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  • JCEF was integrated into JBR, a number of bugs detected in result of the integration were fixed

  • A number of crashes on Linux and macOS were fixed

  • A lot of infrastructure issues related to building and testing were resolved



JBR with JavaFX

(bundled by default)

Linux x64
Linux aarch64 --
Linux x86 --
Windows x64

Windows x86 --
macOS x64


Fixed issues

JBR-2143XFCE: No context menu or main menu popups from Full screen mode
JBR-2222Crash during closing IDE
JBR-2280java/awt/event/KeyEvent/KeyTyped/CtrlASCII.html fails on master_838
JBR-2305jcef: jb/java/jcef/ throws java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError
JBR-2306cef: jb/java/jcef/ unexpectedly exits with the exit code: 0
JBR-2340Frequent IDEA 2020.2 crashes on macOS
JBR-2345Windows #886 builds fail after JBR-2253 fix with "unsetenv: identifier not found"
JBR-2346JUnit JCEF tests fail after JBR-2344 due to missing JCefAppConfig class
JBR-1643Building on Windows intermittently fails at make/Init.gmk:304: main] Error 1
JBR-2181Create two separate JBR bundles with JFX and JFX+JCEF
JBR-2210IDEA fails to start (JVM crashes) when using the `-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8`in IDEA's vmoptions file
JBR-1108[JDK11] java/awt/keyboard/AllKeyCode/ Wrong keycode received
JBR-1583Fight MAC OS X "Please call TIS/TSM in main thread!!!" message
JBR-1611Slow class loading when running JVM in debug mode
JBR-2051heavyweight components wrong bounds on per-monitor dpi
JBR-2094jb/java/jcef/ crashes on MacOS 10.13, 10.14

JetBrainsMono fonts update to v1.0.3

JBR-2140Backport JDK-8236996 from OpenJDK
JBR-2217Provide JCEF-only (no JavaFX) bundle for master/201 branches
JBR-2258Remove constants from KeyEvent
JBR-2260Update JCEF library in JBR
JBR-2274runtime/LoadClass/ fails because of compilation error
JBR-2282[jcef] update to JCEF/80.0.4+g74f7b0c+chromium-80.0.3987.122
JBR-2287[jcef] add CefBrowser wrapper to jtreg tests
JBR-2291 Include more information into the `release` file.
JBR-2298[jcef] JCEFStartupTest crashes on CefBrowser.close()
JBR-2299[mac] jcef requests for "chromium safe storage" keychain access
JBR-2304[jcef] add teamcity scripts to jcef repo
JBR-2309Random freezes, lags and crashes in CLion
JBR-2320Include jdk.attach module in JetBrains JRE distribution
JBR-2324address new layout in mac jcef 80.0.4+g74f7b0c+chromium-80.0.3987.122
JBR-2328Regression test java/awt/keyboard/AllKeyCode/ is not correct
JBR-2333Memory leaks in AccessibleJTree

[forward port from jbr8 to jbr11] JBR-206 Mac OS X: Impossible to assign cmd+ß shortcuts

JBR-2338java.lang.IllegalStateException: CefApp was terminated
JBR-2344move JCEF settings to a shared class
JBR-2388[jcef] still depends on GLIBC_2.27

Known major and critical issues


Improve java2d rendering performance on macOS by using Metal framework

JBR-186Modal dialogs (Messages) shouldn't popup IDEA when another application is active


[macos] java/awt/event/KeyEvent/ExtendedKeyCode/ Wrong extended key code


IntelliJ Idea Ultimate 2018.1 Crashed on Linux x64


javax/swing/plaf/basic/BasicComboPopup/7072653/ Popup window height is wrong

JBR-1049IDEA crashes when open another project from full screen mode on mac os


java/awt/Robot/MouseLocationOnScreen/ fails on Windows


java/awt/FileDialog/FilenameFilterTest/FilenameFilterTest.htm: Filter was not called


AtomicAppend tests fail on macOS 10.13 ("High Sierra")




WebView rendering artifacts while resizing

JBR-1371jb/java/awt/Toolkit/ became failing on new created MacOSX 10.13


IDE Freeze. No events are pumped by EventDispatchThread. kill <pid> helps.

JBR-1559Hotkeys with numbers number buttons stop to work


Blurred dropdown arrows on retina mac with JBR11


IDE crashes on startup


Performance drop on native fonts load


KotlinNullPointerException in IDEA at local variable creation with JBR11, no NPE with JBR8


JDK11 Compiler Thread crashes with SIGSEGV in libjvm.dylib

JBR-1635Native file dialog does not work as an oppositeWindow properly


LightBeam: performance degradation on Linux (10% - 90%)


On Linux, first keymap is used for keyboard shortcuts

JBR-1676Caret disappears when switching windows using Command-Backtick System shortcut for "Move focus to next window"
JBR-1688Activate Next Window (Cmd-tilde) does not work with non-english input source
JBR-1727GoLand does not start on macOS 10.12
JBR-1748AppCode 2019.2 freezes, must be force quit
JBR-1752Floating windows overlap modal dialogs
JBR-1775JBR uses old font version if it bundled
JBR-1785Windows not drawing on i3 + VNC after 2019.2 update with JBR11
JBR-1800[JBR11] java/awt/TextArea/TextAreaCaretVisibilityTest/ - The test for bug 71297422 failed 
JBR-1816WebView JSC hangs in Jupyter Notebook on macOS 
JBR-1849 IDEA 2019.2 There is a problem with the key 
JBR-1884 IntelliJ IDEA sometimes crashes with "cannot make java calls from the native compiler" error
JBR-1973 Focus is lost by editor on project opening
JBR-2013PyCharm crashes upon opening Jupyter Notebook 
JBR-2052Strange columns separators in native file dialog on macOS 
JBR-2123 JDK11 Focus jumps when opening dialogs from Fullscreen IDEA on Mac OS
JBR-2174JRE crashes (SIGBUS at in WatcherThread)
JBR-2193Impossible to work because of broken focus on click
JBR-2204TextLayout.getPixelBounds returns incorrect bounds if context transform is scaled
JBR-2207TitledBorder leaks PropertyChangeListener
JBR-2238Intellij outputs wierd characters for keys that are should not output anything
JBR-2285IntelliJ IDEA 2020.1 Ultimate can't start
JBR-2292ColoredTreeCellRenderer takes a lot of time computing stringWidth
JBR-2310On MacBook Air 2020, PhpStorm 2020.1 randomly crash and restart my mac


The list of all known issues can be found here.


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