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No subsystemBug CPP-20063 CUDA: Support extended lambdas (__device__ __host__)
Code: CompletionBug CPP-19994 Completion adds extra symbols to type names
Bug CPP-20281 Crash in clangd
Bug CPP-20021 Complete `case :` with proper indention
Bug CPP-19741 Do not add () for override function when completing it
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsFeature CPP-19348 Suppress Enumerator with [[maybe_unused]]
Bug CPP-19962 Bogus Unreachable code inspection in while loop
Bug CPP-19347 Do not suggest suppressing Template parameter with [[maybe_unused]]
Bug CPP-19307 CUDA Kernel Highlighting
Bug CPP-20171 DFA report wrong "Unreachable code" message with macro
Bug CPP-19353 Incorrect place for `[[maybe_unused]]` for structure
Bug CPP-19445 Global unused inspections are executed, even when they are disabled in settings
Bug CPP-19684 DFA inside virtual functions is disabled
Bug CPP-19181 Incorrect Unreachable code inspection in constexpr
Bug CPP-20356 CUDA: Highlighting breaks after a kernel call
Bug CPP-19825 Invalid unreachable code inspection
Bug CPP-19880 Mistaken warning about unreachable statement
Bug CPP-19274 Incorrect place for `[[maybe_unused]]` for templated function
Bug CPP-19877 C++: Using string literals in initializers highlighted as error but code compiles fine
Performance CPP-19613 Laggy typing with DFA enabled
Code: Intention ActionsBug CPP-19646 Assertion failed: Write access is allowed inside write-action only when showing a preview for invert if intention
Code: ParsingBug CPP-19731 No completion for concept's requirements when transitively referred thought another concept
Code: RefactoringsBug CPP-19940 Wrong inline EOL Escape (\) as space
IDE SettingsBug CPP-19447 Missing unused includes inspection options.
RunningBug CPP-20178 CUDA: Run configurations are not found after update to 2020.1.1
ToolchainsTask CPP-20164 Diagnostic Action "Show Remote Hosts Info" for invalid profiles
Unit Testing: Google TestPerformance CPP-20012 GTest runner performs slow in 2020.1 vs 2019.3.5
Code Analysis. DependenciesBug IDEA-237275 Exception when open settings for Usages opened from Code vision hint
Code Analysis. InspectionBug IDEA-238616 Inspection 'Return null or something nullable from lambda in transformation method' incorrectly flags Consumer in Mono.doOnNext
CoreBug IDEA-237519 2020.1 doesn't start when %APPDATA% points to a UNC share (enterprise Windows setup)
Bug IDEA-231783 Sometimes IDEA does not start after installation on Windows
Bug IDEA-239124 PathMacrosImpl state is not persisted
Core. File SystemBug IDEA-238210 File watcher failed to start. Heap corruption.
Bug IDEA-236701 JARs with case-sensitive class names do not work properly on case-insensitive OS
Core. IDE SettingsFeature IDEA-31438 Add IntelliJ IDEA (No Plugins) Start Menu entry ala Firefox/Thunderbird/etc.
