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This page lists third-party plugins for Omea. Feel free to add your own plugins here!



Plugin for Omea Pro allows you to assign hotkeys for each Category. The hotkeys will allow you to assign the Category to the selected resources and to remove the Category from the selected resources.
Author Link: JetBrains
Plugin Link:
Omea version compatible: Omea Pro 1.0



This plugin allows you to publish the text of Omea resources in Confluence, a wiki and weblog tool developed by Atlassian See at
Author Link: JetBrains
Plugin Link:
Omea version compatible: Omea Pro 1.0, Omea Reader 1.0.2



This plugin allows you to subscribe to the RSS feeds of all your LiveJournal friends in one step. The authentication parameters for the feeds will be configured automatically, so that you will be able to see friends-only posts in their journals.
Author Link: JetBrains
Plugin Link:
Omea version compatible: Omea Pro 1.0, Reader 1.0.2

WordPress/Blogsome Plugin


Author Link: WordPress/Blogsome Plugin
Plugin Link: WordPress/Blogsome Plugin
Omea version compatible:

Omea Reader Sending to Groove


Author Link: Omea Reader Sending to Groove
Plugin Link: Omea Reader Sending to Groove
Omea version compatible:

Copy as XML Plugin


Author Link: Copy as XML Plugin
Plugin Link:
Omea version compatible:



A simple plugin that highlights (and indexes) the .vb/.cs/*.sql sources.
Author Link: Andrey Shchekin
Plugin Link: news://
Omea version compatible: Omea Pro 1.0, Reader 1.0.2



Currently, it includes rule actions and context menu actions that let you download RSS enclosures and, optionally, import them into a media player's playlist. You can do this automatically by creating a rule or do it in an ad hoc fashion by using the context menu items. Currently, it can only download via HTTP and can only import enclosures into iTunes. Windows Media Player integration is coming up.
Configure it via the Enclosures options pane in the Internet section of the Options dialog.
Author Link: David Smith aka flipdoubt
Plugin Link: news://
Omea version compatible: Omea Pro 2.0, Reader 2.0



What it does:

I use Omea's preview pane quite a bit and thought it would be good if files that Omea currently doesn't handle could be added to the preview pane. So, Media Preview is a tiny plugin that allows you to play video, audio, flash and other media files directly inside the Omea preview pane without needing to launch their associated applications.

How to install:
  • unzip the attached file into your Omea folder (usually C:\Program Files\JetBrains\Omea, or use a dedicated a plugins folder if you prefer) and use the Omea Options / Plugins window to add it to Omea. You'll need to restart Omea once you've done this.
  • the quickest way to see it in action is to jump to the Mail tab, and choose either Music or Video from the Attachments filter.
What else does it do:
  • adds an "Open..." action to the right-hand Actions pane to allow you to open the media file in its associated application. This Open button can be used with any unknown file type.
  • uses whatever player is your default player for the particular type of file
  • media files can either be a File resource or an email attachment (and there's no need to save the email attachment to disk first)
  • there is also an Options pane (under the Folders & Files section) for adding or removing the file extensions that are handled by the plugin, and for enabling automatic play
  • bonus feature: it will also display the contents of any selected Zip file - very handy when used with Omea's Archives attachments search
  • autoplay may not be supported by all media players
  • file types (other than zip files) must be able to be displayed via a browser EMBED tag (as Media Preview uses Omea's web browser control)
  • it only handles files that Omea classifies as resource type "UnknownFile"
  • the player may continue to play even after you navigate away from the resource (until you select another resource that uses the browser, such as a feed post)!
    Author Link: Rohan
    Plugin Link: news://
    Omea version compatible: Omea Pro/Reader 2.0.

Send2OneNote Plugin


I use Microsoft OneNote 2003. If you use it too, then you should find this plugin useful. It adds the ability to send or copy across messages, feed posts, articles, etc. into OneNote. If you've seen or used the SendToOneNote plugins for IE or Outlook, then you'll know what to expect. Otherwise, take a look at the attached screenshot to see it in action.

Note that it is currently an early beta release and could do with some more testing, so I'd appreciate your feedback if there are any bugs or other issues. Anyway, here's the full rundown...

  • Send (copy) any resource (emails, news articles, RSS feed posts, etc.) to a new OneNote page
  • Automatically include any annotations and categories with the resource
  • Automatically include an optional summary (referred to as a 'snippet list') when multiple resources are sent
  • Choose the section where you want the page added to, or use a default section
  • Open a new OneNote SideNote directly from the Omea toolbar and context menus
  • Commands are accessible from the Toolbar, the Actions menu, context menus and the Links pane
  • Includes two rule actions that you can use with your own rules. For example, you could use this to set up a rule to automatically add any RSS feeds that mention your company to a dedicated section in OneNote
  • The plugin is fully configurable via a new Send to OneNote options panel
  • Close Omea and run "Install SendToOneNote for Omea"
  • The plugin is installed and Omea's active plugin list is automatically updated
  • Restart Omea and SendToOneNote will be active and ready for use. Select a resource to see the new toolbar buttons.
  • To temporarily disable the plugin, use Omea's Plugin Options panel
  • To uninstall, exit Omea and use Add/Remove Programs
  • Microsoft OneNote 2003 with Service Pack 1 or 2
Known Limitations:
  • Doesn't handle HTML based email messages (though generally copies across the plain text equivalent of the message)
  • Email message formatting could be improved
  • Toolbar buttons only show when a resource is selected
  • There is no progress bar when resources are copied across, so it can seem like your PC has locked up if you select a lot of resources to copy at once (eg. > 30)

Note that this plugin wouldn't be possible without the handy Microsoft OneNote DataImport Utility Classes (see this blog for details
Author Link: Rohan
Plugin Link:
Omea version compatible: Omea Pro/Reader 2.0 and higher


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