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RubyMine 2020.2 EAP1 (202.4357.25 build) Release Notes

No subsystemBugRUBY-26125Set up a Ruby development environment link creates 3 tabs in browser
UsabilityRUBY-26012Implement gemset creation from the context menu
CoreBugRUBY-26266Copy Reference produces deprecated syntax on Ruby method
BugRUBY-26027Trying to open projects gets RubyMine stuck in indexing loop
Core. ConsolesFeatureRUBY-26210Create IRB and Rails console run configurations from "Run Anything"
BugRUBY-25603Irb console doesn't work when run from Run Anything with ruby 2.7.0
Core. LocalizationBugRUBY-26282All languages: RubyMine run configurations fields are not fitted
BugRUBY-26351All languages: Bundle actions in run anything are partly translated
Editor. Editing TextFeatureRUBY-15113Duplicate line keep cursor in same column
Lang. LiquidFeatureRUBY-26413Implement quote handler for liquid language
FeatureRUBY-26414Implement brace matcher for liquid language
FeatureRUBY-26412Implement syntax highlighting for liquid language
FeatureRUBY-26418Implement commenter for liquid language
TaskRUBY-26460Implement liquid plugin delivery
Rails. Code InsightFeatureRUBY-9002Autocomplete helper functions in controller views
FeatureRUBY-25519Add type support for `not` call in active record relation chains
Remote Interpreters. DockerFeatureRUBY-19283Docker: support RuboCop with remote interpreter
Ruby. Code CompletionFeatureRUBY-26013Offer ".." in `require_relative` auto-completion when nested inside project root
BugRUBY-25792Completion for gems in `Gemfile` show duplicates
BugRUBY-25972Don't show files that have already been required in the completion for require_relative
Ruby. Code InsightTaskRUBY-26070Remove LanguageLevel#DEFAULT
Ruby. DebuggerBugRUBY-26342incorrect formatting of string hash keys that map to hashes
Ruby. InspectionsFeatureRUBY-26096Improve stub parameter definitions
BugRUBY-26410IDE reports error for passing &:symbol argument to Kernel.proc
BugRUBY-24153rubocop fails to load config from gem
BugRUBY-26057Regexp quick fix breaks the entire regexp
BugRUBY-25697Regex inspections: 'Consecutive spaces', 'Redundant character escape' ignore x modifier
BugRUBY-26058Support regexp injection in Regexp::compile and arguments
BugRUBY-26066gemspec is broken by fixing with `Hash with string as keys`
BugRUBY-26021Rubocop doesn't fix offences inside injected language from IDE
Ruby. Intention ActionsFeatureRUBY-26254Add intentions to convert numbers to/from underscored format
FeatureRUBY-25363Add clarifying parenthesis intention
FeatureRUBY-26168Add intentions to convert between block/line comments
FeatureRUBY-26223Add intention to split 'elsif' branches into 'else' 'if' branches
FeatureRUBY-26310Add intention to expand boolean to multiple `if`s
FeatureRUBY-26348Add intention to add an attr_accessor/reader/writer to an instance variable
FeatureRUBY-26182Add intention to merge 'else' 'if' statements
FeatureRUBY-26311Add intention to merge nested 'elsif' and 'if' statements
FeatureRUBY-26016Feature request - expand lazy translation key
FeatureRUBY-26181Add intention to merge nested 'if' statements
FeatureRUBY-25362Add intentions for converting block parameters to/from numbered parameters in ruby 2.7
FeatureRUBY-25364Add intention to flip ternary and if else operators
FeatureRUBY-26382Add intention to remove unnecessary parentheses around an expression
FeatureRUBY-17525'Introduce local variable' as intention action for
FeatureRUBY-25657Add ability to invoke "Go to super"/"Go to overriding methods" from "Show context actions"
BugRUBY-26390RM breaks do expression with commentaries when convert to {} block used
BugRUBY-26097The IDE shows the 'I18nize hard-coded string' intention for regular expressions
BugRUBY-22126Convert do block to {} intention breaks for complex blocks
BugRUBY-26394Ensure intentions are invocable at the end of the element
UsabilityRUBY-26294Don't offer "I18nize hard coded string" intention on strings with injected languages
UsabilityRUBY-26132Tidy up JRuby intentions
Ruby. ParsingBugRUBY-16609Comments are in unexpected place in the PSI tree
BugRUBY-26038Regexp containing %r! with ?\! is not recognized as valid
Ruby. TestsBugRUBY-26197Switching templates in the create new test popup doesn't change test's name
BugRUBY-26260Create new test ... "$$singleton$$_test"
Ruby. Tests. CucumberBugRUBY-25276Tags are not printed in output when use Cucumber 4.0.0.rc1
Ruby. Type InferenceBugRUBY-26051Missing types in standard library stubs (String/Module/Struct/BasicObject)
BugRUBY-26134YARD Type mismatch when using Array#min
BugRUBY-26409Enumerable#sort_by with Symbol to proc parameter is not inferred as a block
BugRUBY-26053Missing types in standard library stubs (BigMath/Comparable/Float/Date/DateTime)
BugRUBY-26259Wrong Inspection error highlight, when pass arguments without `{}`
Ruby. Version ManagersBugRUBY-26113IDE exeption after launch with Restored Default Settings...
Tools. RakeBugRUBY-25959Defined in Rakefile tasks are not presented in Run Anything
Tools. YARDFeatureRUBY-23984Support `nil` in Yard type system

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