Bug IDEA-237709 Unable to add just installed JDK to IDEA's list of runtimes
Bug IDEA-238800 Add an extension point to define a configurable group
Bug IDEA-237012 Critical startup error after updating PyCharm CE that have paid marketplace plugin installed via Toolbox
Core. IndexingBug IDEA-237219 Deadlock when updating plugins during indexing
Core. InstallationBug IDEA-228859 Wrong project name and path when opening project with shell script
Bug IDEA-239103 bin/fsnotifier64 Access denied during update from 2020.1.1 to 2020.1.1 Build #IC-201.7223.58
Core. Navigation and SearchFeature IDEA-219697 Navigate to File should honor the Sources directories first
Task IDEA-230766 Next/Previous occurrence actions don't work when Find Usages is open and the focus is in the editor
Core. RefactoringsBug IDEA-238440 Multiple RenameHandlers for single element triggers HandlersChooser on element right click
Core. Run. ConfigurationsBug IDEA-237594 IntelliJ 2020.1: Module path is empty if run configuration uses "@argfile" or "JAR manifest"
Core. SSHBug IDEA-237455 net.schmizz.sshj.sftp.SFTPException: No such file
EditorBug IDEA-235849 Editor leaks reference to highlighter of unloaded plugin
Bug IDEA-234948 'Unsplit All' action doesn't work
Bug IDEA-237629 When I change the line separator to LF the change is not taken into account until I save the file. If I change from LF to CR then the file is saved automatically
Performance IDEA-240681 Column selection mode is slow
Editor. Code CompletionBug IDEA-238617 Don't check relevance features if model trained without positions from standard ranking algorithm
Bug IDEA-238623 Completion is not sorted by ML because of new weighers
Editor. Diff and MergeBug IDEA-238054 Missing method name when collapsing unchanged fragments in diff
Usability IDEA-236053 Conflicts dialog is opened extremely small
Editor. Editing TextFeature IDEA-168218 'Copy as Rich Text' should use some fallback font
Editor. Intention ActionsBug IDEA-236961 idea hangs on "removing redundant imports", seems like on a single file
Exception IDEA-233778 Intention preview: Exception when preview is not available
Lang. Shell ScriptBug IDEA-232910 Shell: nested expressions of parameter expansion are not highlighted/parsed
Tools. DockerBug IDEA-234942 DockerCompose: Errors about invalid format by using env. vars in images values
Bug IDEA-234512 Images console: F1 should lead to the new help
Tools. HTTP ClientBug IDEA-236414 HTTP Client: not specified path variables values treating: action links don't work
Bug IDEA-239147 HTTP Client: environment file is generated in Scratches for the HTTP Requests file from scratches but can't be used
Usability IDEA-236212 Do not show popup if there is only one environment
Cosmetics IDEA-240184 [Upsource] Discussion in HttpRequestErrorFixFilter.kt in review IDEA-CR-62118
Exception IDEA-238004 HTTP Client: show ClearReadOnlyStatus dialog on MoveHTTPRequests refactoring performing in case of read-only files
User InterfaceBug IDEA-241358 Tab is not dropped to another window with detached tab
Bug IDEA-235385 Tab is not detached when crossing the IDEA frame
Performance IDEA-235635 Idea freezes with AppleSystemUIFont when Event Log is opened (MultilineTreeCellRenderer takes a lot of time doing stringWidth)
Cosmetics IDEA-238209 Create Desktop Entry - Result wording badly structured
User Interface. AccessibilityBug IDEA-235804 In screen reader mode, it is not possible to add an SSH interpreter
User Interface. Embedded Browser (JCEF)Bug IDEA-236310 [mac] JCEF crashes when run after JavaFX
User Interface. Look and FeelBug IDEA-227157 Some text in "IDE and Plugin Updates" popups in dark themes is gloom
User Interface. NavigationFeature IDEA-236263 Add tooltip on the tabs in the search everywhere popup dialog
Code InsightUsability PY-41380 "Go To Declaration" on classes with metaclasses goes to __call__ method of metaclass instead of the declaration of the class
ConsoleBug PY-41889 Opening Python console does not switch focus to console the second time
InspectionsBug PY-17877 False positive inspection "Unexpected argument" for Python 3 enum.Enum() functional constructor
Interpreters SettingsUsability PY-21659 Make it easier to reload interpreter sources and skeletons
DB ConsoleFeature DBE-9417 Improve usability of "Run script" feature.
Bug DBE-7578 Introspection runs after read-only mode restriction
DB IntrospectionBug DBE-10715 2020.1.3 version throws error on running queries and tables refresh: time zone abbreviation "novst" is not used in time zone "Asia/Novosibirsk"
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