don't show HEAD reference in branches list in Git Merge dialog
Performance IDEA-244005 Redesigned rebase dialog takes long to load
Usability IDEA-244369 Git Rebase dialog: use better error messages
Usability IDEA-245371 Rebase dialog: rename Switch to another branch before rebasing option
Usability IDEA-219231 Git Pull: use git remote update instead of git ls-remote
Usability IDEA-244365 Git Rebase dialog: Remember selected options
Usability IDEA-245016 Don't select the "interactive" option by default in the rebase dialog
Cosmetics IDEA-244860 New rebase dialog: Text is not aligned.
Version Control. GitHubFeature IDEA-244758 At times when GitHub is down, degrade gracefully and show error messages
Feature IDEA-244314 Ability to mark pull request ready for review
Feature IDEA-244232 Check all git remotes for potential GitHub Enterprise instances
Bug IDEA-245656 GitHub: Merge button is disabled after marking PR ready for review
Bug IDEA-244636 GitHub PullRequests: PR's title and root comment don't update on refresh timeline
Bug IDEA-244358 Incorrect hint for some github pull requests tabs
Usability IDEA-243599 Use better wording for Add GitHub account actions
Usability IDEA-242104 Resolved threads shown in pull request timeline
Exception IDEA-245560 GitHub: Throwable: Other thread is already running under this indicator on opening timeline
Version Control. PerforcePerformance IDEA-136602 Perforce ignored file check is executed for all suspicious files including project output
Performance IDEA-232125 Perforce plugin executes p4 files command against excluded files.
No subsystemException WEB-46332 IllegalArgumentException: Failed requirement when resolve a variable
CSSFeature WEB-46356 SCSS/CSS subgrid
Bug WEB-34812 Mismatched parameters error for CSS custom properties with default value on shorthand properties
DebuggerFeature WEB-45756 Add support for running debugger with node.js 14 on Windows 7
Bug WEB-46334 Environment variables missing when running "debug connector"
Bug WEB-45535 Debug connector doesn't seem to work with Nodist as NODIST_PREFIX isn't provided to the interpreter environment.
JavaScriptBug WEB-46325 Code disappears when invoking 'Use optional chaining or nullish coalescing'
Bug WEB-46411 JavaScript: incorrect caching of references in JSLiteralExpression
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-45737 Add documentation for React components exported using wrapper
Bug WEB-46016 JSX: Required label is shown in completion while typing
Bug WEB-39275 Add a path to webpack config when opening existing vue-cli projects
JavaScript. InspectionsBug WEB-43529 "Variable might not have been initialized" being shown in some unnecessary cases
Bug WEB-41775 JS. Replace foreach with indexed for intention
JavaScript. RefactoringBug WEB-45911 Relative paths in imports not updated when moving a referencing file
Pug (ex-Jade)Bug WEB-46263 Pug: tags nesting is lost on reformatting
TypeScriptBug WEB-44610 Typescript inconvenince
Bug WEB-45661 "Use directory import" option doesn't work for TypeScript functions with overloads
DB ConnectivityBug DBE-11125 pgpass: colon in user name causes error
DB IntrospectionBug DBE-11163 No any indicators while creating DDL data source
DB RefactoringBug DBE-11127 renaming pl/sql package in datagrip will not delete the body of the pacakge
SQL GeneralBug DBE-11148 BigQuery: unable to resolve name if multiple parts of it are in one pair of quotes
SQL HighlightingBug DBE-8937 Cassandra CQL error highlighting wrong on ALTER statements
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